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*UPDATE* 2018 edition.
I'm old guard now apparently and don't cosplay as much as I used to.
Put together mostly simple cosplays best being my Sokka and more famously HIM.
Always keen to help out others with style and cosplay tips (former personal stylist and regular MCM cosplay judge) so hut me up with any questions.

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Patterned the jacket using some blocks and a lot of floor based drawing.
Toile to follow!

Busy month with work but I've put some time in to cut out the over shirt.
The under will be made using a stretch fabric with a roll neck pattern for ease and my sanity.
Not lining this as 2 shirts and a jacket will be a sweaty affair!

Fabric bought and pattern planning has started.
Usually spend too long on this part but jacket shouldn't be too difficult with a bit of manipulation.
Using a pattern from Butterick (3648 for ref) as a base and will amend.
Lining detail on the main coat still a bit of a hard choice.
Main design above

Bodged together some tassles to pop on the end of the sash I made.

Little hat to supplement the wig work I've not managed to do

Sleeve time! Making a half bishop sleeve to go with the over all design.
I'm taking the sleeve so it has a longer cuff Whig I'll pop more applique too.

It's painfully clear that this cosplay is going to be cutting it very fine when it's done.
That said, mega progress today with the doublets finished and the trousers just needing gathering at the leg and the white ankle/calf cuffs adding.
Once that's done it's on the shirt!

So I've been working pretty flat out to get the top section of my outfit done.
Last few things like buttonholes need adding and the bottom seam hemming and done!

Finished and in-progress pics of my shoulder cape with the applique added and braiding attached.

Quick wig styling. Needs some hair spray and it's done!

More cloak work!
While the main oak was used from a pattern I had and adapted, it didn't quite have everything I wanted.
So I cobbled together a pattern of my own for a sort of epaulette to sit on top to cover the multitude of sins to follow from when it's sewn up finally.
Main pattern I've been using is a Simplicity 1582.

While I wait for everything to arrive I thought it wise to plan where everything is going to get positioned and then look when it is all set if it needs reworking.

More sequin nonsense! This time the inside of the hood.
Another area nobody is going to see

So I scrapped the last ones, opted for some stretch suiting in a similar shade and will give these a go now!
Wish me luck!

So I decided to affix sequins to the underside of the sleeves and tail in the dark contrast areas to offer a better effect when they move.
Suffice to say the planning and attaching is a pain.
With a week or so to go this is going to be a race to finish!

Pattern placement is key on fabric. Even if your design is a hodge-podge of different patterns!

Most of the patterning is now complete!
Thank god for square pattern paper!
This stuff is literally the best for making advice designs on from my pattern blocks.
A few more adjustments and then it's toile time!

Loads to do in order to get this done for Hibana Con.
The costume has gone through several revisions but has had a few inspirations taken from high fashion and traditional Japanese kimono design.
Very rudimentary design attached.
Fabrics will include:
Printed scale
Gunmetal Sequins

Version 2 complete ready for Manchester MCM debut

What I needed to do to Robin 5 mo this ago to make it fit.

A second mask has been made, I just need to heat treat it and shape it to my face.
A few more tweeks and I'll be ready for Manchester Expo

Loads done today! Cape with hood is complete, moved swiftly onto the main body of the costume. I'm currently top-stitching the panelling to the under layer so I can cut down on the time taken to make this.
Bias bound the cape which saved some fraying issues and just tidied it up overall

So the wig arrived and will need to have some more wefts sewn in to cover various areas that'll be a little too thin when its styled, but otherwise the colour is spot on and the base style is good.

Tonight is jewellery night! And with the earrings done Iits the chain and pendant (when it arrives)

So today the stuff in the title happened! Lots of ironing to come next as this jacket is creased as buggery right now!
Also machining the applique is both far easier and far more stressful then I'd thought it would be.

Today saw finishing the 2nd sleeve and then starting the main body of the shirt.
The pic is of the yoke with a piece of gathered lace to add a little more flounce and detailing. Bitch to sew but looks the business now!

Taking a slow process with the shirt today was sleeve day. First if a few posts on the sleeves. This one is gathering! I hate gathering but gave it a good go, and they look pretty good if I must say.

