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I got started in cosplay through Pete mentioning MCM Expo in autumn 2009 and suggesting we give it a go. I havn't missed one since and now our childhood friend Matt joins us :D Our dynamic of two-guys-one-girls provides us with many opportunities and the differences between us aesthetically helps in this sense too

The things I enjoy most about cosplaying is learning crafting techniques, working out how to translate fiction into real life and the feeling of walking round as a character. People’s reactions never get old, in and out of the convention! I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet fans of the shows/games etc I love

Proudest moments: the feedback on the chain scythes Matt and I made for our Soul Eater duo, comments on my Yuffie armour and my Faye costume

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For now..still wanna add the strap later and other details

Really chuffed with this! At the mo I'm also doing lots of layers of pink for the 2 stripes at the top of the rifle.

That's me! I love these things and I'm using them for the scope. The biggest scope is the lid from an old Crayola Acrylic Paint set. Just need the larger eye painted green and the smaller red with a black outline.

This is how its looking now! Tapers are getting another layer of Gesso and I will be getting pink paint and a dog lead for the strap

Just need a few layers of Gesso then they're ready for painting

After much debate and a chat with my mum on if we can use the funnels for the tapers, we only ended up using one as it was so hard to cut and then modify accordingly. So I paper mache'd around the other two (pictured). The yellow diagram Pete (Kamina) drew out should explain what the funnel shape is for. They have x5 layers so hopefully it'll be strong enough. The scope is PVC pipe (cut from same as the main pipe section of the rifle)and x2 custom made wooden pieces from the same wood as the gun and butt (lool) of the rifle

Where I'm currrently at, probs 50%. Not sure if I'll take to Expo or not yet ;_;

EDIT: At 75% now, think I'm gonna make it :D

So I have been working away on my rifle like crazy to get it done for Expo. I'm not going to have time to add bulk to the 'handgun' section unfortunately but I think it looks alright as it is.

Did some more cutting for my rifle today :D Should have the main body all cut out tomorrow

Threaded the painted beads on to my top. The red leached onto them a bit but I kinda like the worn look

Started cutting the wood and the pipe for my rifle today with mah bro - and got Dad to help for the last bit so thanks very much to him. He also found some thin wood for me in the loft that will be used for the triangle linking the butt (lool) to the main barrel.

Here's my lenses - covering myself because no make up. I know the pic looks shoop da woop but it does show 'em accurately in natural light I think

A bit more wip of my rifle in the planning stages - many thanks to Pete for his help ^-^ The triangle next to the butt (is that what its called? xD) will be made out of cardboard whilst everything else under the main pipe will be the wood that the pattern is ontop of

..I'm starting on my rifle today~ Here it is in the planning stage. Pipe and wood already owned; the latter is heavy but I'd rather it be bottom heavy than top as the pipe is light as!

This is what I ordered yesterday, hopefully they fit ok/nicely and show up!

Finally went fabric shopping today with my bro - went too late in the day last week at the market and the stall had already packed up :/ He had the simple task of just getting the dark blue for Jin's top whilst I had it trickier with the various pinks for my kimono; top left is for the kimono itself, the hot pink on the right is for the bow and the remaining claret is for the collar and obi. Like other Fuu & Jin cosplayers I think we're both going to 'fake' an undershirt with a bit of white that I'm sure we have already have

Well here we go then - first progress pic of the beginnings of making this costume. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of what to use for the hairsticks and doing lots of googling but not really finding anything I'm 100% happy with. But then I was making lunch earlier trying to find some spices and I came across a pack of kebab skewers and a metaphorical lightbulb went off. I've never thought she has chopsticks in her hair as they look far too thin for that, but seeing as she uaed to be a waitress this seems to make sense to me! I might try to mod the top to make them more arrow shaped but otherwise I just need to paint the skewers themselves and of course the beads.

No more armband slippage hopefully

sorry it looks like it was taken on a toaster!

Idk how much of a difference it makes in comparison to the makeshift ones from socks..looking at the art of her, they're not meant to be tight so I guess that's my answer

Now onto the ankle ones 0_o EDIT: Left one down, right to go!

