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i have been into scifi since i was very young and have slowly descovered anime and manga and i found my self with abundance of time at the latter half of 2012 so i picked up my scetchbook and just didnt stop.

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so i have finally molded the helmet needs a bit of clean up and then its on to fiber glassing .

well i have just started testing out idears to make a multilayered mesh with a red base layer to reflect the light from E.L wire to give a nano curcitry look im going make a liquid latex matrix to hold the mesh together... and for bits that need to strech im going to be sewing elasticated thread through the mesh layers.

so i have taken it apon myself (the self proclamed greatest hater of jigsaw puzzles) to use pepekura as a starting point for my helmet and after many hours of cursing and and days regresing to an infant state crawling around on my floor looking for matcing numbers on white peices of paper i have finished my helmet-base, to my delight ....and to my increased delight i have now taken a craft-knife and sissors to it making template peices. the the continueation of this is a story for another time.

right i think i have setteled on how i am going to make these now, this is more for people who want to know how i did it.

to make the wax seal i took some "green stuff" games workshop acrylic resing putty really good quality and made some rough circules the used plastic peices from old games workshop kits that i got from my local gaming shop in exchange for a cupple of finished seals.
after pressing the aquilla into the putty i used a bottle cap for the crowned border and allowed to go off.
once set i painted it red and added watered down brown ink for the dirt.

the oath ribbon was plain printer paper soaked in tea and left to dry then the oath was written on i used the positive i used on the aqulla seal to make the stamp and hand drew the cross befor adding a dabbing of watered brown ink to the paper and singing the edges with my gas hob. for more aging i crumpled the paper several time till it started to soften up and then gave it a quick rub with some coarse sand paper. then end hope this helps any one doing purity seals.

this project is in progress as it is the parent project of the lightning claw project and a project that will be getting started for the plasma pistol and jump pack since each of those project need alot of work each they will only be added here once complete or a major mile stone is reached.

right just incase any one wants to know what i am doing with this i plan to sculped this in clay to make a silicone mold then make a resin rotacast reinforced with fiberglass, the red inlaying will be red EL wire that will be controled via the belt buckle and the back pack will mount via the thre point mountings on the back. if any one wants to know more please feel free to message me. and for all those who went to mcm may hope you had a good time

well im doing my research and this project has alot. i have been looking at the structure of bat wings as well as some drawings to get the structure of the suits wings down. am opting for an integrated backpack style wingset. oh yeah and looked at how fog machines work for the boosters planning to have 3 one large one in the back pack and one in the heel of each shoe lets see how that goes.

so i thought this was a bit ambisious for a first costume in 8 weeks but due to money and time constraints i will have to put this off till octobers mcm or the first con/expo that i am ready for but i will be at octobers expo definatly ...sigh i dont enjoy missing deadlines

so today i got in my body suit and placed the armour peices over their respective locations and realized i wass missing a midrif peace on the main reference picture there was a great huge sash that looked like it was made of a woll like material ...well i cant knit for toffee so rather than use that idear i created a midrif plate and have designed, cut, glued and primed that today. i did take a picture but my web cams definition is deplorable at best and the sd card in my digital camera is stuck on derpasuras-rex mode so you will have to wait and see it later.

right this evening i spent some time and money ordering some bits and peices (boots,body suit, resin of two types, a wig i got for a steal at a little over £6. i still have some stuff i need to buy some cloth for the robe and jacket some elastic and some matirials for the witchblade and power blade but things are coming together nicely

right today i started on the job of pva priming my foam ready for resin aplication . im hoping for a hard plastic finish to the armour .

right thats me moved into my new flat more room which means more efficient crafting and crating

right so i finally had my delivery of hot glue today and in so in an hour i knocked together 5 more peices i had pre cut them so im now up to 20h or work on this

so sat waiting for a delivery of plastazote foam to arrive at my place so i can get this fabrication truly underway. right foam came and progress is being made.
Two hours later i have produced the three foam parts...seems to be smooth sailing so far.

so i just had a friend of mine do be a fitting for my robe under was out of cheap pink flowery bed sheets but it was cheap material £2.40 from a charaty shop(or however you spell it) so yes i was galavanting around in a pink dress essentually there will be a pic put up of me in fitting prototype if people would like ...but remember i will only do it on request and on all of your heads be it.

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