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I am best known at conventions for not going to events and hanging around at the bar in cosplay. Drunken cosplay is happy cosplay =)

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Ok, so I have finally got the shape I want. Today’s task was to cover the shape in cling film and create a pattern by cutting the cling film into segments. Maybe this way is very long winded. But it ensures I get the exact shape and size I want.
Tomorrow, I am going to start cutting the fabric and finally getting some skin for the little onion man ;)

Recently I have been doing this thing where I am recycling as many fabrics as possible for making future cosplays. Having been at it for over 10 years you can imagine how many boxes of fabric I have in storage. Rather than buying some orange faux leather I have chosen to paint some old black faux leather. The process was done by using primer for the base, followed by 3 coats of orange acrylic paint.

More progress. Unfortunately there aren’t any good quality photos of the Onion Knight. Because of this I am having to guess how the hands look. I am pretty sure they are Lego man hands lol.
I have opted to use wire for the arms as they are too thin to just use polyester filling. They need to be able to support a small sword. It probably only needs a bit more plumping out, then I can move on to the pattern.

I have taken a break from the other Lulu bits to get started on Lulu’s Ultimate weapon, the Onion Knight. I have only made one plushie before, but I feel more comfortable by getting the shape and proportions first by sewing together Polyester stuffing. I will then create a pattern from this shape.

I remade these. Wasn’t really happy with my first attempt. I am such a fimo clutz.

Keep thinking I have made enough belts but it’s never enough....my aim was to get this costume finished by the end of October. There is still time...

All I have left to do with this is figure out a way to hold it up better and trim the excess thread from the embroidered sleeves. I had to hand sew most of the fur to attach it.

Made using Fimo clay and beads. Actually got a cookie cutter to shape the purple beads. I couldn’t help but choose the glitter option of clay. Probably not appropriate, but I am such a hidden glitter queen.

I am planning to make a crinoline to give the belts some much needed support. Currently attaching each belt to fabric.

All nearly done now. Just finishing the bottom edges.

I think I have given myself a lot of work to do with these, oh well! Combination of paint and Embroidery.

Just the back of the corset I made.

Chopsticks. Will probably have to attach these to the wig permanently due to the weight of them. Made using knitting needles, Fimo clay and wire. I am trying to make this costume as cheap as possible without it looking too cheap.

Ok this is incredibly skimpy, good job I am wearing a massive coat!

Make this a while back and it has just been sat in the wardrobe gathering dust, gonna start working on it again so it's ready in time for kits :)

Managed to get these done in a couple of hours, I already bought the top and will be altering it

No I will not buy an el panel, used el tape instead and no I will not buy proper plastic, I will make it using a 50p bottle of pop :) level:cosplay cheapskate

Earpiece made using poundland headphones, scraps of thermoplastic, el wiring, wire and plastic tubing

Got the hat, just need to add a chain ;)

Playing with fibre optic hair extensions and a blue wig, still needs a fringe cutting in :)

Bit more work on the paint and extras on the armour

Well just about, still need a buckle

Playing with more el wiring while the rest of you enjoy expo :)

Using el wire and painted blue plastic tubing, concealing battery pack within the worblas

Using worblas finest art for the first time and playing with LED lighting and tubing :)

So I customised some boots, still a WIP obviously but you get the idea :)

this is the helmet (or codpiece) making this out of paperclay, need more....paperclay

got the wig through the post, good quality for £10 ;D

just spent the entire day handsewing individual feathers onto a fur trim, most girls my age would probably use that tie to paint their nails or go out drinking. I will catch up on that next week...

beautiful wig I ordered from china, love the quality and style of this and so cheap for what you get. will do a very minimal amount of styling on the day =)

almost finished, just have to find a decient material to drape from the backpiece. I am soo tempted to use duchess satin, just because the artwork I am referencing the material doesn't look translucent. hmmm decisions, decisions ;P

I sanded down an old guitar and made this, painted, varnished and covered in accessories. =) It will be heavy but least it looks pretty! discomfort is never an issue =P

black wig has arrived!! I spent abit extra for this beauty than I normally would for a wig but the price was worth the quality...also ignore the price tag, its just my 'never remove from box' geeky nature coming out. hopefully I will get over my ocd by expo ;D

Just to prove I am not twidling my thumbs...

so I have paid £13 so far in making Edeas backpiece (I know cheapskate) I guess the only decient thing I learnt whilst doing a fine art degree at uni was using cheap materials to create something convincing....other than that I work at sainsburys...but yeh! pieced together with abit of wood, foam and plenty of varnish. Just call me an alchemist...or something

I made this a week back using only found materials in the house (ok I was being a cheapskate) had some buckram left from previous projects, I also have an unusual amount of different types of red and black material all over the house so it was easy to piece together. next step...guitar.

also ignore the sainsburys uniform, I work so much I have little time to pose infront of mirrors, so I fit it in before work lol

so far I have done the main robe part of the costume, its just adding all the extras such as arm and leg armour or whatever you want to call it. I made the robe extra tight at the top to get Kasumis all impressive cleevage. As for some reason I have got it into my head that this is the most important part XD, Image to be uploaded shortly!

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