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I wanted an outfit like Amu Hinamori's from Shugo Chara, so I looked on Ebay for one. When I saw that, and realised it was called 'cosplay' which I had heard on so many animes, I started reading about it and looking at other peoples. I love to act, and I act as my favourite characters regulary! So I now hope to cosplay at expos a lot ^^
I love how I've finally found my place in the world- a place that's got everything I love in it, and so many amazing people! ^^

Conventions I've been to:
★Thought Bubble 21st November 2009
☆Midlands MCM Expo 20th Feb 2010
★London MCM Expo May 2010( Both Days-29th & 30th )
☆Otaku Attack( 7th August, Leeds )
★London MCM Expo October 2010( ALL 3 DAYS 8D )
☆Thought Bubble November 2010
★Midlands MCM Expo 2011
☆London MCM Expo May 2011
★Manchester MCM Expo 2011
☆Manga Attack( 27th August 2011, Leeds )
★London MCM Expo October 2011
☆Thought Bubble 2011
★Hyper Japan February 2012
☆London MCM Expo( 26th May 2012 )
★London MCM Expo October 2012
☆Thought Bubble 2012
★Hyper Japan Christmas 2012
☆Hyper Japan July 2013
★London Comic Con October 2013
☆Thought Bubble 2013
★Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2014
☆Waterstones Mini Con (30th October 2014, Leeds)
★Thought Bubble 2014
☆Amechibi 2015
★Hyper Japan 2015
☆Kitacon 2015
★ALcon 2015
☆Anime Festival Maribor (19th March 2016, Maribor)
★The Calling 2016

Conventions I plan on going to: Amecon 2016, Thought Bubble 2016, The Calling 2017

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So I've spent the last few days working on his curl/ahoge, which I need to attach to the wig! I've been following a tutorial by theonenamedA on DeviantArt, and it's been going pretty well! I'm trying to attach it to the wig however but I think it's too heavy;; so I'm going to see if I can get it to work, but if not I might buy thicker wire and try again orz. I've attached one of my recent progress photos!

Planning on making boot covers I think, to go over my regular ankle boots which I wear often! Using this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3oey3mYxQw
Also want to get brown OTK socks, which I can then use doublesided tape between them and the boot covers to ensure they stay up!

I'm back from our camping trip! :D I had such a fun time with everyone! And we got some really great photographs too. The only downside was the story we had to follow which had all the feels! ;w; It was fantastic though!
It was so funny passing normal walkers when we went on-location haha!
I'm chuffed that she's finished in time for Alcon c: Now I have lots to do for Hawke however!

So I'm actually further than the photo I'm including for this shows but, I cba changing into it again just because I've attached some straps at the waist LOL. But yeah, almost done! :D I think I'll finish her tomorrow!
All I have to do now is to sew the scarf fabric so that it actually resembles a scarf yep! Not sure on the shape I'll make but yeahhh haha;; even if it's legit just the fabric sewn together so that the wrong side doesn't show, and the selvace cut off maybe. But yeah! uwu I can figure that out tomorrow and it shouldn't take me all day... *touches wood because my lord I take so long with things ;w;*

I took my sewing machine with me to Kita, in the hope that I would finish Sera in time! But alas it was not meant to be ;w; it's upsetting but, I still had fun in my casual top for her! And folk still recognised me :D
I had a fab time at the dragon age meet up too, on the Saturday!! 8D Everyone looked amazing omg.

So I need to work on her more now for Alcon, especially as I'm on a panel! (10am Sunday guys!.. we didn't choose the time the time chose us. FIGHT THROUGH THOSE HANGOVERS, THERE'S DEMONS IN YOUR GARDEN FOR MAKER'S SAKE, YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO COME TO THE PANEL ;D)
The dress might be salvageable, the lining made it so it doesn't fit me very well welp. I cut into it and it helped so, it might be okay *crosses fingers!!* I really don't wanna have to start it again D;

So there's less than a week to go now! At this point I'm not worrying about any extra details. I'd love to have a jar of bees for then but alas, unless I find all the materials I want and make them on the journey there I doubt I'll have that done :'D But there's Alcon for that stuff!

