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i have always loved anime and manga. i met my friend kitsune fox at uni and we decided to go to our first ever anime expo!! in london oct 2006. my first ever cosplay was card captor sakura (of course!) in her white and pink dress with wings. i was soooo nervous in the masquerade but i love it so much! since then i have made loads of cosplays mainly from the Clamp series. i also help my sister make her cosplays. its just so amazing getting to be your favorite character for the day. My greatest cosplay achivement so far has to be my Angel of Death cosplay, it took around 200hrs to make and around £200 in materials. It was extemley uncomfortble to wear, but it was worth it! I also love my Alvin and the chipmunks fursuits, i got to do a promotion for the showcase cine de lux in Bristol at cabot circus, please have a look at the video on you tube.

October 2009 - Judges award for originality - Darren Shan group
May 2010 - Neo Magazine cosplay corner 2nd place - Neytiri / Avatar
October 2010 - Judges Award for Scariest costume - Hellboy group
October 2010 - Neo Magazine cosplay corner 1st place - Hellboy group
9th april 2011 - Cosplay Island Showcase - The Angel of Death (hellboy)
October 2011 - Best Performance - Donkey and Puss in Boots.
October 2012 - Judges Award for best Engineered costume - Princess Mononoke
October 2012 - SFX magazine best group Cosplay - bubble bobble
February 2013 - best costume runner up - digimon group
10th November 2013 - Cosplay island showcase - Lightning FF XIII-2
March 2014 - 1st Place at Kitacon Invasion - Repede and Estelle TOV

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I have used my original pattern to make a pattern for all the cape edging details.

I made my own pattern for Anna's cape. I have some beautiful magenta wool fabric and some maroon satin for the lining.

This has been a real trial and error but pleased with how it turned out. Originally we covered the legs with some thermoplastic sheets, they were really difficult to shape around the legs and once we have them attached the legs weighed too much! it would have been far to difficult to perform in with them being this new weight.
So instead we decided to cover them in craft foam. We bought a large roll and then used spray adhesive to glue it to the legs.
next we cut slits around the top and bottom of the foam and hot glued it neatly around the top and bottoms of the striker units.

We next decided to install our EL wire, we made some compartments inside the top of the S.U for the battery packs and then ran the wires down the inside of the S.U. we then measured and poke them out and supported them with some bendy coated wire so that they will stay out, we decided to keep them flexible so that it wont trip us if they catch when walking.

Now it is time to add all the extra blocks and pieces to our S.U.'s! We cut the wings out of MDF and slotted them into the from of the S.U. under the craft foam.

To make the other boxes we carved them out of blocks of polystyrene using a hot wire cutter. for the rounded blocks at the back of the S.U. we covered them is plaster mod-roc to give them a smoother surface. We cover the other blocks in craft foam.

We then glued all the pieces to our S.U using impact glue.

Finally we painted the entire S.U's using about 6 layers of PVA glue.

Step 2!
for the next part we decided to bulk out our striker units using expanding foam, this would also make the foam hard with will prevent it from flexing when we (try) to walk in them.
We then carved to foam to a better shape.
To get a nice smooth surface we then added a layer of floor liner foam.

Building the striker units has been a difficult and emotional cosplay journey....

Step 1

We started by using some massive foam pipe which we slit down the back, wrapped around our legs and then used a piece of fabric and a lot of duct tape to create the base of the striker units.
To add some height and so that we are not flat footed we also bought some platform heels to wear inside.

Fabric used: Luxury cream fur and pink fleece.
Other materials: Flesh colored latex and craft foam.

1. I made the ears by first cutting out the shape i wanted with craft foam.
2. I then heated the foam with my heat gun and curved the foam into the shape i wanted.
3. I then glued a piece of pink fleece to the front of the ears and then painted about 5 layers of latex onto them.
4. Next i hand stitched the fur to the pink fleece and then trimmed some of the fur to make it neater.
5. finally i hand stitched the ears directly to the netting of my wig and ta-dah!

Fabric used: Luxury cream fur
Other materials used: Foam pipe, wire, worbla and skin tights.

1. I started with a piece of foam which is used for insulating pipes. I cut slits into where i needed it to bend slightly.
2. I then ran some stiff wire through the middle so that it will keep its shape.
3. Next i hand stitched my fur to create a fluffy tail.
4. the tricky part was figuring out how to make the tail look like it was growing out of my bear skin! so i glued a piece of worbla to the base of the tail so that it will have something to support it when it is resting against my back.
5. finally i cut a waitband off a pair of skin colored tights and the attached it between the piece of worbla and the tail. when i put it on you can really see the waistband and it looks like i have grown a tail! i also stands out really well and doesnt drop when im wearing it.

Fabric used: Green polydrill
Lining used: black satin

The tie was quite easy to make as i have made them before, only challenge was that i wanted it to be a clip on tie instead of a normal one.
I manage to get a tie clip from ebay.
1. I cute my green fabric to shape and added a small piece of black satin to the end of the tie so it looks neater.
2.I also added a piece of interfacing.
3.I pressed the edges of the fabric and then hand stitched with a ladder stitch to sew it all together.
4. I then wrapped my finished tie around the clip and stitched it on to stop it coming undone.

Fabric used: 100% Italian wool suiting (olive green)
Lining used: Polyester dress lining (green)

This jacket has been a challenge but i have enjoyed making it. I carefully researched what kind of fabric to use as i wanted to use something that may have been used in world war two. The British army jackets were always made from 100% wool.
1. I started by using a womens suit jacket pattern that i modified to be more like Shirley's (longer)
2. I sewed a;; the fabric pieces together and the lining pieces then sewed them together to make the jacket, the collar needed a sewing technique that i have not used before called pad stitching which is done by hand.
3.once i finished the jacket i then added the details of the pockets and lapels on the shoulders. I made these using some heavy interfacing and imagination.
4. I used bondaweb to carefully attach the gold ribbon on the sleeves and the lapels.
5. I also added some genuine World war 2 US army buttons on the lapels and a genuine US army wings pin badge.

