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I went to my first expo dressed as Sister Esther from Trinity Blood and I loved the thrill of being able to act out as that character and be around others who were also cosplaying, it was just amazing and I fell in love with it.

My greatest achievement I would say in the whole world is my being able to cosplay the one character I have dreamed of cosplaying since I first saw him on TV and that is Raymond Kon from Beyblade. I never thought that one day I would be able to cosplay him, and also in a group. It is a dream come true and I love every second I get that out fit on. I made it all myself and I am so proud of it and everyone that complimented me, thank you!!

I have made many friends, that I am still in contact with today, from all over the UK. They are amazing people and cosplay bought us all together!!

Conventions I have been to:
London MCM May 2008, London MCM May 2009, London MCM Oct 2009, Midlands MCM Feb 2010, London MCM May 2010, J-Culture Convention 2010, London MCM Oct 2010, Midlands MCM Feb 2011, London MCM May 2011, Manchester Con 2011, Ayacon 2011, London MCM Oct 2011, Kitacon 2012, London MCM May 2012, Manchester MCM 2012, Amecon 2012, Alcon 2012, London MCM Oct 2012, Birmingham MCM Expo 2013, London MCM May 2013, Ayacon 2013, London MCM October 2013, Kitacon 2014, May 2014, Manchester 2014, Hyper Japan 2014.

Next Conventions:
Amechibi 2015, May 2015, Kitacon 2015, Northampton Comic Con 2015.

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More editing and now we ad Armour! The armour is alittle big but it's to hide the printed armour on the arms. For amecon this will be changing lol

We found someone selling cheap headphones so we bought them
How ever I can't help myself...

I edited them to make them better! Easy cosplay isn't my thing lol

I added foam to have them attach to my head like hers. Changed afew details and edited the way they sit on the headband so they slanted as they are on dva. I also added a second headband so they fit my head alot better

We bought an eBay suit for the base and decides to edit it better due to time restraints.

Would have been easier to just make the suit ourselves! Typical lol and probably faster but ah well. Working on some 3d armour for her and editing the suit. Having better gloves armour and such will make this suit better bit will make a new suit for amecon for sure!!!!

Neck armour made with leather covered foam!

I finally had the guts to cut into my £20 a meter 100% wool fabric ahhh

But here's a wip. The dummy is currently not on the right size I'm to lazy lol
But the outside is ready to go and now I need to do afew size adjustments before doing the sleeves and lining and all details

With my partners help we make the pattern for the jacket. We used the good old cling film and tape route!

I'm really happy with how the corset turned out. I've started to hand glue black rhinestones to the corset for a jazzy look. I also hand see the silver rope around the edges of the corset.

Buying fabrics ended up costly but we found almost everything we needed!

I have come up with blue Suede which will be covered in black Chiffon for a blue black effect. Hopefully this works how I am thinking XD
Since he does have flashes of blue I thought it would be fitting!
Its going to be a dress with a hood design and some paws. I may make little paw boots to go with the dress.

Attaching the felt feathers here. Which where craft foam covered in felt and layered to create the wings. Next is the fur to cover the piping and they will be complete.

Using a new technique to get the wings lighter they where created with piping and chicken wire. Tape was placed around the edges for safety and held together onto the pipe with cable ties

This is the base Harness, here me and Darkie are working out hole placements for the straps to be hidden in the jacket.
We are also testing the length of the straps so please ignore the straps dangling in the photo ^^

As an accessory here is mine and Darkiekun's Feathers for battling! We are having felt feathers on our wings but for awesomeness we found these beauties for £1 each!
So we snatched them up and I donno if we cutting a better shape to them or not but we shall see lol

Here is some more WIP of the Jacket, Waist coat and man skirt

Enjoy some WIP of the jacket! here is looks almost done but it is not XD
The bottom here isn't hemmed it is just pinned for the photo and the cuffs are not attached they are pinned also for the photo
I couldn't find a black belt laying around so I have this space invaders belt to just show it off alittle XD So ignore that belt!

