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I started to cosplay in 2008, attending my first convention in May of that year.

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So the other day I found some teal fabric. Which is fantastic as last time I tried to make Bethany I had a lot of trouble trying to find some. I already tried to change the detailing on the old fabric, however now I have something better to work with I am now removing this detailing and sewing it onto the new fabric. Lots of gold ribbon to sew, but once done there shouldn't be much more to do, other than the new skirt, a new top half, shoulder pads and corset. Should hopefully not take too long to do. :) Glad I am finally just getting down to it now. :)

Right well I have buttons for this so far, and tonight I have just purchased some black and white fur ready to create the tail for this. Might pop to my local Range shop and purchase some yellow felt to do the ears and paw prints soon....but for now I am just going to do what I have....oh and maybe start on how I'm going to do the mask. :) See what the best way to do that is...then once I've done the little bits, focus on the main coat. :) Looking forward to making this! :D

Well MCM has come and gone. Shame I didn't get any pictures of Garcia at the convention, however she did make a small face appearance in a video. Hoping to do a shoot soon with her so I can get some pictures to put up here. Maybe next time I'll have a fluffy pen with me. :3

But it was good being her Saturday either way. :)

Wig arrived today! :D So happy! It looks so pretty! Also my yellow bangle arrived too for her costume! :D Just waiting for my money to go in on Monday next week and then I'm ordering the material and shoes! :D So excited. Also think I may need to invest in some new glasses too for her! :D Will do a wig test one day this week. :3 But so happy! :D YAY!

Purchased the wig, ready to style and sort out...Hopefully get a tie, and make my own Weird Sister T-shirt!! :D Looking forward to doing this and having it ready for my Birthday next month. Haven't done a Harry Potter cosplay yet...so this should be fun! :D

Ok so I have now purchased the wig, and the material is in my basket on ebay. :) The seller keeps relisting it so I'm ok to leave it for a while, as I don't really have the money for another 2 weeks. But the wig was VERY important/ :3 So happy!! Can't wait to start putting her together! :D

Well after deciding I am most likely going to be doing this cosplay for May Expo I looked around on ebay for material so I could try and make the dress....and success! :D So happy. I also found a prefect wig...so I am going to purchase and start making her in the next month or so. :3 Looking really forward to it...Just have to find shoes, and a cardigan..and make the ID tag for her. :D So excited!

Right well it's Thursday, so two days before I will be at the expo, and I have been working on Harley almost non-stop. Apart from....2 hours today to just eat and stop sewing. I have been working on her since yestaday morning, and I have got the main part of the top of her suit, and one leg, almost two sewn together. All that is needed will be the sleeves, and I will sew the gloves onto the sleeves. :D Then the headpiece and white cuffs and neck piece. See they shouldn't take too long, just sewing and cutting. It's taking longer I guess because it's all hand-sewn. I don't mind it, but it's a nightmare. Just hoping that it will all fit me, otherwise I will be upset. I do need to fit into it you know? At least it's getting there, then hopefully I might have chance to make a prop for her other than my bang flag gun. You gotta love it! Might do a test suit up tomorrow once it's all done. Or tonight. Eek! First time I've gotten a cosplay hand-made and done before expo. Shame it will only be the one day I go :( Sad times. Anyways more sewing for me. :D

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