Fabric used: Japanese silk (Ivory)
Lining used: Crepe Suiting (Cream)

I have never made a shirt/blouse before so this was a challenge, i do not own a sewing pattern for a shirt so i had to make it up as i went along.
1. I started by using a pattern for a chinese dress as it was nice and fitted and had a high neck. I folded the bottom hem of the pattern into a point in the two front and back sections before cutting.
2. Once i was happy with the shape i cut out my fabric, for the outside part of the pattern i made sure that i left some tabs on the points so that i could fold them around and hem one i had sewn the lining and fabric together.
3. The collar is made from using some heavy duty interfacing sen inside, i ensured that i kept ironing all my edges as i made the shirt so that i would get nice crisp hems.
4. Once i finished putting the pieces together i then needed to add the buttons and button holes. I started by making to strips of interfaced fabric measured, cut and ironed to size. I then used a the button hole setting on my sewing machine to sew all the button holes in on one side of the shirt, I then measured the other right hand side strip and used my sewing machine's zig zag stitch and button foot to sew on all the buttons.

Misson complete!! and i am very happy with the result!

ok so we are back on track for WCS 2014, although i have not updated my CI journal lots of progress has been made over the last couple of months

hand painted all of the petals onto the skirt :)

next i need to hand paint all the petals on the skirt part.

my first time using bondaweb! its awesome!

today i dyed my costume pieces :)

i ordered these really cool big eye lenses which i love, they are so comfy to wear! my hair is auburn colour anyway but now i have a ponytail hair extension!

I got my lovely brocade fabric and did a dye test! i love the colour so i am noe ready to dye my actual cosplay pieces

ive cut my lining out from my newspaper pattern while i wait for the white brocade fabric to arrive. i also printed out the symbol for the back of the costume ready for applique

ive started by making a newspaper pattern for the main part of the costume.

here is a bunch of left overfabric that i will be using to make kasumi, the only etra fabric i have needed to buy is some white brocade.

I HATE these ears, so im going to remake them, i dont like how pointy they are at the top, i also do not like the fur i used and they are too heavy! I made them using a wire frame, the covering it in a bit of worbla to make it stronger. I then added fur and a piece of pink fleece which i then painted with latex.
I like the latex for the inner ear but thats about it lol

Soooo i ran out of my cotton, its ok though good progress, looks like a jacket now. I just need to add all the details, pockets, lapels and gold ribbon. then hem it all and add a hook and eye to fasten it.

i have begun to line the jacket, im not going to hem it until i have added the pockets now but im pretty please with it, i used a green polyester liner.

Its pretty difficult to make a proper suit jacket, I bought some lovely olive green Italian wool to use. I did buy a ladies suit jacket sewing pattern but have had to completely modify it to make it more like Charlotte's. I have had to extend the length and change the shape at the front, i will also need to add pockets and lapels.
When making the collar (pictured) i learnt a new stitch technique called pad stitching, lots of hand sewing involved.

still working on these with a new goal to enter them into the world cosplay summit in November, I think i have now mastered how to do the striker units so going for it!!

as we already have wigs and materials for these cosplays we have decided to make the cosplays minus the striker units for hyper japan. :)

After racking my brains for several months I have finally thought of a way to make the strike unit, so this Cosplay is back on track :)

Put glitter glue on the edges of all of the leaves

yay i got some lovely suede green heels in an online sale with next day delivery!

here is a list of accessories i want to make -
Gun (dart gun??)
Pipboy 3000
nucacola quantum
rad away

this is what i had made so far, still need to add the leather tp the bottom and tidy up the top, then i need to make the harness

i gathered my materials, tan lether, dark brown leather and light brown suede and made a start, i made the liniang with leather and the cover with leather so i had a good thickness, also added abit of heavy interfacing

finally added the blue mohawk to repede, sewed two strips of the fur running into each other to give the mowhawk height and also put a strip of foam inside.

im so please with the overall shape of repede when i am wearing him :)

Repede has two eyes!!!, made the eye lids with leather and added eyelashes. the actual eye was a egg shaped christmas baulble. i painted the back of the baulble in layers of acylic paint to make the eye, so the black first, then the green, then the white in top. because the eye was painted on the back i hae now got a follow me eye :)

these are officially finished, the claws are added and i have attched the rings around the ankles :)

i hated the painted scar, so i ordered some beautiful super luxury brown fur to replace it. it looks so much better i think :)

mde the sword using worbla, the filled it with some expanding foam lol

the claws are all fimo and spray painted black

i hated this when i first dne it but hopefully after a brush it will look beter

added the nose, he is coming to life!

i used a duff resin cast eye to give the closed eye shape, i then made the eyelids using a scrap bit of leather on the sewing machine.i then cut out a hole in the fur and sloteed the eye inti place, i also added eyelashes and his eyebrow

i shave the head so he does not look so shaggy!

shaved the fur shorter around the paws, it looks much better

i finished the body suit! just need to add a zipper! it looks weird because i have not put it on the dummy properly

This doesn't look like much but it's just taken me a good 3 hours to make a Pattern for the body fur using scrap fabric

i got the walking stick handle which i love, gonna make the rest of the sword using worbla, so yesterday i made a paper pattern for the worbla :)

i spent a couple of hours this evening making a harness system to suppot the tail and the weight of the head. :)

i have attached the fur now and put the pipe in the jaw. i still need to add the eyes but im having trouble. I have casted them in resin but they are not setting after two weeks! i must have done the mixture wrong :( will have to redo them i think

to ensure i did not waste any of my luxury fur for repede's head i decided to make a pattern. this also helped cut the pieces out nicely for the different shapes. I started by completely covering his head in tape. i then drew out the lines with a marker pen and wrote what each pattern piece was. i then cut the pattern off the head with a stanley knife. I then placed each pattern piece onto the fabric making sure the fur runs away from the nose and cut the back of the fur fabric with the stanley knife. finally i hand sewed all the pieces together ready for it to be hot glued to my foam head.

