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My friend got me into cosplay who had tried it out before me, although it was something I had wanted to do! I've not been cosplaying for very long at all yet and my first big event was London May 2009 MCM Expo! I hope to make alot more costumes in the future though and I hope that I get better :D

I've found that cosplaying has done wonders for my confidence and it's still growing all the time. Although I am still a very shy person at heart, once I get to know you I begin to relax you can see how I really am once you get past the first shy stage :)

I still consider myself a beginner. I very often need help, espescially when approaching new techniques!

I'm also probably going to be "Crossplaying" alot. Why? I find that I like male characters more, although I'm not really sure I suit them.

Since I've made a few costumes now I've discovered a few of my habits.
1. I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I have to have everything perfect or at least as close as I can get it.
2. I'm a very slow worker, it takes me ages to get anything done.
3. I have a TERRIBLE habit of tilting my head in photos for some reason! If you're taking a photo of me and I'm tilting my head, please for the love of god stop me!
4. I do alot of computer aided design. What I mean by this is that I'll copy details on Adobe Illustrator (Because you can't get any more accurate than copying the reference itself!) and then print it out. I find this allows better accuracy and is better than what I could draw by hand!!

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I finished off the points by hand. My machine is just barely capable of statin stitching so it was the only way haha! I quite enjoyed doing it, although I believe I did re-do a couple of these after I took the pictures. I had to opt for a slightly different way of doing the stitching on the hat applique though because it's so small. Since I can't alter the width of the statin stitch on my machine, I realised I could use the buttonhole stitch instead... so that's what I did! XD It was difficult and really isn't as tidy as I would like, but I did my best to clean it up be hand :)

I cut out and sewed all of the details at the same time to make life easier on myself. I made them from matte satin as I wanted them shiney, but not overly so. I used bondaweb to put them on to black kona cotton and then used an embroidery thread and satin stitched them onto the cotton. I think I did rather well! All I did then was fill in a few places where my machine had skipped a stitch or two by hand. I know people probably wouldn't have noticed, but I would notice therefore it needed doing haha!

So I started out with a basic trouser pattern I have lying around and just made it big around the bottom of the legs because these have gotta be POOFY! I put an elastic waistband on them because they're easy and we ain't doing no maetial arts in trousers with a proper waistband XP

I struggled a little in how I should go about the bottom of the leg poofyness though. I didn't wanna put elastic down there because it creates alot of... how do I put it? Lines? Excess fabric? Look at the waist elastic to see what I mean! I didn't want that as it all looks very clean in the references. SO! What I did was put ALOT of darts down there to creat a circular effect. I should have done a cone shape really and sewn that one seprately, but I'd sewn it all and it was going to be covered by the black details anyway so I left it as it was :)

I made the pattern for the tunic myself using calico fabric and guess work XD I had some help though in how to pattern out the er... "dangly bits" so that they flare out a bit rather than just hang down. Once I had the pattern down I cut out the proper fabric (Kona Cotton) and sewed it together. I've made it just big enough so that I can wiggle into it. I am lothe to add in openings (zips etc) where there aren't none XD I've also put iron-on interfacing on the whole thing too so it holds its shape better :)

Okay so I'm skipping a few steps here because I fear I'm repeating myself XD I've made the middle set of details as well as the side "wings" (I dunno what to call them!!) and heat sealed them... and ruined it in the process because it shrunk the foam badly in places and I had to put on a load of foam clay to fill in all the holes. Oops! I'm really, really pleased with how it's looking though :3

Now that I had the base done, I moved onto the details! I made these from 3mm EVA foam and decided that they'd look best with a bevelled edge (it looked like it could be either that or just straight edges in the references), so back to sanding with the dremel I went! Since I was sanding tiny things, I ended up ruining 2 of them... XD When I put them how they would be on the sword though I didn't like the diagonal-then-straight edge it created. So I glued them on, then sanded them totally diagonal (you can see what I mean in the photo).

Once I'd sorted how I was doing the handle, I started carving the hilt! Halfway through sanding the blade I decided to make it solely from EVA foam rather than a foam board center, mostly because foam board doesn't take well to heat and I was worried I'd ruin it at some point XD

I speficially brought a dremel flex shaft for this (as well as some gloves because I fear for my fingers when using a dremel ahaha!) which made it soooooooo much easier!!! I carved the big sections off with my box knife and sanded it smooth with the dremel. I did this bit by bit, as it's really hard to tell what shape this silly hilt is even meant to be XD Part way through I added in another layer of foam on both sides as I felt it needed to be a tad thicker. In the end I got a shape I was happy with! :D

I'd umm'd and ahh'd for ages about how to go about the handle. I did orginally think that I'd score the lines into foam, but in the end didn't feel like that'd get the look I wanted (plus I had so much trouble glueing the foam in place...) So I looked up handle wrapping on google and had a look around. I quite liked the weave look I saw and it looked like Syaoran's sword was supposed to be like that. I tried out with some paper to test and I think it looks pretty good! :D

It's costober! So let's update this thing shall we? XD

I eventually finished sanding the sword, then deicded to add hard coat mod podge on the top because the blade was still very soft!! It said on the tub to give it 6 weeks (!!!) to cure fully, so I left the sword alone for about... 6 months XD I then gesso'd again and now it's all pretty!

I then went and put foam on the wooden dowel core, which was actually harder than I anticipated! I had alot of trouble getting the glue to stick properly and had to abandon my first attempt. I did get it to work though (by scellotaping the entire thing to hold the foam in place while the glue dried, oh my!) and then cut off the excess with a knife, then using my dremel to sand it smooth!

So after having put together the base, I cut the foam board with a knife to make the sword the right shape! I then put on 2 layers of paper mache (I use kitchen roll, I find it to be stronger) and then fast mache. I sanded that down, then put some more on to cover any gaps/dents/holes. Sanded that down again and I've now started putting gesso on the thing! 2 layers, then sand. 2 layers, then sand and now I'm filling in gaps/dents/holes again before I finish. Phew!

I printed my template out to the right size (smaller than my old sword, which was always far too big) and cut out 4 layers of foam board. I cut out the middle of 2 layers and stuck a wooden dowel down the middle with ALOT of hot glue XD I then stuck the last 2 layers on either side to get the base sword! :)

So after 9 years of cosplaying Syaoran, I am FINALLY making my own sword. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to do so haha! So, like most of my cosplays, I copied a reference of it in Adobe Illustrator. It was technically a Tsubasa reference of it, but it looks exactly the same and it was the best front-on view so shhhhhhhh >___>;

I made a start on the pommel awhile back, but haven't done anymore since ^^; I cut out several layers of EVA foam and stuck them together. I then smoothed it out with a dremel, but stopped there. I find sanding with a dremel really hard =/ I think I just need more practice with it as it tends to go out of control and takes off alot more than I want :c

I really need to do more detailing and I keep meaning to try foam clay and see if that'll work ahaha c: Plus I need to get some sort of template for the gem that'll be in the mouth!

I've made my own resin gems for the first time! :D The first batch came out orange (oops) but now I've got some lovely red ones as planned :3 I sanded them smooth (as my moulds weren't perfect haha) and glossed them with nail varnish! I'll probably paint the back red just to bring out the colour a little more

I've made (one side) of the vein-like details! I decided to make them from worbla and I think it's looking really nice! I just rolled thin sausages of worbla, then peaked/beveled the middle :3 There's a place holder gem there for now untill I make the resin ones :)

I burned my fingers so many times D:

Finally, I sanded the hilt! This took longer because I had to add wood glue onto it to protect the raised foam layer. The gesso would crack if you so much as nudged it otherwise =/

Before I sanded the hilt, I made the little lid that hides the power bank etc. I used 4 rare earth magnets and just made sure everything aligned nicely!

Annnnnd then I gesso-ed the whole blade! Took AGES. My process went like this: 2 layers, sand. 2 layers, sand. 3 thick layers, sand. Then fill in any dents/dips/holes/anything that wasn't flat with more gesso and sand SOME MOAR.

Eventually, you get a super sexy looking sword~

Once I was happy with the fast mache, I took the frog tape I'd put on the runes off (to protect them from everything I was doing) and used gesso to make them pretty!

After the paper mache I added on fast mache (which is powdered paper, so its like a paste when you add water to it) so that everything was leveled out (especially since the foam that I cut the runes out of was slightly elevated). I put some on, sanded it down as smooth as I could get it, then added more on where there were holes/gaps/dents and sanded again. I did this 3 or 4 times? It takes forever I can tell you!

Then I began the long, LONG, LOOOOOONG process of finishing Ahrah :| I first glued the acrylic and foam in place and added 2 layers of paper mache

As for what goes ontop of the LEDs, I cut out light blue acrylic and craft foam with the runes cut out. I also put a couple of pieces of grease-proof paper and 5 pieces of thin packing foam under the acrylic to diffuse the LED lights.

So originally I was going to put LEDs in that were just "on", but when I realised that I was never going to get this cosplay done for when I wanted it, I decided to be fancy and put programmable LEDs in using an Adafruit Trinket pro.

Let's just say what followed was not a fun time for me :| I had awful trouble soldering the wires, then programming the trinket (I had ALOT of help with that) and then an almighty amount of issues with the power bank not being able to power the whole thing properly.

Honestly, it's still not 100%, but I had to move on otherwise I'd never get anything else done D:

Okay, so since I was putting lights (!!!) in Ahrah, I needed to cut out a section for them to sit in. I cut down through 2 layers of the foam board on either side so that the LEDs would be stuck to the middle layer. It would all be on circuit, so I made a small hole through the middle layer so the wires could reach the LEDs on the other side. The power bank sits in the hilt which I'd made a gap for. It JUST about fitted in!! 8D

Once everything was all glued together, I drew out where I wanted the "blade" sections to start and carved the foam board with a big ol'knife. A process I rather enjoyed! I also drew where the runes would be.

I then cut the whole thing out of foam board (5 layers total. I thought that was tick enough!) and made room for a wooden dowel down the middle. This will form the handle and the pommel. It was hot glued in :) Each foam board layer was stuck together with wood glue

I realise I've been rather neglecting this of late, so I'll try and fix that from now on :) Lets start off with The Blade of Ahrah. I started off by copying the design on Adobe Illutrator (had to splice several references together and completely made up the pommel as there were no good screen caps of it) and making it the size I wanted and printed it all out!

I now have rat feet! Hurray! I now have to make a pattern for them so I can cover them in the Minky >_<

I first covered my foot in masking tape, but it doesn't stick too well and will be easier to cut off in a minute. I then covered the masking tape in duct tape so that I have something sturdy to work with! A long while later I've covered my entire foot and got the tape into all the awkward places. TBH I think I wrapped my foot too tight but HEY HO!

I then marked where I wanted all of my seam lines to be. there was more than I wanted TBH but it couldn't be helped. I then cut it all off! And made several holes in my socks in the process c:

I'd also highly suggest you have arrows pointing where you want your fur pointing. Do it while you've still got the tape on your foot as it's easier to visualise :) And write on all of your pattern peices so you know which bit is which if it got complex like mine did or you're going to have a bad time!!