Quite fiddly threading the leis alternately and it took a few goes to get it right. Even so I would have liked more flowers on the inside of my wrist but it isn't really possible

s orry about the loose threads OTL

I'll try to make it out of the array of leis I have but if it doesn't work then I'll buy a costume one

One is neater than the other idk do I need to re-do it?

Since yesterday I have been tidying up the split edges of my gloves and it's doing my head (and fingers) in. Looking forward to styling my wig tomorrow for a change of scenery

So this is my wig research which I'm really undecided on. Even though it's the worst quality of them all, I do actually like the middle one on the bottom row but I doubt it would look that good in person.

Not gonna rush this to avoid being unhappy with how it looks

Red is all finished! Now to figure out the yellow details. Bonus: my cheeky apron

After an initial rocky start to the day I'm now feeling a lot better and have completed one of the bikini cups save for the yellow details. Now to begin on the other

Managed to start sewing the red down on the bikini today but my poor dexterity atm held me back from carrying on to finish it :< Plus I couldn't try more tonight as I have horrible side effects from medication. Let's hope luck is more on my side tomorrow

Lil peek of rough chalking including yellow details

Couldn't sleep last night because of anxiety as well as having the Ponyo theme stuck in my head (you think I'm joking I am not) and was [over]thinking wig stuff. I'm gonna give my current one a bit of TLC with this tutorial:

http://deadandbornandgrown.tumblr.com/post/50976862781/rosenview-how-to-take-your-wig-from-gross-to]this tutorial. If I feel it really isn't right then I will buy the one I've been planning to.

Due to personal reasons I also have to rest up for the next few days so I can't be doing lots of drastic work on Yuuf :( May get mammy or my bro to help

Just pinned at the mo as I wanna try it out when I get my new wig for any adjustments

So this is the result after a 6 hour soak and leaving outside for 2 nights; I thought the dew that sets in evenings/mornings might help in someway. So I've now got the other glove in!

EDIT: Checked it after 6 hours, decided it needed more time soaking. I'll probably hang it out over a few nights as before

It has begun ○_● Just with one glove atm as a test; there's about 8 old tea bags in there! Going to check on it in x2 hours time, if I feel it needs more steeping I will leave for a further couple of hours.

EDIT: Left it for about 6 hours in the end, now drip-drying outside. Havn't rinsed it out as some tutorials suggest because I don't want the shade to seep out plus it's going to rain on Sunday anyway xD Which should help the process what with the chemicals in rain~

By far the easiest task, cut a little hole in an old pair of tights c:

x1 bangle is done (2 hr 30 drying time in total in which I had to keep the pressure on -.- & it took a bit longer since I messed up a bit on one of them so had to re-glue). Glad I didn't paint all six of the other googly eyes as I ended up only needing five after much deliberation on how many to use and spacing etc. I've done the first coat of paint on the other four and begun priming* my zip pulls; trying to do a Withnail..MAKING TIME xD

* 3 layers so far~

Doing a practise of fabric gluing a googly eye to the same fabric I used for my bangles. I've set it in a round shape to mimick when I do it fo' real with the painted ones.

So fiddly (oww my hand) but I honestly didn't think it would come out that well. Just gotta do the other cup then sew them both down ¤_¤


Still need to finish sewing the black down then I need to do the flames and make the strings black and red in the respective places
Ended up going for a bit of 'underboob' here..

Both pretty much the same; I did this one, my mum did the other. My first time using our sewing machine! Just need to glue them together/sew some velcro squares down

Before pinning the main part down; the flames have also been chalked onto the red fabric

Ready to be chalked on my red fabric, cut out and sewn on to an old bikini of mine once the black is also on said bikini.

It is worth noting that I went by the character reference sheet as the design in the anime seems to change :/

Not sure whether to use the smaller or bigger ones for the bracelets...in the character sheet they seem medium sized

EDIT: Going with the smaller ones - thank you Simon..our Kamina was all "OMG JUST DECIDE" :|

Ready to be covered in stretchy black fabric on Mon. Tomorrow/Sunday I'm thinking of getting the googly eyes painted in prep for the bangles

EDIT: I had a last-minute gig booking on Monday so this is now happening tomorrow (9th), fingers x'd

My armor has been through it a bit what with Expo and Hyper Japan so I gave it some TLC via paint c:

The green was too light for the material so I'm trying to get them to match

Might change the top section but otherwise they're ready for gaps to be cut out and then good to prime+paint

Tidied up my mock patterns by properly measuring and straightening the edges of them. Next weekend (?) I'll begin constructing them ^^

EDIT: After researching in-depth, I now know how to do these :D They will be worn on/over the gloves as the gloves come down to my wrist which is where the bangles have to sit

This is a detail that didn't come with my boots that I want to add. Might also paint the 'teeth' silver to match the zip

The right hand is obv the same but atm without the masking for the hole. I went with not making them too 'fingerless' to keep me a bit warmer when I'm outside.