So I've started on Waka with the little bits. First and foremost are the Pom Poms on his chest. Never made them before and though its a simple thing it proved a nightmare at the start. Got there in the end!
All that needs doing now is fluffing them up so they look a little more traditional ie furry instead of wooly. So some teasing with a fine toothed comb and shaping to make them a little smaller and all should be good!

Fitting and fur trim are FINALLY on and sorted. Seriously SO many problems trying to get this bloody thing to fit and sit correctly.
Thankfully the eyeletting was an easy fix.
A few last pieces to sort:
Leather halter neck
Chest Armor pieces
Yellow detailing
Top Hem.
Then that's it! All of the garment is done. Then its the bandana, booties, belt and knife. Then we're done with this piece! Hoping to have it done by Tuesday.

Quick bit of progress on the gloves. Cheating a fair bit by cutting down a pair of cotton leggings and adapting

Not a huge amount of progress but here is the base for my bandana for dah. Embroidery to follow!

The jacket is complete! Simpler then I'd imagined thankfully so all that is left is to fashion a shirt & I'll be away for some adventures on the wastes!

Have been a bit ill and bored recently so I decided to get on with something!

So Kamille was a last minute addition to my Minami list. Quick progress shot of the top as the trousers will be some skinny chinos I have. Wig has been ordered and arrived. Styled too. Far easier then I thought!

The painting continues! Right now half is completed with a little bit of detailing to do.
Will have it all finished tonight

Ok seriously cannot get over that joke XD
Boomerang now covered in at least 7 layers of newspaper. Needs to dry, quick sanding with some softer sandpaper, drill 2 holes in the specific places, sprayed black to prime then painting with acrylics. Will more then likely finish with some weathering if there's time.

So instead of Space Sword (which i'll hopefully be borrowing from Becca) I've decided on making an old friend instead! BOOMERANG! Basic card, tape, glue and paper mache- nothing exceptional just something fun to lol with!
Will be priming and paper maching it then painting after adding some detail and sanding down.

T_T WEEP! Dear lord I hate anything to do with shoes and cosplay. It's always a bloody headache.
Still I think they look pretty good! So tired- need to get on with the next but I really am shattered. Onwards to late night sewing!

T_T Weeep DX

Everything so far has been going well- aside from a little bumpy spat with teh sleeves which I ended up hand sewing Mako is coming together nicely.
(Picture has the frog ties I made pinned to the jacket for now)

Last thing to do now is to give it a press, make myself some spats and I'll be good for the ball!

Yeah sokka may not be a bending character but I sure as fuck am!

Got his outfit done in record time and really chuffed with how it looks!
Next is space sword and then attempting my wig... Going for the bald cap and add wefts method. That's gunna be a fun one! T_T

So far so good! Ish...
Everything I need is nearly cut out with the exception of the belt.
The top 2 pieces are ready to be sewn, the belt will need cutting out, then a seperate piece knotted and twisted to form the detailing. Then I intend to velcro at the back. Need to dart the top itself so it fits rather then looking like a baggy sack then add the frog fasteners when they arrive!
Bias binding to go on the cuffs once they're cut out then need to make sure that the burgundy trim to his wedge top is glued on then biased for security.
Ok trousers. Thankfully I had an old pair of baby blue trousers knocking about from a previously unfinished cosplay so I had tried to dye them... Yeah... they're grey not black. *Insert Rage face here* So i'm going with hand dye instead of machine dye next time and giving that a go to get the correct shade.

Other then that a friend is working on the wig for me once i've received my bald cap and hopefully I can make a quick start on space sword!

*UPDATE* Everything is sewn top wise, cuffs to be done when i've bought more bias. Trouser wise i'm giving up on the dyeing idea and going straight back to just using some of the left over black I have knocking about. Will be far easier.

And so it begins!
Last night I ordered the first bits for this cosplay and will be working mainly on the cape, shoulder armor and cuffs to get some practice in.
I had acquired some great glitter canvas fabric free from work to go on the underside of Titan's shoulder armor. At the moment I'm deciding how to go about making the swirls, splotches and what not on his outfit. Bit of a head scratcher but i'll get there!
After this I will start work on the prosthetics and head gear and then get into garment construction mid july.
With some luck it'll be Euro worthy by the end of it!

