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i've been cosplaying at conventions since Oct 2005 and have been hooked ever since, i've always been a fan of fancy dress and have many self made and bought generic costumes (bunny/policelady/cowgirl/fairy)and i live working on my own concept designs and variants of existing characters
i think it was influenced when i was in my highschool years i was tutored at home for a long while and the only time i went into the school was in the evening with my mum who was on the Drama committee, i had unlimited access to the school costume cupboard as well as being involved with the making of scenery and large props, (we made a replica working wurlitzer jukebox for their production of grease)

also i've had the benefit of my mum (in her youth) was a seemstress and industrial upholsterer for rolls royce who has worked with almost every type of fabric imaginable including leather and has a machine that can cope with 3 layers of cowhide O_o she also has more sewing knowledge than you could shake a stick at

(Big up mums! they're fab)

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Things i've forgotten: bonnet detail and "cream Filling"
Things that are not working: Electric Go Kart
Things that seem to be broken: Foam Cart base (is now dragging on the floor)

Oh Crap!!

Once the paint is 100% dry, I then put the baking paper face down onto my fabric and ironed the reverse with the iron on high
(making sure that the iron didn't touch the fabric as this would have melted straight through)

I suck at drawing so having to draw the entire contents of a comic into Lycra was a near on impossible task,

I started by tracing directly from the comic into baking paper and then painting with fabric paint over the pencil lines as finely as possible

The puns are getting worse... I cannot apologise enough

Spoiler Alert!!

No really...I need to make the Spoiler, and fast

The spoiler stems are made from water noodles which were wrapped in sticky back plastic and coloured electrical tape, I then cut holes in the car slightly smaller than the stems so that they would be held in by tension.

the spoiler itself is made from a section of polystyrene painted pink and sandwhiched between 2 pieces of UVA matting that were convenently already the right shade of pink,
as most glues react to polystyrene we used a mixture of silicone and no more nails in order to hold it all together. Holes have been cut in the bottom of the spoiler for the stems to slot into

to make the clocolate "splodge" I cut the drip pattern from camping mat foam and coated it in the same brown silicone that I used for the body of the car.

I have 1 day left and so far i have on my to do list...

bonnet detail
"cream Filling"
seat detail
steering wheel

Needing to cut this list down I have sacrificed the following details as they arent really going to be seen and arent really vital to the look of the car:

seat detail
steering wheel

for the headlights and rearlights I bought some fake security camera domes from the pound shop and sprayed the inside of them with red glass paint, I also put a flashing LED inside so that they light up while I'm driving, I might change these to static LED's as I think it will look a bit better

the white "mallow" headlight is made from a circular piece of upholstery foam trimmed in a matte fabric, (I think I used an offcut of raw silk)

the windscreen is made from a piece of perspex that has been heated to get a curve, The perspex I've used is a bit too thick to ended up with some ripples...

...Sod it, I'll fix it later

Mike basicly constructed the base of these whilst i was at work.

He used the thick UVA foam playmats that you can buy in tesco and heat formed them in to a semi-circle and used the same UVA matting as the face to glue it to.

I added the faceplates when i got home and used pipe lagging cut in half to make the tyres. we painted the tyres in a PVA/acrylic mix.

the wheel faceplates are made from a mixture of Funfoam and UVA foam, i then used a dremmal to engrave the detail into the cookie wheels

Mike and i (plus a small workforce of family members)spent hours cutting out various stars and sprinkles from multi coloured fun foam, we cut them slightly larger than ideal but with the convention being in 2 days time i'm happy to compromise on the scale of the sprinkles in order to get enough to cover the area needed.

Also because nothing would glue to the silicone we needed to figure out a way of attaching the sprinkles to the car...

This could become an issue

For the section of the car that looks slightly purple I studdies the reference images and decided that i wanted wanted to get a "sugary" looking effect. To do this I decided to top the silicone with milti coloured micro beads. I actually used nail caviar in a few different shades of pink and purple in order to get a shimmery multo tonal effect when photographed but without looking like a harsh obvious line.

I added the microbeads using a salt shaker straight after the silicone so it would stick to it without needing to add more glue, in retrospect this didnt work as well as i hoped and i was shedding beads all over the place, thankfully i had put enough on so that it didnt look patche in the areas that the beads had brushed off of.

I used an A4 sheet of funfoam as a template for the edges so that even if it did stick to the silicone it would be easy to peel off

Major kudos to my Husband for helping me with this and for letting me do this in our tiny flat making it stink like wee and vinigar :(

Wanting to make the frosting look as much like chocolate as possible i opted for brown silicone sealant. We put the silicone on by hand and protected oursenves with rubber gloves and facemasks, i used a huge tarp to protect the carpet and furnature in our flat because this stuff really does get everywhere!