Here is my waist coat 99% complete. It only needs the lush gold buttons I will attach soon
I added a corset at the back with some gold eyelets I had laying around and some gold trim for the cord which is a tad sparkly!
I love this waist coat, Shame it won't be seen that much!

I will try get some photos of me in it though

Using a very tight zig stitch I am attaching the yellow brocade fabric to the jacket and waist coat.
This is a slow and careful process but fully worth it!

Here is a completed man skirt for Krad.
I have seen many add this part as a section of the coat. I just see it being a fancy man skirt he can remove. Krad is flouncy like this XD
This also gives abit of puff to the main coat too!
I love the material as it is alittle shiny but nothing over the top and tacky!

Next I added the collar to the waist coat and added the inner panels. This is necessary to keep the front section alittle stiff and to help with the buttons later on.
Next is the detailing

Here is some WIP of Krad's waist coat. It is unknown what he wears under the outfit but I have my own ideas

What I plan to wear under is

Shirt, Waist coat, Cravat, Pants.

I think this will fit in well with his style. The waist coat will have yellow detailing like the main coat too

Today Darkie went and bought me many lush fabrics for Krad. There are more things to buy but for now here are the base materials which will make the waist coat, jacket and cape.
There are a mixture of lush textures and nice patterns to create a very over the top Krad.

We have lots of progress on the head. Darkie has remade the whole head as we wasnt happy with the first attempt. This versio has a much better shape! What is left to do on the head is to finish the other eye, sew on the left cheeks stripes, Add vision netting and thats basically it! Then we can attach the already made teeth, nose, tounge and crown!
He has whiskers too 8D

Using cardboard Darkie created a 3D shoulder armor to get the proportions right before taking apart the design and drawing it onto the worbla and putting it together to get this incredible shape.

Here are the stilts. Since the photo they both are now furred. Once I go down to Darkie's she will then attach and place on the green stripe!
The bottom of the paws have black leather attached to hopefully stop me sliding around the expo floor!

After making the body Driger then turned it inside out and pulled it back on the dummy. Using a sharpie she decided where the best areas for the stripes would be before cutting out the stripes and drawing around them onto the green fur and machine sewing them into their correct places on the body suit.

After making a body dummy from duck tape Darkie shaped pads of foam and stuck is to the appropriate areas, she then threw the fabric over the dummy and pinned it into place, trying a new way of making this suit instead of the usual top and trousers which shows clear seams.

I think for this outfit I will buy two long wigs to make it nice and thick and heavy!!!

Started on my sword today, using Mount board and masking tape

It arrived today, I ordered it last Wednesday and it came this morning. Over the moon with it, I couldn't have asked for a better one. It came with a song book and sexy carry case.
I have the green material for my tunic and should be looking at wigs and weapons soon ^^

Today I bought my 7 hole OoT from Songbird Ocarinas. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I bought my friend a sweet potato fairy ocarina a few months back and the piece was amazing! So I'm really looking forward to getting my own and learning to song to summon my Epona >D 'do do doooo, do do doooo, do do dooo do dooooo.' yeah!

The skirt and the top have both been made and placed together

Here is a progress shot of the dress. After many attempts to make it fit we finally have this ^^

I've started on the head of the staff today, drawing it all out on cardboard and cutting it with a scalpel. I've drawn out another few so I can stuff the middle with hard foam to make the middle stronger.

Still needs a tidy up but I decided to make this into a point as to make it strong once I put the cardboard on.

I have taken the weird bally thing from the curtain pole and saw off the ball, attached a plastic piece after hours of sanding and screwed them together. I'll next be making a hole in the top so I can slot them together.

I have started this off with a curtain pole that is taller than my head, I may cut it down just a little. I will start by using these two pieces and seeing how I can attach it to the pole.

I completely forgot to update this, but since I bought this cosplay online I have taken up the dress and replaced the white trimmings that I unpicked and added fur to the bottom of the dress and the overcoat ^^

((add before and after pic later))

Cloak was made by Darkiekun who sewn it all together a week before the tour, congrats to her ^^

I haven't posted a Journal in ages but here is where we are so far. The sleeves need pushing up more as they are longer than I thought XD Heres a progress shot of the apron too.
The wig needs abit of styling and no hair bow just yet but hope you like!