armed with a old paint brush handle, half a toy capsule and some worbla! i carefully made repede's pipe and burnt my fingers! please with result though, cant wait to paint it:)

made my fimo jaw set, repede dosnt seem to have many teeth in the picture

here is all the costume so far put onto the mannequin. still unsure about the neck lenght may have to do some alterations. bottom jaw is not fixed yet.

carved the head out of a block of expanding foam and then attached it to a helmet, i have for the angle right but unsure if the neck is too long. need to do s test video with me wearing it all.

i cut a piece of foam out into the shape of repede's tail and then put some expanding foam onto it to mak it stiff at one end. also put a pole onto the base so that i have something to help me attach it to the body.

Made Lots of progress but just have not updates my journal in a while, body all padded out

I made the wig by taking apart one wig and attaching it to another, this made the wig much thicker on top. I then cut into style and painted the spots on. I also did a make up test to see how long it will take me, took around 45mins first time so next time should be quicker. Id like to get some contacts as well

trying to make this cheap as it is just for new year, already have a couple of blonde wigs so will just style one of those. just bought some lycra, i decided to have slightly darker colours so have gone for beige/gold lycra instead of yellow and a wet look orange for the leotard. Also bought a thundercats belt buckle as i thought it would be cool to have a metal logo instead of embroided. I alos already have a pair of flat boots that i did not use for another costume so will cover them.

Finished took around 14 hours ish :)

I made the dress up as I went along pretty pleased with it.

I bought a pair of orange tights and a pair of green tights, cut them in half and then sewn them back together

The fabric is all seen together on the machine and then pulled over the foam and hand sewn tight. The face is a piece of ballet tights stretched over a piece of wire mesh. The face is various pieces of non fray fabric glued on.

The yellow part is made from a piece of worbla cut into a cone shape and covered in fabric.

For the ball on top I stretched red Lycra over a polystyrene ball.

Fabric! I have cut out all the different colours of scrap fabric I have. Next I need to sew it all together.

Started the head by making it out if a piece of foam and two plastic dinner plates on the ends.

All ready to start building up the body shape with foam!

I used some left over short pile lux fur for the bottoms of the feet, I also made paw pads from carved pieces of foam and the I covered them with some dark purple suede fabric.

I carved the front paws before the arm stilts were screwed together, this was to ensure the foot piece was the correct size.

Here they are pretty much complete, I am thing about experimenting with some elastic to make it move more smoothly.

After lots more maths and measuring we drilled the holes into the correct place for the carriage bolts. We were then able to screw all three parts together.

Step 3 was to measure my arms and figure out how long I needed to lower pipe to be. I then cut it to size.

First thing I did was drill holes through for the handles, I glued them in place and the cut off the excess pipe.

I wanted to make jointed arm stilts so started with these materials. 4" PVC pipe, 2.5" PVC pipe, 1" PVC pipe, carriage bolts.
The first job was to measure it out and cut the pipe to size. There are two pieces of 4" pipe one is the upper arm and the other is for the foot. The 2.5" pipe is for the forearm. There is also some 1" pipe for the handles

I must have used about 30 newspapers to stuff this! And about 50 hours! I'm so happy that I've actually finished it! Now I can move on to the fun parts of creating repedes body shape.

Here is the dummy cut off! :) now time to spend many hours stuffing it!!

Me and meg started making our first duct tape dummy! Thanks to thekillingdoll's fantastic workshop at ayacon, we kinda knew what we were doing! Any way it was a really painful experience! We used a disposable decorators overalls for the base.

My pin arrived from America today! It's an Air Force pin, I chose it because it looks very similar to Shirley's pin on her uniform. I might edit it a bit

I got the chain from the Halloween section in asda! It was painted black so i spray painted it metallic chrome silver.

I only managed to find one reference of repedes sword out of its case. I made a sketch of what it looks like. I think I'm going to carve the whole thing out of one block of wood.

This is the fur that I have ordered for repede, I changed the turquoise to a long pile blue frost as the colour and fur length was more accurate for repede

i noticed that repede's weapon handle looks alot like a walking stick handle.
lan is to buy a cheap walking stick to mould around.

I am very pleased r=with these swatches, so much that i have ordered the cream and purple. but now unsure about the aqua frost so ordered a swatch of a light blue frost instead.
This is cream blush longpile, shaggy purple and Aqua frost.

here is one example of the fur swatches i ordered, the is bright white long pile, lux aubergine and aqua frost. I dont like it too much as the colours are all too bright, i would like repede to look more realistic

i have started planning how to make the striker unit, its not going to be easy, i hink we will start by making duct tape dummys of our legs.
I think that we will be to be on a bit of a stilt. i am also planning on fitting some sort of light up fan for propellers

wig found on ebay, not bought yet, but most likely the one i will get, looks like the correct lenght and colour. :)

I found these perfect shoes for charlotte on ebay! I need them for when i will not be wearing the striker unit

Just ordered a load more purple fur swatches from mohair bear website. Sadly the sample I ordered was perfect except its no longer in stock :(

Just ordered some luxury fur samples from swincraft,
I'm so excited about making this!

expo was so much fun in may! gonna take these to Ayacon in August too, just need to finish them!, i want to re-make the staff as they were too heavy! and make some shoes/boots. Also the wing on the back, although i am re-thinking how to make that too. :)

The body is entirely hand stitched! I have very sore fingers now :( but it was worth it!! Also attached the metal edge which I made from worbla and added rivets

Finally completed the wings they are upside down in the picture but you can see how massive they are!! They are currently folded too!

