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I've been cosplaying now for a few years; only recently been getting to a level I'd like to enter competitions at.
I'm always inspired by some of the work i see and it really drives me to get better and go for some really outragious costumes.

My ultimate cosplays i would love to do, but can't do so at the moment due to time/funding/weight are:
*Major Motako Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (series 1)
*Ivy - Soul Calibur 3
*Amy - Soul Calibur 4 ~~Accomplished~~
*Leila - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
*Soundwave - Transformers (Generation 1)
*Queen Myrrah - Gears of War 3

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This cosplay is going to be a slow burn and not something I can just whip up in a week.

Mask Animations:
Speaking with some friends who are quite savvy in ElSheets/ElInk and LED sheets. The goal is to have the mask animate, whether it be a cycling animation or something more technical, like a set amount of images that would change depending on my jaw position.
Its gonna be a lot of work but hopefully worth it.

Weight Loss Goals:
This is something I'm doing regardless and not because of cosplay - however, I'm a firm believer in goals and this cosplay is no doubt a huge weight loss goal for me. Therefore some progress like the pants won't be started on until certain goals are met

The metal feathers of the hair piece are made from eva foam and painted

The belts and body straps were a combination of 3 different leatherettes and cotton materials.
The lighter triangles are stitched onto the leatherette and the trim is then attached on top

The boot base is a pair of fuggs from ebay that were painted and sprayed grey. The covers were pattern and cut from brown and black leatherette and attached to the boots. The fur trim is the same faux sheep wool as the rest of the costume.

The pants were made with the same ponte roma cream as the tunic and the decorated with the same green and yellow felt.
The belt buckle is foam painted silver and sealed
The sarong is a maroon cotton with a beige felt decoration that was appliqued onto the fabric

3 different coloured felts were sewn together into 2 sided individual feathers. These were then sandwiched with wire and glue together to create the feathered look. The wire allowed for the bent placement on the shoulders

The gloves were made from a cream stretch fabric and a blue stretch for the right hand.
The armour was a combination of eva foam and leatherette with buckles and straps. The fur trims are the same faux sheep wool as the collar.

A pattern was made and cut using tape. The pattern was then cut onto leatherette. Buckles were used to hold the shoulder straps together

The tunic, which sits on top of the leatherette armour, is made from a cream ponte roma fabric with felt details.
The red detailing was heat transferred onto the cream whilst the yellow and green felt triangles were stitched on.
The maroon jumper was made from a jersey nit with a faux sheep whool collar and sits underneath the leatherette and tunic

Ribbon and felt was used for the braid details

Wig is a Dave base in gold blonde with wefts for the sides and spikes

Redid the wig using a Mahru in Midnight Green and dying it with Ritmore dye
A lot more spiky and fluffy

Used Mehron paints and highlighters to recreate Deku's broken arm from using his Quirk

Used Mehron paints and highlighters to recreate Deku's broken arm from using his Quirk

Boots were completely red boots I bought off of Ebay.
I then painted with leather paint all of the white areas and added Black Laces

The first version of the wig was made with a long Coscraft wig in midnight green.
I then dyed it green using Ritmore dye and then curling it with rollers.

I added a zip to the front of the tunic to allow for easier wear. I also added a collar around the neck.
Looks all really neat now its assembled

Tunic sleeves were made from a navy Ponte Roma fabric, which was comfortable and easy to work with.
The pattern on the sleeves were a combination of red cotton and white vinyl (to match the other white)

Tunic and pants were made from a navy Ponte Roma fabric, which was comfortable and easy to work with.
The white patterns were made using white heat transfer vinyl, allowing for clean crisp lines and easy application

Tunic and pants were made from a navy Ponte Roma fabric, which was comfortable and easy to work with.
The white patterns were made using white heat transfer vinyl, allowing for clean crisp lines and easy application

The jacket was by far the hardest and most important aspect to get right. In the end I found the perfect medallion satin fabric, but it was the wrong colour, so I had to hand dye the whole job using a synthetic dye and the stove top method. The results were great.

I used an existing hoody sewing pattern, retraced it and amended it to my length and to also incorporate a hidden zip under the collar. All of the gold bias binding and applique was made using the same metallic gold 4-way-stretch.

The hair pin, hair brooch and earrings were made with a combination of EVA foam and plastic beads. They were then painted with metallic paint or nail polish.

With snowball ready the next thing I worked on was the tank. I created the shape and size in reference to my own torso, so it didn't look disproportionate. Layering foam for the ends and finally wrapping a large piece around the centre to create the shape.
Inside (not seen) is a scaffold of foam structs to add stability.

All aspects were made with 5mm and 10mm EVA foam and contact cement.

The first thing I started on was making Snowball. I wanted to wait for more reference to appear for the costume before starting it so I started on aspects I knew already.