So far I have the scarf done which I made yesterday, and the pattern for the trousers is done too. I cut out the front pieces (don't ever work with diagonal plaid DON'T DO IT) but because the fabric is made up of straight horizontal and vertical lines, and I'm turning it to have them diagonal on the trousers, I don't have enough fabric for 2 back pieces orz. So I'm going to go buy another metre for one of the pieces! And then I can start to put them together ~ (After more screaming about diagonal plaid I'm sure orz) - Praying that they fit me and everything is fine in the end D;

Here's a snapchat pic of the scarf from last night!
I'm hoping if I get the pattern for the dress done today and cut out the fabric, tomorrow I can make it and the trousers and then Wednesday I can pack??? Then that night work on the elf ears at Kanriku's house!

Found this remnant which I plan on making in to her scarf uwu £4!

I'm getting so stressed trying to find the best fabric and for cheap omg D; This one in the markets near me isn't /too/ bad a match if it comes to it at least but... I want to be as accurate as I am and it is proving impossible unless I make my own fabric ;w;

I needed them both side-by-side on here so that I can compare them better c:

Up until today I've been unable to find a suitable nor a cheap wig for Sera, that I could style. Not even longer wigs that I would have to cut a lot off! I looked on eBay, but found nothing, and I've been checking local wig stores. (My town has a LOT omg)
But I stumbled across a possibility today on eBay, completely out of the blue!
I think I may order it, but I'd like some feedback first! :D

I'm considering using my Rin wig for Viola, because I think I could clip it up at the back with her clip, and it has curls uwu Otherwise it's going to take me F O R E V E R to find a wig that'll work ;w;

Today my wig arrived! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ ♪
I found a really cheap wig on Aliexpress, being sold by a seller one of my friends had ordered from. And it's actually of a decent quality too!
Some hairs fall out quite easily, but it is a smooth + thick wig so it doesn't concern me too much.

I need to style the fringe in now. Dammit Hawke why is your fringe weird though? c':

Alright, so I've been considering the wig a lot (how can I not. I mean. thAT HAIR JEEZ) and the barrette clip at the back.

I'm thinking, maybe a Medusa (Soul Eater) wig is a possibility, but I am going to look around Leeds first for wigs and maybe check more online places. Problem with Medusa is the fringe and the back (what if it is not long enough at the back / can't get the flicks to go down hm)

For the barrette clip, I could do what I did for my Amu clips - a plain hair clip (or heck maybe a plain barrette) with the design on foam stuck onto it.

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple I think; gonna have to see if I wanna use light yellow paint on my brows when I get a wig, depending on the colour. For the pockets, if I need to add them it should be pretty simple! I did inside pockets before and I think regular ones are probably easier tbh haha. I doubt I'll find any trousers with pockets as big as that ;D

This is just to remind myself of what width and length I need of the ribbon for the cardigan!

Silver, 1.5cm Width.
Darkish Green, 1cm Width.

Wrists, 10inch/25cm MINIMUM - add at least an inch more. [Your wrists are 6inches/15cm]
Hips, 41inch/104cm MINIMUM - add at least an inch, maybe 2 more. [Your hips are 40inches]

= Need 1 & a half metres?

Based on my Gryffindor Jumper I made previously.

My Ui, Hiname, shared with me some shoes that she thought would work. They are shown in the image ^^
I'm going to go to New Look and try them on at some point soon, just to make sure that they fit okay and don't hurt my feet ;w;
Not sure on what kind of medium to use for the blue on the front, though. It'd have to withstand the weather pretty well. I have some acrylic paints for college so I could see if my blue is accurate and try that. Acrylic is supposedly waterproof once dry. c:

I'll probably be wearing this on the Sunday of expo if I can afford everything! c: Budgetting today again to find out!