Here is one foot, they are attached directly to the leather trousers. The claws are made from wood and the sprayed gold and black. There is a boot inside with I sprayed and carved expanding foam on to make them bigger and the correct shape. I then hand stitched the leather around. I love this costume as the more hand made it looks the better! As the songbird was a man made creature after all.

Just a bit of hand stitching needed to finish these off and then I need to hide the green foam lol

This fabric is far too clean and nice for songbird wings!!! Time to burn them with my heat gun!

I started by drawing around my frame directly onto the fabric, I then sewed the pockets in for the poles.

Here are the arms! I've added the groumets and hand sewn it all together

This will look great once the legs and arms are added!

Pictures of back, still need to add other details

i need to add some eye holes, it look extremly uncomfortable but actually when you have it on its not too bad at all :)

im pretty happy with this, depending on what time i have i might add more details

Been painting in the beautiful sunshine today

the wing frame is attached to some wood to hold it together, I have also added some spare resin gems I casted for another costume for detail, just needs a couple more deails adding before painting and sewing on the fabric. this photo shows the wings folded

not sure what they are but added the giant nail head things with the leather wire coming out

back harness progress, this has been all hand sewn, takes londer but I can ensure it fits tight to the frame

more rivets added, hose attached with plug and back started with harness

Got carried away tonight and nearly finished the head, I had to put lots of screws in to keep it on. I then added the eyes which can change colour from yellow to red with a remote

The head is a wire frame attached to a backpack for a harness, the head is also supported with plastic poles. I then added the leather by hand sewing it to the frame, I hand hand sewed in the leather stitches along the sides

The hose I bought was clear so I have sprayed it with a mixture of gold and black paint

Finished the paint and weathering on the beak

I have resprayed my claws and weathered them a bit so they are the correct colour

These are made from worbla too, it's amazing stuff my new favourite material I think

I have sprayed it gold, then I will weather it using dry brush,

His beak is made from worbla which I have stuck to a bowl to make the shape of his head

I cut the wing frames from wood and then attached the plastic pipes ready for the canvas, they are massive!!!! Maybe too big?

Here is songbirds cracked eye, I have made a lot of progress but want to keep my cards close to my chest with this one, more progress pictures will be up closer to completion

Wing progress, I have now carved the foam into shape, next I will fill in any holes and then paint

This will be the moon that sits on top my staff

It's complete' the jewel inside the wing lights up

I have gradient dyed the tails! I think they look great

The tails are made from 100% pure silk

Started spraying these with white gloss spray

These need carving into shape and then lights adding to them

Here is the headband with the lights and moon

I'm using expanding foam to make the big moon on top the staff

I've started making this with expanding foam, once dry I will cover with plaster so that I will be able to paint it

I sprayed theses with a silver undercoat but will spray again with white gloss

Ive bought some worbla from coscraft to make the wings, it's great stuff! Cool to be lightweight and hard, just difficult to mould into certain shapes but I'm sure with practice it will be possible to look good. Take a look at the photo for my 1st attempt

getting very fustrated with my sewiing maching and this bloody lycra suit!! nearly there though :)

this costume is so hard to start without decent reference pictures! ive pre ordered the songbird edition of the game so i will have a excellent figure to use as a reference. ive also pre ordered the artbook. but its taking so damm long for the game to be released!!! hurry up!! :)

ill add the details on as i go along, like the wing pattern and moon on the legs

ive started to cut out the pattern. it was quite complicated, i had to cut up the sewing pattern that i bought into the different panels that i wanted. this is a picture of the back panels

i bought a cheap plain headband from the fabric shop, im covering it with the dark blue lycra.

I bought this lovely pure silk for the train at the back on the suit, I also bought some rit dye so that I can gradient dye it.

I bought this lovely pure silk for the train at the back on the suit, I also bought some rit dye so that I can gradient dye it.

So excited to start this now, just been out and bought all of this awesome lycra

got a patteren to make the unitards :), ill be using figure A

final design, i may make some changes when making but this is the aim

i decided i wanted to make them more furturistic

this would have been a white corset with gradient skirt

i liked the idea of gradient colours

basic design, the dits would be little crystals

me and my sister have been running out of ideas for costumes to do as a pair, so we hve decided to design our own! these characters are sisters that inspiered by the sun and the moon. all of the drawings are designed by myself Kirsty Atwill and belong to me so please do not take them and re post them anywhere.

i have finished the tail now i just need to make some sort of harness to attach it

i made the tail ring from a plastci tub and some foam, i then painted it gold and dry brushed over with dark gold to give it a worn effect

i hand sewd the ears onto the head and made a fimo nose. the wiskers are black electrical wire :)

here is the whole thing together apart from the trousers and feet

this is made from half a plastic bowl and foam board attached. the sparaypainted silver

the ying yang is made from some faux leather and the gold is all hand painted

finished head, i painted in the shading

here is the head with complete hat and curtain?

bdy is nearly complete, im just unhappy with the legs at the moment

the ears are made from thick foam which was covered, i need to make the puple spikey tips

the tail was a complete pain to try and cover! who knew that a spiral would be so difficult to make, after sewing and unpicking my fabric 3 times i eventually sat down and hand sewed the whole thing!!!!! at least it looks right now :)

the tail is the most complicated thing, i have made a frame using a plastic pipe, covered with pipe insulation, which is then wrapped with wire.

the only way to make the body was or me to pin and cut the fabric to the padding,i need to add the sleeve and legs to complete

paws nearly complete, just need to add claws

the head is covered and the eyes are attached, she looks so cute already! next i need to attach ears and nose

tail is finished, ill attache it to a belt to be worn underneath the clothing

hat! the hat is made from plastazote, im gonna cover it in black fabric

lots of shading to be done, but you get the gist of what he looks like

i carved these feet out of thick foam, i think the toes need to be a little more rounded though

to mske the eyes i have cut up some cheap plastic bowls from asda and painted the under side of them, The black parts of the eyes will be covered in a see though black vinal that you can but for car head lights

i used some expanding foam to create the nose/jaw for gatmon, the eye are a little too big so i will make them smaller

i put the head and body padding on together to check that the scaling looked right, next job is feet