Less a chore and more fun with a skirt bottle, acrylic paint and a washing line! Pics to follow of the base dye job to kyoraku's outer kimono

Thus far progress has been good and quick.
Cloak has been completed. This has entailed patterning for the whole cloak, the hood, 'weathering' and the connecting tab on the neckline.
Weathering completed by making a 'snail trail' just below the raw edge of the fabric using PVA glue then cutting along it so it looks torn or ripped.

The roll neck top requires hemming and the tabs placing on the waistline seam.
The trousers need a snap fastener for the waist tab, and the bottom of the legs hemmed.
Gloves still need patterning, cutting and sewing but will be a quick job tomorrow. Hopefully will have this completed by lunchtime.

So initially I wanted to incorporate wadding into the wig itself to emulate the cloud like feel his hair has. But after watching the episodes running up to their meeting with Sabi, I learnt that his hair is in fact so matted and unkempt that the cloud like element to it is to represent this.
So what i've done for now is bought 2 white wigs (one 48" and one slightly below neckline in length) sewn them together to form a high ponytail and then dyed the end of the longer wig.
Using rubbing alcohol mixed with drawing ink, i used a spray bottle to apply the ink so which gave a lovely gradient effect to the dirty colouration.
The fact that in the course of my styling and making of this cosplay the longer wig has become a bit matted and tangled (despite how careful i've been) has actually worked in my favour!
So the only thing to do now is currently add the red highlights to his bangs at the front, wash the back of the wig once it's dry and add the hair ornament.
After that it's the rest of the ornaments and he's done!

Fabric sections complete! Tomorrow will be ornament making and then wig fun!

So update time! The bulk of what needs to be worn is complete. The last few things required will be to pop the 2 belts through the machine and attach snap fasteners and velcro. Then it's onto ornament making.
Not entirely sure how I want to do this. There are four in total- one on his foot, one on his belt, one around his neck and the last on his ponytail. Initially I was stumped but then the ever wonderful craft foam came to my rescue given how flexible it is. My only problem? every reference image I can find doesn't give an accurate or FULL presentation of his ornaments. I've located one that I think will work, so with the universe on my side (please!) i'll scale it up on the printer, use it as a template then transfer it to craft foam. I'm thinking for now that the neck and foot pieces can just be reinforced using the ever popular glue, spray, glue method.
For now I just need to find some thicker foam then the stuff you get in say the works etc, if in doubt I think a camping matt should suffice!
Images to follow of a fully dressed piece and ornaments!

So thus far things have been going relatively smoothly, that said my wig has arrived and I have yet to attempt the hair, leg and collar ornaments. Since taking the progress shot I've had to un-pick the lycra sleeve to tidy it up. Also in order to secure the sleeve piece I'll be piping the edge and using Tue excess cord as a tie to make sure the sleeve stays put. Other then that the leggings, belts and wig are what's left on my list.

As a side note I'm unsure as whether to attempt hakuto hari given I don't own a jigsaw to cut the perspex I was going to order. If in doubt I'll just have to rock up with a parasol. That's all for now. Expect wig rage in the forth coming weeks!

Cut the swathe out last night not long after updating my journal! So far the skirt has been sewn as has the yukata top. To top that i've overlocked the seams on the yukata and will do the same for the skirt when I have been out ot gather more reels of thread.
For now the remaining fabric pieces that need doing are the belts, the lycra sections and attaching 2 snap fasteners to the waistband so it actually stays on my waist instead of falling down around my arse like is has been!
Much progress has been made!

First and foremost i've scratched the wig. I caved and bought a 48" white one that i can style and add wadding to. I figure instead of trying to blindly make a wig it'd be easier to integrate wadding throughout the wig itself with a a large portion of it culminating at the base of the ponytail. Then I can fancy it up with streaks and whatnot later.
For now today has been a pretty busy one. I'm on course currently for getting Sabi's fabric elements ready for the end of february. The Kimono top has been cut as has his base. Looking at the reference images there is no discernible neckline down the base of his clothing so I've opted for a large circle skirt which i'll have an elasticated waistband inserted into, to hold up. The kimono will tuck into that and the belt will sit on top to hide the detail.
This seemed to be the easiest method to constructing Sabi as a hole.
His leggings and sleeve are all cut out too, which leaves me with his large light blue swathe which sits upon the waistline under the second belt and then the actual belt itself. Neither of these should be difficult to do.
The only forceable issue I may encounter will be the triangular breast piece. The problem here will be making sure it doesn't curl at the edges. So in an attempt to stop this i'm more then likely going to pop in a strip of iron on interfacing to combat this. If not then it'll be backed with stronger fabric at the base, inverted then held on with bondaweb.
Options abound for a simplistic looking but in reality quite complex cosplay!

