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I love cosplay , just because it gives me a chance to show my skills as i make alot of my cosplays ^ ^ which is soo rewarding when you go to a convention or a meet.
I got into cosplay 10 years ago with one of my friends who had been very interested in it and we decided to go to our first anime expo together have been going ever since!
I have started from fairly low down with cosplay, i went for simple outfits and seeing as i had no textiles experience(and hated the subject at school) i started to make my outfits from raiding charity shops and cheap shops for clothes i could alter. From there i then went into trying to make simple things like sleeves, gloves, ears etc and got better at sewing.
I then managed to make some basic things for outfits and became better at altering.
4 years ago i got a adjustable dummy and my own sewing machine and cosplay has been so much easier to make! i still may not know how to follow or put patterns together but using newspaper on my dummy to make templates always seems to do the trick and i am really happy how far i have gotten with my skills as a cosplayer ^^.

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So i have started to glue on the feather shapes onto the bottom of the dress now. I will be glueing the first few layers then once i get to the top two i will neatly sew them.
I also nearly have the coat ready for starting the detail.

well got fabric for trouser making, AND a razor comb for my wig to give it a good thinning out then its only my shirt to complete and my chakram to finish and paint then the cosplay is complete :D

I feel like i have been ever so lazy. I finally finished my sleeves today ^^

Well that was scary!!

For this cosplay i decided i would make the shoulder piece myself. Now being quite the fabric person i have tried to wangle myself around making props before. If i can make it into a plush or make it out of fabric i will. So not only is this my first proper prop but my first attempt at armour. And i am suprisingly pleased with it.

Its still a WIP but i am pleased so far ^^.

Note~ The photo shows the armour incomplete, also the paint was wet still and i got impatient so its actually infront of my shoulder rather than on it so looks a tiny bit bigger ^^'

well got a slight problem here!.
I have had to slightly alter the design for this outfit (not that i mind doing so because then its actually my own design)due to a costume fault XD.
It's not that much of a difference but i shall post up my design work ASAP. ^^

So far for this cosplay...

- i have made the eyepatch
- Narrowed down wig choices to 2

Very soon will be doing the following

- having a go at making shoulder armour. maybe just as a tester ^^
- find a shirt i can dye and alter easily ^^

This is a list of how the cosplay is coming along so far...

- Made newspaper patterns for the main kimono style dress
- cut out fabric for top and sleeves
- cut out lining for sleeves and pinned together
- decided to dye hair black for the cosplay
- tested out what colours to line the top and skirt with (the shiny fabric ontop is quite thin so thinking either red or black)

Next few stages
- cut fabric for skirt, obi and bow
- add linning to the rest of dress.
-make leg warmers

^^ I am quite confident with this cosplay so far.

Well i have started the basics of this outfit. SO basically coming up with a few designs and taking inspiration from other peoples and then hopefully after christmas i will have a final design and i can get started :)

on my list of things to do are the following...

1. finish off pockets
2, scuff belt and possibly paint it
3. find and alter my corset (so i dont have to faff around with it on the day XD)
4. Make gloves
5. if i have any more time left make some more tools ^^

Well i am slowly pacing myself through this outfit and i have decided on a few things.
I am changing the pocket design , they will just be large pockets hanging off my belt ^^.
I have also decided on a few explosive bits and pieces i will have on me the day these are the following...

1. A plush bomb (your classic black bomb and fuse, making it plush purely to throw at other members of crew and also it wont get broken XD)
2. a chemical bomb (now this isnt what you think , i purely plan on getting a round bottle that i can possibly paint up a bit and find something that is a nice shade of green to place inside of it thats drinkable as this not only looks like chemicals in there but its going to refresh me and my character would probably drink it anyway XD)

I think the only thing i am having trouble with at the moment is finding some tools or making them myself , i am looking for things like spanners, pliers etc.