The beginning of hand-studing my belt - props to my mum for helping me shorten it <3
Excuse the crappy pic, wouldn't let me upload the better one OTL

My other update from today is that my Kamina (1337Pete) kindly scaled up each individual piece of the rifle in accordance with the Expo rules. Luckily I already have the right size pipe for the base, now its just the case of gathering the other bits!

Started to take the studs out from yesterdays purchase; it's very easy with a flat knife and they go through the canvas belt I'm using for Yoko fine. Only drawback I discovered today is that I need to shorten the belt otherwise the studs prevent me from putting it on if that makes sense...so the extra length has to be trimmed. My ever go-to madre seems to know how to do it without ruining it so woo!

I also tried on the shorts and omg...muffin top much :( This really motivated me to get working out at least every other day if not a bit of something everyday and to be mindful of what I eat [I'm veggie anyway so that should help]. Our Kamina is getting pretty muscley [update: he has the start of a six pack!!!] so I need to do my part as well. On the bright side I'm very happy with my wig, scarf and hairpin and think the glasses and 'sticks look cool with the ensemble ^-^

Went to buy x40 studs from a Brighton shop yesterday (not going to name any names but feel free to ask me) and it came to over £14 (!?) D: Luckily I didn't have the correct amount on me in cash so I was directed to the nearest cash point which I thanked them for but didn't go to. Sorry but when I can get x50 for £2.15...I try to support these non-Amazon businesses (ooh politics) but when theyre not competitive I'm left with no choice. Going to check at the skater shop in town to see if they have the right size and colour if not I'll give in and buy the ones online. At least the £2.25 ones are from a Sussex based seller aka fairly local for me

I also should be getting my wig, hairpin and scarf early next week, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly

EDIT: Checked in the skater shop, it seems they have switched out selling studs for alt jewelry and I managed to find a belt in a charity shop for £2.00; the studs were smaller than the ones I was looking at getting but I think it will suit the belt I'm embellishing better than drowning it out with large studs. Plus I got a better deal than I would have online (I think)

Super duper thrifty of me, this was from an old-ish shoe boutique bag! Its about half a metre and a much more accurate red than this, its the app I took this pic on that makes it this colour

its not amazing but I like it c: a little sneak peek !

Adding details to the Luce. Can't find our other desert eagle so this will have to do! I'll just say that Dante stole the Ombra off'a me xD Just need to add a little more gold to the section next to the handle and paint the handles brown & add 'Ebony' tomorrow which I'll test out beforehand with various types of glue. I think spray advesive will work the best from searching on 'this to that'. Idk whether to add the 'Luce and Ombra' wording or not :/

After so many attempts I managed to get one in! Feels pretty much fine and I love the colour transformation. Now for the right eye 0.o

Excuse my derp in some of these :<

As you do a week before Expo at ten to midnight..

so yeah this is my belt detail testing- will hot glue on tomorrow mornin'

Before I go out for my prescription >< Might switch them around as they don't match very well

The tiny squares are the prongs and the circles are rivets(?). Idk whatever is on Trish's hip on the belt are circular anyway xD

I do want to add the >-< shape in between the buckles. I have a method but I'm a lil scared to do it incase I feck it up..

Not too shabby if I do say so myself

Done by my awesome madre :D Really happy with it! Shes gonna do the left arm for me tomorrow.

Just wanted to show how theyre coming aling - I think all those coats of PVA were worth it apart from on the one shown on the right here as it hasn't come out as smooth as the other! s^*£ like this always happens to me >:c trying to sort this atm

Was going to save testing 'til my brows have been shaped but I figured its best not to leave doing it too late as i'm probably going to get them plucked/waxed either next week or the week of Expo so they're "fresh"ly done =] Currently sitting here with PVA on my brows waiting for it to dry..