^^ Currently awaiting more photos, but i don't think I really got any good ones of this. So you'll have to wait for expo ;D
I'm attaching a photo with me force-feeding a scone to Prussia though ^_^

So, the weekend... what can I say? It was brilliant :'D I loved seeing everyone again! I think the hot weather got to a lot of us and made us ill in different ways Dx ( blaming the weather BECAUSE I CAN XD )but despite this, it was still a great weekend!:

Chilling out in York on Saturday afternoon, then having the Masquerade in the evening at Spain's. Then football on Sunday after Spain's awesome pancakes for breakfast ^^ then photoshoot later in the day. Lol i changed a lot that day XD and then on Monday, the travel home, a bit more chilling out( and feeling faint cuz of the heat and lack of food D: till i got McDonalds XD ) and photoshoot of PrUK... ahh it was a great way to end my holidays ^^!

Thanks, everyone~~! xx
- Char.

...were really awesome. :'D

So obviously I managed to finish the outfit in time. Huzzah!
The gloves I spent £15 on in M&S Dx but they are really nice ^^ and I can use them for England too~
The knife is actually rubbery xD £2.50( i think ) from Amazing Party co.
Stockings were from Wilkinsons for £2.49( again, I think so XD ). Was worried with them being only 15 denier that they would be too light D: but I think they work actually ^^

So~ Expo~~:
Set off from Rachel's house at 6am ( slept over the night before, albeit we didn't have much sleep xD Rachel played a game which included clowns xD while Sammy and I chatted to Cleverbot as Italy and Belarus. Cleverbot- as Russia- said he'd marry Belarus :'D and in the case of Italy, Cleverbot was a few people at first, but it eventually decided on America. Lmao, oh the lols we got from that! We actually got America to say "I love England!", after he avoided the question for ages X'D Sammy saved the conversation. ) and when we stepped outside... fml, it was snowing. |:

Well, Belarus wasn't complaining much XD
Everyone else was.

We got out of it eventually though ^^ and then.. it started pouring with heavy rain Dx
After getting lost and ending up in Wolverhampton( Rachel's Dad drove us XD ), we finally made it to the expo! :D
Got in the Early Entry queue with Sammy, while Rachel and her chibi brother Matthew had to buy their tickets.
Met an Amu and Utau ^^ the Amu of who actually knew who I was :'D they were awesome to chat to ^^ then saw Claire in the queue aswell! :D I was surprised to find that Sammy knew her aswell O: they were doing fem!Beybladers x3 Tyson and Kai~!
A bit further into the queue, we found a Canada( ikr? That's an epic achievement right there! ) who I actually knew aswell! XD And Belarus was then attacked by a Storm Trooper.
Knife VS Gun.
..yeah. Dx

Got in the hall, and scowered it for Russia's 8D met up with Sammy's friend who was being fem!Max from Beyblade, and Rachel and Matthew found us again!
My videos from this point in time completely failed. ;^; Waaa!

And then I found one.
Lmao, he was just coming in from the queue, and I jumped on him x'D
This Russia was OmegaRFox 8D
Lmao, a similar thing happened later aswell, with the other Russia; saw them across the hall in the queue, and i nearly broke the barriers trying to get to them xD!
It was so much fun :'D I'm glad I wasn't feeling too shy this expo, unlike October, lmao~
Then my other friends were attacked by storm troopers, Sammy won a signed poster on stage, she got an America plushie which stripped a lot, and she started to create her own collection of countries xD ( Seychelles is England now? )
Oh and I was attacked by Storm Troopers again. Dx

I then found a lot of my other friends, cosplaying Hetalia characters, and hung out with them for an hour or so :D was awesome fun~! Lmao, going into the Wilkinsons with Poppy, Sophie, Sammy and Alex x'D that was interesting aswell. Spain: "I WANT A SNUGGIE!!" and making up reactions to people asking why we were 'dressed up'. :'D
Also, Sammy's awesome quote from a certain photo needs mentioning: "I'm a tomato farmer!"

:3 then did a little photoshoot with Poppy as Farmer!Spain. Lmao, we scowered the lobby part of the expo for stairs we could actually use. Couldn't find any, so we rebelled and used some anyway. xD
Sammy also took some good shots of me~! And so did Rachel outside ^^!

