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I began cosplaying back in 2007, I was first introduced to Cosplay through NEO magazine, it really caught my eye and before I knew it I had a fabulous new hobby. MCM Expo October 2007 was my first ever convention, and my first costume was Tifa Lockhart. I've gained in confidence and skill over the years but I always enjoy a new challenge and continue to learn. I even met my husband through cosplay and will no doubt continue this wonderful hobby for many more years to come!

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Have been so excited to get to work on this costume, i've been really lucky to have found most of the materials and resources already at home in my scraps and collection of random stuff :) Kinda appropriate huh.
Arrietty's dress although simple is taking a bit of time to come together but now the main dress is sewn i just have the collar and sleeves to go.
I chose to make the pin as a prop, so bought some dowel and used a polystyrene ball i had and voila! Now i'm covering the ball in clay to make it more durable and then it'll be ready for painting.

I'm getting closer to finishing this costume and hopefully just in time for mcm expo too!
I've finished the skirt, its gathered to create some volume, i'm hoping i have time and money to make a petticoat to add even more.
I bought a navy blue corset from ebay to save time and stress but i altered the neckline and sewed a central hem on the front so it was more accurate.
Just the top left to make (I'm wearing my work shirt here) and i'm in the middle of sewing it, will hopefully get it done by the weekend and I will be a happy mermaid!

I have my wig more or less ready for this cosplay now, I had trouble finding the right colour and references weren't very helpful. I bought one wig, but it turned out far far too bright but thankfully my boyfriend got me another which is much darker but a lovely colour! I do wish it were a tad longer but i can't have everything haha I might add extra wefts in future but will leave the length and the fringe like this for now :)

I've taken my sweet time getting started on this costume and with only a month left to complete it from scratch, i have a lot of work to do. I might be cheeky and purchase a corset if time gets tight, but i'm looking forward to attempting to make one; I plan to use my old white queen corset as reference to make a pattern and such.
I have a red wig, which i'm unsure of the colour, as it's brighter than i expected it to be, but i think i'll just have to work with it.
I've got the skirt part of the dress pinned and waiting for sewing, along with the hair bow pieces.
I struggled to find any extremely light blue fabric for the top of the dress, so i purchased enough of the pale blue i had for the bow and would like to bleach it to lighten it.
I must really get to work if i want this to come together for mcm expo in time!

I'm to be wearing this costume to MCM Expo in October! Since i always have improvements to make on my costumes, i've knuckled down with this one. I've tidied up the sewing on the skirt, added some proper darts and adjusted the buttons slightly. I've also started to unpick and sew the arm warmers again as the rib knit pattern didn't match up properly, and although changing this will make them tighter, it was bugging me that the rib pattern was messy on the seams. I made a lucky purchase on Rinoa's necklace, so i now have both rings that look much more accurate!
I'm also hoping to re-do the bias around the duster and finish the blaster edge!
So much to do in so few days!

While I wait for my fabric to arrive I have decided it would be a good idea to make a weapon for Rinoa as an added extra since I plan to go in the masquerade at Ayacon 2013, and having a weapon gives me more posing options haha
I wasn't sure which version of her weapon to go for but ended up picking her basic Pinwheel' So far i have the basic shape cut out, it seems quite large but from the few screenshots i could find of it, its actually rather on the big side.
I've raised some areas with foam and will be painting it all soon, and making the extra bits and pieces to attach it to my arm :)
Ayacon is sooo close and I have yet to finish this costume....still haven't changed my ways lol

Sad to say I've not got enough time to knit my duster as I'd originally planned :( I managed to knit two arm warmers but with only a few weeks til i hope to wear this at Ayacon, i simply can't knit fast enough :P
I've resorted to purchasing some rib knit fabric online, which i really hope turns out alright, I wanted to get a sample to be safe but i'm really strapped for time (and the shop owner doesnt wish to respond to me D:) So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its a nice fabric and at least a half-decent colour lol
Everything else is ready and waiting, so I in the mean time I'm attempting to make her default pinwheel as a weapon :)
Wish me all the luck...i need it right now!

With LFCC only a few weeks away I'm racing the clock to get this costume finished. I dawdled around far too long and recently came up to a few hurdles.
Firstly I didn't have enough of the original fabric I wanted to use for the gown, so I've had to recently purchase some online in a hurry, but i'm actually really pleased with the fabric choice. I went for a slightly Off-white colour rather than the typical pure white. I chose it partly because my belt and boots were both off white and also I like the idea of looking a little more 'old/vintage' to be a bit different.
Along with making progress on the gown I've been re-colouring the soles of the boots I had, they were originally brown, but i was torn between keeping the brown or going with black (Her boots seem to change colour in my references) I ended up colouring them black as the previous owner of these boots had tried to re-colour the leather white but in doing so got some of the colour on the soles so they looked a bit messy.
Lastly I've been racking my brain over Leia's cinnamon hair bun style. I tried and tried to just style the extensions straight over my own hair but I failed everytime. I've finally resorted to my last and 'only hope' Making a base domes and then sewing & gluing the hair onto them, so i can eventually pin them to my head. I got this idea from Angel Monkey Studios! (I'm not bright enough to think up something like that) Their blog shows a step by step guide of how they made their costume, which has come in handy along with a few other tutorials.