I wasnt as happy with the look of the finished silicone as i thought i would be, I think heat forming vinal may be give a better result

After throwing a masstve strop over not being able to get the frosting to look right I went to work in a huff and my wonderful husband took the task of getting this right for me, he used 2 camping mats (from poundland) glued together with hot glue and heated them with a hot air gun until they were soft, then he molded the edges to drape over the corners as it would do if it was a fondant

Slowly gluing the sections together making sure the joins sit underneath where the frosting drips over the edge. i also used this as an oppertunity to size up against the cart frame and make sure the body sat high enough for the wheels to have a decent clearance.

so the most part of the body has been carved. the sides and rear will need to be adjusted once the rear wheels have been made so that the car looks properly in proportion

So I carved out the begginings of the front of the car as I thought the bonnet would be the most challenging section to carve, I used an electric breadknife to get the basic shape and then finnished off with scissors for the minor shape adjustments.

A quick image so you can see how I started the process,

I was orriginally going to use expanding foam for the body of the car but after discussing the project with my husband we realised the best way to replicate the look of sponge cake was to use actual sponge... well in this case old sofa cushions

I drew a scale outline of how I wanted the car to look onto lining paper and marked in the size and shape of the go-cart frame
(I picked up a roll of lining paper in the £1 shop and its the best thing I've ever bought)

I used this to see where I needed to add extra hight into the foam and where I needed to cut divets for the framework to sit

I did cheat a bit with this and used a crinoline I already had instead of making one from scratch, mainly because i have a concerning amount of underskirts already and am running out of places to keep them! :)

I started by using a blunt unpicker and stabbing downwards to get a shredded effect around the edges of the open front, I had to make sure that the amount I cut from the front was not too much making me lose shape of the crinoline, in the end i wanted the opening to be a bit wider than pictured so i added a strip of cotton bias to keep the hoops in place

closer to the time i will duct tape pennies to the front of the hoops to counterbalance the weight of the dress at the back and stop the hoops from popping out of the front

about 2 - 20 ish thin layers of Citadel miniatures Golden Griffon dry.
concentrating on areas that a corset would get the most wear and picking up the claw marks and picks

so I began part unpicking seams and roughing raised seam lines with sandpaper, I used super sharp scissors to create claw marks and picks to be picked up by the next stage

It's no kind of jaguar...

Kart base, it's electric but has problems with the batteries so hopefully once we swap them out it'll be good to go!!

Next plan- expanding foam the crap outta it!!

painted with 50/50 mix of liquid latex to acrylic paint,

I used hot glue to texture the inside of the wings, I didnt want them to be smooth like the outside and thought this would give the best base for the paint to stick to

so i cut the top layer out of the same foam and hot glued into place, i used the hot glue to raise the foam in sections to give a more even look
i used my fingers to pinch in the edges and get it flush

so I cut my wing shape out of camping mat foam and hot glued a aluminium support throughout, taking Pixikittie's advice i left the last edges of the wings unsupported so if they do bash against anything then its no big deal and they wont get broken or bent

image swiped from the ann summers website, my £8 bargain, (but in black)

just the type i need for the insainly low cut front on this costume

seeing as i'm lacking a LOT in the hight department i've decided to try and boost it somewhat with these babies,

i already own them from a previous costume and figured i may as well make use of them,

if they look stupid though i'll just use normal boots

so i worked on the skirt last night and made the base,
i used a double hem in to make it nice and tidy because i didnt want to use the evil overlocker but also didnt want to add an extra layer to the dress by putting a full sealed lining,

the first pic is a side snap and the second pig in the front shot before i added the tulle section, you can see just a little in the second pic that the back isnt that much longer than the front, i've left it this way so i can decide at my leisure what heels i want to wear and trim the front once i know where the skirt will meet the floor,

i've also stolen an idea from liz's wedding dress and am putting in a hook up point so i can keep the train out of the way whilst walking around expo

the third part is the built in underskirt, i'll still need to wear a hoop but it will be mich smaller that my previous dresses and a LOT less obvious

it has a cotton top section which meets a lower sinthetic inner at which point a single layer of still tulle is attached

for the time being i have put a 6" zip in the back of the skirt and have finished it neately from the inside, i've just put a line of stay stiching around the top to keep the skirt and underskirt together because i havent yet decided if i want to make it as an all in one dress or a 2 piece top and skirt, i'm sure i'll decide over the next few days as the whole thing comes together

for now..... sleeps!

So I finaly decided on a wig... although I'm not entirely happy with it I think I've left it a bit late to be picky,
The colour is more or less what I wanted although a bit darker would have been preferable
I'll have to sort out the centre parting and brush a few waves into it (with the help of curlers I think)
And finaly its not as long as I would have prefered, the referance shows past elbow length and this wig is a lot shorter, I decided the shorter wig would be best as I can't guarentee what quality it is until it gets here and I don't really want to be stood round brushing it all day so it doesn't look like rat tails and I generaly find shorter wigs are easier to tame...

