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If I plan to match the in game colours, then coscraft seem to do a colour that's pretty close to Ravio, but will obviously need to be cut and styled. Most of the purple wigs they do aren't quite blue enough for Hilda sadly, otherwise I would nab both wigs from them.

Started hunting out a few bits for this costume, so that I can get started on it over the next couple of months. I can't afford to order them quite yet but it's been pretty trying to find a purple wig in the right colour for Hilda, but there are several of these on ebay (which are pretty close in colour) so I might get hold of a couple and try straightening them a bit. Hilda has slightly kinked hair at the bottom (although most cosplayers seem to do her hair straight - but it's not quite) so I'll see what those wigs are like mostly straightened (but keeping a little kink) and go from there. If it doesn't work/they aren't long enough I'll try again with a longer wig in a slightly off-colour. As I have ears (from Malon) and my head size isn't likely to change, early construction will probably be focused more on the wig, staff and moulding the crown/belt/shoulder bits, as well as Ravio.

Ryo-ohki with her shinier and larger gem blue-tacked on (just for the duration of the con).

The shoes were pretty easy, I was going to make them myself and then saw something pretty similar to the base in a Shoe Zone for not too much money so grabbed those (nice time saver). Made the little bows to put on them and sewed on the little purple oval gems. The ribbons aren't actually attached to the shoes themselves, so they're pretty easy to slip off should I ever want to use the shoes for something else.

The waist-wrap/obi-thing. I didn't have enough spare interfacing to do this properly, although her bow is pretty droppy and it did actually hold in the right place whenever I had a picture done that showed off any of the back. Although I originally did this with poppers, I had to pin it in a couple of times and then on the day of the con it was still a little big, so I just had to put up with it as I didn't really ave the time to modify it anymore (I just slipped a couple more safety pins into it). All in all, I think it turned out okay.

Doesn't quite fall the right way in the picture as it doesn't have anything to hold it up properly (the collars overlap much higher on my neck when worn). This part was reasonably simple to do, using the same Kimono pattern (although I could have left a bit more slack on the shoulders (I regretted not doing this later, but wasn't much I could do)The yellow lines were patterned by the edge of the main body sections of the pattern and sewn on top of the existing green first, then the black was patterned by the actual strip (which was extended to go all the way to the bottom of it.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush to buy materials when money came in and the shop I was in didn't have the golden-yellow I was searching for, so it ended up as just yellow.

It's done now, but I figured I'd upload some bits of the costume, unfortunately I would update with more photos but as you can probably tell - my phone camera isn't really working properly right now.

I decided to go all out and make the under layers properly(ish). Sasami has pink sleeves, pink trousers (both lined with stripes) and a white collar, so I modified the under layer of a kimono pattern to have sleeves and used white for the collar (keeping the rest pink). In order to make sure it all held together properly, I actually sewed in a popper on the collar (just below where it would be hidden) to help it hold up on my neck in the correct shape.

The Trousers were just elasticated, with poppers on the stripes so that I could get in them. Fortunately I can get my hands through smaller spaces and didn't need to put poppers into the cuffs.

So admist my Chrismas shopping, I decided to nab a couple of wigs so that I can start working out the styling for it... because of the length requirements, went for a couple of these I saw on Amazon.

So my lovely husband decided to pass on his horrible sinusy cold to me and I was bedridden for a week and took another week to fully recover setting me back on my Sew November work - bah! Now I have lots of other stuff to catch up on.

Instead, I will probably round off the projects over the next week or to (at least anything that needs to be done for Xmas) and maybe set aside the second half of January to finish my blogging/some new stuff. I'll still keep people updated on the current projects over December in case anyone is interested, but the month is a bit too haphazard in order to dedicate continuous time to sewing.

A little disappointed that I ended up ill for a large chunk of this.

Drew out the outline for the base of the leaf again, tbh having done the practice one I've probably learned a few lessons which can be applied to the new one.

Tomorrow I recommence with the stitching. I still have plenty of time and may run bits of this project concurrent to project 3 as I don't want to rush it. Also, mildly tempted to use the spare material to make a second one at some point for myself as I'm growing quite fond of it. ._.

Having issues with the material curling the more I do on the leaf, I might just take this as a prototype patch and start again with the section. I don't have any sewing hoops small enough to hold it down straight and was a little concerned with whether I would have un-ironable-out lines if I got hold of one.

Will start with a bigger section of fabric this time, and then cut it down to pencilcase-size afterwards. Grr Grr Grr.

More embroidery lines, more trying to figure out how I will sew things into the fabric in an awesome way, more taking a pattern of the pencil case and drawing out the lines (on the pattern) for where the paint will go. Hoping to have the embroidery bits done by tomorrow (depending on how much I have to unpick - I keep redoing bits) and the painting done on Tuesday (after Animu) Plan is to have this project finished by Thursday at the latest so that I can make a start on project #3.