I also put two pillows on the back of the padding so i am fat all round, it just needs shaping at the bottom now

for the body padding i used a nice cheap asda price pillow covered over with a thin piece of upholstry foam

i continued the process until the head was completly covered and nice and rounded

once the expanding foam is compltley dry i removed the manniquin head and started to cover the outside in pieces of foam to get the nice round shaped head.

because the head is very round i thought it would be easiest to start with a card hanging basket as the base, i then created a foam helmet which i glued inside the card with expanding foam. its very light weight and comfortable.

The main thing i need to make is the chaps. I have bought this cow print fabric which i will back with some black fabric.

im going to wear just a normal pair of blue jeans that i have. I have bought this belt buckle to put on a brown belt. :)

found this great red cowgirl hat on ebay, all i need to do is add the white stitching around the edge and change the band

i know that you can buy a jessie fancy dress costume out right but i really dont like the look of them, the quality is crap and i dont like that the shirt is horrible shiny satin, so ive decided to make it myself.

i couldnt decide what to do for new years eve fancy dress party, and then i saw that i could buy a big Bullseye toy for £20 from disney store and i was sold on doing Jessie!!

neck extended, head and ears not yet attached

We cant fit inside our workshop with the head on lol, need to tidy up some edges and pull the gaps together but here is the body

this is a yuna wig from ebay, i dont need to do anything to it as it seems to be the perfect style already

ive started to put the fibre optics into the neck of the shishi. I glued the battery pack to the inside of the fabric and then poked through each individual light and glued it in place. i then turned the fabric over and cut the cables off so they are not too long.

here is a side profile of the face, sorry about all the entries i just like to have all the progress pictures up for everyone to see.

i made the 4 eyebrows with some long pile white fur. He is starting to look a bit too cute for my liking...maybe i should remove the face and just have the skeleton lol

here it is with the face just sat on the skeleton.

here is the skeleton of the face, it looks a bit creepy lol. ive added some black fabric around the eye sockets and also some fur around the forehead and chin.

i need to touch up the paint in a few places but apart from that it is ready for face and furring

i decided to paint them gold so that the lights would reflect of them even more, i had to do a 2nd coat of pva glue to stop the paint from chipping.

woo looks so bright and shiny! next job is painting the antlers!

made the skirt with some thick interfacing and black velvet, i then started the long prosess of decorating it in crystals and beaded fringe

after many many painful hours i have completed the corset, collars added and also decorated in hotfix crystals

my hat lol dont laugh at me posing lol i have added crystals as well now but no piccys yet sorry

now we need to wait for the expanding foam to dry, we also filled in the tops of the tubes with the expanding foam

to support the antler i sprayed expanding foam around the base.

we decided to make the antlers from foam tubes as they are lightweight, easy to cut and bend and cheap! we pushed each individual led through the foam and pushed some stiff wire down them so we can bend them to shape

yeahhh cant resist an excuse to add lights to a costume, we used an upside down haning basket for the base and then threaded the lights through. there are 5 battery packs underneath and 200 led lights

finished the feet by painting on the patches

we have fixed the back hole by covering it with some plastazote so that its slots together nicely.

fron and back together so you can get the gist of what we are trying to do lol

the back does not fit together tight, the pole is too difficult to slot together ourselves so need to think of another way to hide the gap in the back

here is a back view, you can see the hula hoop frame

side shot of the front part of the body, we will need to add more padding.

front part of body with fur attached face forward

mock up pattern that we made to see if it would all correctly, we will need to edit the legs though

finished furry cape! with added tail, all hand sewn

i made the necklace and shaw as one piece using a stiff piece of wire. i then put my beads and teeth i made on the wire and them attached and hand stiched the fur shaw on.

i forgot to say that i glued a strechy piece on black fabric on the inside of the mask to hide the horrible plaster and to make the eye holes backed out, the fabric is streched enough so that i can see through the fabric.

i put screws though the mask and ears to hold them on tight. i then put a little bit of foam to fill the gap.

finished! re covered a old pair of boots with the japanese linen.

just painted some cheap ones white.

frame for the front body, once expanding foam is dry i will carve to shape

we made a foam helmet inside the basket for comfort and cover the outside in foam as well for shape.

as you can see we decided to make the frame from a washing basket as it is light weight and a hula hoop for the frame for the fabric

so, here is the frame for the backside. the front will be the same but reversed. we need to tidy up the shape with foam and pillows.

covered the toes in polyfilla to make them more solid for painting

feet in progress, just needs some colour!

ive filled the gaps in the ears with poly filler, once dry ill sand it down and then paint

i made the teeth from fimo, just need to make the rest of the necklace

made and finished the dress and tunic pretty quickly, i made the pattern up myself and quickly put it through the machine. i did not hem the dress as i want it to fray. the dress is made from dark purple suede and the tunic is made from japanese linen.

just wrapped some plaster stripes around some foam for the ears

nearly complete, i need to add the ears and fur

ive painted the blue stripes with acylic paint

i made these from some thick heavy duty inter facing and painted it with acrylic

i painted some black shading arounf the mouth for better effect

i covered the mask in polyfiller and rubbed it down so it was smoother and then started to paint it

after filling and rubbing down polyfiller 4 x, im finally read to paint, its a little dark in this pacture though

i built up the pattern with more plaster strips, once dry i will coat in something to make it smooth

drawing out the pattern, and cut out eye holes

ive plastered the mask in poly filla, once dry i will rub it down so its nice and smooth

i bought a pair of plan black salsa dance shoes and put the rhinestones and stars on with my heat gun

ive started san's mask, im making it out of modroc, i had some left over in my box of bits. :)

i just patterned some fabric around my old pixie boots, ive got some japanese linen to cover the boots with.

