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It started with me watching Rose of Versailles and wishing I could dress like that, and then I found out about cosplay and the rest, as they say, is history.

My first Cosplay? Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club) @ MCM London - May 2009

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Her wig has arrived and nightshadowfall delivered my jacket to me. A couple of small changes need to be made to the fit but it's absolutely lovely. So much hand embroidery!! <3

I have my eye on a pair of boots that seem perfect and then I shall be buying white jodpurs and then finally it'll be the accessories.

I honestly can't wait for this costume


Well happily myself, Michi-Agogo (DeviantArt), Nightshadowfall (DeviantArt) and ballerinamouse (DeviantArt) shall be invading the LFCC masquerade with a big Love.Is.War group of Gakupo, Kaito, Len and Meiko. I think we might have a Miku but I'm not certain yet.

So yeah, now I can happily re-edge my ribbon-belts onto the shirt properly, pin and sew the cloak properly so it's just not a safetypinned piece of fabric and I've bought a black wooden Bokken so I'll be detailing that with a gold dragon and re-wrapping the handle in purple.
Making a belt to hold it more securely and I've got my sword-case made already.

Bring it on LFCC, throw your worst hiccups at me!!

I've got the base framework for them, now to improvise like crazy and see if I can get it all to work and not fall apart


It's huge, squidgy and huuuge XD
Squidgings ahoy ;D

I was so happy with how it turned out, a bit annoyed I couldn't sew all my details on personally, but there's always time to re-do things.

And I utterly adore the purple of his cape ^^

So after the disaster that was my wig at Alcon I bought myself an expensive shiny new wig.... that turned out to be FIRENGINE RED X'D

I kinda dislike it... but it has the Widows Peak on it which is what I really wanted to have in my Axel wig.

Sora and I were desperatly trying to darken the wig the night before Expo..... it was a whole load of experimentation, including paint pens, markers and fake blood to try and darken it (really I'll be more prepared next time)
So I love how the wig is siked, I just hate how huuuuge it is ~ and the colour. But I've got time before I wear it/Axel again to sort it, chop and dye it then style some badass-willnotmove-cutthroughclouds spikes into it

~ Axel out

Well it's all coming together well, I've got all the parts I need for this costume, I'm jsut frantically waiting for the wig to arrive ^^; ~stressing a little~

And my progress on the staff has been pretty slow, I was planning on having it completed in time for MCM, but I really don't want to rush making it as I really want to get as much of the details into it as I can... so I think it may turn into an ongoing prop and have it ready for my photoshoots instead :)

~ Fang out

Well the staff is completely sprayed and awaiting its final colours And I'm really getting quite nervous about this cosplay.

I'm happy about it, but as it's my first cosplay I'm making/putting together completely from scratch I'm nervous about it.
Hence why I find myself adding in the little details that I wouldn't have put on before and end up sewing gold ribbon onto the sides of the shorts at half 2 in the morning ^^; *facepalm*

But otherwise I think it's just the ribbon, the staff and hemming the other sleeve for his shirt and he'll be finished..... *EXCITED FLAILINGS*

Can't wait to flail this around MCM with my Cooro and Senri on the Saturday

~ Husky out x

Well now it's 8 days till I'll be wearing the costume and it's not going to badly now, quite a lot of progress since I last updated.

Wig ~ I have it and though it's a darker blue than the seller showed I'm happy with the colour, and am going to style it the day before I think, when I'm at my Cooro's house (Michi-Agogo)
Contacts ~ I'll be using my Tidus/Howl blue contacts which should show up well
And I have more spirit gum to play makeup artist and cover up and colour my eyebrows blue :P Then I just have to face the challenge of getting it off before the next day XD

Shirt ~ Due to lack of time and my own creativity I shall be doing Husky without his blue outer-shirt, instead I'll be doing the black undershirt and his shorts (in my opinion) will not be exactly accurate but I think they work well with bringing him into the 3D realm ^^ (or so I'll keep telling myself)

Boots ~ I went out and hunted them down and I freaking love them, they're really comfy, give me a little more height and look pretty accurate to me ^^

And of course the info you've all been looking forward to (obviously XD)

Is made and sprayed with undercoat, now I just have to figure out what colour all the parts should be, grab the paint, paint it and then the staff will be complete.
/Then I just have to make sure it survives the trip down to London.../

Any questions feel free to ask but for now...

~ Husky out

So far Husky's been pretty slow at coming together ^^; Slightly nervous about this costume being ready in time for MCM
His wig should be with me in the next week or so, same with the trousrs I've bought to make his shorts from and I luckily already have a shirt I can use for his black under-top. I am still not sure about his pouch or his over-shirt and I'm going with black gloves at the moment as my backup plan. Am not sure if I'll have his large white gloves ready ^^;
And finally I have no idea about boots but I've started working on his staff ^^

That will hopefully be all mache'd within the next couple of days :D

~ Husky out

So today I practically leapt upon the UPS man on his delivery of my Organisation coat. The seller did a great job tailoring it in the arms for me, am gonna see if I can bring in the waist a little but I'm really happy with it.