Then went back in the Dealers Room, and bought some copic pens xD I think i got the wrong sort actually..gah Dx
And I got more photos ^^! Also argued with the yaoi guy about buying yaoi xD damn, i think he remembered me from October aswell. Lmao~
Tried getting some photos of the winners in Masquerade, and then it was time to goooo! ;^;

Said my goodbyes( me taking the longest out of us all xD ), and we then left.
Lol, weather on the way back was horribly foggy Dx wtf weatherrrr. As my Belarus, France and Madame Red friend Sophie said to me afterwards on FB; England is PMSing. XD
I felt really badly ill on the way home though Dx I was ill before, but I think I overdid it by going to expo.
We got back to Leeds around 8pm I think. XD

^_^ Thank you to all who I hung out with~! You were all really awesome! Same goes to those I met! :D

Had this on Monday. It's basically for a book that'll be published about cosplay in the libraries! ^^ And I'll be getting my own copy~!
I took Liz Thompson and Belarus.
But forgot my tie for Liz!/gutted.
Still, her photos are ace :'3 so are Belarus'!
^^ Do look out for the book, I'm going to say when it's out and stuffs!

After the photoshoot we went to Yo!Sushi, which was sooo fun XD! WONKY WALRUSES! Lmao. Chopsticks are great fun 8'D

Alrighty, that'll do, da?
Thanks for reading! ^_^
xx ChaRAWR xx
P.S. Happy 11th birthday to my sister for yesterday ^^ and Happy Cat Day for today!

And I love it! ^_^
I added new photos~ but I do plan to get some better ones. Perhaps this weekend at expo, da? ^^
Speaking of expo, if you do see me there, please feel free to say hello~ and take photos! 8D

So I've just got to get 3 things and this is done ^^!

1. Gloves.
In the photos you'll see I'm wearing stripey gloves XD lol improvising ftw. I really need to find some leather ones in time >.<; i suppose if i don't find any in time, it'll be ok, but because I know I need them, it's going to bug me if I am without them! Found some for £10 in Tesco, but they are A) expensive and B) have gold stud things at the wrist parts. I wonder if i can find some on eBay that're in the UK...

2. Knife. I have a feeling this will be hard to find an accurate one of( weirdly O.o ), so, I'll probably have to make it. Maybe I can find a cheap prop for expo though XD

3. Stockings. I do have tights, so, if I cannot get stockings in time I shall simply use them. The stockings I want for slipping the knife into ;D hehe.

^_^ - Char xXx
PS. I had the most awesome weekend~ finally met my brilliant boyfriend ^_^ xx


Not done a journal since July last year O.O bloody hell.
Well, I've ordered my outfit, and after waiting for it to be custom made, it has now been shipped ^^! I hope it arrives soon! I gotta raise a bit of money to pay my dad back for it though. Most of it was paid from my xmas money my Nana gave me. I owe him around £16 I think it was XD so not too much atleast. Ugh, i'm so skint. ;^; But anyway:
And, the other day I got my wig! It looks a little too blonde to me when I wear it O.o but when looking at it on the wig head, it looks fine...SO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT XDD!

There's samstar1990's Hetalia Murder Mystery Night this Saturday~ so because the outfit wont arrive in time, I'll be doing a casual. But atleast I have my wig for it :D the reason for a wig btw, was because my hair is pretty much falling out it's so damaged Dx so I need to get it cut and cared for :]
Soo guess that's it for now. Hopefully cooking on Friday, but looks like I need to get the ingredients myself and travel to my Nana's on a bus D: my Dad's away. Ffff, I did tell him about this ¬.¬;
Unless I like, use my friend's kitchen x'D don't know if her mum would be ok with it though.

Anyway, enough babbling :P
Will update again when I have more progress~!
Until then,
Da spatkannia.

- Char. xXx

^_^ So i'm going to get to work on modifying the jeans soon~! Lol I bumped into my Auntie, Uncle & Cousin in Tesco's x'D I went with my Dad. They were going upstairs for clothes trying-on so I said "I'll stalk you, then 8D" and they didn't seen fazed xD much to my surprise!
]x the jeans aren't completely symmetrical, though...but it's hardly noticable 8D;;

My main outfit arrived today ^^!
But...I have problems ;A;!!