I do have photos of the steps I explain here, but I can't be bothered to get them off my phone right now. I'll change the photo another time okay? XD

Right, so we've cut out the basic toe shape. You need to refine it! Just keep trimming away at it. TBH I probably craved mine alot more than most would, but that's for the sole reason that I'm not really using proper fur to cover my toes, I'm using Minky fabric (you know the stuff on TY Beanie Babies? That stuff). Fur would be very forgiving if the foam was a bit more blocky but Minky is veeeery short fur so I don't have that luxury!

Anyway, we've carved the toes! I next cut the bottom of the toes off so that I could place them on MY toes. I tried to cut so they sat nicely on my toes but it's hard to get an exact match :P

Once I was happy how they looked/positioned/whatever else I hot glued them onto the sock! While I was still wearing the sock! Because you know, otherwise i'd probably glue them in the wrong place >_>

I really wanted to do right by Puck and since it appears that no one else has even cosplayed him it made my inital research somewhat difficult! I like to have another cosplayer to measure myself against. Instead I've been looking at Freya cosplays since her and Puck are both rat people :P

Not many had feet I liked though so after some more research I decided to make something called "sock paws". You make paws out of foam and glue them to some socks and it gives you alot of control over them. It seemed really neat to me so I'm going for that option! :D

So, we start off with buying some upholstery foam, obviously! I got the high density stuff, only for the sole reason fur suit tutorials appear to use blue foam >_>

I drew out a pattern for a toe (on Illustrator, as I do), printed it out and drew it on the foam and began cutting! I did this 4 times (for 4 toes, of course) and shaped them with scissors by carefully carving bits off :)

Ahaha... I'm so uncomfortable working with wigs oTL But I really tried hard with this so be kind ^^; I started off with a Prince wig from Coscraft and only cut small sections at a time. I found this achieved nothing and eventually took a risk and started hacking away oTL This did work and I got a nice looking style out of it! I also attacked it with Got2B Glued hair spray to give it a spikey look :3 It wasn't really what I was aiming for but it looked nice so never mind! 8D

I sewed the ears directly onto the wig so that I wouldn't have to worry about them moving about during the day. Although I did have to super glue them on first so that I was able to sew them on in the first place!

The goggles I already owned from my Clone!Syaoran cosplay and looked really nice with the cosplay :D

To make the jacket more interesting I added on some iron-on patches! There's a pilot patch on the front and a Sonic the Hedgehog one on the right arm :3 When I wear this again I would add more as I was pressed for time and couldn't find many good ones in a short amount of time!

I also added on a Tails logo on the back which I rather liked c:

Not much to say on this really! Followed the basic jacket pattern I've used on every cosplay I have but mixed in some trim details this time! I also added in pockets since I was following what my work jacket looks like, plus I wanted something functional for once! :D

Working with rib knit fabric was new but it wasn't difficult. I thought I wouldn't be able to sew it with my machine but it worked out fine! ^^

I sewed in the zip like normal and added a fur trim along the neckline by hand :3

I simply made the ears by cutting out triangles on the fur and sewing them together 8D Again, I did as tutorials suggested and made the orange section a big bigger than the white so that it folded over a little bit like real animal ears. I put a piece of foam in the middle so that they had some structure :)

After I'd sewn the tails I turned them the right way around and stuffed them! I then sewed a bit of elastic on the end of each tail so that it could be hooked through a belt on my trousers :)

I also brushed the fur with a comb. Alot. Keeps them looking nice after handling them!

Doing these journals after I've made the whole thing but never mind XD

I started off with my paper pattern that I drew up on Illustrator and cut it out of the fur. I did the cutting part with a craft knife as suggested by internet tutorials... it did and didn't work, you have to be very careful with it I found! I sewed the orange and white parts with the machine first and attached the two halves together by hand. As the pointy ends would have never gotten through my sewing machine!

I've brought most of the fabric now. I've got the fur and the sweatshirt fabric is on its way! This must a be a record for me deciding on a cosplay and then choosing the fabric!! c:

Slowly starting up progress for Emil now. Today I went fabric shopping in Bristol! Brought cotton drill for the trousers, cotton for the bias on the tunic and black lining for the tunic and trousers.

I've been having a debate since I printed off some references yesterday as to whether Emil's tunic was royal blue or a purpley-blue. It printed out as blue but looks purpley-blue on my computer screen. I asked others as to what they saw it as but got divided replies! After I got back from Bristol I loaded up the game to see what it was on there: It was blue! Since the game IS the source material, I can't go wrong following it XD

Yeah, I've not really made a start on this yet! ^^; I'm still getting used to my new job. But I think this will be how I work the strap system. I know usually I will make these things as workable as I can (in which I mean if it looks like it should be functional I will make it so it is) but in this case sadly I don't think it's possible!

Well, we didn't place in ECG but I did have alot of fun doing it. Freyarule had to teach me alot about acting in one afternoon considering I've not done that type of performance before! XD

Overall here's the list of improvements I made since October expo up to HJ...

1. Completely remade the white shirt. This time with the cuffs and more accurate frogs (which I had to make myself)
2. Replaced the front collar detail on the tunic because the old one was rubbish!
3. Brought and spray painted new bells
4. Re-sewn the "sock things" on the trousers
5. Made my own hat instead of having to borrow one!
6. Smoothed out the details on the sword
7. Made the Element cards more accurate by adding in small details
8. Made the Rashinban Board.
9. Made new shoe covers since the old ones died in the rain
10. Removed the freezer paper from under the yin yang/sun. It was a stupid idea and I'm not sure why I ever did it in the first place!

I brought a set of brand new bells as I couldn't get the horrible spray paint I used last time off the old bells. However I couldn't buy silver ones like I did before and had to have green ones. I sanded the edges (where the thread would go) a little so that they don't saw through the thread quite so much this time!

So this time I primed them in white. I did for for 2 reasons: 1. To cover up the green and 2. So the gold paint would stick better as I had issues with the paint chipping last time.

Once they were primed I sprayed them with the gold spray paint and then they were done!

I went through a few cord samples before I finally settled on the ones I used for my frog fasteners. The others were either far too thin, thick or the wrong colour!

I followed a youtube tutorial on how to make the knots, this one:

I made enough for the shirt and the cuffs. 9 in total. I then made the little loops for them and stuck the loose edges together with very small amounts of fabric glue. I then sewed them onto the shirt with some embroidery thread I had left as it matched them well and you couldn't even see the thread when sewn :)

I made extra sure to make sure they were all straight and aligned... Not that you can see any of the others apart from the top one XD

Now that the base was complete I could move onto the details!

I started off cutting out all of the fabric pieces I needed and then proceeded to pin and sew both the main green fabric and lining to the right sizes. I then sewed the base green onto the hat so it was secure.

Then came the yellow and orange details! I doubled up the yellow because otherwise you can see the green through it (I did this for the whole cosplay actually) I put them both on the hat and decided where the orange ends would meet (because I was making it out of one whole piece of fabric so it didn't have "end points" (two fabric ends meeting) everywhere). I decided the end point would be at the back where it's less noticeable. I then drew on where all of the details would go and sewed all of the block swirls details (like the rest of the cosplay, this was done in red thread). The block swirls were then had their edges folded over and bondawebbed down so they had a nice clean edge.

Then began the long slow process of sewing the orange onto the yellow by hand. That way I can make it stitch free! It took me about 4 days in total! Before I attached the buckram spikes I ironed on the orange circle for the gems using heat+bond ultra hold (Because it doesn't fray like bondaweb will). Only then did I attach the buckram spikes (with lining attached to the back of them so they look nice!).

Once the buckram spikes were on I could fold over the orange details on the spikes. These were glued down since i wouldn't have been able to sew through the buckram! That stuff is stronger than it looks when trying to put a needle through it! XD

I put the lining into the inside of the hat next. these were VERY lightly glued so that it didn't fly about loose on the inside. The yellow/orange details were then slipped onto the hat and glued on along the orange details. The bottom edge was folded over and it was complete!

Well, expect for the gems. I'll put them in their own journal :P

I was really afraid the hat was going to go horribly wrong, thankfully it didn't!

I first started out with a paper template. I found out the shape I needed was a "truncated cone" (basically a cone with the top cut off) as Syaoran's hat gets bigger at the top. But I'm not a maths wiz so I had my friend Hannah-kiwi work it out for me 8D Once I had what I needed I followed her instructions and drew the template on newspaper and cut it out. I then adjusted it untill it fitted how I wanted it to. I drew the spikes on the hat on illustrator. I did try by hand but for some reason I just couldn't get it right ^^;

Once the template was done I cut it out of the buckram (which is used in making hats) and cut out a circle for the top. I sewed the two edges of the cone together so it actually made a cone shape! I then sewed in millinery wire so that it held its shape properly into the bottom of the cone (the part on my head, the smaller edge) and into the circle shape with a zig-zag stitch. I then hand sewed the circle onto the cone to make the basic hat shape. Hurray! :D

I never wrote a journal entry for the shirt, so here it is now!

I used the jacket pattern I use for everything to create 4 panels (2 for the front, 2 for the back) and pinned it together. Then tried it on and re-pinned untill it fitted nicely. I did the same for the lining. I then did the sleeves (making extra sure that they weren't going to be too tight this time!!) and attached them to the main shirt. Next I decided where I wanted the middle to be and sewed the main cotton to the lining and then understitched it so it had a nice and clean edge!

I did the cuffs next. I hadn't done cuffs before so I followed the tutorial in my sewing book. I basically sewed two pieces of fabric together (with a curve where the corner would be as per the references) and folded one of the edges up inside it. The longer edge I sewed onto the end of the sleeve and folded back ontop so it was facing the right way. At this point I also inserted some interfacing so it could hold its shape. All I had to do then was hand sew the other side down (the side I'd folded inside it earlier) and it was all done! :)

Next up was the collar. I did it differently this time and did it pretty much the same way as the cuffs. Sewed 2 pieces of fabric together, sewed one edge to the neckline and then folded back over and inserted some interfacing. I then hand sewed the loose lining on the neckline to the inside of the collar.

I then made the frogs and sewed them onto the shirt! All done! :D

Colouring begins...!

Just colouring the middle took me about 2 hours oTL I had to cut and shorten every single one of those lines multiples times ^^;

Reference image there so I can use exact colours (eyedropper tool yay!) for intense accuracy! 8D

And the outline is complete! :D Now to try and colour it and probably find out all the layers are in the wrong order ^^;

Added in corner symbols and chinese characters. Gotta do the ones in those circles now but they're a bit more er... stylised than the rest, plus they're outlined so I'll need to re-draw them. But I'm nearly there! :)

Put the two parts together now and slowly adding in the last of the details. All of my guide lines can make it even more confusing to look at!

Constructing on Illustrator. I'm struggling on the computer, god knows how CLAMP draw this thing BY HAND?!

I've drawn the basic shape and trying to work in layers (starting from the bottom and working my way up) but I think I'm going to have to break it down further as it's getting complex now!

