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OOAK FEMSHEP Cosplay- Commander Shephard Mass Effect Armour size 10-12 - I will post, but since its so large, courier costs will be around £25 for UK Tracked, £50 for International Tracked. You can also collect the armour in person:)

For sale: One Commander Shephard Femshep armour, worn once for MCM comic con, London 2014.
This armour build is based on my own customised armour from the video game Mass Effect 2. It fits a UK 10-12 comfortably. Roughly a 38 inch bust, 28 inch waist and a size 29 on the hips.
Created out of EVA foam this armour is quite sturdy, yet immensely lightweight. It is easy to put on and take off, no bathroom difficulty here:)
I have worn it once for the MCM Comic con in London 2014, for 6 hours, photos attached. It was the most epic day ever, literally felt like Commander Shephard...
After the comic con I have made some adjustments to the suit, cutting a dip into the collar to make it more comfortable, reinforcing the elastic on the arms and legs pieces to make it more sturdy, and touching up paint where needed.
The shoulder armour was adjusted to sit higher up on the shoulders and connected with Velcro to stay in place. Picture marked BEFORE MODS shows how the armour slipped before I fixed it...and as a result I ended up not wearing the shoulder pads. This has now been fixed, so you should be able to wear them easily, without any hassle.

It should easily stay together for a few more conventions, if you take good care of it!

The armour suit includes:

Chest piece, snaps at collar, sides and crotch to
Back piece, with LED lights x 2
Shoulder armour x 2, elastic to hold in place and attached together with Velcro so it doesn't slide down your shoulders.
Upper arm and gauntlets x 2
Knee pads x 2
Shin and calf armour x 2

The suit does not contain thigh armour, but it does include a pair of patterned black jeans (waist 29", length 32") with straps attached, matching the armour. This was due to the need for a costume that's comfortable, and not impossible to sit in.

You can see the images for reference. Let me know if you don't need the jeans and I will take a little off the price of the suit.

I will also include a couple of extra LED lights for the suit, just in case, although the battery on the ones installed have barely been used.
Use some black ducttape to keep the lights in place during wear.
Press the button on the black boxes three times to get a constant light, press once for fast flickering.
The suit is mostly waterproof, has been primed and treated with Modpodge outdoor sealer, but I would not recommend standing outside in the rain, or leaving the suit in the sun or cold, as the glue could crack/melt.
It did survive the hailstorm of MCM London 2014 very well though:)

You will need a black turtleneck under the suit, for maximum effect. I recommend sportswear as it tends to breathe better:)
I also recommend carrying a small bottle of false nails glue, as this is perfect for bonding foam that cracks etc...and it works on everything (skin included so be careful).

The materials for the armour including paint, foam, glue, fabric, etc cost in excess of £150 and it took me around 6 weeks, working about 2 hours minimum a day.
That's roughly 85 hours of work on this... Which is why the starting price is what it is. Carving, heating, stitching, melting and painting, and it's been epic fun! Selling this one so I can afford materials for the next build.

I'm also selling my customised N7 gun made from an old Nerf gun, do get in touch if you're buying both and I'll combine postage.


Postage for this costume alone is £25 UK Tracked and £50 International Tracked as it is massively bulky, cannot be packaged flat without damage and if possible I will be delivering it myself.
Collection is welcomed!

Check out my etsy page if you would like any custom bits and pieces:) I'm happy to give you a quote! I'll also be adding up some blueprints and chest pieces separately so keep a look out.

And you can find some Mass Effect inspired cool bags and tanks to wear underneath at my shop at www.society6.com/helenasia

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