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I've been cosplaying since the age of 13 (first did Simca) and I've been attending MCM Expo since then. I got into cosplay via my love of anime & manga (and dressing up :P).

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My wig arrived from coscraft today. It is extremely thick!! Took ages just to shorten, let alone style. Still in the process of sorting out the ends, one side annoying is a little bit short than the other :< But I need to find a better table to style it on as this wig is very long, so wig head keeps falling over...The picture on the left shows the original length

So technically I finished the shirt today (praise ASDA 2-pack of 15-16 yr old school shirts). However it is rather roomy at the back so I need to sew in a dart/2 darts so it fits better, but apart from that I finished whooo. Also almost done with the skirt too, just got to re-iron in the pleats as I had to re-hem it. Then paint on the rest of the gold pattern!

The biggest challenge still remains however; the boots. But I'll leave those for after I finish lectures (and get more glue gun sticks)

Argh these headphones! So I was meant to be at Lucy's helping her sew the LOTR costumes but I am sick atm so I'm going tomorrow. But maybe it was sign. A good sign! Because the feathers arrived today and testing them out I realised that they weren't going to work! So I spent 2 therapeutic hours rolling out air dough for the feathers instead. I'll leave that to dry for the 2 days I'm at lucys then paint them JUST IN TIME for expo! Whoop whoop. Still need to get some shoes. I have back up shoes but they're not 100% white so I'm off to Primark to get some shoes! Will post a quick pic wednesday night/thursday morning of the whole finished outfit. I just hope they survive the train journey over to Lucy's for the coach journey up to london on fri! So excited for expo whoo!!

Wah so close to finishing it now! Just need to finish sewing the bow (I'm now adding 3 tiers to hang below it in a sort of very short trail), get shoes and get some feathers to do the headphones with. Went to poundland and got 6 superglues for a £1. KACHING! My petticoat and knee highs arrived, just got to wait for gloves. So excited ahhh! And yes the headphones light up, but this'll only be useful when it gets darker really.
p.s. sorry the photo is crappy quality I took it on my mobile camera which seems to need 10000 lights just not to turn out all noisy D:

I did a quick makeup test. The lashes I were originally going to wear aren't 'shoujo' enough for Rin so I'm wearing some younger/girlier ones instead which I thought would look OTT but they look good with the wig. I found a nice foundation too. A home bought one which is a surprise because if it's not Korean any pale colour is usually orange. I went for the Rimmel matching mousse/gel one and I am happy to say that in the palest colour it isn't orange yay! I bought it as BB creme prices have gone up now that they are popular so even though the foundation has no benefits it has better coverage than any BB creme which is all I need for cosplay. I put on some brown eyeshadow and black liquid eye liner (I used to shun it but now I know it's the darkest eyeliner you can get). Still trying to work out how to make my brows just that bit paler.

Tried wig styling today. I went nice and slow so I didn't make any mistakes. By the end of it I'd perfected cutting hair that points/slopes in one direction. Rin's hair is different in magnet. The ends are longer and slightly curled whilst she doesn't have her fringe side swept secured with pins. The only official artwork of the white magnet is them side on so I only know what 50% of the fringe looks like. Also I only know what 40% of the dress looks like, which is why you'll see white magnet cosplays varying so very greatly. I tried hot water then cold followed by hairspray for the curls so I'll have to wait till morning to see what they'll turn out like! I get a feeling the water wasn't hot enough, but we'll see.

Whoo I finally finished the dress. Now it's not the most...normal looking dress; this is my first major sewing project and with it's 8 pieced bodice it wasn't the easiest thing to do as the hardest part was the fact that if you didn't cut & hem each piece accurately the whole bodice changed, so at the back of the dress the two halves do not line up evenly (they do at the top but not as you go down the back of the dress). Luckily I will have a massive bow covering that part otherwise I would have been more precise when sewing. It's not perfect, but it will definately do. I'm proud to have finally finished something and my sewing skills are pretty honed (along with my stash of white thread, needles and machine needles I now have collected!). Now all that's left is to style my wig (my wighead arrived yay), order the petticoat to poof out the skirt & order white knee highs + get some shoes and lace gloves!

I've had two set backs now. I actually finished the dress last weekend, however it was too small. Like an inch too small or something round the back. So I had to unpick two of the panels on the bodice and I made them 2 inches larger. This involved cutting them out again + interfacting and then ironing them and hemming them then re-attaching them. Argh. Also had to resew the lace + ribbon onto those parts. I managed to do this all today but I managed to break two needles by the time I got 1/6 way down the zip :< I can't go out and buy more as the haberdashery is shut I went there earlier today. I've ordered more needles but it means I'll have to finish the dress next weekend on sunday. Oh well it's good sewing practice that's for sure! I hope it looks nice/fits when it's done. I'm so close yet so far to finishing this dress. There is some good news though. My wig arrived and it very nice! I'm just waiting for a wighead to arrive so I can loosely curl the bottom and style the fringe. I look so weird with blond hair xD I'm also just slowly making the headphones. I am making a pair for my friend who's doing Rin with me so it's taking longer but the first pair of headphones is coming along nicely!

Yay the dress is almost done. It has taken so long! That's mainly due to trial and error but it would still have taken almost as long. It has certainly be a great learning experience for my sewing. Next time I know not to pick something where the top part is made up of 8 different odly shaped parts. The hardest part was sewing the tiny hem allowance with stretchy/moving material! That has taken me about 4 days. The actual dress only took about 2-3 hours to sew all together, including the hem. Cost wise it is hard to tell how much is has cost overall. I have to order a new zip which cost a few quid and then I still have 2M atleast of spare material meaning I could've cut £10. Overall I think it will cost £45, which is great for your own hand tailored cosplay! And this is including the gloves and all the crafty stuff I need for the headphones too along with wig & petticoat. The costume + props is around £33 and the wig £12. So yeah...just gotta get a zip which won't arrive until I'm back at school D: But I'm glad to get the bulk of this done before school has started as I know I just wouldn't have the time! I'll definately be sewing all my cosplays in holidays now.

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