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So they're done... Didn't take too long, buttons made of fimo which apparently warrants mocking from my housemates >_> stfu.

F*cking pouches. First of many!!

So finally starting on the shorts @_@ soooo unflattering! I don't like the yellow fabric so much but couldn't find a better colour in the shop so suppose it will do ^^;

some issues with the belts... Apparently Ive lost weight HAHAHAHA more likely the belts have caused the band around my waist to stretch so I need to adjust that also need to decide what boots Im wearing so I can adjust the height... Urgh this is so hard to put on btw XD

Now the sleeves @_@ Still need to tack and fray-stop the edges but apart from that tedius task the skirt is done :D

Annnnnnnnnd two bottles of squash XD Still got more to paint, obviously need to cut and glue ect but its getting there (ignoring she has sleeves for now!)

Doesnt look great but its getting there X_X I have a terrible eye for fine, delicate details as my clumpy design shows XD Anyway~ Not as orange as my crappy camera phone makes it out to be, the colours are gold, silver and bronze. Mainly because I couldnt afford more fabric paint colours!

X_X gotta work on that damn pattern soon

XD So I started on the belts XD not overally accurate but hopefully it will look better. Bought the fabric today too >.> Decided agaisnt the leatherette,just seemed too plastic/cheap, plus I see her dress as grey O_O I hope its right. Im gonna look into making the fabric darker, since its lighter than I would like.

This really looks like some kinky fetish doll Ive set up in my room XD anyway just trying to work out the underskirt (the belts will be attached to this) I've tied the furry fabric round just to get an idea, Im hoping to make it drape a lot more. The corset was a lovely gift from my sister that she made lol though it was a bit broken when she gave it to me Ive managed to fix it and think it will work fine for Lulu... urgh @_@ this is gonna take a while! And Im not even sure if Im even going to Kita!

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