I'm using this tutorial http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=152632&highlight=eyebrow+color and will try the silver enamel I have open; it might not be the right thing/too dark for my wig but this is what the test is for.

EDIT: Done with success! Initially went to use the enamel but I paniced after reading "it must be washed off immidiately with skin contact" plus I Googled it and people are usure about its toxicity, whereas this Decoart Crafter's Acrylics is defo non-toxic. I realise its quite sparkly but it should match the wig great ^^ Some of the pics are under natural light, others flash as I know people use it a fair bit at Expo. Clumsy me got a bit of soap (& probs paint) in my eye when I washed it out [with ease, I should add] but I'm pleased it works. Sorry theyre ridic thick I'm aware its trampy of me !

Had about 10 ish layers which I started yesterday; going to test it with a bit of silver paint soon to see if its worked then I can do the inner and outer edges.

Unless I was impatient, I put a little too much on the second coat [especially on the edges]so some of it has peeled :( I just want some rigid edges, tbh, then I can think about painting >.>

Still working on my gubbins, just don't have internet access at home! Just wanted to show my latest purchase for both Trish and Faye ( I know the former has blue eyes but I didnt wanna have to switch lenses/buy more than one pair shhh). Gonna try them on soon :D

Also will be helping my bro with his Dr Strange too ^_^

Had some leftover black paint on a brush so thought I'd give it a go watered down on my shoulder guard. Idk if I like it/it made a difference or not

used Humbrol Enamel in Matt White. So far so good but I didn't realise it stains your hands a little! Was a git to get off the brush too

Think it takes 6 hours (!?) to dry >_>

Attempted to smooth the inside buckle edges with varying sandpaper roughness but it only made them worse >.> Google came to the rescue via this page http://dagorhir.com/HowTo/LatexGuards.html which explained that this can be remedied by placed waxed paper on the item and ironed over. Hey presto it works! Much better. (I should have taken a before pic but w/e I think I'm doing this journal just for my beenfit really haha). They should be ready for priming and painting now ^^

Shown also in the pic is the box I mentioned two journals back.

Just doing lots of boring (but necessary) testing at the mo; how plastazote copes being glued onto vinyl with UHU, hot glue, super glue, epoxy. Also seeing how it copes being painted on without PVA. Think I'm gonna need to prime it! & hot glue is the winner so I will go with that when I glue my buckles down. UHU also bonds vinyl and pleather excellently.

Got a rather large, elongated box leftover from the new bathroom radiator fitted today; had it leaning against the mixed recycling to be chucked when I thought "Prop!". Looking at making it with a combination of cardboard and foam (possibly expanding as I've always wanted to give it a go!). Update to follow soon

This is literally the best I'm going to get for these, and I know its not perfect in the slightest. Just really sick of doing them like I said!

Sanded/filed down after being in the freezer for about 5 days. It's not perfect but I'm happy with it! Gesso next or straight into painting? Hmm...

Does it look better another way up? :/ Also should they be thinner? Lots of Trishs tend to have fairly thin buckles...

After trying to thin them down as suggested by our Joe, I basically massacred one of them and stop before I did the same to the others trying to get them 'straight' with fabric scissors as the Stanley knife is nowhere to be found. Grrr - I really shouldn't do stuff like this when I'm tired >_<

EDIT: Just remembered I have a small amount of eva foam letover from when coscraft still stocked it...if I feel like it, I could make them once again out of that. Its probably sturdier/better to paint anyways

Rough pattern for the >-< detail on the belt. Thinking of using black pleather for this

Sorry for the terrible quality pic, CI isn't working on my phone for some reason..

Here they are placed roughly where they will be once painted and glued down.

I know its wonky on one side..but I'm kinda sick of doing these now. If the second one turns out better I'll make yet another but ugh I just wanna finish the accessories already tbch

Grr my hook and loop test failed with my choker as it dropped off before I.could fasten them >.> I now can't find said loop on the floor...

Did a test with my googly eye rivet/gem super glued onto scrap vinyl and it works. Now doing the same with the leftover hook.

Hopefully I'll be able to glue the fastenings onto the choker sucessfully which should give me confidence to do the same for the belt.