What an experience this was! Despite cosplaying for about 5 years now, I have never once styled a wig!! >_>;;

I was incredibly scared about styling a wig so I brought one to practice on first and looked at loads of tutorials. There aren't that many tutorials around about slicking/pulling back a fringe so I had to follow the only good one I could find. it involved separating each weft from the top of the head and back combing and spraying it with Got2Be freeze hold hair spray so it stayed slicked back. This worked well enough!

When I got the real wig (I brought 2) I took the wefts out of one of them and sewed them into the other to make it a bit thicker. I then slicked the fringe back as I did on the practice wig... except with more hair spray this time! I then layered it so it looked a bit more like Asch's hair. I didn't have time to do the widows peak in the end so I sewed in a couple more wefts into the fringe to cover up more of the wig cap, because I thought it stood out ^^;

I cut the length of the wig to the right length and layered it a bit with the thinning shears and cutting vertically.

And that was about it! For my first wig styling adventure, I don't think I did too badly and in the end I rather enjoyed it! :D

These were done exactly the same way as the tunic details, except on a much larger scale!!

I cut out my paper templates and ironed the heat and bond onto my red fabric. Once it had cooled I drew around my templates onto the H+B. I then slooooowly and very carefully cut the details out. You have to be careful with it as it's pretty flimsy and will still fray a little untill you iron it onto the main fabric!

It's not very clear, but the image on the left shows the cut out back detail sat ontop of the un-cut front detail :)

Ironing the details onto the tabard went pretty smoothly apart from one little minor incident with one of the long front straight edges deciding it wasn't going to be straight anymore, but I sorted it! ^^;

Oooooh boy. The tabard oTL

I'd actually started it part way through working on the tunic but kind of abandoned it because I didn't know what to do about the neck line area and it looked like a weird huge piece of fabric XD

Eventually though I did have to go back to it (I had to make it in parallel with the shoulder armour because of how the two of them needed to attach). I had to create a seam on the shoulder so that it would hang properly and be careful not to make the neck line too big or too small. Which was really difficult ^^; It can also come apart at one of the shoulders via press snaps. Once I'd done that and got the width the right size I sewed the velcro onto the shoulder area in conjunction with the armour.

The detailing came next. I measured how big I wanted them and scaled up my Illustrator drawings I'd made many, many months ago. I did have to alter them slightly (Asch must have been small but wide!). I printed them out and pinned them to the tabard so I could decide what I wanted to tabard shape to be and where the split in the front should go.

I could have done the next stage in several ways, but I decided in the end I should cut and sew the lining into the split first before ironing the details on. I did something I haven't done before which is "under stitching" the lining, it creates a really clean, nice edge and prevents the lining showing on the "right" side. I followed a tutorial I found online as describing it doesn't really make much sense to me XD So I won't attempt to here either!

So the split was cut and sewn and so I put the details on next. But it'll have its own journal so I won't go into that here. I also cut the angular edges at the bottom. Lastly I pinned the bias on (which I'd made myself earlier) along with the lining. Normally I would have sewn the lining on first THEN done the bias but since I was running out of time I did them both together oTL

It was then pretty much complete! I only needed to attach the belts which I'd already made earlier (also getting its own journal!)

Although the split never did hang properly when I wore it or on the mannequin, I swear it did when it was on a hanger or on the floor oTL

I've made boot/shoe covers before but MAKING a pair of shoes? That was very new to me! Okay, maybe saying "making" is the wrong word, I really just built over a pair of boots ^^;

I brought the boots from ebay. I didn't really care what they looked like (because I was going to destroy them!) apart from the soles as I wanted them to be as light and as close to the shape as Asch's as possible. Once I got them I hacked off the top section leaving just the part that covered your feet. I then made paper templates for each segment, 4 in total: Toe, middle, top and heel.

Each segment was made out of heat formed craft foam. I carefully got each segment right before moving onto the one that would sit on top of it. They needed to be able to move somewhat over each other (At least that's what I guess they were meant to do, that's what it looked like XD) for when I walked/whatever. Once this was complete I cut off some more of the boots, this time on the sides around the ankle area as there's a gap there in the references.

The slow process of PVA-ing, painting the foam black, gluing the lycra fabric to the foam, then putting bias on the edges where required and then gluing it to the boot base began. I think it took me about a week and a half to complete them! The last thing I did was paint the soles the same colour of the bias (despite looking white in the images, it's actually a light grey)

Most impractical shoes ever! XD

This was difficult for me as I'd never made anything resembling armour before!! I'd asked another Asch cosplayer how they made theirs and suggested cardboard. I tried it and found that for me, it didn't really work. I felt it was too restricting and stiff. On the advise of another friend I tried heat forming craft foam.

To do this you get your foam, cover it over with a layer of newspaper and iron it for a few seconds. This makes it really floppy but you got to act fast. Hold it to the shape you want and it'll stay that way when it cools :) If the shape isn't right you can re-iron it and try again! I only needed curved shapes so it wasn't that hard.

Once I had my shapes I hot glued the sections together. There were 4 in total: 2 for the shoulders and 2 making up the collar (because the foam sheets weren't big enough to do it all in one, otherwise I would have!). I then cut a rough outline and kept trying it on to see if it was correct. Once I was happy with it I then got some flexible but stiff wire. This was to hold the foam in the correct shape as it would need some support for when it would attach to the tabard and general body movement!

Just because I was worried about it, I PVA glued the whole thing and then painted it black before putting on the fabric, just incase you could see that the foam was blue XD I then used small amounts of super glue to cover the inside of the armour with lycra fabric before sewing and gluing velcro to the inside. The velco would be how the tabard and the armour attach to each other and needed to be put on before the top layer of lycra so there wouldn't be any stitching visible :) There was velcro on the back, sides and front so it was secure.

All that remained then was to glue lycra onto the visible part of the armour, glue the bias binding on and paint and glue the buttons on! And then it was done! :D

Fun fact: I used over 6 tubes of super glue for this cosplay!

I'll write proper journals for everything after expo. But for now: The tunic is done, the tabard is done, the shoulder armor just needs the buttons glued on and the belts are done!

The only thing left is the wig. I'm HOPING it won't take too long >_>

Where did I leave off...? Oh yes! The hooks and eyes. Well I sewed them on and (after making the shoulder armor, but I'll get to that in another journal) was thus able to finish off sewing the rest of the bias binding onto the collar.

After that the tunic was pretty much finished apart from the red arm bands. For those I doubled up the red cotton I had brought (just incase), pinned them to the right shape and then sewed them. I then simply put the bias on both ends and sewed them onto the sleeves!

I also made the belt myself, but I'll again put that in it's own journal.

You can hide sooooo many things in bias binding, it's amazing! 8D

I used an open ended invisible zip for this (again, yes, they DO exist! Here, I'll prove it to you: )

I first sewed the first half of the bias down for the whole tunic and then turned it over (like you would normally when sewing bias) and pinned it in place. DON'T SEW IT YET! We're only marking exactly where the center fold is for where you'll be putting the zip. I only merely made a crease to mark the center but you could mark it out with chalk or something if you wanted. Then unpin it and pin the invisible zip where you want it. You want the edge of the zip (the teeth) where you marked the center. Then fold the bias back over and make sure you've pinned the zip in the right place and that you can do it up etc.

If everything is okay, unpin it again and sew the zip on the bias with your invisible zipper foot with your machine! Then you can fold the bias back over again and pin in place (and maybe check again everything still works ^^; I do alot of checks!!) and sew the bias like you would normally!

And that's how I hid the zip on the bias! You can't hide the zip on the inside though however (at least with my method) but then again, hopefully no one is looking on the inside! Ahaha :)

Time is fast running out DX

I've got the basic structure of the shoulder armor done which means I can now get the tabard sizing sorted and finish off the tunic. And since I've got too many things going at once again I'm going to dedicate tomorrow to getting the tunic finished.

I've had a proper look at my wigs which arrived too. They're thinner than the practice one and the front hairline is different too. Which may mean I'll have to attempt the widows peak after all and put some more wefts in... which means even less time >_< Ahhhhh!!

These were pretty easy to put together. I used a stretch fabric other wise I wouldn't be able to move in them! All I did was simply wrap the fabric around my arm and pin it. It seemed like the easiest way to do it! I then sewed it and then tried it on again just to check it was okay. I trimmed the excess fabric and then sewed the black bias binding around the fingers/thumb by hand.

It has elastic at the top of the arm to keep it in place and stop it from slipping down my arm. Once that had been done I could then finally put the detailing on. I used heat and bond and ironed it in place!

I've yet to do the cuff, but I'll leave that untill the end and see how I'm doing time-wise =/

I finally feel like I have enough progress to write here now!

The tunic! I cut the pattern using the same jacket pattern I've used since I started cosplaying ^^; But I wasn't really thinking too much when I did it and cut it too short! Grrrr :< So I had to buy more fabric and actually cut it correctly the 2nd time. I pinned it together (using my new mannequin!!) and made sure it fitted before cutting the sleeves pattern and sewing and attaching them. At the same time I also cut the lining and sewed it at the same time.

Then came the collar. I haaaate collars so much DX I finallised where I wanted the two edges to meet in the middle, as well as the bottom edge so I knew where the collar would be ending. Cut it using my collar pattern (which I think needs altering), cut some interfacing and some lining and put them all together and sewed it to the tunic. Simple but... not when you're doing it =/

Next came the details! I was originally going to use bondaweb and then satin stitch the edges, but I realised if I did that then alot of the smaller details would be lost. After talking to my friends they recommended I use Heat and Bond Ultrahold as it wouldn't fray and didn't need stitching. I brought it and tested it and decided to go for it! I decided on the size of the details by printing it out and cutting it out (using my pre-drawn copied designs I did on Illustrator!). I then used the cut outs to draw on the heat and bond and then ironed it on the tunic! It looks rather spiffing if I do say so myself 8D

I made all of the bias binding myself at an earlier date using the same fabric as the detailing. The next issue was how to fasten the two edges together in the middle without it being seen. I was told that open ended invisible zips didn't exist... I found that they DO exist ;) I'm unsure as to whether I payed too much for it though... XD I hid this zip on the bias binding and I think this looks like how it should be :) the zip was too short though sadly (it only came in one size) so I am going to have to put a few hooks+eyes at the top near the collar to fill in the gap! ^^;

This went MUCH better this time! I drew around my hand but this time made the outline bigger. Every other step was the same as the first time around! I have since hemmed the bottom since the photo was taken.

And as per the tutorial: Here is my MANLY FIST OF MIGHT!

I wanted something "easy" to do so I decided to have a go at the black gloves and following Tabs tutorial for them

I ordered several samples of black lycra. I had a hard time deciding between a viscose lycra (thinner) or a jersey 4-way stretch (thicker). In the end, I decided to go for the thinner one because I'll be wearing this cosplay in May and thought it might be hot, so thinner would be better!

I followed the tutorial, drew around my hand on freezer paper, ironed it onto the lycra, sewed it using the chain stitch, took the paper off and tried it on... and it's far too tight!! XD I can barely get them on! It's funny really as it looks like I have some sort of deformed claw hand 8D

This is my first ever glove so I guess you live an learn! I'll know next time to draw around my hand a bit wider! I also learned that I don't really like this thinner lycra (since I can see my skin under it) so I'll now be getting the thicker stuff :)

These were completed about 3 weeks ago but I've only just put together the accompanying image!