In order to push myself this year i've set myself a few tasks cosplay wise. The first is wig work. Sabi will prove to be quite a challenge in that respect, in so far as that he hasn't so much got hair but a cloud stuck to his noggin!

To that end i'm using a dense wadding I managed to procure from work (left of 'snow' from our Christmas windows) and will be working with it to produce that cloud effect.
So to start with i've butchered an old wig of mine and cut off all the hair! All that is left is a very odd looking cap that needs tidying up before I can clean the wadding of snow flakes, and figure some way of attaching it.

Stay tuned for more wig fun times!

This has been on my list for nearly a year now with little to no progress. So the other night I got to thinking. Why for no progress??? Then i remembered. The damn thing had me confused over scales or no scales.

So in an attempt to reinvigorate myself & set myself a competition challenge for amecon I've relisted this.
I've done some thinking and come up with a few simple but effective ideas that I will be testing up until about May Expo. At that point the rest of the costumes for the year that I have list will be completed and so (tests proving successful) Titan can get underway.
The main things I will be looking at are:
Fabrics, Structuring the bodice piece, customization, make-up & prosthetics. Currently under each of these I'm making a research folder so i can go through all the tutorials i've found, practice them and make sure that I have everything down before I embark on this!

So everything for Rubeus is finished!
Managed to make the earrings this evening- they are not in the least bit accurate save for the massive black obolisk of a gem hanging from the ear. If I wanted to be completely accurate then i'd have anally sat there and formed the god awfully troublesome design. But thanks to some clip on earrings, jewelry wire and patience (the last of i must add) it's complete! Pics appearing on the main page of all the cosplay.

So the entire piece is complete! Didn't take me long thankfully, although i had some help and pointers from the lovely sephnoir on the hat, which proved invaluable (cheers missus!)
The trousers have been made from a darker 'bottle green' polycotton. For his boots i'll be using the pair i used previously on my Windwaker LInk cosplay since they're a)the only tan boots i have and b) really fit the cosplay well!

So made pretty good head way today with this here cosplay! Trousers, and tunic are both complete and so the remaining thing to do is the poor bugger's hat. Can't decide as yet to pop on a flower or a feather. Stuck between the two really. The plush i have has a nice yellow flower and the refs seem to have a straight feather (most likely a pheasant) so will have to toss a coin or something! Either way progress! Sat at prbs 75% completion!

Pics will be up in the next few days of the costume bits themselves to the full thing after minami this weekend.

Ok from getting the fabric to actually making the thing, it has taken the full space of about 2 weeks to complete. I cheated immensley with my t-shirt- i bought one then modded with leather bias and some left over leather from the jacket for the point. Looks effective enough and given the amount of time there was between thinking i'd make it for new years and then getting ball confirmation cheating seemd like a viable option. I will more then likely keep it as is, since its a nice simple cosplay i can re-wear another day if necessary. SO maybe new years might see something else but who knows!

Progress and completion pics to follow! You never know i might get some with me in it too!

DONE DONE DONE! OMG this took forever to actually finish. I have some stitching to do when i get to amecon tonight and to sort out my wig but other then that i am done! The bit i'm most happiest with is the butt skirt- it came out SO well! The boots look fucking epic but are a goddamn nightmare to get on and off. The under top looks gash so no prizes there as to what will happen when i wear it again ( remake for sure) and the top coat it eh. But over all im pretty happy with how its all turned out!

Now for some royal theatricals and spackery!


That is how i feel about my progress and lack there of. That said i have everything i need and tbh it could get done SO quickly and easily if i got my ass in gear good and proper and now that i have less then 2 weeks ahead and a fuck tonne of time off so thursday and friday will be my boot making days and my sewing days- i have to get all the sewing sections done BEFORE this weekend 1) because i have armor (although minimal) to make and 2) because its my birthday on the monday and it'll be spent faffing around and seeing people. So yeah...