EDIT: Managed to do it! Its quite fragile and I think the loop needs more glue but hey..very chuffed!

Not sure whether to go for the larger or smaller one? The former overlaps a little whilst the latter snugly fits with a little of the belt showing at the top and bottom.

Rivets/gems arn't in the straightest of semblance but the super glue with the tinyness made me nervous of bonding my fingers together :(

I didn't quite cut the edge off but it doesn't quite reach the edges...unsure if this matters or not :s

I've painted my googly eyes (x6) and am waiting for them to dry. In the meantime I am going to test how foam copes being super glued to the vinyl as it would be nice to have buckle detail on the belt for accuracy

This is my second attempt and my first time working with clay. I want the sides to look rigid but don't know if this is important/how to do it. Really appreciate some feedback on this before I go any further.

UPDATE 25/04: Thinking of using gesso over what I've done to smooth over my derpiness and hopefully create the edge detail that I'm after

I'm thinking of making Trish's sparda when it transforms into scythe form dring her Round Harvest hyper combo. Found a technique I can use so will update when I start on it.

After looking into the dimensions of regular poker chips and their weight, I now have a clearer understand of constructing the "key to the key".

diameter: 39mm
weight: 10 grams
thickness: 3.5 mm

I doubt measurements such as the diameter will be bang on as I want to give myself more space for painting the markings on. I would like the weight and thickness to be correct though

Gonna be tricky to make these look good as the material has zero stretch and I have tiny (but long) arms! Especially on this side as my right wrist is ridic small (seriously if you see me at Expo get me to take these off and you'll see what I mean! I call it "alien arm"..). Probably won't have it going round my arm almost twice like it is now as I'd like to put a zip in to be accurate.

Gonna be tricky to make these look good as the material has zero stretch and I have tiny (but long) arms! Probably won't have it going round my arm almost twice like it is now as I'd like to put a zip in to be accurate.

Sorry for the bootay shot but I'm using this- http://thesunsetyoshi.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/2064464-trish_umvc3_v2.png

as the width reference. I think it matches pretty well so I need to glue the attatchments on next

This has been done since Saturday but I havn't had a chance to upload it. Not sure if its too wide/thick but I tend to err on the bigger side with things so that they stand out. If I decide I like it this way I'll hot glue the fastenings on as well as the rivets/gems.

Not 100% right I imagine as I altered it from my old Tsubaki armwarmers, but at least I have an idea of what they should be like. Took me a few goes to get it the correct length (not overlapping to the inside elbow). Will transfer this to the red fabric soon

EDIT 27/03: It's been shipped (already!) wooo 8D Coscraft are so efficient~

27/03: After talking to my groups' Viewtiful Joe , he advised me that Trish's hair is more silver than white so I am now looking at getting this instead.

EDIT: This has now been ordered along with a brush to keep it from tangling =) I think I got the last one as it's now sold out D:

Said fabric I mentioned in the info/description. This will be used for the choker and vambraces and if I get time (which is unlikely), for the top so it all matches nicely

I'm really stuck which wig to go for. Not really on a budget but moreso concerned that the longer wig will be a pain in the arse to maintain and not worth the extra 13+a half inches. Or will it add a certain je nais se quois (?) and look better if I have more?

As noted in my costume info I am now seriously considering Trish instead of both Jill and Tron as she has the advantage (with the latter moreso than the former) of having the most bamf'in weapon ever which I wanna make pretty badly. It also helps that I have the perfect corset for her Dante-inspired alt costume, skinny trousers that I don't get nearly enough wear out of and I'm bound to have some boots that would work. Yes it would mean getting a wig but the one[s] I'm looking at getting are already styled in the right way for Trish so it would just be the case of throwing it on; no hairstyling for Jilleh and Tron. On top of all this I found some red pleather in my fabric box today..fmcl xD

Analysing the picture of P.N.0.3 Jill on the UMvC3 wiki, here is my plan of how I will do the white section on the bosoms. I had a sports bra in mind when drawibng this though I omitted it going right the way round the back as thats where the plugs have to go. So it'll go just under my armpit and sit ontop of my shoulders. If that makes any sense. As long as it makes sense to me is the main thing I guess :P

Really indecisive on which bodysuit to go for; it's in between two at the moment. If you have any knowledge/experience of them (especially altering them for v-neck), I'd really aprreciate some advice!

