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Main body of dress made need to sew the lining and dress together then it's just detail :')

I am not a crafty person. At all. I'm too afraid to mess up. But Manchester Expo looms and inhibitions must be swept away like the shells on Destiny Islands shores! I actually lucked out with this one I was panicked at the idea of buying craft things and was about to take a risk with cutting delivery close on etsy when a mysterious block of fimo appeared. Why can't everything be this simple?
Let's hope the rest is so. I want to get the skirt finished and final accessory materials bought by the end of the week.

...A very rough percentage. What I actually mean is it's all complete save for the cape, the new sewing machine is working like a dream and I'm not as behind schedule as I worried!
I've just finished the breeches. Originally I had planned for them to have pockets but that proved a little too fiddly for me in a panicked con-in-a-fortnight state, but I think I get the idea of them nontheless so that's a sort-of experience?
I digress, I'm excited for Midlands now instead of just worried. I'm pretty happy with with how the breeches turned out and though there's one or two parts that have gone a little wrong, such as the seam placements when worn, the fact the waist band is a little spacey yet the trouser hems hug my chunky calves, they're comfy and better than I expected myself to achieve.

...Oh! I also acquired 'Sting' from Toys 'R Us 'with realistic battle sounds' - shwingggg :'D

Well I was supposed to start off easy and work my way into it but of course with my terrible sewing machine nothing is ever easy and doing the simple task of getting the most basic waistcoat done was hours of crying and trying not to break things. *sigh* This makes the fact I've made the breeches already in the past even more upsetting but alas we press on! Can you tell that's the part I am most dreading?
The waistcoat still needs buttons and button holes but I wanted to show some progress anyway even if it's the most boring.... I'll also probably do a journal concerning the hobbit ears (which arrived this morning!) when I have some spirit gum.
I'm still waiting on a couple of things (Lorien brooch, binder cape material and cape pattern) but once the buttons are bought I'll mostly have everything under the cape so it was worth making a journal I guess?

Popsimgirl tells me she has some green and black materials going spare. Challenge is to make the waistcoat and bow for Kita, should also pick up some thigh-highs if I can x.x

I'll be using my old Klavier wig as it's too late to get a new one. I've used it for test shots so it should be OK!

As I want to concentrate my money on energy onto sewing, steering away from crossplay and such I probably won't have much opportunity to work on this or wear this thanks to Hannah, especially as I want to wear her with Claude. I don't know how long it'll be until I come back to this either so it's going on hold.

Handsewn the top, just need to buy the slip on shoes. I also have a gold sash to go round the middle of the top, may add a gold trim instead but I would like the sash to be long. Frogs missing from pic.

This is now the cosplay for this weekend's Midlands Expo, I am excited but nervous, how cold will I be? I don't have nearly as much makeup as I wanted, I guess I will just look like a battered, brunette Heather. :P I have everything but the sweatbands and a prop, the items I have arent perfect by any means (hoodless jacket, blueish skirt and boots are the ones I used for Romano) but they are almost there and they look good together.

The make-up I am using will be white foundation and powder with various eye and lip liners for veins and eyeshadows for dark areas, undecided on bringing homemade syrup-blood. Roll on Saturday!

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