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Armour was made out of foam, my first time!

Needs work, but it'll do for this weekend.

Tried new make up, eye brows are a bit too heavy.

Made the cloak from a rough suede, as I have the coat but it is too hot for it.

First attempt at them, detailing is being added (I didn't want the sewing you can see being used to keep it together)
Going to add lacing up the back and then hot glue to some old boots I have. The scruff them up.

Found a linen shirt which should work for Aragorn, just sewing the details in now

And failing.

First attempt with make-up (facial hair) dear god, it is harder than I thought!

Ordered this a few days ago and it's here already, I love fast shipping <3

Contacts delivered today, and of course tried them on straight away.

There's a tiny tear on them, new ones coming soon. Hopefully by then my jewellery and headpiece will be finished

with a quick headpiece mock up!

Wondering if back combing the ends will be a good idea or not.

Just trying out the bottom of the bracers.
Are they even bracers? Idon'tknowarmour

Made the headpiece, necklace and earrings today. Shame I couldn't get big enough red gems :( But this can be something I replace later on!

Yup, dress, need to add sleeves and other pieces. Will not be wearing my very classy bra for this :P

Here's the wig for her, it's a bit redder than I would have liked, but still gorgeous!
Just need to style it now, eep!

Just been fixing my eye patch, got new chain attached. And by looking at the new reference pictures, I see she only has the chain attached to 2 bits, and it goes around her head. So I wont be attaching it to the wig this time :( So I attached a clasp to the chain :D

The back design! Well, this took fucking ages! I was originally using the faint leftover design from the first time, then realised how bad it looked, until I came across some amazing reference pictures and managed to make templates, and now it looks amazing! Just need to neaten up the edges.
Bought a new wig last year for Princess Luna, and from the above mentioned references, I've found out that her hair isn't cut in a short bob, but actually pulled up into those pigtails, not sure it this is bad or good right now! I suppose it saves on cutting it :/

Look at this wig! Gorgeous, not I just have to find a similar on on ebay for cheaper :P

SO I've been redoing the sleeve ruffle thing, as I didn't like the way it was last time. But I think the problem is that I've picked out a lightweight fabric, and it just doesn't sit right and I just done have enough money to buy new fabric :(
Anyway, this is just the fabric pinned in place so far, haven't ironed it yet, so it might look better after that.

Please ignore the alcohol, it's not all mine....I swear!

So my headpiece broke :( So I think I'm going to just remake it!, I now have geta, yas! paint the back. sort out the collar bit.

I really enjoyed wearing this! Think next time it will be at a con though, as it is difficult to walk around in it.
Got to add the purple fabric and suckers on the tentacles, and stuff them even more, prehaps add a metal frame, so some of them have a wiggly underwater feel.

Find out a week or so ago that there was to be a Disney meet in Edinburgh, No where near started on Ursula! But what the hell!
Finished making the tentacles and I already want to re-make them, they aren't how I want at all!
So the next version shall have better tentacles, more stuffed, with the purple ness and sucky thingys...

Please ignore body and hair. Just trying to get the colours right, Need to make it light and not such a vibrant blue!

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