[EDIT] WHOOP, finally up to date with my notebook. Have a little more time to maintain posts now which should mean less paper wastage. <_<;

Yup. Spent the morning/early afternoon sewing it all up, managed to position everything such that the old fabric ends were edging the robe as I didn't have enough time in order to properly hem it. Robe sleeves were actually much easier to make than I expected.

The collar was initially cut in a semi circle and I added bias-binding to it to keep it from fraying around my neck underneath the actual collar and then used the rest of the material (it is expensive and I am poor T_T) to make the wrapped collar on top.As the fabric used was no where near as sturdy as the reference robe, I used some thicker black material to shape and sit inside the neck wrap which would then help hold up the edges, then the central sections were gathered and sewn through to attempt to somewhat re-create the effect that the original had. Then it was all hand-sewn down onto the main body of the robe.

Probably one of the comfiest costumes I've every worn! :D

So the costume is effectively a dark blue robe with an extra bit of blue material that props up around the neckline. The fabric I had, for ease, was a chunk of blue stretchy velvet which was lovely and soft, but not quite the same material as used by the character in the film, however I couldn't really find a matching material type when I went shopping last week for fabric and it's a costume party, not a costume competition so it didn't really matter that much.

I started by using my dressing gown to estimate the back section, but then discarded this idea as it doesn't floop as much as it could and decided to trace it all out by hand... lots of trial and error. Worst part was all the pins slipping out every time I tried bits of it on to judge the size, and that my scissors don't cut the fabric very well... guh.

Got back a little bit later than usual as I was spending time getting some last minute marking done, continued to work on embroidery when I got home, then got distracted by my 3DS and crashed.

Realised right before bed that project #2 was still a sitting chunk of material on the sofa and that I had two days (including the day itself) to make it. Haha, panic time. Decided to put the pencil case aside and return to it afterwards.

Long day of work and was feeling a bit unwell, so probably only spent about 10 minutes or so doing a few more lines on the leaf.

Didn't get a lot done yesterday other than deciding to switch material and sketch out some outlines so I decided to get the embroidery outline stitched down and make a start on that, my lines are a little wonky but I'm hoping that it won't be too noticeable when it's all sewn together.

Considered which bits I would paint and where each line would go, briefly considered painting before stitching due to the concern that I would get paint on the thread but decided that if the fabric had hardened in places, it would probably be harder to sew.

At some point I'll dig the photos off my phone, I tried to get a photo a day but some of them are pretty dark.

Decided that it would probably be a little more colourful to add some blue to the main body of the fabric but I didn't have a lot in so patterned out some two-tone designs that could incorporate extra bits. Rather than painting on some detail, decided that it would be neat to try to hand-embroider a small section (which I've never really done before) as I have plenty of cross-stitch threads, mostly back from when I did a lot of cross-stitch and I liked to collect the colours.

(Will probably type up some entries intermittently from my notebook logs, so sorry for any spam at points!)

Some days I have more time, others I don't have as much. Spent a little bit of time trying to sort out the zipper dongles, which consisted of an attached key ring and an extra section. Had to remove the actual key ring hoop and attach the chain to the zipper pull directly and work out an alternative for the extra bit, I tried to reshape some rings from some spare chain I had, but eventually gave up and decided to incorporate it into the outer fabric itself and leave the key ring by itself. Pinned in the zipper.

I had initially hoped to use a nice grey slightly-patterned piece for the outside section, but I wasn't sure that the colours would work so may fumble about a bit and see what other options I have tomorrow. Sewed together the lining fabric.

Sized up the templates for the first project, didn't manage to get much further than that because of a Halloween party I was finishing things up for at the same time - which did involve some sewing! Pictures to come.

After copious amounts of acrylic-ing squares onto cream cotton onto elasticated felt... these finally happened.

Cut the wig down to the correct height, once I have the hat made, I plan to work out exactly where the pony tails need to sit, cut/stump/hot glue the temporary bits and attach larger ponytails that I'm in the progress of making (using a spare weft, paper balls and navy paint). The beads will then be counted out, made and strung together using some turquoise fimo moulding clay before (probably) being glued onto the wig to hide the seams. So yes, this is only stage one of the wig.

So I've been working on the skirt on and off, will take a photo when It's done. I've also sewn the neck scarf which should hopefully be the right shape now (after lots of cutting). The buckle is done, starting on the apron after I get a few other cosplay bits for other costumes out of the way. In the meantime, enjoy a photo of my in-the-works broach. I tried to smooth the clay down more with green stuff, but I don't think it made much difference. T_T

Came back from my holiday to find these had both arrived... the wig needs some serious cutting/styling at some point to match the in-game version of Malon's hair but the colour is pretty bang on for the orange style.