im going to get some polyfilla and make the face nice and smooth now that the resin is dry, here is a preview with the eyes behind.

painted the pupils and eye colour, just need to paint the white now

i got these eyes off a taxidermy site, i have to paint them myself though

i used a masquerade mask and some old resin to mould the face, once the resin is dry i can work on making it smoother before painting

purple suede dress pattern made today and fabric cut, tomorrow ill put it through the sewing machine, im thinking that i wont hem it as it wont fray too much but it will look more like san's dress with rough edges.

complete 6.5mm rhinestones, now i need to finish the 3mm rhinestones, this has taken about 14 hours so far and around 2500 6.5mm rhinestones and 2900 small...

back side started with the large rhine stones

over 2000 small rhinestones so far....taken about 14 hours

Now i have started glueing the small rhinestones in between, these are much quicker to put on but ive got to glue alot on, i have bought 3000 so far.

6.5mm rhinestones pattern front complete, this is about 500 rhinestones, took about 6 hours to put them all on.

i have a black velvet corset, i have started to glue 6.5mm rhinestones in the pattern on satine's corset

here is my wig all styled with hairspray! the colour looks weird in the photo but trust me its definatly pink!

a closer photo of the tiny details

Here is my sword!! i still have to paint the opposite side but its basically finished! to get to this stage i spray painted chrome on the blade and then sat down with a tiny paintbrush and some acrylic paint and went cross eyed painting all those tiny details!! once its dried ill paint the other side and then attach the hand guard and that little round piece on the sword with hot glue!

i painted all the foam bits on the sword with black hammerite paint for metal as its a solid paint that wont chip!! only thing is that it takes a while to dry, so i will have to wait till tomorrow to paint the rest of it.

i finished spray painting the hand guard and glued the gold decoration on to it, its now ready to attach to the sword when im ready

i stayed up till midnight last night building up layers of plastazote on the sword, then this morning i moulded polymorth beads to make those nice swirly bits around the handle/trigger bits

finally i used an instant contact adhesive to glue it all together, it was the scariest part!! but luck again it turned out great!! i used hotglue for the gold details and the rivets. All thats left to do is screw some straps onto the back, im probably going to use velcro. But its basically finished!!

For the centre dome part i wanted to gradient it from green to black, so i painted the whole thing in green acrylic paint and then masked the center lightly with a piece of newspaper folded into a rough circle, i then used blach spray paint and carefully sprayed the outside of the shield. I am so please with out it turned out!!!

im exhausted this weekend! been working hard to finish before friday. So my shield, once i finished cutting all the shapes out i put down a primer using black arylic paint

here is progress on the shield, i covered the ball in plastazote and made the outside ring and gold pieces out of plastazote aswell, next i will spray paint all the parts and then glue it all together

here is the progress on that top part of the sword, the hand shield thing. ive made it from plastazote and craft foam, the patterned bit is not glues down yet as it needs to be sprayed a different colour.

i cut out a piece of wood in a circle and sanded the edges down, I am going to glue this salad bowl on top and cover the whole thing in craft foam for a smooth surface

here is the gunblade routered and primered not sure its thats the correct way to spell it lol next job is to build the shape up then paint!!!

next i cut it out using a jigsaw with a bit of help from my dad

yay started my sword!!! i drew it out on a bit of wood first

i made a plain black corset and then hand sewed the purple parts on, im very please with how it turned out!!

here is the waist strap complete with the gold studs

here is part of the strap that goes around the waist, i used brown suede on top

here are my buckles so far, have painted them with gold acrylic to start but i have started to spray paint them with metallic gold paint, when they are dry i will post more pics

i wanted to make th buckels out of sheet brass, although they looked quite good when i made them they were extremely sharp!!! so i decieded it was not a good idea and have now started to make them out of plastazote

its been a while since ive made some progress as i just could not find the right fabric for the straps, i originally bought some buffalo brown suede thinking that that was the colour of her straps, but then i realised that it was actually a purple colour!! ive looked everywhere for the right colour until i found this gorgeous deep purple suede on ebay!! it was expensive though £10 per meter!!!!! i started by making the skirt belts...

pic of the costume with the skirt, just need to add all those belts!

i havent done anything for a while as i have just moved house! but now that we are settled in i havemade some more progress on lightning. i decided to go ahead and make the gorgeous feather skirt that she has, i bought all of the feathers that were on sale in hobby craft and made this! at the moment it is attached to some elastic but i am going to change it and maybe put it on a thin black belt so that it can take the weight better.

i need to add the hanging belts and the feather skirt

ok so ive spent the last week working my arse off making this cosplay and now its nearly finished!!! i just need to add the straps and make the feather skirt, here is some piccys - boots

i just finished making the armor pieces out of the plastazote, i need to paint them all now, will post piccys when im done. :)

its so hard to bend them into the correct shape!! i just need to add the spikes and other details

Chrome!!!! to finish them off i just need to add the gold details

the boots with the primer coat, next step - Chrome!!

finished!! they are ready to be sprayed silver now

i need to add the rivets and put them on the body armor

ive started adding the detail to the toe and heel of the boots, next i need to make the knee spike

started the boots, i bought some cheap white ankle boots for the base and wrapped plastazote 3mm round them to fit my leg

i completed the styrene breast plate, but im not happy with the edges, ive had 3 attempts at making the edges sharpe, 1st was with hot glue, 2nd was with polymorph and 3rd was with poly filler (rookie mistake!) it cracks with the flexability of the styrene, last attempt will hopefully be successful, im gonna tray latex.