Well next job is the actual sewing part. (God help me!)

So I bought my fabric this weekend after settling on a white dutchess satin that I managed to snap up for 5.99 a mtr and have drawn out the plan for how i'm going to make it and how I need to break it down and I just need to draw up the template for the patterning and do some dip-dying tests,

Still can't find a wig of a sutable type and am contemplating dying my own hair worse case

We'll see

Ok so I've made the majority of the dress now
I drafted my own pattern roughley by eye and estimated where I needed the pleates to go and amazingly I hardley had to alter it at all... (well maybe a bit around the bum)

I now just need to actually attach the sleeves to the dress, they are cut and sewn to the right size I just need to attach them to the dress and add the cuffs,
I'm also not happy with the collar that I drew into the pattern no I think I might cut it off and make another one that doesn't look so sucky

OK so I've made a start on getting my pattern pieces together and getting some appropriate headphones, I'm still struggling with getting Lycra in a decent colour pink that doesn't have sparkly crap on it.....

The pic is what I'm expecting the brawler to come out like, (Dez I'm really sorry I mutilated your beautiful artwork)but knowing me it'll probably look completely different...

OK, so this weekend hasn't been overly forward going,
although i did change the fabric I'm using made a completely new skirt,
the new fabric it a bit less see-through and floats beautifully,
i made it like a rock and roll skirt but much longer and kept the front sheer with most of the pleats at the sides,
i added some lace edging at the bottom for a little detail, and kept some back for the detail on some pleats I'll be adding in the top layer of lace at the back

apart from that I've still not decided how I'll be making the gloves, or what I'll be making them out of,
and I'm still pondering on what to do with my headpiece after i accidentally snapped it in half, i still have the old one but am not really keen on it so i may just see if i can bind it back together with wire,

i have made some templates for other bits and have drawn a few pattern ideas but its getting increasingly difficult to work on a dress i have to wear at the same time, I'm thinking i may have to sweet talk my sister into being my mannequin whilst i pin it,

ok, in the last few days i've done all the lettuce edging on the middle layer, kinda fixed the tiara ant attempted to make the bottom layer of the skirt

the skirt section i made was a bit too small to go over the crinoline i bought so i need to open the back seam and hide another section in to make it fit properley, i'm hoping that the layers i have will be long enough to hide my errors, tonite i'm hoping to add a section to the dress and add the rose detailing to the front, anything more than that will be a bonus

OK so because i am a giant lamer i haven't updated this in ages so here goes,

The dress is 3/4 of the way done,
I've made half the skirt and just need to add the detailing to the top,

as my corset making skills are crap at the moment i was originally going to use an old red corset that i had lying around but once i started to work with it i could clearly see it wasn't going to work...

so i decided not to use the red Corset as a base because i didn't think it would give me the sheer shape i was looking for, and after about 4 months i found a seamless moulded Basque that i could use to give me the effect I've been trying to achieve,

because the Basque was white i first covered it in a stretch cream fabric (kudos to my mum for finding it and letting me steal it)
and then i overlaid a pale gold lace to give me the patterned bodice and slightly rouched it between the cups and on the sides to give it a bit more depth,

the middle section (with all the lacy flouncy bits ) was a real swine... i couldn't find anything suitable that would give me a decent lettuce edge, i tried everything from t-shirt fabric to crinkle chiffon and everything in between,

in the end i found an Alexander Mcqueen dress in TK maxx (£300 ticket price)that had the perfect fabric that i was after, it was a couple of layers of really flouncy stretch mesh that looked beautiful, not wanting to dramatically increase my budget i tried as much as i could to find the same fabric anywhere and everywhere.... and failed
i went back into TK to look at the fabric some more and found it semi-distroyed and badly stained on the top half but the lacey section was ok so i convinced the manager to sell it to me as scrap fabric FOR A TENNER!!!

so with my fantastic fabric in hand i made a seperate layer of lacey frills to go between the boddice and skirt

i need to add lace/lettuce edging to the middle layer, depending on what i decide to do...
add lace edge detail to the back and add the weird droppy down bits that look like loin cloths
add rose detail to front of dress
make gloves
finish/remake tiara

ok, so so far i have made a jumpsuit and a hood, (although the hood is not yet attached)

i used a normal trouser pattern drew my own for the top and hood, i
I machine tacked the trousers to the top together in a kinda "V" shape front and back
i didnt want a huge zip on show so i put a hidden one in the side going from under the arm down over the hip ,

once on (after a struggle) mike and i decided the arm holes need to be larger and the zip opening should come down lower so i can get into it easier
(at the moment i have to give myself a super wedgie and near snap my neck to get inside it)

so... i have un picked the zip and will re-site that tonite and hopfully will get the arm holes a bit bigger
(and with miked lovely assistance the right shape)

i'm going to leave the hood off until i've made the rest of the outfit just in case.

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