I’ve been Cosplaying for nearly 10 years, regularly attending events and often entering masquerades. I have won a few competitions and been featured on websites and in magazines. I specialise in jewellery making, sewing and wig alterations/styling. Through a keen eye and attention to detail I invest a lot of time and effort into my work; I make costumes from a wide variety of genres and media, but predominantly from games and films. To me Cosplay is more than just making a costume and dressing up, it’s about telling a story that you are in love with and sharing that love and reverence with like-minded people.

I hold panels on "Cosplay Jewellery Making", "Worbla and materials" and "Cosplay wigs"

I have worked at Play Expo and Eurogamer Expo as a cosplayer on behalf of Replay Events, I have also been a Cosplay guest at EGX for 5years holding panels and MC for the cosplay championship in 2017. UK rep for World Cosplay Summit 2017. I have been a cosplay guest to Kitacon 2014 and held panels at the event for several years.

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these are the new style I will be making for my costume and for commisions

One of my favourite kanzashi flowers that I made to go on this gown, it is made from duchess satin and adorned in rhinestones, and took about 4hours to make.

Made from red agate and sterling silver

this was my first lace front wig and I have to say I am impressed! it's amazing the difference a lace front can make to the overall look of a costume,

new fabric using original pattern then using original jacket as lining :)

Close up the one of the larger snowflakes

15K rhinestones hand placed and heated onto the cape over cobweb tulle and organza to make the stunning

I made new adornments for my Elsa Costume, I love how much better they look in comparision to my old ones

After searching for 6months I finally the perfect fabric (texture wise) however the fabric is so fragile it didn't hold up for one day at a convention so in future I may just use my old skirt for cons and the new skirt for photoshoots :)

I decided to make a new top that was seperate so it could be washed more easily as this is a rather warm costume (lol the irony!) it's made from a pale blue jersey fabric, with hot fix rhinestones, it took 25hours to complete.

So after A weekend of madness and my desperate attempt to get Elsa complete I did pretty well for myself, I managed to get it "photo" ready lol. I also realised that I need to remake the skirt and top (I don't like them they're just terrible and that I noticed after seeing the photos and walking around in them all day. But that's cool another learning curve :). hopefully I will get it right this time round! The new cape is looking spectacular I mean seriously beautiful really excited about finishing it. Also the bodice even though I have about 60% coverage with sequins it will hopefully be finished by the end of this month :)

After spending a lot of time sewing sequins on the dress I have decided to make a separate bodice as the dress just doesn't hang right; and I'm also not happy with the way I've sewn the sequins on, I rushed through making it to get snow photos but snow never came, so before I dedicate a lot of effort into getting photographs I'm going to remake the bodice and finish the sleeves, to prevent any more loss of time, I'm going to use my breaks at work which equates to an hour day to do this, it'll likely take a month of breaks to finish the entire corset, but this way I wont lose anymore time and infact it'll give me something to do instead of loitering online. I'll shortly upload a photo of the new sequining progress!

Nothing like recycling an old pair of shoes! With scrap Worbla :) makes this costume alot cheaper and there is no point in butchering a new pair of shoes since these had the perfect heel height :D!

I made a masking taping pattern around another pair of shoes to make the "pointed closed toe" that my pair was lacking I then extendended the pattern to incorporate my own "ice pattern" due to lack of super closeups of the shoes I used artistic licsence to make it. then cut the pattern out in worbla and molded it directly onto the shoes with the adhesive side towards the shoe.

Layers of primer then followed by acrylic paint and varnish :)

I would have rather made these out of a translucent material however I am not that compfortable with my feet being visible.

I ended up going back on myself here and remade the sleeves and top which meant unpicking all those sequins I sewed on (quite soul crushing might I add!) but the sleeves now sit perfectly as opposed to how they were resting before, just have to reattached thousands of sequins -_-

The wig hasn't actually cost me anything, I made it from a wig I bought years ago and couldn't remember what I bought it for and I thickened it out with another wig I butchered for wefts but had leftovers. The front of the wig has been majorly thickeneed out with wefts to make the style work and not have visible gaps, it has been heat styled and glued into place so there is no going back with this wig now! It stays how it is!