After 24 hours I have come up with this. We are going to add more panels in to it to make more flowy but other than that we are nearly complete.

After along argument to myself in my head (Im not crazy I swear) I eventually came up with this. It's not a Circle skirt like I normally do due to the fact the skirt would have ended up being too short for Koiice. So now it's too long for Koiice 8D but I can take it up after she see's it (if she wakes up anytime soon xD) Let's hope she enjoys it ^^

here is a pinned hair bow ^^ just needs sewing and everything but still it's progress XD

While Koiice sleeps Darkie comes out to play >D Darkie here! And I type as Koiice sleeps, I was meant to be fixing up Ammy's teeth but this dress isn't called the dream dress for nothing XD So while Koiice sleeps i'm cutting out Fabric and pinning to create the Dream dress 8) (See what I'm doing there? XD) Anyway here is the start of the top section. Only pinned at the moment but still I'm quite happy with it so far ^^

I have also cut out a length of the blue to see how it works currently.

The suit has been sewn together and brushed out to try and hide any lines from being stitched together. I have painted the black swirls onto my plush parts and they are currently pinned onto the suit. Soon to be sewn on.

Today I have tried out a method to get the gold pattern on her dress. I made myself a stencil before cutting out a shape on Gold Fabric I had left over from Kuja. With Copydex I then attached to a scrap piece of Satin I have left over and this is the result. Works well! so I have about 100 more of these shapes to cut out..........yay.....

Stilts! Well start of anyway. Soon as I (Darkie) Got home today I made these ASAP So I can bring them to Koiice on my next trip to see her in afew days! Rather happy with it so far >D

Last night we did pinned progress. At the moment it is rather baggy but once sewn it will look better! So much fur! Also the shoes have been furred up and clawed

Yesterday me and Darkiekun used an old pair of thick tights to make the foam legs. We also used some old shoes to make the back feet. Doesn't look like much at the moment but soon it will! Hopefully there will be some furring soon!

Teeth where made from Fimo and then we made a large sausage shape for the gums. Once we had this we pushed in the cooked fimo teeth and moulded it to look better before cooking and then pulled out the teeth to glue them in. Once that was done we then attached into Ammy's mouth.

I also finished painting the weapon in a sap green aswell as abit of black to get it into a used weapon condition

Today Darkie finished sewing the fur and started trimming down the muzzle and attached the nose

DarkieKun has now started on furring the head, pulling off the masking tape and using that as a base shapes for the different cuts of the head. Red and white, after hot gluing them to the head, she has now started the process of sewing them together.

While I have started to paper maché the Dev.Ret weapon, I have got around the initial patterns on the plate, I need to do the edges now.

Today Darkie and Me will be going out shopping to see if we can find any nice fur in Derby. Aswell as any fimo, zips, fire materials and all that good stuff! Can't wait to see what we end up getting

We found the most amazing fur ever, so amazing it was £26 a metre. -__-
It was so lovely we bought 3 and a half metres of it. We also found some good red fur for the markings.

Here is the semi completed head all carved and has a jaw helded in with elastic and has been covered in masking tape before drawing out the patterns on it.

Adding more foam and carving Ammy's head started to take shape!

Darkie here! Today I started Ammy's head using the Helmet using 2 and a half pieces of the foam we got I slowly started to build together the head

Well after drawing out all of the symbols and shapes I had DarkieKun help and cut them all out as I stuck them all onto the cardboard, the next plan now it is complete is to paper maché the entire thing.

Today I have started on Okami's weapon Divine Retribution. Since there are many designs I picked the most complicated one from google xD
I have used my good old cardboard for the base and have started to draw the symbols onto foam and cut them out.

Woo more progress! I have bought a horse riding helmet from Ebay for £8.50 last night. It should take two to three working days to arrive then Darkie will start work on the foam for Ammys head ^^ We have also sent off for a test strip of fur. ^^

The foam for the head has now been bought, when Stephie comes down to my uni room we shall be starting on the head with progress pictures ^^

I have bought the wig and tie, tie is still taking his time getting here but I do have the wig. I have started to chop into it and will finish styling tomorrow and post up the final product.