Hardly anything fits T^T I can just about make the hat work, but, my hair and head does not like that thing at all. Trousers don't fit, & losing weight isn't the answer tbh because i'm big boned ;A; although i wanna lose a bit so my stomach is flatter :3 The top is alright :/ tie is weird.. so anyone wanna buy the trousers from me? xD I'll modify some jeans for my trousers..

But seriously, I need to sell these trousers to someone xD they're apparently an inch too small for me on hips. AN INCH. I'm usually size 12 with trousers xD soo, I'm guessing these are size 10. Or maybe 8 O.o
EDIT: Angie-chan might be buying them from me so i'm not selling atm :3

I would send the hat and trousers back for new ones, but, i'm worried they wont get there in time and it'll cost me more money T^T i wish i had got large size now. The custom size form confused me.. and if I hadn't ordered right away my Dad might not have bought it for ages again D8! There r reasons why i chose medium.
I swear, that site has it's inches and cm's messed up :/

Camera wont work, so, phone photos soon and a video 8D

Oh em gee xD I made two sleeves~! It took 6hrs 8mins in total ( including drawing and cutting them out aswell as handsewing the seams and hemming the ends. )and i kept having breaks every now and again ^^ but I cut that out of the time.
All that's left with them is to sew them to the body part. Which isn't done yet, as i still need more fabric for it.
But I'm really proud of making the sleeves :D they are so comfy too!! >3< I'm glad they have satin fabric underneath lol. Because I couldn't find any white cotton or anything, so had to get satin ( which was cheap still ^^ )which means the satin, as it's too shiny, is going to be underneath and the side which isn't shiny will be showing outside xD if that makes sense. I hope so~! So yeah...satin is comfy =3= and cool~ I hope it doesn't stick to me or alt when i wear it and get too hot though xD gah! That wouldn't be good.

Well I'm uploading images now ^^ hehe~
x ChaRAWR x

Well, it's been a while since my last journal :3 so here's an update;

I have finished it 8D I messed it up slightly, but...well that's my opinion xD others have said it's really good, in fact as soon as I put it on I was drowned in compliments ^///w\\\^ so, I'll take their word for it. But, I am proud that I actually managed to make it xD even if the back bit of the hood where it's attached to the cloak went a bit wrong( the sewing caught the edge of the hood and made it get sewn so that the underneath fabric of the hood shows slightly.. It's hard to explain xD but it isn't that noticeable<3 ) and i cut the cloak really strangely O.o;

I got one that was about £21 in the Market, and ffff~ I freakin love the thing. Everyone thinks it's my real hair x''D it's highlighted but, i think it suits Iggy quite well seeing as in the Manga it's meant to be kinda dark and in the anime it's light ^^ lol I like to mix the anime and manga's variations 8D It makes the character seem more real to me ^^; idk..hard to explain that...but yeah, hopefully you understand :P

GOWN/ROBE thingy 8D
I finally started it :O lol srsly I've been putting it off for far too long xP my friend Jack/James helped me find patterns online and one seems to be working for me ^^! I really hope it comes out okay Dx I modified the pattern so that instead of having to sew the sides together AND the front and back, it's just the sides I'm sewing :3 oh god, all this hand sewing is going to kill me D'x but hopefully it'll be worth it ^^

I'm thinking small brown boots or pumps, but if not, I think barefoot would still work 8D it's just, in the anime, he does have brown shoes on..

AWRIGHT. I think I'm done ;D... why'd I just go all American? O.o
XD thanks for reading~!
x ChaRAWR x

Yesterday was Otaku Attack in Leeds :3 it was only 4 hrs( it said it ended at 3 but we all ended up being there an extra hour somehow xD ) but it was awesome!! Plus ANU managed to get some new members ^^ and we handed out all my cosplay cards, lol. So if you got one, please let me know :P I know my cosplayisland details were on it~!
I didn't get many photos Dx but instead I drew a lot O.o and danced. And my hair got messed up from dancing Dx
I also won 3rd Place in the cosplay contest!! 8D I'm mega chuffed with that~<3
Although the prizes are a naruto collectors edition book and a bleach...thing O.o book. Buttt I don't like Naruto and idk about Bleach xD so if anyone wishes to buy them, please drop me a line<3