i decided to start by making the breast plate as it seems to be the most akward piece of the costume, the 1st step was to make a pattern out of craft foam. its taken two days to do and i think it still needs a little bit of adjusting.

been doing tons of research on making armor, i like the idea for fibreglass but it seems too messy, and you need to make moulds from silacone which is expensive... so ive opted for the styrene technique.

this is just a quick test with the body to see where i need to take it in or adjust it.

finished!! helmet fully ajusted, ive also added the ears, mohawk and his eyelashes!

painted the ears i just need to hard sew it

eeek! ive had to completly ajust the padding and the inner head today as i found that when wearing the head the weight of donkey's nose pulls the head down wrong and it feels like its gonna fall off! so been adding a whole new helmet inside to change the structure. also had to ajust the padding so that the waistcoat is a bit bigger around the arms.

ive decided to make a foam suit so that i can get the right body shape for donkey

the fur is all sewn on now and nice and neat. next i need to add the details and trim some of the fur

all the fur is glued on now, next step is to hand sew the edges and tidy it up

ive added the latex lips to the head and started to add some fur, it took a while to get it shaped right around the eyes.

the original tongue i made was much too heavy and weighed the bottom jaw down too much. so i decided to try i new technique, i was unsure if this would work but luckily it did! i brushed liquid latex over some felt to make a tongue and lips.

added the hooves just need fur now, i also added coconut shells so that he will trot, trot, trot in the place yeah!

i added more foam and fur so that the feet will right when they are on.

these are the base for the stilts, i used some pvc pipe and some metal handles srewed on, then covered in foam for comfort. i still need to add hooves

hoof progress, this is the back hooves. i used an old pair of trainers and foam. then covered with black leather. they will look better when i finish them

i have installed the eyes and teeth! he's starting to look more like donkey now. next step is to fur the head

the eyes are finally dry! i have painted the backs of them, and im very pleased with the result

i decided to cast the eyes using clear casting resin and a mould. they will take up to 2 weeks to fully cure

i made the toungue and teeth from fimo, but unfortunatly the tounge was too heavy to use! I will have to find something else

i have now made donkey's ears and added invisible wire to the bottom jaw so that i can open and shut the jaw by pulling on it with my own jaw

i added more foam for the cheeks and then carved the foam into the shape i wanted. next i made donkey's lower jaw and added elastic to help the jaw shut tight.

next step was to add the foam, once it is dry it will be ready to carve

after about 6 weeks of planning and material gathering i am ready to start making donkey, this is the base for the head. i used a cycle helmet and a piece of very dense foam for the top jaw/nose

i made the tail from jade swimming lycra and matching see though fabric for the fins.

sew on around 1000 sequins so far

so far i have spent about 20hrs sewing on around 1000 sequins and ive only done one side!!!! the sequins are these lovely blue/green iridescent, 15mm sequins.

now that expo is over i can really concantrate on getting Ariel finished. i have bought some Jade lycra and matching see though fabric, plus about 500 large seaquins!

here is the shape of the ears when folded

here are the cut out ears for my chii costume and my sisters freya costume, we have worked together the whole way so that we make sure that we both look the same in the end. these are make from fun foam, then glued the pink felt on one side. next job is to glue fur on the opposite side.

here you can see the chiffon layer on top the dress, it still needs cutting out.

i have been making the beads and gems to go on the dress! im very please with them!

i am buying most of the parts for this costume as it is just for fun to wear with my sister to the london expo on saturday. So far i have bought -
yellow playsuit
yellow leg warmers
red gloves
blonde wig.
All i need to make is the ears and tail. :)

i have finshed gradient dying the dress, once it has dried i will finish sewing it together them make the over skirt.

bas dress complete, next i need to gradient dye it then sew in the underskirt/petticoat.

cutting out fabric to make the dress bodice

i have had a massive sewing session today. Trousers are 90% complete - just needs the waistband, Top is 90% complete (tiny bit of sewing left) and the waistcoat thing is 60% complete.

fabric for cyrus, mostly suiting

i have finished the hair sticks, they just need a little varnished now. :)

i have got the basic dress made, i now just need to add all the fine details.

so that i can see the diffrence in height

this took about 5 hours to finish painting

ive started to put the feathers on my wings, they are starting to come to shape.

progress on the wings, ive put them on my mannequinn to see how just how big they are!

ive cut the masking tape off my eyes, now its time to put the feathers.

wearing my skirt with the petticoat underneath

base coat of enamel is painted on the torso, once dry i will paint in details

this is the 1st time ive ever done this, im pleased with the result. i used 2x dylon antique grey hand dye.

i decided to add polyfiller on top of the chest. this was to fill in some of the holes and to get rid of the foam look.

once i finished carving the chest, i covered it in pva glue to make it easier to paint later on.

i used alot of spray foam on my foam base and then carved the rib cage out

i put on my peticoat and the torso and head to see what i might look like as it al starts to come together! ^_^

i carved out soe shoulders and glued them to the helmet.

i glued the big foam piece to the helmet for the base of my torso

i have glued the head onto a cycle helmet. now you can see just how tall i will be.

the head is nearly finished just needs a little more paint

i painted the cracks with black paint to give it depth

i sketched on the head, where i wanted the cracks and groovs

i started rubbing the head down and i have added the teeth. you cant see them because i have covered them in masking tape to keep them clean.

ive started to build up the back of the head, i will tidy it up a bit but it will be covered by the hood from the cloak.

ive added the foam board for extra support for when i start to add my feathers. i have also glued my eyes in place. they currently have masking tape on them to keep them clean.

i have started to cut my fabric. i have got 100% silk. i cant remember what it's called but it is matt and has a really nice texture. i am going to gradiunt dye the skirt once it's finished.

you can see in his picture how much extra height i will be getting with my head and wings

the basic shape of my wing frame. i bent the copper pipes to shape

my harness. i cut up and edited a scaffolders harness. i sewed on where i needed the copper frame for the wings to sit

i carved the spray foam to the basic shape that i wanted. I then covered the head with some filler. it will need another layer once it has dried.

i put mu painted cast and my clear cast together, to create 'follow me eyes'. i decided to used gold paint for the eye colour

i have started making this with a wig head. i the used my new best friend, Spray foam! to add to the shape. now i need to get carving

i drew out a rough shape for the wings. i will be using a copper pipe to create the basic frame for the wings

the eyes are casted, just need painting.