I have been thinking about the jumper and decided to buy a jumper from primark and will either wonder-web the red and yellow strip on or fabric paint it. I shall figure that out when I have the jumper ^^

The other day I bought Royal blue soft satin for this dress since we planned to make it from that since we saw the fabric ages ago! So pretty!
We still don't know how to make the gold pattern on the dress but I am sure I'll think of something.

We have spent all day looking for Foam and we finally have the foam! Progress photos soon of the Weapon of doom!

It seems like Darkie has found a spare motor in her room. This is good news ^^ Saves time and money for our secret weapon ;)
We have been discussing how to go about this secret weapon but I think with some foam material's it should work perfectly ^w^

Ok, so the other didn't work, I have tried now, just wrapping the material around itself into a ball and sewn it together, it holds very well and also looks great.
I have stitched them onto the boots and they look awesome. I'm very happy with them now ^^

With this material I shall attempt Pom Poms!!!!

They failed xD the usual way of making pom poms did not turn out right because of the plastic running through the middle of the material. Cutting it in half just caused the plastic to stick out so I shall attempt another way!

Tonight using my favourite material of hard foam I have made an arrow head and the back wing.

Here is what me and Darkiekun have come up with last night. Needs editing in some areas but its going rather well.

Other than Teddie who needs his head still Echo is complete. Teeddie is also now a little bag for money just not my phone as its too big for poor teddie. photos soon!

Kuja is complete with today as a last day to make sure everything sits where it should. text photos later.

Well with the material I bought, I gave on to DarkieKun who has sewn this masterpiece together for me ^^
With some old white material I had left over, she has cuffed the wrists and made the sailor-y bit (no idea what that is called xD ) but yeah, this is the front view, still yet to sew on the pockets, red lining and school patch but, yayy Fukooo!

Since I may be dancing, a spin test was needed xD
So here it is, the skirt spin test ^^

Woo the wig has arrived ^^ Tis for me a little long, but I'll see what Darkie thinks when I take it round hers and try it together with the outfit ^^;
The top definately needs styling so we'll see how that goes as well ^^

Yaaay, Fuko wig and material turned up today, It's looking gooood. The material is the perfect colour! So I should get the basic shape cut out today, hopefully ^^;;; I am really not a confident person when it comes to cutting material ^^ heh...

The Kuja wig has been bought, I was looking at a different one that was £40 but unfortunately the seller has 'sold out' , rubbish because they had loads left when the listing ended, so I had to (due to short time) by another, decent, wig instead.

Fuko ish on the move, I have recently bought some fabric for her jacket!!! 'PLAIN PALE YELLOW COTTON FABRIC' from ebay, 2Metres because I'm not the big but I will most likey make mistakes ^^;; I may even drag the material to Darkie's to help meh out cause I be a spazz ^^
I also have bought the school badge off ebay tis quite big but that doesn't really matter. And also!! A starfish to carry around with me, yaaaay! *w*

I have bought brown material to start on Echo's teddy. The head is made from six pieces of material that I will sew together to get a round shape. The body at the moment looks like a perfect coffee bean, yay ;D

After the blue clasps I did paint on the Ying Yang, drawing around a plate and bottle cap to get all the circles as round as possible ^^

I actually have a lucky find today, whilest trying to find a dress in my suitcase I came across the perfect skirt for Fuko. I had bought it around 4 years ago for an old cheap cosplay but was too big for it. Came back across it and it fits well and is an awesome colour, spot on. Just... a little short is all ^^;

Today I wonderwebbed the yellow ribbon around the hem. I picked up some wide ribbon and folded it in half around the edges and glued it all down ^^ Took a long time but I am happy with the result ^^

I have now added the blue clasps, cut from blue cotton drill material, folded both ends in and wonder webbed to stop from fraying, the clasps are them hot glued on to secrure them.
I have also used velcro as the clasp holders ^^