I was so surprised to see Andrea wearing a pair of trainer pumps that is almost identical to pair I already own (and seldom wear). There are a few differences but I am working on them, the main being mine have coloured laces; easily rectified with some white laces I bought years ago from poundland. The next is the coloured eyelets either I will paint them or just replace them as I have all the kit to do that (I just don't want to balls it up!). Then hers have a couple of extra eyelets down the bottom inner rim, I might add these in just depends on how easy I can use my tools on that area. The last difference I cannot change her coloured stripes around the sole are opposite to mine I.e her red one around the top is blue on mine and her blue one round the bottom is red on mine... something so minor I don't mind leaving as is :P

Also need to wear these outside to give the used look lol

For areas of the headdress that receive the most amount of stress I made the pieces out of milliput as it is strong and durable!

Made using, chopsticks and kebab sticks, with milliput moulded and carved around, painted and varnished :)

I finally bit the bullet and altered the wig properly :) this way it'll stay the way it needs to forever :).

Lulu's bangle armour, made from Pundland Craft Foam :)

I decided to embroider the dress as that's how it is in the fiom and paining it wouldn't do it justice.. howvere it has taken so long to do and I'm about one 8th of the way through taking 30hours so far, so in theory the embroidery could take 240hours to complete :O. My fingers are red and sore as well, it looks really good but I doubt I shall ever undertake this extreme amount of embroidery again.

this is the most organic costume I have ever created and by that I mean that I didn't measure or draw anything out I just made it, as I only had 4hours to start and finish it! This is also the fastest costume I have ever made, the inside is messy but it's done and to a reasonable standard considering the time frame! As I wont be wearing this for any comps, nor will I sell it I figured it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't fall apart! (which it wont!!)

Since I love to have a go at making all aspects of a costume (bar shoes) I figured I'd make her brooch, as I knew I would be short on time with this costume I decided to buy dragon ear cuffs, chop the heads off and milliput them onto a chop stick as opposed to crafting each head by hand (would have take far to long!)

I've spent about an hour and a half on her wig, it was a poker straight wig, and now is all lovely and wavy, I would love to rough it up a bit to make more like hers but time is not on my side but may add to it at a later date, I've used enlargeable metal rings for the rings in her hair, that way I can clip them in without wrecking the wig styling :)

The headdress is made from poundland funky foam, a headband, with a tonne of gold findings and beads that took forever to attach!

I had originally decided to make the entire thing out of millipit.. half way through I realised that that was not going to work so I decided to make it partially out of milliput and the wirey parts out of funky foam! brilliant stuff! the foam is attached to the centre piece with milliput at the back and the remaining pieces are hot glued together as the foam bonds incredibly well together when heated! I do intend on making this again out of sturdier material (once I find some!


As I don't have access to a wood shop or work bench I was stumped on what to do about Sabriel's Sword, I then realised I have a chinese wooden sword that I haven't really had much interest in for a long time, so decided to dust off the cobwebs so to speak and give it a new purpose :) it's fantasic as its very flat I can build upon it using milliput for the pommel and guard the blade I will make more rounded near the tip as its very angular and not accurate, the handle I will cover in leatherette as well as the sheath :) I love making crafty parts, hopefully I will have a workshop in a few years time and when I do I'm remaking the sword so I can get it right!

So 1 pair of red mock suede primark shoes and 1,500 hot fix diamentes made this glamorous pair of heels :)

The hot fix diamantes took about 10 hours to put onto the shoes using a broken pair of straighteners (not advisable mind as the hinge is snapped so can be quite dangerous!) If I ever decide to do this again I will buy the proper tool.

The cost of making this necklace has been about £50 and considering I made it from scratch, has be the most expensive aspect of this costume. Spending about 55 hours in total on the necklace has made making this a somewhat tedious task, however my inability to quit on these things has meant that after an incredibly arduous period of free time the necklace is complete.

Literally 100's of tiny pieces have gone into this necklace however the central piece is part of a deconstructed earring from Primark as it worked out a lot easier and cheaper to purchase that part pre-made and remove bits that weren't needed.

The necklace may look quit delicate but the way I've made it is so that it is strong enough to take its own weight along with any snagging/tugging that may occur whilst wearing.

"A small silver ring, with a ruby gripped by two silver claws that grew out of the band".

After searching online through countless websites and through thousands of eBay listings I finally found a perfect redition of Sabriel's ring. It is the single most expensive item I've bought for a cosplay, however it has been incredibly worth it as it's perfect for it, the cost of it has since gone up, it was £72 inc p&p, then customs decided to wack £25 ontop and now I've had to take it to be enlarged and reshaped which will be another £18, taking it up to a grand total of £115 which is more than I've ever forked out for a costume let alone a part of one xD.