I used some clear casting resin to cast the eyes for my wings. im casting 2 halfs and putting them together to create follow-me eyes. When i have finished casting i will paint he backs of the eyes.

the trousers are made from a t shirting fabric, with and elastic waistband.

the symbol on The back of the cloak is made from faux leather

front of cloak progress, 80% complete

here is my progress on digigrading my legs

i need darker make up, but these are my wolf contacts!

i have now put fur on the head and added the teeth which are glow in the dark!

Sasuke is finished!!! the rope dyed a perfect purple!! and i finished the armbands and boots yesterday all made from black sheeting fabric. the shoes are a flip flop base. i then used a hot glue gun to glue the fabric leg bit on. the top of the boot has elastic inside for tucking the trousers into. pictures will be added after the expo!

yay!! i finished it yesterday!! my boots ended up being covers so that i didnt have to ruin my high heels. the leg part is seperate with buttons up the back. overall i am very pleased with it and i cant wait till the expo tomorrow i hope its a lovely day! sorry no pics, the camera has no battery power.

looking awesome!!
things left to do -
* Dye the rope purple.
* make arm bands.
* make shoes.

i accidently bought the zipper for sakura's top 5cm too big!!! so here's some pics 90% complete. just need to get a new zip, make boots and make shorts!

i've cut the back piece out. the circle is drawn on satin with fray stopper and then cut out.

cutting out my nice soft red fabric for sakura's top! i learnt something new!! Darting!!! the left side has been cut ready to be darted, the right side is pinned to be darted. it makes the top more fitted.

here is the skirt finished. i still need to add the small belt detail on the side but i need to make the rings first. done yay!!

i decided that the best way to hold the skirt together was 2 buttons. the skirt is like a wrap around.

next i spaced out the pieces and pinned it together to make sure it was right. i also hemmed the skirt and waistband

i decided to use pink cord for the skirt and armbands. i am making it up as i go along. ive started by cutting out a waistband and the shape of the skirt pieces.

just finished cutting out the white fabric for sasuke's top. i used a kimono pattern but shortend the lenght.

my aqua contacts! and pink eyebrows :s

i still need to style the fringe. its a perfect colour though! i now have aqua contacts too

picture of sasuke wig finished

me and my friend styled sasuke's wig today. we started off with a mid lenght black wig and then used alot of hairspray, gel and hair mouse to style it like sasuke's! look ok i think ^_^

iggle piggles head is complete!! the little red hair bits are made from foam with red fleece sewn on and the eyes are see through white fabric with clear plastic over the top to make them shiny!!! he is so cute!!!
just noticed something....the eyes.....they follow you around the room........

ive glued all the fur on alvin's head!! it must have taken me about 2 hours! but im really pleased!! next job is to make the nose and teeth out of fimo!

i have been gluing on and carving out foam shapes for alvin's nose, mouth and cheeks. for now the mouth is going to be fixed as i only have 3 weeks until my charity event and i cant get my head round how to make a moving jaw for a cartoon head. there are easy tutorials everywhere for wolf or dog heads but nothing for cartoon faced costumes. plus my boyfriend is wearing this to the charity event and then im wearing it to london expo. im sure we have different sized when im going to wear it i will either edit the head i have now OR just start again.

i started to glue on the blue fleece to iggle piggle's head yesterday but i ran out of pva! im going out in a min to buy more. however i did make his cute little nose! looks really weird and creepy with no eyes..

i have started building iggle piggle's head. i have been studing pictures of him and he dose not have a simple shaped head like i thought he did. his head is actually bean shaped! so i got two hanging baskets for the base and top and then built up the rest using strong cardboard. the inside of the head is reinforced with foam.

started building the head. i decided to use two hanging baskets as the base because they are strong and alot lighter than the wire mesh. i am now going to build up the cheeks and nose using foam before i cover it in fur.

hoody is finished! i got lucky with making the hood shape up! yay!! looks great! next i will make gloves and feet!!

i couldnt wait to make a start on the alvin hoody! i mad it extra large for ultimate baggyness! i used a jumper pattern to make it but the pattern has no hood. i will just make that bit up. just need to cut out the 'A' with the yellow felt and stich it on!!

i have blue fleeca and lots of it!!! im gonna start making this as soon as i have finished alvin's body. then i will make both mascot heads together.

i have bought all of the fabric i need and i have started to make those extra baggy furry trousers for the legs. i am going to line them and put stuffing in between the lining and the fur to pad them out. next i will make the big red jumper! im not sure if i will make it as a hoody though or have a normal jumper and a hat....the jumper is going to be made from red fleece.

On my way to the expo this morning but didn't make it. i had a car accident on the motorway. :( i will have to save Firey and Watery till October. i think i might make some ajustments to the get rid of the masks.

i put my whole outfit on today and i have just realised that i cant see a thing when the light is shining on my mask! i have now got to change the material i used for my eyes. also looking at my photos i wish i just used face paint now, im not really very happy with the mask, mettallic face paint would have been better...too late now though. I think i will wear this to the october expo as well so i could change some stuff by then....sigh!

sorry that i havent put up any progress photos, my computer broke down and then i didnt have a camera for 2 weeks because my parents took it on holiday. i have pretty much finished firey now. i just need to buy more fluffy feathers for the inside of my wings. it has been major hard work! but i am so pleased with the near-end result.

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