Where does time go!?! Life's been very busy for me lately so I havn't made any progress on Jill but I'm hoping to very soon. I didn't manage to get up to the shop for my bodysuit when I went to the gig but I'm going up to London tomorrow; I really wanna get it already so am gonna make a concerted effort to get it! Also hoping to paint my guns and maybe get started on the P30 plugs since I've got the stuff for them now. Oh being a cosplayer and a
student -.-

EDIT: They arn't selling the bodysuit in-store anymore only online! fffff I feel like its all against me in getting this costume rolling >:C Determined to order it this weekend.

I was originally going to get my bodysuit online but I'm worried it might not fit me everywhere e.g. I'm really hippy and don't have a lot of boobs >< Luckily I'm going up to London next Sunday for a gig so will try the one on I have in mind and if it doesn't work out I shall go with my original plan to get one custom-made in my local dance shop. The only worry I have with this (which is why I decided to go with my second idea) is that it might be quite see-through which I don't want since I actually want to wear underwear, especially up top to give me some shape ._. Any thoughts on thgis would be mucho appreciated.

Beyond Good and Evil Myth
Official HD 'site

Think I can unpick my mums old work uniform for Haru's waistcoat+skirt! (she's a ward nurse but is moving into the community soon and therefore getting new threads). Though she got this particular dress from a charity shop for £1 0_o Anywho, it's pretty thick material and I like how it seems to be quite light blue in bright conditions and dark in low light, similar to how it appears in the film. Now to find the waistcoat pattern madre retrieved from her textile days and get started...

Also hopefully gonna get a short-sleeved shirt from Asda/Tesco soon, & I found a cute tutorial for a DIY cookie cutter that I want to try out for the fish biscuits ^-^ Still on the search for a pair of those damned penny loafers...

The cufflinks arrived today, woo hoo! Really pleased how quickly they came as I was a bit concerned they wouldn't be here in time for HJ. It's difficult to tell until I've got my whole costume on, but I think I made the right choice and they're gonna go really well with everything (: I like that they're subtle but still look different to most cufflinks you see.

I spoke to my Spike briefly on Skype last night and he's coming to HJ! 8D
Excuse the pic being a bit wonky- because of it's gloss, it's kinda difficult to photograph D:

Aw, poor Faye faye costume...she's been left for almost a year now. Seriously though, I've quite missed being her; and with Hyper Japan next weekend (thanx to my dad for spotting it being advertised on the underground), I should be there as Ms Valentine!

Hoping to have Spike back with me too, but he's super busy at the moment so is gonna let me know nearer the time. This time I will DEFINITELY bring Ein with me- I have to make my leaving the stupid dog behind at Expo last year up to him somehow, so I guess he can come.* Either way I'll definitely have a pretty strange cross-over going on; my mate is planning on coming as Black☆Star!

Just going through this [awesome] Tumblr http://fuckyeahcowboybebop.tumblr.com and thinking of cosplaying as Faye again makes me wanna re-watch 'Bebop; but I have soo much college work to do at the moment :( Sad tiems.

Actually really looking forward to it though (: Have emailed the HJ cosplay team asking if we can bring our BB guns [magazineless and battryless, naturally]. I hate being without a prop!

See you then, space cowboys xo

* I was just getting into character there, I actually love Ein and my Ein plushie to bits >D

Excuse the rubbish picture haha

Cid (cosplaymatt1) has lent me a hand-me-down belt of his that I might use for Yuffie, and mum alerted me to another blue belt we apparently have! So at least I have two options.

I think I've changed my plan of how to make the bandana tails at the back; they seem to "fly" when she walks so maybe foam isn't the right thing to use?

Gonna hopefully go out shopping with Cid at some point this week to look for what we need (:

I'm going to brave the cold snap & try picking up some stuff for Yuffie today. Fingers crossed I can find what I need!

UPDATE Didn't find anything :( Though our Cid (cosplaymatt1) is going into town to look for stuff for his costume, so I've asked him if he could look out for stuff for moi :D Let's hope he has better luck than I did this morning.

UPDATE Cid didn't find anything either ._. But I asked my bffl [literally] if she has any pale yellow short shorts & she does! So thas one thing ticked off the list- hope its the right size :)

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