So after promising my Roxas that I'd work on the wig today I'm going to head off and work on it and then I'll start trying things on (after the 'fun' task of trying to thicken the wig by attempting to sew in more hair).

The chakrams are going okay, I've got about 20% of the underwork done on them, I'm bulking up them and covering them with cardboard to give the defined ridge along the faces so those should hopefully be completed and painted by next week ~touch wood~

Watch this space for more updates and progress pictures.

Axel out ~ x

I have the boots!! Picked them up earlier ^^

So all I have to do now is wait for the coat to arrive, style his wig and finish off the chakrams... so basically most of the outfit ^^;

But it shall be done!! ^^

~ Axel out

I've just ordered my Axel coat!!! I'm so happy :D

But now I've got to annoyingly wait till it gets here, then probably going to have to pin/hem it a little ^^;

But it's all coming together and the chakrams are almost ready to be mache'd ^^

Watch this space
~ Axel out

Just keeping an update of how this is going, well the boots (the gloriously sexy boots if I do say so) are in the post and arriving in the next week or two.
~see the attached image for a preview!!~

The chakrams are being tackled again tomorrow in the daylight, still a lot of cutting out to do before I can start attaching everything together but everything seems to be going okay *touch wood*
The only thing I'm concerned about...ish is the angles on the choms, as they're not flat at all but have a double facet ... I'm hoping my plan for doing htat will work... otherwise I think a lot of improvisation and masking tape will be used :P

~ Axel out for now

I'm so excited, I've just ordered my EPIC platform boots :D

5-51/2 inches... Oh yes I think I'll most definitely be a towering Axel ^^
And work on the Chakrams is going well, I think I've most definitely got enough cardboard for them XD
So now my challenge of tomorrow (though technically today I think) is to cut out 4 Chakram outlines, see how I'm going to attach the handles to them, and start playing with the masking tape ^^

I'll be sorting out my measurements soon so that I can order his Orgy13 coat, really don't feel comfortable making that myself. Though I might take off the zip and add a larger one (depends on the seller ^^)

Watch this space for more updates.
Chakram love to all
~ Axel x

Today I started work on my chakrams, which I'm really looking forward to flailing around. After several photocopies of my reference image I expanded it to my preferred size and cut myself a cardboard template out.

Now I've got to decide weither to make the actual chakrams of light wood or of several layers of strengthened cardboard.

Watch this space people,

~ Axel out x

Well, I've almost got everything I need for this costume; I've just got the high-waisted trousers to buy and then his lovely light blonde wig to style :D

Oh you sexy thing Howl <3

Well I've ordered my ANBU outfit (though I'm keeping it a surprise from my Naru, she doesn't know I've ordered it, nor that I probably will be able to cosplay it with her :P )

Now I have to sort out the elbow-length gloves, hand-make my ANBU mask (still got no idea what animal... otherwise I'll have to go with the boringly typical cat ><') aaand then re-style my Sasu wig... again ><

later, Sasu x

I changed my mind from my original plan of doing her white uniform, instead opting for her blue, no particular reason behind it though.

Oscar is going to be a summer project / something ongoing as I haven't particularly got any specific event I'd like to wear her to in mind, it'll all really depend on when I finish working on her.

I've sorted pretty much all of where I'm getting the different elements of her outfit from, except from her wig. That I'm taking my time over because I think I'm going to style it myself.

I shall also be constructing her sword myself, my brain's already provided me with a couple of ideas on how it can be made (fingers crossed they'll work XD )

Keep your eye on here because it'll probably be where I'm updating my progress, probably more often than my deviantart... []

Ja ne, Sasu x

Well I've ordered his coat and undershirt, which should be with me in about a month (joy) and I've already noted where to source my shoes and high-waisted trousers from.
The real trouble I'm having is with his jewelry. Almost had his necklace and earrings all sorted but missed the sale ><;

I shall prevail!! :D

Howl out ^ ^ x

So far I've ordered some blue contacts which are primarily going to be used for Tidus, but I've seen some utterly gorgeous ones I'd love to use for Howl, I'm just going to have to see how my money all works out ^^;

And I've also ordered a light blonde wig. This time I'm going to be cutting and styling the wig (originally styled by the company) from Tadase (Shugo Chara)into Howl... which I'm hoping isn't going to be too difficult, nor that it will go horribly wrong ><;

Still needing to re-watch Howl's Moving Castle so I can sketch out his full outfit and see what I'm missing/needing to make/buy before whichever con I have him ready in time for ^^;

- Sasu x

Most definitely this shall be a challenging costume, I'm hoping to make most/if not all of the costume.

But what I'm really looking forward to trying to make is her gunrod. Its so darn pretty!!!