These are made the same as any of pair of trousers I've made. Cut out the panel pieces (following the unpicked trousers I use as my pattern), pinned it together and then try it on fifty million times untill I think it's right. Then I sewed it with the sewing machine and did the same with the lining.

The only thing different with these is that I've put in an invisible zip because I thought it would look neater. My first invisible zip! I was about to buy an invisible zipper foot untill I happened to discover that my sewing machine came with one, lucky! XD

Went to Fabricland today and brought red, grey and black lining, light grey polycotton, black cotton drill and light weight interfacing.

Still gotta decide what I'm using for the leggins/arm thingys though =/

Edit: Actually, turns out the Fabricland label lied to me, it's not cotton drill but rather just normal cotton. Never mind, I'll use it for the trousers anyway.

Went to cut the tunic fabric today. But I wasn't thinking and haven't cut it long enough oTL

Now I need to buy more fabric D:

I never posted a journal for my element cards, oops!

I went through alot, and I mean, ALOT of trouble to make sure these had accurate Kanji... And I don't know any Kanji! I looked at many tiiiiny images from my manga to try and make out what radicals were being used and then find the whole kanji from this very useful website:

That way, I know that every single character actually means something and is actually what is written on them in the manga.

The only one I am not 100% sure on is the one right at the bottom, that's because Syaoran nearly always had his fingers covering it ¬_¬

The whole thing was completely drawn (once again) on Illustrator. It was more difficult still after finding out what the kanji were, then trying to find it written in a... hand written way so that I could copy it oTL

Ordering all of the samples!

I've found a nice charcoal cotton drill (aka my off-black fabric) for the tabard. That was easier than I thought it was going to be (it was literally one of the first samples I ordered) and it means I don't have to do any dying!

I'm undecided yet as to whether I will use the lighter grey in the photo for the tunic. But I am leaning towards it.

Edit: In the end I did go for both samples. So here's an actual photo this time!

This wasn't complicated since I've done this sort of thing before :)

Got my orange fabric, cut it in a circle, ironed the bondaweb on, drew the design on and cut it out. I then ironed it onto the yellow circle and since this time both fabrics were normal cotton I needed a stabilizer... in comes my trusty freezer paper again! This stuff has been a life saver ;-;

I then did the satin stitch around the edge in a lighter shade of orange. And I must say, it's the best and smoothest set of satin stitch I've ever done! My machine only had a fit ONCE. Normally it complains constantly so I was pretty happy!! :D

The Yin-yang was then sewn in the middle on top of it and the bias binding put around the edge :)

Here's where it starts to get complex and my explaining may not make much sense 8D

So one side of the orange is sewn down and attached to the yellow. And we've got the other edge/fold matching up... all I needed to do was fold both of these over and sew it onto the main green fabric. Once I'd done this I could finally sew down the length of the sleeve, sew it to the main tunic and insert the lining!

The last thing I did was fold over the yellow so that it covered the raw edge of the lining and sew it down. This bit I did do by hand because otherwise I was going to end up with the wrong coloured thread on one of the fabrics. Plus it looks nicer 8D

After an iron the sleeves were done! ^^

What fun these were, even if I had go about them in a VERY specific order!

First thing I did was to get my template/pattern that I had made right back in June and refine it. I made it shorter in length and width so that I didn't waste quite so much of my real fabric. I then went on and cut it out of the real fabric! (It looks like a really weird shape when laid out flat and almost 2 meters long! Yikes!)

Then I checked if it fitted on my arm okay and finalised the length/width. I also checked what size I wanted the yellow to be (starts in the middle of my arm and ends just over my wrists) as it was the next thing I had to do!

I marked the middle of all 3 parts (green, yellow, orange) so that everything could be put back in the right place later. Then worked out where I wanted the block swirls on the sleeves to be (they sit in about the middle) and cut that out to the right size.

I needed to sort out the block swirls next. In my effort to keep it as stitch free as possible I used bondaweb to fold and keep the edges down. The details were sewn with a darker thread with the sewing machine.

Now that that was done, part 1 of the orange needed attaching to the yellow. I'd already ironed where all the folds would be on both the orange and yellow, I simply matched them up. I folded over the orange fold so there wouldn't be a raw edge and sewed it with the machine (I would have done it by hand, but by this point I was running out of time and couldn't afford to be fussy).

Once the details had been painted, cut to size and had the bias binding sewn onto them I attached them to the main tunic. I did this by hand so I could keep it as stitch free as possible and have a really clean look! I also did the collar int he same way (ish) but I was never happy with the collar and it will probably be re-done at some point. I had to put all of these on before I could sew the sleeves on. (The sleeves will have their own journal)

Once the sleeves were sewn on, only then could I insert the lining! I pinned the lining in place and cut it to the right size.

I next had to put the weird little yellow section on right at the bottom. It had to end right in the middle of the yin-yang/sun detail so that the orange bias would cover where it ended and the green started. Some artistic license was taken with the block swirl on the angle... it was impossible to keep my 45 degree angle AND have the yin-yang/sun sit on top of it without any weird gaps (CLAMP you can draw it that way, but it is impossible to do in real life! D:) so I simply moved the yin-yang/sun up a bit to make it look sensible.

The yin-yang was then sewn down and all of the bias binding put on and the tunic was doooone! Phew!

Now that expo is over I'll actually post all of the journal entries!

I firstly got my green fabric (Bi-stretch suiting (I also brought FAR too much. I have enough left over to make this entire cosplay with again!)) and cut out the front and back panels. I'm a bit weird in that I use a basic jacket pattern for EVERY cosplay that I do, but for this I did have to combine the 2 separate panels into one. I used some white cotton for this which served as my pattern. I cut the top section out using the pattern and basically kept drawing/cutting down so I had enough length.

Then comes the boring process of pinning and trying it on untill it fits how I want! This was especially difficult since it had to be in the right place between fitting me and being a bit baggy (as per the references) so I could actually get the silly thing on and off! I used my obi from my Nihon!Syaoran cosplay to help determine where the split should be.

I moved onto the collar next as I needed to decide what size I wanted them to be before I could determine what size the main details would be. Trusty paper patterns gooooo!! I also put on the top I made for my artwork Watanuki cosplay (because it had the same collar as I would be making for this later) so I could see if the neck hole was big enough.

I next moved onto finalizing the bottom shape and the back bottom shape. Again it's a case of pinning it untill it's right ^^; I kept the bottom angles to 45 degrees as that seemed to be the sensible angle to go with!

Since now the size of mostly everything had been set I could finally test how big I wanted the details to be. I could then get on and start painting those sections.

This was mostly finished months ago, I've just done the final few adjustments. This is the last of the details!

I haven't been updating the journal for this oTL I will do after the expo. But for the record: The tunic is done, the trousers were done ages ago, the white shirt has been an extreme rush job by my standards (and will be remade at a later date) and the shoe covers have been hot glued.

I just need to finish the obi and give it all an iron. The bells will be attached when I get to the hotel on Friday for fear of the spray paint rubbing!

I realise I haven't been putting up journals... This isn't because I haven't been doing anything. It's mostly because I haven't been able to muster up the effort to load up photoshop! ^^;

Right. So all of the painted details are done. As per my freezer paper test I did them all exactly the same way. Ironed the freezer paper down, painted several layers and took the paper off! Perfect :3

I then cut them to the right shape (using my paper templates), got my self made bias binding and sewed the first half of that on. I sewed the 2nd half on by hand so I could get clean look without any stitches! :)

Finally X.X This is the longest time ever I have ever taken to buy all of the fabric for a cosplay!! Please remind me not to do this for any other cosplay!

I kinda have alot of things going on, but not alot to show for it ^^; All of the details have been painted (and I'm in the process of cleaning them up a bit). The sleeves are pinned but I can't go any further with them untill I have the lining and orange fabric. My yellow fabric arrived and I have cut most of the bits I needed out of it, but again, I can't do anything more untill I have the orange.

So for now, I've gone back to the hat again. I think I've finally got the pointy bit right after the hundredth try DX I gave up trying to do it by hand and resorted to illustrator once again. My savior!

But in sort: I really to hurry up and choose the orange fabric!!

This was my first time making trousers with an elastic waistband and they were surprisingly easy (and quick) to make!

I started off with my usual trouser pattern (a pair of old trousers I unpicked) and cut all of the material (cotton and lining) out etc. Since I hadn't done these sorts of trousers before, I used my pajama bottoms as a guide as to where I should pin everything. It worked really well, the thing I was most worried about was how big to make the waist. I knew the waist had to be bigger so that the elastic could stretch but using my PJ's I had a guide to work by! The only thing I did do differently was that I made them baggier down by my legs.

For the elastic itself I followed a tutorial I had found on youtube. All I had to do was sew the elastic into a loop that fitted my waist and then pin that onto the trousers. I had to stretch and sew the elastic at the same time which was an interesting experience! Really hurt my hand! I then folded it over so that the elastic was covered and sewed again.

I did have trouble though figuring out how to do those weird bits at the bottom of the trousers by his ankles. It's not in all of the references but after asking opinions I decided I would. I couldn't gather the bottom of the trousers because then I wouldn't be able to get them on/off my feet. I eventually figured out (after staring at my socks) I would have to use some sort of stretch fabric and so I brought some cotton jersey. I made little tubes which when I wear them I just screw them up and I get the effect I'm going for! Hurray! :D I attached them to the bottom of the trousers and now it's all done!

My first completed part of Syaoran! :'D

Just a simplified version of the tabard design really!

Okay, I was making the white top, but I've made a stupid mistake with the sleeves and it's all a bit tight around my armpits and when I bend my elbow D; It's wearable but wouldn't be all that comfortable. So it's going on hold for now untill I've made the green tunic and I'll see if I have time to re-do it.


I have done some more things to the hat and gotten all of the white cotton prepared, but I'll leave that for now for their own journals 8D

Right! I needed a way to do the black and white details (the ones I've drawn up already) and I didn't want to applique them because
a.) I'm not sure how well that would work in black+white.
b.) There's alot of curves and circles involved and I'm not very good at doing a satin stitch that's on a curve
c.) There's pointy parts and there's no way I'd be able to get it pointy!

I had seen a tutorial before on using freezer paper as a stencil for fabric painting. I wasn't sure how well it actually worked though and made a thread here on CI asking about it... but no one replied oTL So I had to take the plunge and try it for myself!

I brought a roll of the stuff from Amazon and it arrived a few days later. It even comes with instructions on the box on how to use for sewing projects! I printed off one of the details I had drawn and cut it out with a craft knife. I then drew this onto the freezer paper and then had to cut it out again (I probably could have skipped a stage there!). The freezer paper was then ironed (shiny side down) onto the fabric. It immediately stuck down! I did accidentally rip the paper, but managed to get it to stick back down. oops!