xx ChaRAWR xx

I was going to wear my England bikini, but the day b4 i decided not to...but ended up playing in the ocean anyway and drenching myself XD well, rather, CERTAIN OTHERS were drenching me XD mainly, FRANCE. But that way we got to do a shipwrecked film thing xD hehe.
So yeah :D I hadn't had that much fun in a while ^_^ obviously I go to the ANU meets and love seeing and hanging out with everyone<3 but I actually acted in char a lot more this time so hence enjoyed it more! Although, I did fail at being seme Dx
Photos will be up soon when I'm given them x3
Annoyingly, I brought my rings with me to put on during the train journey...but forgot D8 so didn't wear them, only realised when home XD;
But at expo I will remember!!

x ChaRAWR x

I'll be getting this one I hope~
BIG thank you to DaniChan for helping me find a cheaper one! Seriously :D thank you~
But, I have no idea WHEN I'll be getting it.. D8 considering I have to finish my Pirate!Igiko cosplay( it's almost done ^^ just props ), Chibirisu( about a quarter done.. ), and get my Liz Thompson cosplay, for October... and then also have my gijinka butterfree done for November..
All I can hope for is EMA. I need to hurry up an' apply for that soon actually xD yes Char, that would help. Ugh, it's just, last year was so much effort for NOTHING D'8
I just have no idea what's happening with the courses i wanna do..
I wont jinx anything yet, but, this is the base idea... i wanna get it now tho, oh so badly xD
<3 Char

Hais ^^ so I'm going to finish the cloak off soon, i need to add the hood... oh joy. This better go well! XD;;
I think I've found a good wig in Leeds/town ^^ but it's like £30 D8 so idk yet. But, it's the best i've found, including online tbh :/ I'll try getting a photo to show it and get opinions ^^
Lol that gown is going to kill me, I swear Dx i'm wanting to do a certain detail on the top part at the front. Like, a sewing detail where it looks like it's not sewn tight enough. But idk how on earth to do it! XD Please help meeee.
I might not actually wear shoes for this O.o or maybe flipflops for generally walking around, and take 'em off for photos XD i haz british ones!! 8D

Mmmkay, i think that's it for this update. but yeah ^^ nearly there~ and i have a lot of time to finish it in.
Any suggestions are appreciated ^^!

xx ChaRAWR xx

Isn't it funny how you start something thinking you have hardly any of the stuff you'll need, and it turns out that, oh wait, you do have a few thigns already! xD
I realised my winter coat would work for a pirate coat xD it's not that warm, it's just slightly itchy >.< but I have a long sleeved top so yeah. I still have to wear a jacket under it in winter. LOL THE AMOUNT OF STICKY-ROLLERING I HAD TO DO. You know those lint rollers i think they're called? Meh, we call them sticky-rollers XD because i live with 3 cats, it took forever to get most of the fur off. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IT ALL OFF D8 I'm thankfully not THAT much of a perfectionist. It wouldn't work though, as over time more fur would get on the damned thing. Black fabrics + Cats = D8 cat fur sticking to the fabric. Not fun to get off.
I was thinking how if i were being a furry pirate, liek a cat pirate, it would be fine!! XD

For the red belt/sash thing, I'm using the free red fabric I got for my Haruhi arm band XD There's a fair amount, and I think even if i cut it and made it an actual belt thing, I'd still have enough for the armband =w= but for now, I'm keeping it as it is ^^

soooo yeah. I just really need a pirate hat( castleford ), sword, boots, and gun now! ^^ I'll hopefulyl have enough money XD LOL Leeds have a LOT of pirate boots. WhatIsThisIDon'tEven.

x ChaRAWR x

^w^ today i got a black skirt for igiko, and i think i could use it for this cosplay, too. If i have a gray one underneath, it'll poof it out hopefully XD so yeah. Probably will do that.
I also found some blue leggings 8D but.. they didn't have my size D: and i think they were kinda too dark of a shade XD but idk :3 i will check again another time methinks.