Looking back on thing having had a major cutting session last week was a good plan (not cutting myself of course HA!), it got my ass in gear and the simple process of sewing shit together won't take me long even if it is a lined jacket. The main hassle will be the armor and fiddly bits with the main jacket and under top collars which are going to be interfaced with fosshape for stability.

Many things to do and 3 days left of work- my next two weeks are going to be hectic for sure!

Butt skirt done, underwear array to be started as is everything else. The move of house has thrown everything literally into disarray so at the mo im kinda stuck picking up little bits when i have the time so this weekend (ie today and 2moro) i'm going to be finishing off the underwear and then hammering the boots to get the hard part out of the way. Here goes nothing yo!

Ok so the first part of the gradient dye for the underside of the butt skirt is going well! the pinky layer is one and there are only 2 more layers i need to really do:
a light lavender/purple layer then a darker blue/purple layer at the bottom. Once dry and complete i'll be cutting it out, marrying up to the top side which will have the gold detailing and pearls attached and then biasing just to finish it off properly.

Stand by for more updates as the week ends!

So after much debating and budgeting i went out and bought the majority of fabric for his undertop and top coat. I've made various design sketches of how the topcoat will be constructed and the inclusion of fosshape as a positive substitute for interfacing for the larger collar piece i think will work really nicely. All this whilst listening to gaga and smothering my PSP for ref images! Look out for completed pics of the topcoat without armor in the next week or so!

Wow 8 months since i posted this??? WOW so i have made progress if only a little. I've got fabric choices sorted (mostly) and the majority of the out fit has been designed and broken down so i know how each will work as i do it. The only issue is the boots/boot-covers. I have made one set before and they were shite. Since i have 2 months to spend on this i figure i haven't given myself enough time to do it full justice but i'm still giving it a good go!


Ok just got back from Minami 16 and have some fucking awesome phot's to show for it!

The were shot by the wonderful Silver and her amazing cam skills y'all so go check her on here and here is a link to the flikr page where they are! Go see!


Huzzah for progressness. I currently have a papier mache'd sword and sheild (and currently a shoulder monkey in the form of kiichan. Just gotta let them dry give them a black base coat then paint away!

The costume itself will be coming next since i have NO money what so ever (£5 to my name) and i'll probably have it done by the end of the weekend after i get my barnet done and coloured properly. So watch out for more progress pics!

Ok so its finished and will post pics up after kita con of WIP and the completed thing!

Have bought the fabric, cut said fabric out and am now trying to blindly attempt to work several darts in the front panels of the at the moment robe-like coat. As soon as they''re in place i can trim down and sweep back the lines from the front pieces to compensate for the look i'm after.
The back requires a little more attention since it needs to be bagged and saggy at the bottom and shaped up top. So in an effort to do so i'm employing Contour darts in the back centre to pull it in above the waist down the centre of the garment. In this vein it'll hopefully provide a nice bit of shape and pull it in where i need it to be.
Sleeves, buttons and various other pieces to follow as well as progress pics of darts, pleats etc etc

Well after having a BUTT-LOAD of fun trying to make a body suit (which is still NOT done yet) i have made progress with the puffer jacket. It isn't strictly colour correct since i used PVC which to my mind was the right thing to do. It gives the costume the right feel and generally works better when you do something along these lines.

That said i fucking hate using PVC. I abhor using the stuff since every experience i have with it has left me feeling dissatisified with the thing i've made. Although this may be the one costume i actually have love of PVC for. Progress pics will be up soon but i have to lament a bit on how good it is actually looking and kinda inflate my ego a bit at how much better my cosplays are getting. Practice does make bloody perfect!
All things aside i should be on course for having all 4 cosplays done for kita and this will be done buy friday at the latest since the Puffer jacket thing is nearly done i can quickly knock up a body suit and then the arse pockets! I WILL have this done by friday. This is then my last journal entry before completion! I promise you that!
NB if it isn't stfu i got sidetracked by shiny things! XD

Yeah i'm using this for the kita prom since there is a large number of us looking at doing pandora hearts.
I have fabric, i have time and all i need is a wig which i've found online. All i need is money to be able to buy the sucker and im gd to go!

Although if anyone has any tips on how to make (or knows of any good faqs) a top hat then i'd very much appreciate it!