I then put 3 coats of paint on it and allowed it to dry between layers. When I peeled the paper off... WOW! I am impressed! It's left beautiful crisp edges that I could never have achieved by hand. It did bleed slightly in a few places (most likely places I cut badly with the craft knife or didn't iron down properly) but it was really nothing major and I could pick off those bits with a pin. The paper also leaves no residue or marks on the fabric (and even did me the favor of removing all of the fluff and cat hairs!), so you really can't go wrong with it!

So this is now the method I will use to paint the test piece I just did, the yin-yang and the moon on the back! :D

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

Last one! :)

This was pretty much done by me laying on the floor and pinning out a giant sleeve shape, then cutting it out. I've had it go down to around my ankle area for now. Also, that it not the final shape of it right now. I've still yet to decide on how I'm having the bottom look.

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator

Again, hard to tell how big everything should be. But this is how it will remain untill I know for sure. Since CLAMP aren't at all consistent, I've matched the white markings to the ones that I put on the sword. As I think they're meant to match... I think it looks better that way anyway! ^^;

I'm also a bit confused as to why alot of Syaoran cosplayers make the obi orange when it's yellow in the artworks... Is it orange in the anime?

Also, ignore the random black lines coming out either end. That's for my reference so I know where the middle is XD

Drawn up in Adobe Illustrator. Hard to tell how big each part of this should be since I can't seem to find a straight-on image for it. But when I've made the green top I'll print it out and see how it looks :)

So after phoning the shop I got my sewing machine back! It's working much better now and so I was able to finish sewing the bias binding :D

I then did a test wearing the cape, all of the d-rings and the dangly things... and it weighs a TON. I'm seriously not joking. It's because of the d-rings since they're real metal. Oops >_> I'm going to have to be careful with it as I'm paranoid that my cape strap will break. So much so that I've made 2 back-ups ^^;

Anyhow, all that's left for me to do is to iron it all ready for the weekend!

Not entirely sure if I'm happy with it, but it'll do for now :)

Seems doing a graphic design course with fancy programs comes in handy for cosplay! 8D This was drawn in Adobe Illustrator. I copy one half, copy/paste, reflect and attach all of the paths to make one whole object. This ensures it's perfectly symmetrical! I had to combine two references though because Asch's hair was in the way ^^;

So when I come to actually working on the cosplay I will scale it up to whatever size I want and print it off! Hurray for accuracy! 8D

I had alot more fights with my cape lining, but I did eventually get to a stage where I was mostly happy with it ^^; So I sewed the lining and began to sew the bias binding down... untill my sewing machine decided it was going to skip stitches and generally not behave again. I have it a good clean and tried everything that I know of to get it going properly again, but to no avail. I think there's a problem with my machines tension, so I'm going to take it down to a repair shop and see if they can fix it =/

So I can't do anything untill I get it back D:

No matter what I do, I cannot get the lining to sit perfectly, although I did discover today that I do actually have enough floor space to lay the cape out flat! This helped a little bit, but there are still little issues that I have, whether I will sort these out or not I don't know yet ^^;

Woooo...! Not -_-;

Okay, I unpicked both sides of the cape and the lining STILL cannot be fixed. After much ranting on facebook, I decided to leave it alone until I had done everything else that needed doing on the cosplay.

So I fixed the small hole in the trousers, made the new re-enforced cape strap, brought the black top (which was lovely! Exactly what I wanted. All I've done to it is take in the sleeves a bit so they fit better on my stupidly skinny arms), made both straps for the black top and attached the buttons. I did this in about 3 days!

..But then I had to go back to the cape, urgh DX In the end I decided that since I had nothing else to do, I would unpick more of it, although I can actually get away with only doing half of the bottom edge. Which is a small blessing at least ^^;

So. The snap fasteners have been hammered in, which meant I could add the green things onto the cape (I don't know what to call these things!! But you can see what I mean by the photo) and they have now been sewn down from what that photo was taken.

Which means I can now move on to fixing the cape lining (someone kindly stepped on it and messed up the lining. I'm still baffled as to how this happened since the lining wasn't ripped and neither was any of the stitching!). But, it turns out that it cannot be fixed unless I take out both (I'm kinda hoping I can get away with one) sides of the bias binding down the straight edges of the cape D: Which means I'm going to spending a loooooong time unpicking. Yaaaayyy... D8

These are nearly finished, so here's a proper journal entry!

My main problem with these was that white part at the bottom of the green, more specifically: The circular part white part. I tried fabric paint. Didn't work as it wasn't the same shade of white as my fabric. I tried folding the fabric under. Didn't work, it didn't look remotely circular. I tried doing the same method but with pinking shears. Didn't work, was too small and fiddly. So in the end I had to resort to plan D, which was using bondaweb and then satin stitch the edges like I did on my 3D Land Watanuki cosplay.

Once I'd done the bondaweb and stitching, I used fabric paint for the orange dot. Trying to mix the right shade of orange was a NIGHTMARE DX My mistake really since I'd got a shade I liked the day before, then tried to get the same shade the next day :| I won't make that mistake again!

I then got my white fabric (since the front is green and the back is white. Thanks for being awkward CLAMP!!), cut it the right size, sewed them together and turned them the right way out. They then had a well needed iron :)

I also had to make that little green bit at the top which is really hard to describe what I'm talking about... XD The bit that secures it to the D-ring. But it's just a case of strange colouring choices by CLAMP and making my life more difficult!

I did toy with the idea of putting a layer of foam in them to give a little dimension, but you really can't tell it's in there so I'm not going to bother. They'll flow and blow more in the wind better without them :3

And that's it! They just need the snap fasteners hammered into them, but I need my dad for that ^^;

I don't really have anything majorly exciting to say about this right now.

I've changed the green bits around the arm holes. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to make up some bias binding the first time =/ It was such a hassle to just try and fit a bit of green around them like I did last time. Oh well! They look MUCH better now. I even hand sewed it like I did with my artwork Watanuki cosplay so that it looks nice and neat with no stitching showing.

I've also made minor changes so the white top is better fitted as well as remove all the old stitching that I had all over that area. Not that any of you could see it 8D It bothered me so I made it nice and tidy ^^;

Now that I've finished with the top (For now. I may find something else that I think needs changing later on) I will next make those dangly bits on the cape.

All that's left to do is add on the straps and buttons. These include the ones on the collar, the cape and the boots. I won't be putting the strap that should be on the black under-top as I don't really like the top I'm using ^^; So again, this will be added on for Mark II.

I never learn my lesson with sewing through leather on boots D:

I didn't have so much trouble with the trousers as I normally do. I made the base and added on the green details as I did with all the other parts. The only part that did puzzle me slightly was that line you can see that comes from the top of the trousers and into that first green section on the leg. I couldn't work out what it was, so in the end I concluded it was a seam line, so I put in a sneaky, very small, dart to simulate it XD I'm not sure if anyone actually cared about this tiny detail in the end, but it would drive me insane if I knew it wasn't there ^^;

So once I FINALLY located some large D-rings (Only took forever) I put the 2 of them onto the dangly bits on the shoulder (ish!) part of the cape. I didn't have time to put all 5 on (will be done for Mark II) so this cape follows the manga version rather than the artwork version... for now!

Only then could I finally sort out the lining. Which was a NIGHTMARE. Either the base cape was bigger than the lining, or the lining was bigger than the base cape and it never sat quite right with each other >_< After much raging, I sorted it out and did some sneaky stitching so the lining couldn't move out of place.

I then put the bias binding on (which took foreveeeeeeeeeeer) and it was all finished!

My boots came today from ebay! I didn't realise they had a bit of a curved heel at the back. But never mind! I'm pretty happy with them overall :)

Urgh, the top DX

Well, I had made the base before Christmas I think but it looked... horrible DX So I hid it away and hoped that it would somehow fix itself. Then it came around Easter and I needed to actually work on it! After much crying on Facebook, Miss Freyarule helped me sort if out and made it much better fitted ^^; I did this by taking it in at the sides and putting in a dart at the back. I then added on the collar, which was surprisingly easy this time!

So once that was sorted, the process of putting all of the green detailing started. I started off with the bottom, then the arm holes (which was alot harder than it should have been, plus I screwed them up), then the collar and finally the one on the front.

The bias binding went on last with the fastenings, which I hid on the bias. The little dangly bits with the D-rings on them were added later when I got them.

The top could be better IMO =/ Will fix it for for Mark II.

Me and my paper patterns 8D I don't know what I'd do without them!

I obviously used my paper pattern to get the size right for those little square details on the cape corners. Unfortunately, the green cotton I had brought didn't match the width of the cotton I'd brought for the cape base, so I ended up having to do the detailing in 2 sections. I sewed the sections together into one big whole. I folded the edges of the green cotton under itself (so it looked nice and didn't fray everywhere) and sewed it all down with the machine.

I really didn't have enough floor space for this 8D Even 4 meters of fabric folded still took up the entire floor area that was available to me ^^;


I decided that unlike last time I made a cape (For Clone Syaoran), this one would be a half circle cape. I followed a video I found on Youtube for as to how to work out the neck hole size. As for the overall length I just put it on and made a mark and went from there 8D I used a pencil on a piece of string to get the circular shape, which was very difficult doing it on my own!

I'd like to say a special thank you to Hawkeye for putting up with my annoying questions on making a half circle cape oTL

I have been working on this! Honestly! Although I haven't really gotten very far with it due to being REALLY lazy. I have made the base for the white top and the trousers, but I can't go any further with them untill I find the green fabric!! Which is impossible to find in the correct shade ¬_¬ I may have to settle for an inaccurate one D':

I brought 4 meters worth of cotton drill this week for the cape! It's going to be HUGE.

I'm very late on writing this! Very sorry!

I started off with the circular part as I thought it was the center peice of it. I cut out a circular peice of foam that I thought was the right size and then looked VERY carefully at the reference artwork. I could make out that the large pattern in the artwork was also the pattern on the circular part of the earring. So... me being me and wanting to be accurate, I printed it out (to the right size that my peice of foam is) and engraved it into the foam with a PIN oTL Once I had done that, I painted it red and then painted the gold pattern on, again, with a PIN. oTL

The rest was pretty simple. I got my red satin string, added the 3 beads, then made the bow (used glue to make sure it wouldn't come un-done) and the tassel (again, used glue to make sure it didn't come apart). Street-Angel kindly sent me some spare clip-on earring bases (THANK YOU <3) which I painted red then attached to the string. DONE!

The trousers are done! Hurray!

I used the same pair of picked apart trousers, as a pattern, that I had used for my Nihon!Syaoran cosplay. But unlike last time, this time I made sure I had PLENTY of sem line/fabric to work with XD

I've made them "flowy" much like the rest of the cosplay and they are fully lined, because the polycotton is so thin!

Although I did mave one little problem that didn't become apparant untill after I had made them... they are longer than the main jacket. Yes, I could shorten them, but I can't because then you can see alot of the shoes (and my socks) and the whole thing looks silly. Although people have told me that it doesn't look bad as it is so... I'll just leave it alone ^^; Although I really should have thought of that earlier >_<

And since the trousers are finished, I was able to complete the under-top. So now all of the sewing is finished! HURRAH!!!