To think that I could have made atleast 2 whole costumes for the price of this one! Crazy but this ring is so beautiful I will actually use it as a piece of jewellery :).


Finding 7 bells in ascending size is nigh on impossible let alone finding them made out of silver coloured metal with wooden handles. So all the once I've found so far have been brass with wooden handles however I have found a painted silver coloured bell that I'm in the process of sanding this will be the bell I use a prop in photos and the rest will just be in the bandolier. Sometimes the 99p store is a godsend with tacky valentines day ephemera.

So far I have bought 9 bells 4 are silver 5 are brass coloured but I still need 1 more as the sizings need to be perfect I don't mind having bought extra as I've been interchanging some of the handles so that they look better proportionally :). Thankfully only one more handle needs changing and one more bell needs finding. I will endevour to keep this journal up-to-date with all the nitty gritty aspects of this costume :).

More updates to follow over the coming months

making the tiara has been quite a success but I'm still treating it as a prototype because I've never made something like this before and I'm still getting the hang of using foam. So basically this is 1 A4 sheet of funky foam (pound lands finest, of Course) painted with regular acrylicpaints and out accordingly, atm alot of the side/back is educated guesswork from small low res images, so once I've got a copy of the hobbit I'll analyse the tiara and make a newer better more accurate version but for now this one will do!


After 2weeks of solid work this commision is finished all that's left to do is to contact the commisioner and finish the payment process (well that's if she likes the dress!)

All I pray is that it fits her! I added a ribbon at the top of the shoulders to prevent the shoulders from falling down (a problem I had with my dress as the sleeves are too heavy) but as she'll be waring a long wig it won't be visible and as this isn't a for a cosplay I doubt she'll mind all that much other she'll be body tapeing herself into the dress (which won't be desirable me thinks!)

well *fingers crossed*


I was digging out all my old cosplays to see which ones to chuck out and I came across my old Lulu cosplay, needless to say I wasnt going to chuck it out the only problem being that it wasn't the most well constructed thing I've made (obv. as it was the first cosplay I made!). Anyway since i'm making a new Lulu cosplay I figured I'd do my original one some just as jaz it up so it's top notch, and after 13solid hours the skirt is perfect I altered all the belta and now they look more like belts than strips of fabric and the hang so much better, I added boning into it, it now has a zip so it's alot easier to get into, I also hand stiched all the floral pattern back on I'd originally used fabric glue and it was coming undone so spent 5hours doing it (teaches me to never use fabric glue... Not that Ive used it since anyway). I also touched up the paint job on the flowers as it had become worn away after I wore it to expo last year.

The modifications aren't finished yet there's stil major work to be done on the top half.

The reason for fixing it up and improving it is so I sell it on though I might get some photo's of it before I do part with it as this is still in my eyes my best cosplay.

Looking at what I've made so far I don't feel like I've accomlished that much considering I've spent well over 20hours on it. Saying that so much of it has been hand sewn, I made all the embelishments roung the waist so they took quite a while to get done, not mention making the sewing pattern for the top lining part so that it has good support and will fit well. I've spent alot more time on this costume than I did on my own lol, guess I don't want to dissapoint my first customer :). But in all honesty I probably wont take on another dress commision as the amount of time and effort I put in the payout isn't time effective, not to mention how stressful its been.

The next parts will be relatively quick to make in comparrision, and I'm well on my way to meeting my deadline of July 31st ^^


I've been looking for months for the right fabric and have just not been lucky enough to find what I want so I'm thinking of painting the bodice as it's meant to have a floral pattern anyway so I if I have time I will be painting it darker but also painting the pattern onto it ^_^. I'm very excited about this costume :) and the lovely FuriePheonix is lending me her Pascal for photo's [which is totally awesome as there isn't a Disney store near here so don't think I'll be able to get one before Saturday)


Made from milliput and charged at £12.50 for materials and craftsmanship ^_^

I much prefer something I can sculpt with my hands over something I have to sew, don't why but I guess it's because this is more fun xD

Anyway to the point, this key's been a right buggar to carve, never done a key a before so I'm very pleased with how it's turned out so far, still needs a bit more carving and sanding and then painting I'm working through the night to get the carving done so I can get the base coat painted first thing that way it will be finished Sunday night with the top coat (if all goes well with timing etc.)