Ok i officially hate body suits and this frigging costume! Not only have i GOT to redo the body suit for a 4th time! (GAH!) I've got to unpick the collar on the puffer gillet since the bias binding i was gunna use looks gash when its on. So in-effect i'm set back a good week or so on a costume that was supposed to take 2 weeks-not impressed!
I gave up dying shit since it NEVER WORKS! I am never doing it again because i go blue, the kitchen floor goes blue but the frigging ballsy shite fabric does not. So i went out and bought some darkish blue fabric when i had cash (what i should have done in january *raaaaaage*) and am about to attempt it one last time.
I made a red one recently as a test and it seems to fit well-the crotch is actually set right and the collar is good. So the only thing i really need to do now is actually cut shit out and go from there. I'm not gunna bias bind the edges on this simply because i haven't the time or energy. I'll hem it and be done. The onto the other costumes i need to make before kita!

So after i too this down a couple of my friends started to watch the series and got a good feel for it. That said i didn't think i'd be reposting Xerxes because i'd lost interest but after rewatching a few and getting a bit of conversation with other people about it, I'm putting him back on the list. I've listed him for Auchi simply because it's far enough away so that i don't have to worry about it and work on it at my own leisure over the summer!

Wow so the dying went...ok i had blue hands for a few days since i neglected to buy any gloves. That was fun to explain after i got back to work! I have the last remnants of the costume to sew together and then it's gunna look the dogs-well this is the hope XD

Ok so i was meant to wear this for a brisol clubnight then re-use at kitacon but due to unforeseen circumstances and one superfluous organ removal later i'm starting it.

Initially i bout the wrong colour fabric for this and have had numerous attempts at dying it each failing but making it slightly darker. So today i've cut out what i've needed instead of trying to dye all 5 metres of fabric at once and am gunna give it a go again! Wish me luck!

Ok so i felt a bit put out when i realised the other cosplay i'd planned to use for new years probably won't look as good or have the right impact i want for when i was going to do it, so it is still in the process of being done i'm just shunting leeron to the front burner so i can finally dye my hair and get that outta the way!

Right what with 2 days to go im not looking too bad atm. All that is left is to trim the bloody thing in gold, sew in the button holes, sew on the buttons and then trim the top and complete the helmet...Yeah i better crack on really!

Ok so there are roughly oh... 9 days to do this in. Fuck im buggered. Well at least at this stage ive cut out everything and im ready to start sewing the darts and pleats... you know what everyone keeps telling me that a pattern is a stark contrast in ease then doing it from scratch without a pattern. yeah the moral of the story is 'ignorance is bliss' but then with the amount of work there is so much to be done in comparison to what i usually have to do and its nice to finally have something to come home to when i finish work.

The aim here is competition standard. I want this to be THAT good. Im in awe of everyone's cosplays and i would love to get to that stage with mine and i figure if i can just stick with it and keep at making things with a lot more care and time taken then i can just about get there! So far that's buggered given my time frame and lack there of in effort! I said i'd get this done by a certain couple's wedding and i damn well am! Watch this space!

Ok so this is going to be a bit of a stretch of my confidence as far as wearing nothing in public goes. A few of my friends have done it and i figure i'm just as outgoing and confident and i have been itching for a while to do this costume (or the ff9 version either or really) so i figure why the hell not! Doing this will test my skills for cosplay too as i'm gunna try and do a few things i've never tried and well if it goes tits up then i will just have to try again and again! Practice, practice, practice!

I loved making this! It was suprisingly easy to do after i thought it through a bit.

The biggest difficulty i had was making my hakama. Ok so they're not technically hakama as they're more parachute pants but they do the job well!

My favourite bit has to be the red lined haori! This bit was a labour of love. I could have left it white but i really wanted to add the accuracy. Precisely why is because i've foolishly pit myself against some pretty awesome costumes in the Aya cosplay competition. Well what can i say i gotta start somewhere!

Ok so i did get this finished and it looked pretty good i must say, it got me loads of attention at the ball and the gloves and the leg warmers were my favourite part. The onlything i would maybe redo is the helmet since modrock seems to no like spraypaint and or staying in one piece. Still it looked pretty great!

Ok so i'm now at about 15-20% finished with this cosplay and im liking what i see! I have finished one of the hands and am starting the second to get it finished for this sunday so i can start on the long socks and the arms. I've managed to get the wing bases sorted i just have to fabric them over and then they're done aside from a harness to fit them on me! Other then that nowt! Keep watching!

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