Gaara's costume is here ^^ And so to the task of hemming his coat (which is looking awesome ^^) and then to styling the wig
Compared to Sasu, Gaara's doesn't seem to have as much work to be done on it... I do have to make the 'Ai' tattoo stencil soon and I'm having to wait until actual Expo date to buy some green contacts for Gaara as otherwise they wouldn't arrive in time ><;

Now I have the outfit, the sword and am using my genin Sasuke wig for this one too.. the joys of re-styling it ^^;

Expo is about 18 days or something like that from now and I still have to style the wig and to hem the outfit... sadly I forgot that american sizes are generally larger than UK sizes >< whooops

Still needing to sort out some shoes... the usual ninja-sandals don't really work with this version of Sasuke so now I have fun trying to find a pair of black flip flops... whilst it's near winter ><

I've been looking at what I need to do for Gaara.
I can't cut and style my wig beause it's at my new house ><;
So instead I'm constantly re-checking how much my costume will cost (buying it as I really don't have the skills or confidence yet to attempt a costume from scratch ^^;)

My gourd is being made by my friend Roxas, for which she deserves a million huggles!! xxxxx

So now all I can really do now is try and figure out how to sort his makeup .. and the tattoo..
I think I've got the pens I'm gonna use, just gotta hope they wash off.. hence why I've been testing ^^

Off to go tinker with my Ritsuka now.. laters

Sasu xx

Well I have the trousers sorted, they're not exactly accurate.. but still I like them.
Now to add the material loop to the back and they'll be sorted.
I think I have a belt upstairs for this one

So it's about 50% done, now I just ahve to hem and trim the shirt and then to sort out either a wig or a haircut... and then finally I'll just need to buy a bracelet.. and then Kyo will be just about done :D

I am so happy that I have Lelouch finished.
He really has taken me a long while to get sorted out to my satisfaction but I'm very happy with how it's turned out.

And now I'm ready to take over Britannia

<3 Lulu xox

Due to messups with my having to re-style the wig I couldn't wear Lelouch to MCM London May 2010 as I'd hoped.. I had to wear Zero for the whole day instead (instead of my original plan to switch part-way-through)
Oh well.. I guess this gives me more time to sort out the mess I made of the wig..
If not then hopefully by next week I should have sorted out a photoshoot for my cosplays and then I'll finally have a few more pictures of all of them to put up, both here and on my DA woop ^ ^

I thought that after having such fun as Gennin Sasuke that attempting the older more-revealing Shippuuden Sasuke was the next logical step.. plus it helps me to widen my knowledge of cosplaying and specifically binding techniques which will be highly benificial for my (undoubtably) future male cosplay characters.

Also he's kickass, and even more emo in Shippuuden so I can attempt to draw upon my emo-side... which may be a challenge ><'

I REALLY enjoyed cosplaying Sasuke on the Sunday of MCM London.
When I first agreed to cosplay him so myself and EmilyMai22 could do a joint Naruto cosplay together I was a bit reserved because for the past... ages I didn't really like Sasuke.. but after Expo he's really grown on me.
Anyways, back on target, getting ready wasn't as stressful not as tricky as I thought it was going to be. Though safety pins were needed to fix the leg pouch in place..
Down side of Sasuke was that I had to keep vanishing to check that my compression shirt was still being covered by the skin-coloured shirt I was wearing over it, otherwise it could be seen though my shorts... NOT GOOD. And then the shorts kept falling down because the pouch was slipping, therefore exaserbating the aformentioned problem of the shirt being seen.
And then it was really quite warm because I was having to wear an extra layer.. so I think next Sasuke-time I'll have to make sure to safety-pin more and wear a different coloured compression shirt.

Surprisingly the Sharingan contacts gave me very few problems.. altough there is a limit for how long you should wear them for FOR A REASON... we wore them for.. an hour longer than reccomended because we were on trains and such... EYES WERE DYING!!!

But Sasuke shall definitely be making a reappearance at future Expo's. He's to fun and emo not to ^ ^ <3

And so May rolled around and myself and EmilyMai22 launched ourselves fully into the Cosplay-madness on the Saturday, Vampire Knight as our day 1 cosplay.
Zero was comfortable to wear, was really annoyed that I had to do it all without the jacket.. so I was less recognised. But was very fun.
I really loved having the tattoo on my neck, helped me to stand out.
The violet contacts gave me no problems at all during the day which I was very happy for.
I think the only down sides of Zero was that his wig wasn't as nice or as well finished as I'd hoped it would be, though that can laways be rectified and I need to figure out a better way/kind of pen for drawing Zero's tattoo.. my white shirt collar was not so white by the end of it all.

Well.. I've got the shirt and trousers sorted.
The wig is (touch wood) in the post, and I've got my compression shirt already, and stitched a skin-coloured vest so it doesn't show through the shirt which took me aaages (meaning about.. 2 hours)
Hopefully my Bloody Rose gun is also on its way (fingers crossed it arrives in time)
And I've got some contacts all ready for this cosplay, so now all that's pretty much left is sorting out a stencil for his tattoo and then styling and cutting the wig once it arrives, then I think thats pretty much it.

I don't have the uniform jacket yet.. but I'm still debating weither to buy one or not.. probably gonna depend on how much I enjoy the character (which I'm already excited about)

It just has to be sod's law that the uniform order just has to arrive THE DAY AFTER THE EXPO YOU WERE PLANNING TO WEAR IT AT!!!

Just a little bit annoying, y'know?
*sigh* Oh well, at least I have it now

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