So i'm considering wearing this to London MCM Expo May 2010, but, after wearing this yesterday in York when it was fairly hot, I'm sort of changing my mind...
I went to McDonalds and got really hot in there Dx and I imagine that it was either the same temperature as or hotter than an expo in there. So I'm just worried I over-heat Dx
I'd love to wear it, tho.
What do you think? I could wear one of my punk versions, that would be fine ^^ but I doubt many people would recognise me then..

Also, today I went for an eye test, and got told I have a mild perscription for short sighted vision. So I'm getting some glasses on Thursday!! 8D FINALLY! XD
They're not completely red liek I wanted. They have black too. The red is around the insides XD I wish i cud turn them inside out! haha. But I think they are pretty cool, and would suit Igiko ok ^^

ALSO, I wore converse yesterday in York, because my feet hurt from pumps on Saturday. They both started bleeding at the heels so i have plasters on D: I would prefer pumps but.. they hurt T_T i might use them just for photoshoots but not expos. Or get better shoes XD

x ChaRAWR x

The attached image is of the other top I will wear as a sort of casual top for igiko<3
The top for this outfit is in the images!
Oh and also, my Mum is gunna make me an appointment at the opticians for Monday, so yay~ should have glasses soon xP
I might get black rimmed ones, but Igiko usually has red, so idk >.<; it should be fine with black, ne?

x ChaRAWR x

That's the cheapest I can find, and I really love it x3
So I might just buy it.. of course, I will have to save up for about 2 months or 3 months. But.. it'd be totally worth it<3

x ChaRAWR x

^_^ So I got a new top!
Will add a photo soon. And then there will hopefully be a few from the Yorcos meet on Sunday!
Hmm, I think maybe i should've got size 8 not 10... but it does fit so meh xP
I also have another awesome one which could be for another casual sort of outfit for Igiko! ^_^ It's seriously awesome. Might make a new cosplay page for that one :3

x ChaRAWR x

Was bloody AMAZING 8D
srsly, thanks to everyone who went for making it epic! ^_^
I wore this outfit, and got 2nd place in the cosplay contest xD despite apparently not being as 'awesome' as America >.< but I'm really happy because of that~! I didn't think I would win anything xD EASTER EGGS YAY~!

Gosh, so much amazing stuff happened, i can't remember half of it! >.< And even if I can by thinking really hard, it'd take me so long to write about! xD

So I'm adding more photos now~! ^_^ I really wanna wear this again now, haha.

x ChaRAWR x

I got the shoes~ xD
I spent a while looking through dif shops, but i found some that are pretty cute so got them. Problem is, after a while of walking, they probably are going to hurt my feet.. but we shall see on Sunday!
I did want red and black plaid ones, but the only ones I saw that were a bit like plaid were PINK and black >.< i do have some skull ones somewhere in the conservatory, which are black with red on too, but;
1. they'll be dirty and dusty and BLEH!
2. they probably don't fit anymore T.T
My other preference was lolita shoes, but they're gunna be even harder to find!
So yeah xD PHOTO SOON! ^^

Also still deciding on what to do about socks.. i think i will have the black leggings, because the dress is pretty short, but idk if i want Amu's legwarmers with it too xD and the socks will be ankle black ones lol

x ChaRAWR x

Satin fabric( probably fake satin XD )- £2 per metre, so £4 all together.
Velvet fabric - £4 per metre, so £8 all together.
Total = £12!
I REALLY do not wanna fail at this now, seeing as £12 to me is still quite a lot xP
SO PLEASE, HELP ME OUT! >.< if you know how to make cloaks ( I think I know how to make that OK, idk if i'll need to take measurements or take 3 separate bits of the fabric and sew them together, as it seems to go around me OK xD I need a hood, though. )or/and gown's( REALLY need help with that, especially with choosing which side of the fabric to use on the outside! And with how to make it fit me measurement wise. ) then i would really appreciate your help if you're willing to give me any! ^_^

x EmosLastKiss x

Lol trust tesco to restock the day after I checked XD they had the top in the right order of size so it was obvious they had restocked last night/this morning. Hell the Women's section was soooo obvious. Yest they had almost nothing down one aisle. Now it's chock-a-block, lmao!
The top is a bit more pink and purple than I thought it would be, but.. it looks OK with the rest of the outfit XD and I could always change the socks, as I have some pink and black ones which i wanna wear, and I want a pink plaid skirt so yeah :P but it does look OK with the red. Tell me what you think!

