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Ugh I keep adding new cosplays to the list all the time, really bad habit. I WILL get on with it and do them all at some point or another.

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Spent today drawing out a template for Jak's chest plate armour. Had to make sure my plan was going to fit together properly before I started making it out of Worbla so I made it in craft foam first. It also helped to check that all the interlocking and overlapping pieces were going to fit together properly and help me see if I needed to make any changes, which I do in a couple places. There's also the reference I used. I swear that damn armour looks different in every single picture I could find, its infuriating to a perfectionist like me So I've just gone with the general theme that seems to run through each picture. It also doesn't help that a huge portion of it is covered up by the ring and straps. Sigh. Cosplay. Stresses me out.

So here's the horns finally at a stage where I like the paint finish. You can also see how I'll be attaching them to my wig, progress on that will be shown in a few days hopefully. I like how they look like some alien shrimp creatures at the moment XD
And in the background are my precursor orbs in progress. Made out of polystyrene shaped eggs, I've had to carve the tops a bit rounder so they don't look so much like eggs and more like the orbs. But I'm not sure I like the finish on them yet, they are still looking quite rough even with plenty of layers of gesso. There's a fair few blemishes and dents in them but I have had them lying around for about a year and I did buy them from the bargain bin in Hobby Craft... SO we'll see if I still use them or try something else. I'm glad I've given myself a year to work on this cosplay, I actually have the time to try lots of things and can get it all looking how I want it.

So here's the first paint try. Not sure if I like it or not, the paint dries too shiny for one, is there a matte varnish that you can put on acrylic so it isn't so shiny? its really annoying... Anyway, I also put in the ref I'm using to paint them. I'm not sticking to it 100% because they don't even look like that in game anyway so I'm gonna make them look something in between. I'm gonna keep going for now, see if I can make them look any better.

EDIT. So I've already repainted them about 3 times and its only been a couple hours since posting this. I really cant settle on a design I like... ugggggghhhhh I hate being so indecisive! Its a good job I don't need these until October XD

The clay is finished and I'm now in the process of sanding them, hopefully the photo shows the difference between the 2, the bottom one is sanded.
They shouldn't be too heavy for the wig, I have a few ideas on how I'm going to fix them on so they should be quite sturdy with what I have planned. I'll make sure to photograph my progress so you can see how I do it.

1. BOOTS. Got the base of the covers done, I used craft foam and gallons of paint. Craft foam doesn't like paint. Will be sorting out the material soon, I've just got to find where I've put it. Had a huge sort and clear out just before Christmas and its all been put away somewhere safe...
2. ARMOUR. First practice with Worbla. Takes a bit of getting used to like knowing how much heat to apply to form it. I kept heating it too much and it would keep deforming but I'm getting there.
3 and 4. HORNS. The base frame made with cardboard and started filling it in with Fimo Light Clay. Its in the name, its very light weight and air dries. Though I've just run out of it and I am going to have to use some heavy weight clay I had lying around to finish them. Still deciding how I'm gonna fix them to the wig, I've got several ideas so far....

And here's the beginnings of the new hairline I'm working on. I'm using some more of the wefts from the old wig to make it so it all matches.
I'm following this awesome tutorial I found on dA:
It's been super helpful, I couldn't have gotten this far without it.
Only problem is that its very time consuming and my patience for it is almost gone and I'm only halfway through! XD
I wanted to get it finished for the weekend just gone to go to the Birmingham MCM Expo in it but I just couldn't get it done in time. Nah well, I'll be wearing it on the Friday and Sunday night of Kitacon.

Awful photo but I'm in a rush to get to work. I just wanted to update seeing as I haven't for a good few months. Anyway, here's the progress on the gun. It looks really small in the photo, but believe me it is actually huge. pretty much to scale.

Here's a picture of the wig newly washed. see how far back the hairline goes, I hated how it did that in the previous wig as my hair underneath would always show and Axel has such a distinctive hairline I always wanted to fix it but never got round to it...
I also cannibalized the old wig into this one. I took it apart and sewed all the old wefts into this one to give the spikes a load more volume in the back as they were always so thin and flimsy.