Snowball was entirely made from EVA foam and contact cement. He now just needs a paint job

The gloves are a combination of blue vinyl, foam and lycra.
The blue vinyl was wrapped around a foam cuff and glued. The detail was painted foam and glued onto the foam base.
The glove part was then made separately to allow easy removal and ability to use me phone/eat without removing everything

Blaster now painted and sealed. A ball with an LED goes in the end of the blaster

The blaster was a combination of cylindrical pipes and foam.
I printed off a 1:1 scale reference pic and used it to put the blaster together

The main coat is a grey polycotton with lots of details. All of the decorative details were appliqued onto the material and finished with faux fur trims.
The base pattern of the coat was a hoody that was modified with an asymmetric front and a hidden zip under the front flap

The tank is all foam. The centre is a foam core cylinder with two round bases at the end.
The tank is then wrapped with acetate and painted with acrylic paints. Straps were added to the round bases to attach to the back and velrco on the top allows for Snowball to sit.

Snowball is a combination of Foam and worbla, with velcro on the bottom to mount onto the tank.
Painted with acrylic paints

wig base is a Hannah Attack on Titan with added wefts.
The bun is a polystyrene ball covered in wefts and attached to the wig via glue. The hair piece is a chopstick, various beads and foam all painted silver.

I'm experimenting with Polymorph and false nails to create some killer teeth. This 100g bag arrived today so I'm going to be spending my time having some fun :D

With Hades' hair literally being fire, I had to be careful with my wig options. After thorough research I splashed out on a Candy Stripper Dubstep wig from Arda Wigs (which I'm glad I did as it doesn't appear to be available on their site anymore).

My plan is to create a fire effect using a similar technique to that of drill curls (wire, tape and fabric glue) which I'm familiar with, using the technique on my Amy Sorel wig

Almost all the components are made. Yesterday we had a big painting day and here are some examples. There are the back plates and the arms

Quick update before bed of my Lina Cosplay.
Top half is now complete with the capes and waist cincher currently drying. The Dip Gradient Dying has worked really well with the poly-cotton I’ve been using.
The gold phoenix motif was made from this awesome sparkly gold Lycra material - basically I needed something that didn’t fray - and then it was iron on transferred onto the bodice.
The bodice is plastic boned and has turned out quite well for my first go at boning a corset :v

Pic of Rob’s (Aleksis) chest armour. Everything’s coming together nicely, can’t wait to get this all finished :D
Will be working on my chest piece soon - need to consider the boobies :P

homg you guys! I came home to find Rob’s amazing progress on our Pacific Rim drive suits. Check out dat leg :D

So the Crystal Resin worked out pretty well.
Just needs a good sanding and polish with acrylic gloss and then it should be ready for painting. Now need to make 3 more :v

Me and my crafty bff Amy aka Bakenekoya have spent the evening productively; making resin gems and drinking :P

This has been a huge step for me and my cosplay. Amy is so talented when it comes to sculpting and resin casting, so I asked if I could borrow her expertise and learn how to cast some simple gems for my Lina, DotA 2 cosplay.

She taught me how to sculpt and sand correctly, how to use a simple modelling sculpting paste as opposed to her normal mould making method and then what the end result would be with a simple normal resin. The result was amazing!
Now I need to have a go with this mould and Crystal Resin, so we’ll se how that goes :D

been working hard on more detailing on the braces.
Soon comes the painting…soon :v

Braces are coming along amazingly :D
Fixed together with hotglue, using about 3 layers of Plastazote and then webbing with buckles sewn in place to make getting them on and off easier. Neatening up and concealing the hot glue marks will come later as well as trimming the webbing :3
Modelled by my other half Rob who will be Aleksis

All the Armour (apart from the shin guards) are glued, sprayed and detailed. Straps are on most of them now; sewing machine is hating the Velcro and pleather straps -_-
Here’s some pics of the finished pieces and me testing out an arm.

Next I’ll be working on the chain-mail-esque jumper and the belts :3

Gold armour pieces are cut, glued and now sprayed. Now for the monotonous task of dry-brushing-the-crap out of each piece to get the weathered detail -_-

Utilised my car parking space for making cosplay |D
neighbours looked on at me weirdly but screw ‘em :P

getting there though. All the silver pieces are done too. Once the dry brushing is done I can actually start attaching it all together *flails*

Armour is coming along nicely. Almost all the pieces (albeit the chest) have been glued and ridges put in place. The Neck pieces are almost complete and the Pauldrons have been glued together. Everything’s looking a bit meh and colourful at the moment lol but once its all sprayed it will look better :)

spraying will commence tomorrow…8D

Finished most of the card templates now. Just the main body to do.
Started carving out the arm armour out of EVA foam sheets. These are super thin as they’ll be lots of layering involved, plus I didn’t want it to look too bulky as it needs to suit my body shape/height.
Also having different coloured foam has helped me coordinate everything :P

To get the ridges on the armour I’m using a hot glue gun as it dries clear and flexible, whilst giving a 3D effect. Once the glue dried, which didn’t take long at all, I started the spraying, which is killing my arm -_-.
Black to undercoat and gold will cover it, hopefully tomorrow :3

stay tuned…

So my big cosplay for Ayacon is Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. Its especially challenging as its mostly armour but I’ve worked on armour before when making Lin Bei Fong and so really wanted to push my cosplay ability.

