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Got into it through gaming, and then looking up for some Halloween ideas (2010) and thinking, I could be pretty good at this cosplay stuff! Also got into anime watching Evangelion, and my interest since shot up, so attended my first con (Auchi 2010).

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Really wanted to get two, but alas maybe for a future date.

With the final helping touches thanks to Emzone and isamiaella.

Shoot to follow!

Took a few attempts, but got there in the end!

Guess I should attempt to worbla it.

Making the sword out of 3 layers of red perspex sandwiched with tensol.
Trying to give it a liquid look when looking through to imitate the blood.

Just needs some smoothing out.

Getting the hand of crafting with foam at this stage.

The hardest part was sizing this so it all fit together, I probably over complicated it tbh. xD;

Finally made a start, template testing!

So I bought a Tai Chi practice sword, removed the blade, and drilled/filed some holes to fit the original pins for the original blade.

This blade is around double the length than the original so it looks much more to scale than the original blade, which made it look stumpy, and it's made of metal as opposed to plastic.

Brighter LED can also be seen here.

So lots of bits have arrived an I'm making a start!

Bought the toy sword as I wanted a look at how the mechanism works for the hand guard. After having a look, it's actually rather complex, and rather than pour hours into trying to replicate the design, decided I would just use the toy as a base.
I've disconnected the speaker, and replaced the LED as it was rather dull, and will soon replace the blade aswell as it was rather short. If I can modify the catch to work with the replacement blade is another question!

Like so..

The wigs so blonde I may not have to darken my eyebrows! xD

My main worry was this wouldn't turn up!

Ambitious if I do say! xD;

Fibreglass/Bodyfiller coat next.

Main body is 6mm EVA foam, and the detail in 1mm EVA foam.
Just needs the edges painted and then a coat of Fibre Glass/Body Filler mix!

Never got any photo's with the blade 'on', and it doesn't show in bright light.. :/
But here is a demo! ;D

0.335kg of Tee shirt plain
5.5 meters of Plain Dress Cotton
2.5 meters of FH

Commission finished!
Well looking forward to getting this! :D

These are the biggest I could find at this point, and they also have small star cutouts on the top half. So these can be the backups!

The amulet was machine printed and Yuka has it to paint it, I am not kidding when I say it looks shit hot. The printers used an in game character rip for the model..
Also ordered myself some new gloves and they've come in the nick of time for the shoot!
A picture to compare the new and old. ;)

Being done by the incredible Yuka! :D
Saw them in progress and look awesome so far!

(and also a new amulet in progress)...

So, as most may not know, I have been asked to be part of a FFXIII photoshoot summer of 2011!
So I'm going to get a couple of bits redone such as the boots, and going to work on a couple of extra little things too, so I will update this as I get them done!

So the commission has been started now, and all should be ready in time for Auchinawa this November.

Now that I have the majority of the costume, I will try get a couple of pictures in the next couple of days!

I have got the gloves, which I'm going to stitch a couple of buttons too..

The trousers, which I will need to cut out the crotch, and attach a couple of small ribbons to the side of the leg.

The coat which I will need to cut the lapels off if I deem it suitable.

The red bandana, and spurs.

Got the shirt on order, along with the hat, some boots, and a gun holster. Will update with some pictures probably after I've modified the items!

So I'm getting the scarf, small chain attached to the main pendant and the arm bracer commissioned!
Hopefully they'll be underway mid August, so I'll probably update again end of August.

As of today things I need to do.

1. Wait for the arrival of Serah's pendant.
2. Start creating the arm bracer.
3. Finish the bandana.
4. Boots.
5. Waist scarf.
6. Black vest.
7. Grow hair and colour.

Looks like I can't get the Pendants made by a jewellers, so £400 it is then for the replica's!

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