In the top image you can see the difference already. bottom ear is the ones I made before, see how much they droop. I had that all day, its a shame I didn't realise before expo as I never tried them on for long enough to see that they drooped after a while. Nah well, as you can see the one on top is the new improved ear. With a length of wooden dowel (is that even the right word =_=) inside along the top ridge of the ear. Much much better .
Middle photo is to see them at a different angle and the bottom photo is one finished (not painted) and one in progress.

The wigs arrived today! : D My Wanda wig and my boyfriends Cosmo wig.
So happy, I was worried they might not turn up in time.

Just a photo to show you the clay I use to get such a nice finish on the armour and what it looks like before I sand it.

Got all the cardboard done for this, finally! Darn work stealing all my time. Been at work almost non stop for the last 7 days. Finally got a day off tomorrow to spend catching up on all the cosplay that needs doing. I'm so behind now I'm not really sure I'm going to get everything done in time now :/ Just under a month to go and I've still got way too much to do. Gonna make the most of this day off as I dont know when I'll have another one.
Keep on truckin!

Still needs alot of work as the hair just doesnt seem to stay where I want it, no matter how long I leave it hanging upside down to dry when I check it just sags almost back to the way it was. Rather annoying but I'll get there, I've styled Axel wigs for crying out loud! They were supposed to be dificult! XD

The wig arrived the other day and today I've started dying it. Once I've got the majority of that done I'm going to start styling it and cutting most of the hair off as its a bit too long at the moment.

Dont mind the wig head, I got bored XD

Woohoo, started on the ears! I was getting tired of the armour and needed something else to work on for a while because I wasn't putting the effort into the armour.
So anyways, heres Jaks ears. They are so huge, you cant tell from the photo but they look huge on me! XD But once I get my wig sorted they shouldn't look so big as the hair itself will stand up quite a bit.
The masking tape is temporary until I start glueing them. Just stuck them together for a bit to make sure they look alright.

One down, one to go. These took a while as I had to figure out how to make them work as from what I can see from the Jak 3 Model Viewer, In Game, it is basically 4 seperate pieces all somehow joined together. In the end I made it so it was 4 seperate pieces each overlapping the one below. If that makes any sense! :P Had to get the glue gun out for these as the masking tape wasn't holding up very well.

I'll be able to make them look more rounded and pretty once I get to the claying stage. I hate how rough they look this early on, but I know they'll look alright when I finally finish.

Got the shoulder armour templates finished. Didn't take as long as I thought it would which is good. Means I might actually get this finished in time! XD
Once I've got all the templates done its onto the paper mache and clay! woop! Still alot to do...

Right, onto the arm pieces next.

Raided Hobby Craft's Sale for various things.
Craft foam for ears and various other little details.
Felt material for the undersides of the armour for when I need to attach it to the rest of the costume.
Polystyrene ring for the metal ring on Jaks chest, can't believe I actually found something perfect for it. Was worried I'd have to try and make one from scratch!
Red material for Jak's scarf/shawl thingy.

Once I'd finally found some trousers I could use for this cosplay, I decided to take a picture of them with the shoes. But it seems my feet have grown since I wore the shoes last and now I cant wear them for longer than 5 minutes before my feet are killing me. Sad times. So I get the feeling I'm gonna have to sell them and figure out some other plan for his shoes...
I don't want to have to buy another pair of shoes to modify. :(

Finally finished one of them. Though when its dry I may do another layer. We'll see. Looks really weird now XD Can't wait to start painting them! But I may need to put a little of the clay I use on all my other weapons on them, so I can sand them down and smooth them out. 'Cause if I painted straight after the paper mache was dry they'd look all lumpy and icky, dont want that >.<

Now to do the Paper mache. Messy times ahead!

Have added the first 2 spikes onto one of the frisbees. 6 more to go! Took a few attempts to get them looking right. They look a bit of a mess at the moment but once they are finished, you wont even know that they are just added cardboard! XD

Bought the frisbees I need today. Going to start work on them tonight.

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