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I can't even remember when I first started cosplaying but it was yeaaaaars ago! And it all started with Naruto.. my first cosplay was Uchiha Itachi and I used my own hair and bought the cosplay from ebay and didn't do anything to improve it before I wore it. EMBARRASSING ~. But I've moved on from then, now I always use wigs I've cut and styled myself and make my own costumes now when it is possible (though I still suck at sewing!) I'm also trying to be more creative with the characters I cosplay, and not be scared to do something just because I'm scared of not being recognised. Uh, that's about all I can say so far!

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Woah, at this rate I might actually finish this in time! The dress is finished, the hat and the underskirt are done, I'm finishing the neck bow ribbon thingey now and the boots are drying before I give them a third coat of paint. Now all that's left to do is the shoulder shawl thing and the wig \o/

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