Still have no sleeves but I now have hemmed the gold onto the material, I have sewn it on one side whilest wonder webbing the rest, just for the good look and the support. ;D

Well this has taken along while to sew on because I have been panicing about it turning out wrong ^^ But I have cut, folded and sewn on the collar, finally. Next is to cut some sleeves and sew those on as well ^^

Yush, the material is pinned and now I will sew it all together and cut it down to size ^^ Ahhh I'm so happy, haven't made something from scratch in a loooong while O_O;;; But woopwoop, I like how it has turned out so far ^^

I have finally started working on Ray's robe today. Yes finally. It is long over due and seriously a close call ^^;;
I have cut and pinned the material, I shall be sewing it tomorrow ^w^ Here is the material I am working with, 3 meters of cotton drill.

Woo first Journal on this outfit but I shall be completely remaking my little life clock... I hate my other one and would like an actual ticking clock so!! Pocketwatch! Come to meeee!

I would like like to point out I bought a new wig, it is a little old more but the light blonde is my new wig. Hope you guys like better than the darker one... had to get a new as I left my old one on a train ^^;;;

Yes I have bought the material for Ray and it has arrived, unfortunately I have made it my goal not to touch Ray until I have completed at least three pieces of my Uni work, then I will cut up the material, another three pieces, sewing, three piece then the rest xD The only way I can balance out my time T^T Horrible but nya. Best I can do.
Darkie came round to my Uni flat and we had a photo taking spree but I felt it unfair to post pictures of the shoot on here as the outfit is not my own creation so if you want to see them please go to my dA page. ^^
I have also bought my ribbon for the gold trimming, tis thick so good for hemmings ^^ Yush! I am in a go go ;D

And after much hair spray, tantrums and pins, I have finished the wig, I am so over the moon and happy with it I cannot describe so I'll just show you.
Hope you like it!

Okies soooo under the careful watch and help of my Kai, Darkie, I have began to style my wig. So far I think it is going pretty well. I have been given a diagram from Darkie of the improvements I could make and it ish gonna help meh big time!!

I am pretty impressed with what I have so far. I can cut wigs, eassyyyyy styling is tricky though ^^; The fringe is going well aswel ^^ I hope I can keep up the good work ^^

Ok!!! So my Polystrene(sp?) head came today so I shoved the Ray wig right on it. I have started to cut the back of the wig into layers as about half way down the wig the hair get really long so instead of just putting it all into the pony tail... Might as well trim it down and use it for more spikes, here is the general idea in the pictures though I am still planning to take more off the bottom once I layer the back a little more ^^

I have started to weft my wig. Yayy but it is taking ageeeeessssss I should hopefully have it finished by next week then I can start on the styling, which should be awesome fun. I cannot wait!! >D I shall put a picture up soon.

I did attempt the hair wrap and added hair to the bottom using some black furr, I kept looking at it and it looked absolutely terrible, sooooo! Because I am cutting up a black wig to weft into my Ray wig, the bottom came in handy to make the lovely hair poking out the bottom of the wrap with to me looks so much better than the first horrible attempt xD

This is a little late, but after searching long and hard, I have started to collect things for this Ray cosplay. As some of you know, my Kai has finished hers because she is impatient and realllllly wanted to complete him so, well done Darkie but wait for meeeeee.
I have just find my wig sitting on my bin outside and will begin wefting it as Darkie has suggested to meh ^^ Wish meh luck

ALSO DRIGER ARRIVED. I bought a Driger before but he was in terrible condition despite what was put on ebay so I emptied my pockets and bought another one ^^

Ok, so little update on the Ray cosplay!!
I am now looking into buying the materials for this outfit as I plan to start on this awesome male very soon! I have found afew things that will work perfectly for him, so Yay! And considering Darkie has started on Kai, I hope to start too! *dance flail*

Ok, so I made the headphones with wool, looked good at the time, now don't like so gonna tear off that material and use my new fluffy stuff to replace it. Also adding a fluffy trim around the bottom of the dress and shawl soooooo should be good :D Nyaa~

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