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I have A LOT of different cosplays on my list which i hope to do all of some day, but as soon as i get a good idea another one goes on =3
Silly Jake will have to many cosplays to do soon xD

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Yeah so as much as i hate working with wigs the one i tried playing with failed............NATURAL ALL THE WAY :D

The material to do the coat and under coat has been collected which is triple Royal Velvet..........My wallet is crying but hey.
So i am starting with the sleeves because i want to start embroiding the pattern around the cuff of Lezards jacket.

Thats more or less it until i am done sewing............hours of fun

After a night of sleep i have finally figured out most of the pieces and how they will go together. The detail will be a nightmare, but at the same time totally worth it.
The wings will be all experimental but thinking of making a chest harness to secure the wings too. Thats the only part i am worried about. The rest is a matter of will power, and ive done full sized cosplays before it will be fine.

Lets talk custom chest, I am going to be taking an interesting method here because i am going to use cheap materials to get there. Starting with my favorite coke bottle method which i will use by lopping both ends of a 2ltr bottle and then slicing down the middle to get a plastic sheet, do that to many sheets and using a friend i can start getting a chest shape around me. Then a layer of craft foam under to keep me in some comfort, Then i will choose how many layers then depending on size and strength.

Well its been a good year or half year since i worked on any part of Wylfred. And i will continue taking forever with him because he is something i am working on at the side.

But originally i did have some rather cheap armour made from Buckram, As much as i love the stuff its just too light and easy. So i am going to go back to the foam technique with Mache. And see how it turns out then.

Eventually after i have done the armour pieces i can eventually work on swords and the rest of the materials. Including the orange armour.......which will be material based because i found this excellent material with just the right pattern on the armour.

So ill give it until ive finished Zelos and Irvine before i start this.

in most recent progress i have now got a body suit under mokujin now that acts like the joints :D

I have forgotten the torso chains which are a quick fit and also just widening a leg but all in all. Its done

I have found the music i want for if i was to go onto the masq in this cosplay :D


The cosplay has now arrived for xmas :D which i am so happy about :D
Now all i need to do is have a hair cut, have a shave, and then cut myself when shaving and im all done.......ohhh and spray my gun black :D

At this current time i am taking a lot of time to study the tattoos.
Since there isnt many large scale reference photos i am doing my best.

I can get most tattoos covered except the one lurking behind his jacket which i can find nothing for, so best just leave it because its best to leave the whole thing instead of having half of it.

May take some time getting all tattoos done accurately but i has plans :P

Well i really have two choices when it comes to making an upper build as big as Blanka's

1. Find one of those children costumes with the fake muscles and rip that apart and use it some how, failing that make an upper later with Foam chest under it that ill make myself. (one id prefer)

2. Chicken wire...........hard to move in and painful if not made properly (knows by exp)

Well the sample came through and it is red :



anyway now that i have the right fur ordering it and should be a few weeks and i can start on the main body :D

Tis the season to be.............Screw it xD

Anyway update on the cosplay, i have asked Arkayen if she could send some fur samples for RedXIII because the supply in bournemouth is just horrid..... xDD

So thats going to take some time and yah, then i can start work on the head when ive picked the right fur xDD

Well this morning i got up and had a piece of toast...Then i brushed my teeth xD
Then i got bored around 8PM and started to work on RedXIII

There was some left over cardboard from the packages my family has ordered from amazon for Xmas presents so i stole that and started to manufacture a head for RedXIII..........Though......i have no fur..........But thats not important right now. As long as i get the shape right and what im aiming for to look ok :D well........im sure will be ok...............

Embarrasing photo of doom now

Firstly F*CK.........Reference pic that i put up well........i forgot to set it as reference.....

Anyway, how the costume is going to work (with the worse drawing ever)
The plan is not for me to be in one big Furry suit.
Its going to well.......imagine i skinned red13 and was wearing his fur on my back plus it covering the outsides of my arms and legs....
In the picture there is black shaded-ness that is going to be bare skin that will have orange body paint.
And for the head it will be attached to the fur, but will be cut off for the bottom half of the jaw to make room for my own.

Everyone has one of those creative cosplays...might as well give it a shot xD


*sigh* you would expect me to have a lot of time to make this cosplay but unfortunatly i dont, So im resorting to buying the main part of the cosplay which is the tuxedo and then mod what i can, then to do all the props, which should eat less time. but i just feel a bit meh about it, Anyone know what i mean???

Need to find a few more items before working on them completely like i need glass and more while craft foam, im going to make proper Glasses if it kills me xD


ouch my leg

Well Yesterday i started to make the Hat for Tuxedo mask out of..........a smaller hat.
At the moment it is tall enough though it looks out of proportion with the rim so that is the next part.........then to cover it in a black material and then presto the hat is done...........its just finding the time and money........and right before expo as well xD

Well as i said in the info section since there are so many Sailors floating about, why not be Tuxedo Mask :D i've always wanted to cosplay him so why not while everyone else has the same theme xDD
Anyway ill start making the basic items after october expo 08, just to keep me entertained. Such items being the extendo Stick and the cool Shades ;) xD
And hopefully after new year ill start working on the full costume :D and work it from there :D

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