Will take some photo's as I go along with the painting ^_^

Well it took about 6hours and the costume is ready to wear and now I've just found out the party is cancelled xD what a wasted effort I could have used that time for more important things like sleeping lol. Atleast I have another costume to add to my repatoir.

There's a few things I want to alter on it like the tabard isn't quite right so just need to touch it up and I also need to dye the dress darker (need to practice that before I go ahead and do it, as I haven't dyed anything [other than hair] before). I'll post up a few pictures of what it looks atm as soon as I'm home tomorrow.

I can't see me wearing this at an event as I never feel compfortable cosplaying really young characters as a. It feels a bit weird and b. I'm waaaay to tall to pull off a child xD. I will however endevour to get some lovely photos of this at a photoshoot at somepoint in te near future :).


I can't believe how close KitaCon is! I'll be finishing this cosplay off on the 24th Feb all that needs doing is the bead details (I don't have the beads here with me!) so will have a few photo's before Kita, and loads of group ones at Kita! I'm so excited I love prancing about my room in the dress (to test how compfortable it is ofcourse!). This is likely to be a cosplay I only wear at this one event and all other times will be purely photoshoots (which is a shame! as I love Alexia!) unless ofcourse a group pops up again (doubtful since Code Veronica is possibly the most hated of the RE series :()

*Reference to the game characters lol

oooh had soo much fun dancing in this cosplay, defo gonna re-wear it at future parties, gotta fix it up a bit, gonna bring the flowy bits up they're too long, also gotta make/buy brown boots, and I've got to make the skirt properly now ^_^ but with more time to do I'll get done no porblem :D

Yeesh I can't believe how little time is left to get 4cosplays finished for Amecon (and inbetween now and then I have work commitments too!)

I'm not procrastinating I'm taking a half an hour sewing break to update eveything online and keep track of my cosplay costs. I soo thought I'd over spent on Sheva but alas I haven't *phew*.

The skirt is coming along beautifully I have to say this is by far one of my favourite cosplay projects, the skirt is so big (poofy) lol. All that's left is to make the hood, finish 2 of the underlayers of the skirt, the stockings and the boots, and I also need to start and finish the prop!

Soooo the wig I bought comes up to short on my big fat head soo I though rather than buy a wig buy some hair extentions I got some for £4.50 and they're roughly the same colour, and about 20" long so just need to cut them and layer them, I'm so glad that I bought them as I totally forgot that at the end of Yuna's mahoosive braid at the back of her head it's got about 10" of hair soo that's where then end of the enxtentions will go! not a wasted buy at all! as I would've need them anyway xD

Sooooo it's been a year since I made this cosplay, the weapon is trashed and needs re-making soo I figured I'm gonna overhawl the whole costume and make it better, for next year though!

Loved The weekend in London it was immense! Hatter was semi complete so it'll be a beta test verion. I'm happy with how the coat turned out still wish I coulda bought one but it was impossible to find a brown coat like his. Things left to do on the cosplay are:

Line the coat & add real pockets!
Change the ribbons dangling down to the right ones
Add a proper sash to the hat
find/make the hat pins
find/make the clasp on the peacock feather
make brown lace gloves
attach long pink frilly lace to the cuffs of the shirt
take the collar in of the shirt
line the sash and print liquorice allsorts onto the underside
find the right colour mens boots
make a waistcoat
re-do the button holes on the coat
find some white face paint.

Budget - £35
Cost So Far:

Coat Fabric: £10
Wig: £3.99
Shirt: £7.00
Trousers: £1.99

Total: £22.98

/o/ Wow after expo I'm just reaming with cosplay energery!
| There were 2 Hatter's at expo and they were both breathtaking! I hope that
/ \ I can get mine to look as awesome! I ordered the wig for hatter today I need to start looking for a pink shirt and pink lace for his ruffled cuffs, I'm watching a brown men's coat on ebay so fingers crossed that I win it! it looks really good and its only £4.99 (inc.P&P) I've decided that my budget for Hatter is £50 anymore and he's just not feasible especially with all the other cosplay I want to do over the Summer!

There's still one thing I can't figure out for this costume and that's where the ream of thread spools ends.. I can't find any picture of Hatter that aren't from the front. i'm gonna have to borrow the film off someone =/ ohwell lol

The hat I've made is only a base (it needs fabric but I can't find the right brocade D: I only have a month to do this cosplay!)

I am NEVER making a full length dress without a sewing pattern or a taylors bust again!!! At this rate I might have go as a zombie Ada lol oh well hopefully I can make it look better I still have a month to do it!

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