Now all that is left is the earring~

Right. So the trousers are in progress. The base and lining are all sewn and ironed (for the only reason that it's easier to put them together that way!). And I've just sewn the zip in, so now I need to make the waist band.

I've tried to make the trousers "flowy" like the rest of the costume, I just hope I've succeeded in doing so and not made them too "baggy". I will find out when I them them to the right length!

As for the earring; I've made the circular part out of foam so that it remains light-weight. I then engraved the details onto it (with a pin!), painted it all red then painted the details gold (also with a pin!) 8D I have all the other components for the earring ready for when I actually get to putting it altogether.

Okay, so this is what is done so far. What is left to do...?

1. Make the trousers
2. Finialise the length of the under-top once the trousers are done
3. Make the earring
4. Decide what to do about the shoes I've brought

Yes, about the shoes... I brought traditional chinese shoes (they're also known as "kung-fu" shoes I think) but I dont like the huge white sole on them =/ I'm considering making them black, but I will wait untill I have made the trousers first and see how it looks altogether.

...I hate shoes >_<

Oh dear, how I hate collars. Made in my usual way and still not getting it right

*head desk*

It'll have to do >_>

I actually made these some time ago, but never sewed them properly untill now because I didn't have the lining for it.

I hope the sleeves are "dangly" enough XD I don't want to make them TOO long because I don't want too much of my arms showing and... they'll probably get dirty from food I may be eating on the day 8D So I'll probably leave them at that length. It looks about right according to the reference anyway.

Never again. It took me about 2 weeks to do all the edges! oTL

I've yet to do the other side of the poppers/fastenings. I will do it when I can be bothered to put my binder on ^^;

...I thought I'd show you what it looked like on the inside!

I go through a certain process when sewing all this down by hand and no sticthing showing. I first sew down exposed black sections (that haven't got any bias binding on them) right along the very edge so that the overlapping gold bias covers it up. There are 2 sections I need to do this on that you can see in the picture (the parts with the black thread). I also secure the ends of any bias that are going to disappear under other sections of bias.

I then begin the process of sewing all of the gold bias down, which I simply sew through all the layers apart from the top one.

But me being me, I inist that even my hand sewing is as neat as possible, so excuse me while I go shoot myself oTL

Bias binding 70% complete

NEVER allow me to hand sew this amount of bias binding EVER. AGAIN. Okay?! DX

The picture shows the progress of both the top and bottom swirls and as you can see, many, MANY pins are used. Good job I brought more or I never would have had enough =/

Apart from this picture, I have also now sewn the bias down the inside edge and have begun to do the bias that goes around the neck. So I estimate that I've sewn about... 60% of the bias binding?


I decided to change the design on the cosplay. Well, maybe "change" is the wrong word >_> I'm adding a swirl in (mirroring the top one) at the bottom and since you can't see what it looks like at the bottom anyway, I think this is acceptable 8D

I just thought that Watanuki had a rather plain design compared to the others and needed something else on his costume ^^;

This will mean more work for me though in terms of hand sewing DX

Or, as I've been calling it so far: arm "thingy" 8D Such technical terms~

I started out by putting the bias binding onto the black section (which wasn't easy when it came to those swirly bits, I can tell you) before attaching it to the sleeve. Once I'd sewn most of it down (I'd left some sections un-sewn so that it could fold around the sleeve base) I cut the sleeve base to the right shape. Millions of pins were then used to attach the arm thingy in exactly the right place 8D The bias binding I hadn't already sewn down, I sewed down first followed by making sure every part of the arm thingy was secure and wasn't going to fly off!

ALL of this was hand sewn D8 And hand sewn in such a way that no stitching shows on the outside. It nearly killed me and I still have another sleeve and all of the other black parts to go oTL

I've spent so much time on this and its killed my back several times D:

So, I am making bias binding the "proper" way with the gold satin, but it was made very difficult that this satin was particularly stretchy (is satin generally stretchy? I've not used it before now. I thought maybe it was because I'd brought really cheap satin) and not cut straight. Still, I have struggled through these issues and cut out all of the strips with my new scissors(!) and sewn most of them together.

It is now a big pile of... satin XD I will start ironing it into shape next!

Been awhile since I've updated!

I have been working on the cosplay but I don't really have anything new to show for it ^^; I've gotten all of the black parts to a size that looks good to me, but in the end I couldn't find a nice gold bias binding. So I'm going to make it from gold satin! A new thing for me XD I brought a bias binding maker thing from ebay to help and some metallic needles and metallic gold thread to match the satin. I'll begin making it on Monday!

As for the under top and trousers I brought lilac polycotton from Fabricland (It's IMPOSSIBLE to get lilac in cotton and at a sensible price) which is a really nice colour :) But since it is polycotton, it is terribly thin D: And so I will be lining it, another new for me XD I've cut out all of the peices for the under top and found that I hadn't brought enough fabric! I don't have enough left for the trousers! Oops! oTL

...I've now decided to have 2 splits (both at the sides, obviously) because I've seen a video on youtube of this same cosplay and I think it's a much more sensible idea XD It allows me to move much more freely and I think it gives the cosplay a more... elegant feel? XD At least I think that's the word I wanna use >_>

I've also made the base sleeve and made slight alterations to my original paper pattern I was going to use for the black/gold detailing! It's now much more symmetrical *nod nod* Now if only I could find some gold bias binding that isn't a horrible brown colour... DX

I've had alot of time this week to work on this since my mum was on holiday and I was home alone XD

Since this jacket (I'm not even sure I want to call it that, but what else do I call it??) is similar to the 3D Land one, I've tried to learn from my mistakes I made on it. So I have done my best to make this jacket more fitted (and I'm using 2 darts on the back instead of 1), not have HUGE arm holes and I will actually have the shoulder of the sleeves ON my shoulder oTL So far it's been going well! Since I can't see how far down it goes from the only reference, I've decided to make it really long, down to my ankles! 8D

I also love the split on the side XD Such a man Watanuki :'D

I would have put a nice little progress picture together, but I can't since photoshop has currently died on me XD


To make the pipe, I first got hold of a stick like base... which is actually a chopstick that CrystalNeko gave me XD I tried to make the first end (the end you would inhale the smoke) from Fimo, but quickly found out that wasn't going to work! I then went out and brought some air-dry clay instead, which worked out alot better! I made the first end, allowed it to dry, then made the top end (the part where you would put the tabacco) which was really hard! :S It has 3 wires inside to as it couldn't keep its shape by itself ^^;

So both ends dried and I then painted them with acrylics. I wanted the clay ends to be metalic silver, but since the paint I had brought was far too dark and I couldn't find anything lighter, I had to make do with what I could mix up... that ended up not being metalic XD

It has now been sprayed with my clear spray paint to keep the paint on and has been given a little bit of a shine 8D

In total, it's 13 inches in length. It doesn't have any of the pretty markings on it as I found that I'm not CLAMP and I cannot draw smoke like they can oTL

So, for the trousers I am re-using the ones I made for my Nihon!Syaoran cosplay but I have altered them slightly.

I ripped up both of the bottom sems on legs so that I could make them wider and longer... they needed to fit over the boots rather than fit inside them this time XD Although it turned out that I couldn't make them that much bigger, turns out I had less of a sem in there than I thought >_>

But never mind! I then sewed up one side that the cloud would be going over and then bondawebbed + appliqued it on! Then then sewed up the last side and hemmed the bottom and they were done! Woo! 8D

Yes! The jacket is finally finished! All of the bias binding was put on and I had brought 4 meters of it, and I JUST had enough to go around the entire jacket 8D I used poppers/snaps for the fastenings and they are hidden just under the bias binding.

So now that the jacket is done, all that's left is the trousers! ^^

I have made the collar. I hate them with such a passion. Now let us never speak of it again!

I personally liked doing the applique, but my sewing machine didn't XD We've had alot of arguements ¬_¬ But what you see is the finished result! Hurrah! Some of my "swirls" aren't very... circular however oTL

I decided to put a cloud on the back, took me awhile to make up my mind on that though 8D But my mum said to so I followed her advise for once XD

All of the applique has been ironed and is now nice and flat!

So now I'll start my next hated part of clothing: the collar DX

This cosplay will kill my back by the time I've finished with it, too much bending over T_T


Firstly, I took apart the stitches of part of the shoulder sem so that when it came to the bondaweb, I could have it go down into the sem line and not have it look strange XD I then got all of the sections into the correct size/shape using my paper templates.

I then I used the bondaweb to put the yellow parts onto the white. I had a few hiccups on the way, due to my paper templates magically not being the correct shapes... which was rather weird :S

Then came the appliqueing! Oh how and my sewing machine argue over it XD But what you see is how it ended up!

Now to do the bottom half~

So, since the sleeves had been fully appliqued, it was now time to put them back into the jacket... Something that scares the crap out of me! It didn't go too well last time I did it on my School Uniform Watanuki cosplay ^^;

But I first stitched both sleeves down to make them sleeves shaped. I then carefully pinned both of them back inot the arm holes of the jacket (which took a couple of hours of pinning and un-pinning to get them perfect!) and tacked them in place, which is something I didn't do last time.

It's very hard to explain what I did differently this time, but last time I sewed the sleeves in place with the sewing machine, the top shoulder part bunched up. So I sewed up to it, stopped, and then re-positioned the machine past that area and carried on. I then came back to the area once the rest had been sewn and part machine sewed and part hand sewed it! I'm glad I did! It came out beautifully and I'm very proud of them! X3

These caused me alot of stress XD

First I needed to get the bottom correct, by which I mean the white "cuff" at the ends of the sleeves. I got a rough hem line for the white and then measured out 5cm (I deemed that about the right length for the cuff) and sewed the yellow down and then folded it over so that you couldn't see the stitching.

Then it was time for the Bondaweb DX This scared the crap out of me, I can tell you! I was shaking XD But it went smoothly but I did forget to check that the ends of the yellow clouds matched up DX Stupid!!! But in the end one sleeve was fine and the other only needed a tiny amount of un-picking and cutting.

Then came the appliqueing! It all went well apart from one hiccup where I had pulled on the thread and accidently bunched it up DX But it was only a small section and I re-sewed it ^^; It went slightly more "wavey" than my test peices, not sure why, but an iron will probably sort it out. If not, it'll be on my arm anyway and no one will notice 8D

Now to sew the sleeves up and get them back into the arm holes...