So to start off I sketched a very rough plan of each of the armour elements such as pauldrons, vambraces and shin guards, working out measurements as I went along.
From there I was able to accurately draw and measure out each of the sections. The upper arm is made of 5 different sections which will be made into one piece. For now, everything is made of card to allow for changes and will serve as a template for the eventual foam finished version.

Some of the cool stuff I've gathered from around my flat.
The only things I've bought are the tie and the bluetooth earpiece when it arrives :3 Don't need to patch but I've had it ages and want to incorporate it into the cosplay.

So I spent ages thinking what kind of shirt to get because Coulson does actually have a blue shirt in the Movie. I checked online and I wasn't happy with the results, plus I wanted it fitted. Then it dawned on me - I already had the friggin shirt! My work shirt for Hobbycraft is a blue fitted blouse XD

Made a generic pencil skirt that I can use with other cosplays.
This is one of the key fem features of my Fem Coulson. The reason I'm doing a Fem version is I am waaaay to big hipped and curvy to pull off a man lol plus super long hair :v

Made a bolero jacket a while back and decided it would be useful for my Coulson. I don't have a full jacket nor can I afford one so I'll be adding a waist coat as well to pull off a smarter look


OMG I’m so happy with these XD
Basically I couldn’t afford proper boots, so I made Boots cover/leg-warmers to go over an old pair. I spent ages! on them and they’re really comfy.
also, eyelets can suck a d*ck! DX

Cosplay is almost finished!

Making Boots 83
well, boot covers at least.

I can’t afford Mid-length boots so I’m making covers to go over old ankle boots. I’m hoping it works lol.
Using old Tesco bags as templates, as they form around the leg brilliantly :D

Finally this cosplay is getting somewhere!

Finished Amy’s skirt. Decided to go with the blue that’s used in game as opposed to the purple seen in the concept art/promo art.
Went with taffeta in the end as its robust and has a nice shine to it.

I have horrible knees T^T

Wig Update: so after spending some time playing with the curls I realised I wanted them to be quite thick on the top, meaning the length was shortened, so now I'm in the process of making another strip to attach onto the bottom and make the curl longer. Simple, yes? :P

So here goes my first attempt at making Drill Curls for my Amy Sorel Wig. I’ve been reading up on it and I decided in the end to make a version that has the pigtails permanently attached. This makes it easier to glue the hair to the scotch tape.
So far its proving to be very messy lol but seems to be going well.

I’m following a tutorial on DA by SparklePipsi that you can see here: http://baggy666.deviantart.com/art/Drill-Curl-Tutorial-335773737

more to come tomorrow 8D

Ok Amy has these little wibbly-bastard-detailed skull things in her ribbbons. So these are my attempts lol.
I tried to get them exact but it was damn hard and sculpting really isn’t my strong point. I tried making a mould but that went disastrously, so in the end I made them individually using Sculpey.
They’re painted using Citadel Silver paint as a base, then a black and white acrylics to create a stoney look. Once the paint was dry I simply coated them in a layer of clear nail varnish for shine.

some WIP’s of the Collar for Amy.
Made the ribbon rose by hand 83
Ran out of pink ribbon to finish the bow, so that’s something else to add to my shopping list, lol :P

Went to the fabric shop today and it was shut 8C
So boots will have to wait a little longer.

Ok so far my Amy cosplay has been slow going because, as well as doing this awesome hobby, I also sort of make a living selling my work at conventions, so the last 2 weeks I’ve spent flailing around getting things together for Midlands Expo.
However, that’s now out of the way and cosplaying is back on track :3

Just ordered some super cheap (less than £5 peeps) black ankle boots to make my boots for Amy. The reason for this instead of buying actual mid-length boots is because I’M SKINT AS BALLS!! Seriously even cheap mid-lengths are like £15-£20 and I just don’t have that kind of cash.
So I’m using this tutorial, courtesy of JellyCosplay ( https://www.facebook.com/JellyCosplay?fref=ts ) to make a sleeve. That way, they’ll definitely fit and I can customise them exactly how I want.

Also working on turning white fur brown. 8I
You can imagine how this is going to go, lol.

Pics to come in the next few days.
Wish me look :3

So the Rose panels are almost complete.
They're both drawn free hand with biro and then filled in with Dylon Fabric Pen. I've then gone around the edges with embroidery thread, all by hand, because I hate myself (and my sewing machine doesn't have an embroidery setting lol)

Ok so i don't normally do journals, but i'm putting so much effort into this particular cosplay I figued as much :3

The Armour had taken some serious planning as i don't have a lot of funds (or skills to say the least) but i'm really happy with how its coming along.
The arms are pretty much finished now and just drying.
The legs are almost done, just need a final coat.

next to come, the body :D


Been wondering where this bloody thing was. I ordered it like 4 weeks ago from a company in Huddersfield, so it's not like it had far to go >.<
Any who, its here and i can finally finish my cosplay ^^

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