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Costume is complete aside from two things! I still need to make my corset, and buy my wig, then I'll have everything :)

I had a potential dress lined up, not the same as the one in the episode because I can't find that, but a very good alternative (the sleeves were longer, but that was easy to fix). But the site didn't have the size that I needed, but said to call in stores to check their stock.

Plucking up the courage, I finally did that give minutes ago, and was told that this item was a last season one, it was in the sale and they literally JUST sent all their remaining stock of it to storage.

There will be a OUAT con next year. Gives me an awesome 13 months to get Red ready xD

Me and my mum have spent a good portion of the evening discussing how best to go about this dress. I want to use a base of a dress I already have and cover it in blue muslin that I found, but my mum reckons I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill and that I should just make a dress from scratch. But the material is too thin to do that, so we're seeing what we can do. I'm going out shopping for the material on Friday, and my mum unstitched a sash on the dress that I didn't need anymore, so I feel like we've made a real start on things. Just need to work out how much material I need. It's stressing me out a little, especially only having two weeks to do it all, but I'm hoping I'll get it finished in time.

My skirt for this outfit isn't going to be identical, but I've decided since it's just a simple black/dark denim skirt, my Rachel Berry one will suffice. I just ordered my hoodie, and still need to look around for the cheapest converse I can get. Also having trouble finding tights the colour I want.

My hair? Well... it's red, not the correct shade, but I only just dyed it, so I don't want to be changing it just yet, and I hate wigs (My Ginny one put me off them for life).

A so-called friend made lewd comments about things he wanted to do to me if I wore this costume has meant that for the time being, I don't plan on completing it. Which is a shame, as it was so close to being complete. I just don't have the heart for it anymore.

First day of trying to make a start on this shirt has come up as a false start. I am not brilliant at making my own clothes, so in finding a shirt that looked 90% similar to Hatter's, I found it was out of stock, and emailed the company to find out exactly when it would be back in stock. I got a rather snotty email back stating that it never would be. Looking around online I found a few shirts that will do the job just as well, I just have to lower my expectations a little before I make a final decision.

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