I'll add images soon x3 there's one attached to this journal~!
NOW I JUST NEED GLASSES 8D i think for the meantime i will get some, cut the frames if needed, and take out the lenses. Although I will need some actual glasses soon xP
Also.. I want a union jack flag... but all in good time xD I just need the basics first~!

x ChaRAWR x

Firstly; I couldn't find the top in Tesco today.

Secondly; I've found out now, after not spazzing about the top and actually studying it better, that it is for ages up to 14. The measurements of which r kinda small 4 me, a 16yr old going on 17 this year Dx

Thirdly; Must go back to Tesco tomorrow, and look in the girls section better than I did today. Today I looked in Women's more. However, I shall get cooking ingredients too, so that's ok by me xD

Fourthly; If it really isn't there in the shop, I will have to risk the size, and order it online. Because if it does fit, I really want it. It is just so epic and after drawing the design out today in my college sketchpad, I've seen it really fits the outfit.

Fifthly; I may add a belt to the outfit..

That is all for now.
BTW today I wore my hair like Igiko. Again. Lol so Igiko was actually looking for her clothes XD just with no glasses.*must get them soon, or atleast temp fake ones!*
x ChaRAWR x
P.S. Enjoy the random Igiko pic xD

I found an AWESOME shirt xD
It's only £6 :O
Although if it isn't in store at Tesco( i wanna check tomorrow ) I will have to pay another £3 odd for delivery.
Plus I'm worried the size is wrong..
BUT IT LOOKS GREAT! More punk than the one i drew, and idk if it'll really suit the outfit, but~

More photos in the Photos section, too. lol.
I'd like feedback on this pwease XD
BTW it looks orange but that's cuz of lighting and my camera xD but it's red! x3

x ChaRAWR x

lmao, yeah, so check out the photos page xP
On the photos, i didn't wear my converse, still need the right shirt, and i wore my RealD glasses to look more like Igiko, tho i shall get actual glasses xP and if it does turn out i don't need 'em, i'll just buy some for like, £1, and cut the frame( if needed ) and take out the lenses XD

Also, i added my drawings of the outfit to the photos :3 and kept only 1 of the previous reference pics. NIKO AND IGIKO x3

x ChaRAWR x

And took photos of the outfit so far so i shall upload those.. at some point 'xD
Lol it's typical tho, the socks had a HOLE in them. It wasn't too big, and I cba going back to the shop, so i just sewed it up and it's fine now xP
I also got more black hair bobbles as my bobbles keep snapping so now if the rest snap, i have at least back-up for this cosplay :P
Socks: £4 at Claires
Clips: 49p at Bodycare
Bobbles( which i wont include in the total price for this cosplay XD ): 65p

I'm quite happy with how it looks so far. I was wearing my harajuku lovers top which is white in the photos, and the otufit looks good with that but i really want the union jack, as;
A) people will probably recognise me at Igiko more lol.
C) The outfit would look better with red on the shirt, not pink/magenta like my harajuku lovers t-shirt has 'XD

In new look ( or select, i can't remember which as they are right next to each other lol )i saw a poster with AMERICA'S FLAG, and then i saw a shirt saying PARIS on it :O BUT NO BRITISH THINGS!!! They did once, i swear, but.. D: i feel let down by them. How dare they have things to do with FRANCE and AMERICA?!
( honestly, i have nothing against you guys xD it's my Igiko/England side! )

x ChaRAWR x

..for a bratz doll.
But it was really hard! i even started getting kinda stressed out about it >_<
But I did it O__o
I used left-overs of the red felt fabric that I had bought for the inside of my Amu bag.
The thing is, it's hard to tie it.
I made holes for the fabric to go through, as if 'tied', but it doesn't work that well..
Do you think a button on my own cloak would be a good idea? As my mum could probably sew it on for me 'XD
x ChaRAWR x
PS: will add images of the cloak, soon!

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