I had much more trouble with the appliqueing than I had expected! Before I sewed ANYTHING onto the sleeves (which I had gotten into the right places and marked out where they were attatched etc), I thought I had better check that I could successfully applique around the cloud shape. But I wasn't expecting the fabric to pucker so badly DX

After a few attempts and some help and advise, I brought some bondaweb and a embroidery needle (because my machine was shreading up the embroidery thread) which helped massively! Now the fabric doesn't pucker (or go "wavey") and it looks pretty good! ^^ Now I feel ready to go ahead and do the real thing 8D

I finally got over myself and actually sewed the main jacket together XD I'm always terrified I'll have messed it up somehow when I actually come to sew it, but I haven't so it's all good! XD

So now is the hard part: The sleeves! DX Oh how I hate sleeves! And it'll be even more difficult this time because of the yellow parts!! I plan on cutting out the white part of the sleeve and then appliquing the yellow on top... but I will be doing that with the sleeve flat to make it easier. Which means I have to sort of where and how the sleeves fits into the jacket first, mark that out, then sort out where the yellow goes, applique it on, then finally... actually sew the sleeve onto the jacket with it hopefully in the right place I had marked out eariler DX

So much hassel DX

...we have finally gotten to this point XD I had alot of trouble working out how the design worked and had ALOT of advice in the process ^^; In the end, I decided to follow a similar design to that of Lloyd from Code Geass which I thought looked alot more sensible and workable!

And so the picture you see is the current result. I've also taken in a big dart in the middle of the back to make it more fitting. Now I have to make sure it is perfect and then sew it 8D

I now finally have the time to get started on this!

I have taken the same pattern I used for my other Watanuki jacket and just made it longer 8D So far all of the panels have been cut out.

Athough I don't think there was any need to make the inside front panel as big as I did... I may not need much of it at all, if I plan on having a split at the side then the back part would be enough. I know what I mean, I'll have to see what it is like when I start pinning parts together 8D

So before I start anything with this cosplay, I first needed to test whether or not my sewing machine could do that nice applique stitching! Thankfully, it can. Not very big, but it can do it. I simply set my sewing machine to the zig-zag stitch and put it on the smallest stitch length. This is the result! I think it looks really nice :D

I have now put the red crescent moon onto the top! ^^

I used transfer paper that I had brought awhile ago. I followed the instructions to the letter and it came out okay! ^^ Although I don't think the Moon is exctly... striaght when I wear the top >_< I swear it was when I ironed it on DX But never mind, it's not like it changes position and size in every picture, EH?? CLAMP!?!?

I also, somehow, accidently made some marks with the iron (I think it came off the iron?) on my nice white top DDX I hope it comes off! I will attempt to get it off tomorrow as the instructions for the transfer paper did say not to wash it for 24 hours XD And my mum doesn't want to get it wet untill those 24 hours have passed XD

Good god. I had absolutely NO IDEA that trousers were so hard to make! And here I thought they were easy!! :S

I took apart a pair of trousers that I dont use anymore to use them as a pattern. I cut out the fabric, pinned the peices together and such... only to find I had cut the entire thing too small >_< I did though, SOMEHOW, manage to save it. JUST. But to compensate I have had to make a slightly larger waist band. You won't be able to see that anyway XDD It's not the tidiest pair of trousers in the world, but they are my first and I haven't had alot of time to be careful with them like I normally would have ^^;

Spats are such a silly name aren't they? It sounds like I'm spitting on people or something 8D


I did what I said I would and made the spats the same way as the boot covers but I simply cut off the areas I didn't need. I then hemmed those areas and the top (which was made slightly longer than the top line of the boot to cover up the white of the boot cover!). I added the strap to go under the bottom of the boot to keep it in place. And that was it! XD Took me the entire day, but it is done 8D

But I then ran into another problem: The trousers I had brought from ebay were not what I was expecting >_< I'll learn my lesson from this now and stop buying trousers from ebay ¬_¬ So! I've been forced into making them myself. I have taken apart another pair of trousers that I never wear so that I can use them as a pattern. At the moment I have cut out the fabric and pinned it together. Hopefully I'll finish them tomorrow or in the weekend.

I think they came out REALLY well! I was so worried about doing the boot covers but they don't look too bad ^^;

I followed a tutorial I found on DeviantArt which just simply involved drawing around the boots and sewing the 2 halves together. I came them a little bit of an iron and then they were then hot-glued onto the boots! I can't say they're perfect; They're a bit wrinkly in places, you can see the white fabric parts under it left over from the sem and it's slightly creased in places. But they're lessons learned for next time!

Just the spats to go! I think I'll ignore the tutorials I have been looking at and make them the same way as the boot covers...

I finally brought the printer ink as well! Well, actually, my brother did. But I've still got it 8D So the red cresent moon will go on the top this week.

My poor fingers will take awhile to recover DX

Okay, so you can see the stages these boots went through. I first unpicked belt things and got rid of them, unpicked the zips part-way down and unpicked the back so that I could make it tighter around my leg. Once I had done all that I then made sure they were the right height and cut them shorter. I then cut the zip ends shorter and put little drops of hot glue at the ends so that the zip didn't fly off at the top XD

The ends were then all tidied up and I began work on the back. i cut parts of the leather off and simply hot glued the back up and re-sewed it in place.

And that was it! XD Simple but took a long time and killed my fingers at the same time. Now for the boot covers and spats... XD

So after the disaster of me buying boots from ebay and finding that I didn't like them since they were very girly, I brought another better pair! They do have a bigger heel but I dont have the time or money to be fussy anymore, so it'll have to do! XD

These boots do need ALOT of altering done to them before I can even thick about the boot covers though! They came with an unexpected zip down the side (I was specifically looking for boots without zips on them) so I'm now having to work around it. The boots need shortening in length and be made more fitted around my leg. Since these boots are leather I feel a bit about destroying them so much XD But it must be done! It's very hard work taking them apart in places they seem to be held together by thread AND glue. It hurts my thumbs. ALOT.

Okay! So I've been trying to make Hien's scabbard recently. A proper one this time XD I decided to make it in 2 half's and then put the 2 half's together. It has been made from a big cardboard box (which I stole from the builders when they were around my house not too long ago! Hehe) and cut to the right shape. It was held together temporarily in shape with cellotape while I paper mache the 2 half's.

When my new glue gun arrives I will stick the 2 parts together. I'll then put more layers of paper mache on it. I'm HOPING this will make it nice and strong! Untill then, I will work on some of the details.

Yes, I have after nearly a year, started work on Hien's scabbard!

I have cut the shape out of the cardboard (after much difficultly with scissors, I switched to using a knife) and trimmed the shape so that it fits as close to the sword as possible. I'm doing my best to avoid a... "chunky" looking scabbard. It's not the look I wanna end up with!

It's all temporarily held in place with cellotape and I will now being paper mache-ing it! I want it to be ALOT stronger than my flimsy temporary scabbard I made last time T_T

Since I've nothing else to do right now, I've been adding more details and finishing off the scabbard of R!Syaoran's sword!

I've added the "wings" that extend down from the guard, made the scabbard shorter because of that and made it pointy (actually, my dad did that since he hacked it off with a saw!) like it is meant to be. I'm now in the middle of doing the detailing of the bottom part of the scabbard by the pointy part. I need either some more clay or maybe fimo so that I can make the little gem/jewel things that are inserted at the pointy part of the scabbard.

Good job I have my nice shiney Tsubasa artbook as a great reference 8D

I've finished the top and the obi now. I am unsure as to whether the bigger obi looks correct either >_>;; Oh well, if it really annoy's me when I'm wearing it I can always fold it over XD

I brought some fabric transfer paper stuff for the cresent moon but I currently don't actually have any colour ink... and I don't fancy spending out on any either XD So I'll hold off on that for the time being.

I'm searching for a suitable pair of boots and I will start looking for trousers soon too. So not much making for this now, mostly looking XD

Syaoran likes his iPod! 8D

So! I've been making ALOT of progress this week due to the fact I've been confined upstairs because we have builders down stairs ripping up floor boards XD I've fine-tuned the shape and I have hemmed the bottom and the sleeves. I then made the black bias binding and have sewn it (rather neatly as well for me I might add) around the inside edges.

The obi does need to be a bit bigger though... I will be un-picking it and doing that next!

Okay, I have now gotten the general shape to what I believe is correct! It is all pinned in, but I won't be sewing it in place just yet. I want to make the obi first and see how it looks with it. Only then will I sew it XD

WOW! I have been working fast, at least for me! XD I've cut out and altered the pattern, had my little test run on my scrap fabric which seemed fine and have now cut out my proper fabric and pinned it all together! In only a week! A new record for me~

Now for the fiddley part where I make sure it is all perfect DX

The ruffles have now been sewn on with the sewing machine so Teddie is now complete! I am WELL AWARE that it isn't accurate (at least, not to my standards) but I really haven't the time to be fiddling with it any more and I dont think there is much more I could do to it anyway ^^; It now needs a wash and an iron. Fiona is styling my wig so that will be done whenever she finishes it XD

So there you go! Now my next worry is that I'll destroy his beautiful image with my horrible face DX


I have now finished altering the shirt. It has been taken in at the sides so that it is more fitted like in the pictures. The bottom hem has been taken up and I have tried to make it shaped like it is in the game. The sleeves have also been shorted as I have moved the cuffs up quite a bit!! The result is what you see in the picture.

I've now gotta make the ruffles! I brought some white fabric (it's not the same colour of white sadly, but I don't think I could have found some that was) cut out 2 very long strips and have hemmed them. Just gotta make them ruffley now! 8D

Rose was brought on Monday in Claire's Accessories.

I have been working on Teddie recently! I've so far been working out on how I'm going to alter the shirt I'm using for him. It takes a long time!! It has so many pins in it right now I'm surprised it isn't full of holes! I've also had to take the cuffs off the ends of the sleeves so that I can make the sleeves smaller. Hopefully I'll get it sewn by the end of this week ^^;

Yes! The jacket is now complete! Phew XD I cut the button holes and sewed the buttons on and the proceeded to make the dreaded collar D: I really hate collars XD I find them very difficult to get right and then put into the right position ^^; I thought I had it right, cut out the fabric and then found it was actually too short! 8D

So, round 2! This time I actually got it right on newspaper first and made it twice as big XD That way I had plently to work with. It worked alot better that time and so I cut the interfacing out as well using the same peice of newspaper. I then sewed it onto the jacket and put the white bias binding around the edges. And it was done!

I'm now just waiting for my wig commission ^^;

I have been working away sewing lots with my sewing machine! XD I have almost completely hemmed it (I've not done a tiny section across the top due to the fact I may alter it when I come to do the collar) and sewn all the parts together. I have sewn the bias binding onto the sleeves, although I haven't done the best job in the world of it XD I hand sewed the one part of the binding that goes down the arm since I didn't trust myself with the sewing machine to do it ^^; Not the best job on sewing the sleeves onto the mian jacket either but I really donw wanna un-pick it all. So I tried to fix what I didn't like as best I could, not sure how much it helped ^^;

The next job is to position the buttons, joy! XD That'll only take me another week due to my picky-ness 8D

But it's getting there! I've sorted out a problem that has been bugging me for ages (why did it look like a sack??) by realising that the sides weren't straight XD Now it fits me alot better and now doesn't look like a sack XD

I cut out and ironed on all the interfacing this week. I will definately start sewing it all together next week >_> I'm a very slow worker ^^;

After finishing altering the pattern, I've now been cutting out my proper black fabric! ^^ I've currently cut out both of the front panels and the back. Sleeves will be next and I'll probably sort out the collar later.

I also brought the white bias binding and some interfacing at the weekend.