I WILL have some progress on this outfit coming up soon ^^

Well i got some more progress done, this time on the actual outfit. It wasn't much but i feel its a strong start^^
I managed to sort out the patterns for the sleeves (plus the trim at the ends) so that is all ready for fabric! I'm looking very much forward to making this outfit, its going to be fun! :3

Here are my two updates for this outfit...

1. It's been a while that i have been looking for a nice pocketwatch to match this outfit, I wanted one that wasn't going to cost me a arm and a leg, had a nice design, and preferably looking tarnished.
I found all these qualities today, i was in Camden Town and i realised that my friend had got a cheap but pretty and working pocket watch from one of the stalls for roughly £5 so i remembered where it was and decided to investigate.
I gave all the pocket watches there a good look, and in the end i found a very nice medium sized, tarnished looking bronze coloured one, popped it open and it works on the inside aswell (its going to be my new watch from now XD). I will be posting photos of it soon!!

2. I have been working on bits and pieces for this outfit both with fabrics and pencil and paper, mainly for my pockets and weaponry. My teared and tattered coat is nearly done, i just need to figure a nice way to add scorch like marks to it then its complete ^^.

I am quite happy with my slow but steady progress ^^

I finally have some progress its taken me a while but thats what happens when your a full time mum :3.

I now have the shoes i wanted to get (as you can see in the photos section)
I also researched how to make proper plush spheres as its a bit more complicated than once thought but i have mastered that and have started making them for my tail ^^. I currently have 2 complete and have 7 more to go!

Shall try and get pics of sphere making ASAP ^^

I paid another visit to my material guy and he had a loooovely fabric for Adianes dress and so i gathered it up and got myself some :D.
ALSO i found the perfect style and size for Adiane's shoes i was sooo happy just got to find me some shoe dye to dye them to match the fabric as they are currently red.

Next on my list to do will be finding the materials for the design on her sleeves and skirt ^^

So far on progress for Adiane-sama i have the following...

1.located some white fabric i plan on using to line her sleeves and possibly for the trim on the neck and ends of the sleeves (if i have enough left to do so)

2.Been on a hunt for some Adiane shoes which has been hell because when i have found a pair they arent big enough for the pair of big feet my body stands upon *laughs*.

3.Been searching around for some wigs have narrowed it down to three which are nice and long and have bits of black in with the blue which i think would be nice to have :).

4. Have been having some difficulty finding a corset making tutorial i can wrap my brain around (usually i would be able to but alas when having a baby daughter now my mind isn't exactly shipshape).
If i dont find some help for making a corset i have something on standby i may be able to get my hands on *wiggles eyebrows*

5. I have asked the person i get all my fabrics off to keep an eye out for the PERFECT colour fabric for Adiane's dress...i just hope he finds it :)

So in the next few weeks i will be making the sleeves lining ^^

I have started to think about what materials to use for different parts of this outfit.
I think for the dress itself i might use medium-heavy material this is purely because october maybe quite chilly so thus using medium to heavy fabrics will keep me that bit warmer, hopefully not too warm.
I think for Adianes tail i have had 2 ideas these are as follows...

1. Polystyrene/foam balls held together with wire.
2.make some balls out of fabric and stuff them, sew them all together and just have the tail hanging.

I will keep thinking up ideas as i have enough time to do so.

As for Adiane's markings accross her legs, chest and neck i have enquired about making some of my own latex body paint as i think this will give a nice effect and i dont want to have to spend most of my day re-applying something like snazaroo to myself.

I think my next report i would have started some pattern making for the dress so watch this space! ^^

Started looking for fabric and well , failed. I think this may be an online job.
Also looking more into doing the sleeves for the jacket and experimentation and practise should be going underway soon.
I have sketched out the template i need for Fujins weapon so that i dont have to fuss over it nearer the time.
I think the only thing that is going to annoy me from here onwards to when i actually wear this cosplay is finding the right wig and possibly having to add highlights to it, Which sounds a bit scary.

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