Ears will probably need a layer of foundation on them to colour match my skin a bit more but they seem to take make up well so this shouldn't be a problem. This also means I can add a bit more shading with my black eye shadow to match the character's ears. Looking forward to this!

Went into town to pick up some of the materials that I would need... wanting to spread out the costs for my Ayacon cosplay, and Malon/Cremia comes out of my April funds. If I have spare money after everything else, I will look at some extras such as boots, until then I do have some brown boots that I could use.

The lilac matches the in-game lilac pretty well (even if my camera/artificial light makes it look a bit off). The purple isn't quite the same as the in-game purple as I thought the pinky-lilac and the bluey-purple clashed a bit in reality. The shop I was at also had a very nice darker pinky purple which looks good with the lilac - so deciding to go with that.

Dark brown is a potential for the belt, the light brown is a potential for the apron. I was hoping to find a good thick tan material for the apron, but I failed (and am a little worried about mass dying something that big and keeping it even) so that's a thinner version of what I was looking for as a backup. I may wait a little to see if I can see what I want over the next couple months of shopping before I start the paint work.

The creamy-white is a more natural looking off-white which I might use for the shirt. In reality (you know what I mean), I don't think Malon/Cremia would have a white-white shirt and so decided to try for an off white. It looks a little creamier in the artificial light though. The yellow is for the neck scarf.

Moulding clay for the bowser toggle (some of that clay is for other costumes) and I already have gold paints. I will probably do the triforce buckle out of layered foam but shall see.

Edit: The tartan has nothing to do with the costume, my cat just likes to sleep on it. ._.

So I manage to order a pair of ears and a wig from ebay. The wig will need to be cut and styled, but I decided to go with the orange version from the game. If it looks too bright when I receive it, I'll look at dying options.

The ears I picked up at the same time as they weren't too pricey and were about the right shape. I can always apply additional make up to them to blend them a bit more and create more of a shadow if I think they need it. Pretty happy with these otherwise, so just waiting for this lot to come through the post.

Although this costume is ages away, since I've been looking up wig options for Ayacon, I decided to start looking around to see what kinds of things I could find for Tsunami as well. I'm more likely to veer towards the cyan colour that Sasami has, and that Tsunami is depicted with in the Anime rather than the manga images, but may dye it a little cobalt blue if I end up with a wig that's overly bright - which given what 'extra long' wigs there seem to be out there (most of them being a more Hatsumiku cyan hue) may end up happening. Anyway, initial hunts seem to suggest I may end up with a 51" or 60" wig similar to these - http://tinyurl.com/cxaboht / http://tinyurl.com/bqeckaa (blue) and then work on the styling/dying process from there. However I will probably end up waiting until June or so before I can afford to get something, but I would like to get that wig out of the way!

Well, since I had a batch of paste mixed up for continuing Skuld's Hammer, it only made sense to start working on my other bits an pieces. Awaiting cardboard shopping for the main body of the staff, but had plenty of smaller sheets and corrugated cardboard lying around to start on the head. The ring at the bottom is just a basic mock up of the top connector until I decide which form I'm doing. Alternatively, the temptation is there to hot glue in a pvp piping connector and use piping x2 (+chain) to make both forms which I can switch between.

I was almost tempted to try to build something that could split between the two, but I don't honestly think I could engineer something that would be sturdy enough in pole-form and lock the excess chain (in the head?) well enough to bother... I'd rather have one weapon that I can pose with rather than two which I can't.

Edit: Picture shown here is the reverse-side of the one shown in the gallery for this costume, this was a bit more of a slightly top-down view... which makes the shape look a little less pointy than it actually is.

Whilst waiting on the money to come in to go material shopping, I've been continuing work on the hammer, half of it is now covered in a second layer of crude papier-mâché. Because I had started this with the intent of getting it done for Minamicon, I didn't have much chance to go shopping for piping or larger rolls of cardboard for the handle... so have been using up old sheets of white cardboard left over from teaching and poster projects. As a result the handle will probably need at least two layers. The top section is a little wobbly right now, and only has one layer on it... so I'll be whacking out my glue gun to thoroughly secure that before applying the second layer of papier-mâché to that section.

As always with my props, it's completely covered in Metro. :D

Overcoat template is being altered a bit, as I have time to properly work in it before Ayacon.

Still undecided as to whether I'm going to add the rings (as per manga) to the hammer or not. There are so many different versions between the anime and manga that it probably doesn't matter too much what I do (the hammer head shape is closer to the manga at the moment).

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