I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and have ACTUALLY been working on Watanuki XD

I had a look at the pattern I had brought a few weeks ago and found that it didn't look like what I had expected. I've had to do a fair bit of altering (making it less fitted, I want it to fall stright, not hug my waist!) and after a test run on a spare sheet my mum had let me cut up it's all good! So now I'm ready to use the proper fabric :) I'd like to say thanks to my mum for helping me out lots with the pattern! I LOVE YOU! <3

Expect progress pictures next week or the week after!

I've been researching Teddie's costume by looking at what others have done. I've been trying to figure out if his trousers are black or a dark blue-ish/grey colour... I've seen both colours used but both look nice... so I'll decide at some point XD I'll probably go for black knowing me >_>; Easier for me! XD I also think a simple, cheap pair of black shoes will be okay as well, I really don't wanna be spending too much money as it's pretty hard to tell what sort of shoes he has >_<

I've not looked that hard into wigs yet! Will do soon!

I've finally gotten the pattern and the fabric! Hurrah! I went to Fabricland in Bristol and brought 2 meters of black cotton drill (as per Fiona's advice! Thank you :P) So progress should start in the next couple of weeks ^^

Black cotton drill - £7.98
Pattern - £7 +something XD

Hurray! XD It was more difficult than I had imagined though!

First I cut a strip of the entire length of fur fabric that I had brought and folded it over the wrong way around. I then slowly sewed it all the way up (I gave it alot of seam allowance and I know the fur fabric stuff can pull apart easily!) and then started the long and difficult process of turning him inside out! ;_;

When I did finally get him turned out the right way I put the bendable metal wire in before stuffing him, which was also more diffcult than it should have been XD I then made the head, which was just a square folded diagonally, sewn and turned inside out. The ears were made the same way and were sewn onto the head before I attached it to the body! The rest of the stuffing was put in before I closed the last hole in the top of the neck.

The eyes were difficult to get ahold of! They are infact weird little screws XD My dad just cut off the screw parts just leaving the black eye part on top. I just then superglued them onto the head :D

He's so fluffy and cute :3

I've also located a pair of glasses to use as well. They are weak reading glasses but they do make a my vision a bit blurry. So I probably won't be walking around with them on properly!! ^^;

I have made a start on Watanuki! I have found some wigs that I could use but I haven't made any desicions yet. I will try to avoid having to do any wig styling as I have no experience in it and to be honest, I'd be scared of doing it XD But we'll see.

I've also been researching patterns for the jacket but haven't brought anything yet. I must see if my mum can find that sewing machine she is supposed to have, it would speed things up so much!! ^^;

Yes! Well, you've probably already seen the pictures since I put them up a couple of days ago now but the sword part of Hien is now complete!! I really love the flame part on it ^^ I've also made a temporary scabbard for the expo. I'll make a proper one at a later date :)

So now Syaoran is ready for the expo!!! :D

Unfortunally I won't have the time to finish Hien 100% before the expo due to me having a bit of trouble with certian subjects at college T_T This mainly refer's the those funny tassel parts on the scabbard. I had no idea how I was going to do them and I certainly don't have the time to figure them out now ^^; I will do them, but just not untill I have the time to do them. :) But fear not! The main part of the sword should be complete... If I get on with it ^^;;

The blade has been spray painted sliver at any rate XD

My goggles came yesterday! Hurray! They look very good, exactly like the picture :)

I've also been paper maching Hien. It looks pretty good (I think!) so far and I don't think it'll need any more layers... it has 2 on so far (maybe more since my paper strips go around more than once!) and it seems pretty hard and stiff enough. Plus I don't think I have time to be doing loads of layers ^^; I don't have any brown paint yet so I'll probably make a start on the scabbard in the mean time!

I've brought them, finally XD Ebay FTW! I brought the pair I considered to be closest in terms of accuratesy (Lol, bad spelling), I went for ones that had the most rounded glass and had sliver rims :) I didn't wanna make them and have them look really fake.

Hien is also still going well! I've attatched the guard and stuck the 2 half's together! It now looks like a sword! :D

I've been working on Hien the past few weeks on and off (work experience and Dissidia have been getting in the way!) and I have now got the design finalised and cut out! :D Took me awhile to get there though, I changed the orginal design (the one I had drawn in pencil on the cardboard) several times because it wasn't right to me. I then changed the piece of cardboard I was using because I deemed it to be too flimsy XD I got another peice from my dad which is MUCH better and I've now cut it out. Now I need to design the guard... lol. How long will that take me? XD

After that I'll do the details on the hilt before paper maching!

Okay, you've seen the pictures already. Syaoran has had his first test run at the Somerset cosplay meet :P

I worked really hard to get him finished in time for it! I made the black dangly parts that are on the top and boots from some black fabric I had left over and brought some buttons. But it was only after I had painted the buttons that I realised that they were a bit too big! Oops! So I had to go and find some smaller ones :P

I did have problems trying to figure out what colour the buttons should be. They seem to be a different colour in different pictures. After some thought I came to the conclusion that the colour of the buttons tends to match the colour of the trousers. Since mine were cream-ish I painted the buttons cream. Which seems to look okay, thankfully XD

I just need to make a few repairs and adjustments (fix hole in boots, take a tuck in the trousers, continue to stretch top) and buy the gloves and goggles and it'll be complete apart from the sword, which will begin shortly! :D

My fingers... they HURT DX

The boots are now complete! Hurray!! I got my hands on a couple of old belts (they are a slightly different black colour, but you don't know that!!! D:), cut them up, sewed the ends so they looked nice and part sewed and glued them onto the boots I had brought :D I hope they look good!

I've also now solved my trouser problem. I'm now using an old pair I had (they developed a hole in the bum area, which I've now fixed!!) and taken all of the pockets off. You can tell where I've taken them off but I hope that it won't be too noticable!

So now I move onto the black dangly parts... go go goooooo!!!!

The cape is now complete! :D I moved one of the buttons over as I had said but I found it didn't make much difference. So my mum suggested putting a popper (or snap fastener, whatever you wanna call them!) in to keep it on better. I added one in, behind the strap so that it can't be seen, and it's worked pretty well! I then "roughed it up" after some help on the forums (thanks guys!) and took it outside and stomped around on it :P

The top that I ordered from ebay is perfect, if a little short. I'll have to see if I can stretch it out somehow =/ I didn't like it with the trousers though, so I'll either have to find another pair or make them.

So I made the strap for the cape from an old leather bag that I had noticed around the house not being used. I unpicked the stitches at the bottom and removed a nice stretch of leather. But I didn't cut out what I wanted quite yet!! I don't trust myself to get it the right size/whatever the first time so I gotta practice with paper first!! XD Once I had got it right with paper I simply cut around it :P I then put the stitch detail onto the leather (I'm picky like that), had my dad cut the button holes and it was done!

I also had sewn the 2 black buttons I had brought onto the cape where I thought they should go. I tried it on today and I need to move one of the buttons over some more as I'm afraid my cape will slip off otherwise! ^^;

Elsewhere on the internet I won my bid on the black top on ebay! Which cost me a grand total of... £1! HOPEFULLY it'll be what I want as I was disappointed with the trousers. When it arrives I'll try the both of them on together and see how it looks :)

Lol, I finally got some pictures to show you of the cape! ^^; I hope it's looking alright!! I finished sewing the hood this morning so all I need to do now if make the leather strap on the front which I'm cutting up and old bag for, sew the 2 buttons on and cut it up/make it rough looking! X3

I've also found a top that I think is good as well on ebay and I'm currently bidding on it!! I've still yet to find any boots though =/

I had an unexpected setback, well, not a set back just more work for me XD I just had to hem one side of the hood because it may show when I sew it to the main part of the cape :P So now that I've done that I can continue where I was and sew the two parts together! I also brought two small black buttons and I may be able to cut apart a brown leathery bag for the strap.

I received the trousers that I had brought from ebay but... I'm really not sure what to make of them ^^; They're made of a really strange material that I'm not sure will look right... but I really need to get the black top and boots to make sure. If not then I'll have to continue looking.

Also, Tsubasa vol 22 came on Friday so all is well! XD It also meant I was finally able to watch the first Tsubasa Shunraiki OAD X3 Which was totally awesome! To celebrate, there is a piccy of Clone Syaoran (Which you'll have to click on to see apparantly... XD)

I started making the cape today using an online tutorial I was given :) I've cut out the hood and the main part of the cape with the help of my lovely assistant: My twin brother! XD

I've also brought a pair of trousers that I think are pefect from Ebay! They're Next trousers and cost me a grand total of £1.70! Bargain! :D Still undecided on which top to get, I'll be sorting that out soon!

Now I shall continue to complain on how Amazon SUCK for not having sent Tsubasa vol 22... D:<

Ebay is a wonderful thing! XD I'm currently scouring the website for various parts of my costume... I've identified a couple a black tops that may be suitible so far. I've searched shops in town for trousers without any success, so I'll be searching ebay for them too! I think the boots will be the hardest part of this costume, it's so hard to find close to what I want without paying a fortune! @_@

This has nothing to do with my cosplay what so ever, but I found a totally great Suikoden website with everything you could possibly want to know! Check it out :)

...Well it does! D:

Okay, I am finishing off the scabbard because I'll be taking the sword with me for other R!Syaoran cosplays! So it's currently in the process of being spray painted green and then I'll do the final details with good old foam! Then it shall be complete! >:D

Right. I'll be getting started on Syaoran very soon! I am NOT leaving this untill the last minute again!! I plan to buy the black top and trousers... it'll just end up being a hassel trying to make them. I can always modify them if I need to! I haven't a clue right now where I'm getting a cheap pair of boots from... But I have plenty of time to look. So hopefully I'll be done in plenty of time! :D

Yaaaay! I made it! XD Awww, I had SO much fun!! I'll definately be going again! :D And I'd also like to say a HUGE thank you to my Syaoran Clone who I took all those pictures with! I won't say your name as you may not want me giving it out :) We shall take even MORE pictures next time! :D

I'm currently in two minds as to whether I should finish off my sword or not. Yes, I know it looks complete but I'd really like to have the scabbard the right colour, green, instead of black and add all of the details on it... hmmm... =/ We'll see.

Hurray! Syaoran is now done!!! After getting my sword from Aaron who very kindly made it for me I have been running around like crazy trying to put everything on it that I wanted XD I like how it has turned out :)

Unfortunately, I won't be having the tattoo's done anymore :( The temporary tattoo paper I brought is really stupid and we couldn't figure out how to use it ¬_¬ But never mind, The costume works just as well with or without it.

I also now hate a certain super glue bottle! It has hurt my thumb very much from squeezing it! >_<

First journal entry! XD

Okay, so the collar has now been attached to the top! Hurray! And I I think I did a pretty good stitch job if I don't say so myself XD Pictures coming soon~ I've also remembered that I wanted to take the black trousers I'm using up a bit, they are meant to be slightly short on Syaoran after all =/ I'm going to see if I can get my mum to do that for me >_>

The tattooing is also coming along nicely! I just need to make it less pixely and make sure they're the right size before printing them out! I hope I have enough temporary tattoo paper! *panic*

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