Thank goodness for tutorials!

Well firstly i wish to kick myself for choosing to knit Rinoa's duster and arm warmers, its taking an age and I'm still a beginner to knitting....but i'm pressing on, made one arm warmer but i dislike it...so forcing myself to do another and see what happens.
I've been more successful with my wig for a change! I was lame and went for a cheap wig but surprisingly it takes to hair spray and heat rather well! Rinoa's hair style is a bit of a pain as I struggle to get the fringe looking right and i've noticed most people struggle with it. So I'm opting for a less spikey fringe so it doesn't end up looking completely awful haha
I think it needs a trim at the back though and might need more volume around the front, I have finally learned that volume is key with wigs! So many of mine are just flat as a pancake lol

This being one of my early costumes it has a special place in my heart. I've recently decided to rework several parts of this costume again for a future photoshoot. My skills have improved since i made this all those years ago so i'm able to fix and add extra elements.
I made a new apron out of a faux suede fabric which gives it some lovely texture, and I improved the pattern on it too.
I also weathered my old Bowser brooch (which is still sculpted really inaccurately but oh well)
I also made a new scarf...though it could actually be too small now lol
I also restyled the wig one more :)

I can't wait to do the photoshoot now!


Progress has slowed down a little with Leia, however her belt is now complete and I'm in the possession of some pretty cool boots. I have a few adjustments to make but I'm lucky to have found some white boots with any likeness to Leia's, I've been hunting for months on end and these ones still aren't entirely accurate haha

Been making little bits of progress here and there, including priming and painting the blaster gun, making the belt and sewing up my mock dress....so now i know what i have to improve on. Hopefully I can get used to the fabric and sew it nicely as i struggled a bit with the practice one but I think i just need to be patient. Exciting that I might end up with something that resembles Leia's robe though!

This is a rather exciting venture for me, as Star Wars is such a great series! I really haven't give it enough of my time and attention lol But after watching the original 3 films, I was finally convinced by my lovely man that I join him with a Star Wars costume pairing!

I started by getting all excited and randomly took some scissors to some leftover fabric that Ryan had. It isn't a white jersey like they used in the film but its a nice lycra-like fabric with a soft touch which drapes nicely too.
Anyways I just went for it, making it up a bit and also referring to a fab tutorial by Pam at Costume Creations (chucrew.com)
I straight away went and cut the neck far too big...but this was just a test, and good thing too haha

More recently I bought some leatherette, styrene and metal buttons for making her belt, so that'll be in the works soon. Along with a star wars blaster, it looks like a stormtrooper one, but will be fun for me to sling about...its currently all sorts of funny colours but I'll paint it black for more accuracy!

I've been figuring out what's best for her hair buns, the plan is to use my own hair and extensions over the top of my own buns (Funny as I sometimes like to wear my own hair in mini buns on the side haha)

I seem to be taking my time with this costume, and have decided to give myself more work by attempting to knit my own duster and arm warmers. I'm currently in the search of the right colour and amount of wool but i'm trying to be patient with it. I'm aiming to follow a pattern by lynlynlora, and see how i go.
In the meantime i have been sewing auburn wefts into my black wig and have got a hold of some good boots too. They even had straps and buckles that i could remove and put across the front of each boot, all i need now are the large silver plates/buckles.

Here's a really awkward shot of myself trying on the suit which was made for me last month and its amazing! Still a bit in progress obviously but its going to look fantastic! First ever Lycra suit i've worn...first comic character really!
Excited....not just because i didn't have to make it :P

Since I'm such a sillybag I take on too many projects at once and take forever to get on with them >_< But...I decided to make it a little easier for myself and purchase a few of the basic pieces, so I have a v neck vest and altered some black leggings(I just have the zips to sew in). I'm in progress with her marbled effect skirt, though i'm starting to doubt the colour choice, I think i went too dark...spend ages trying to choose between the shades in store. For her necklace I managed to find a plain silver ring in the shops and used an old chain I already owned.
So definitely underway with this costume...if I can finally decide on the fabric colour for the duster then I may even have this ready for May Expo.....who knows!

Really excited to wear this costume, I really can't wait until Its finished already! I'm a lucky girl and having the main bodysuit done for me by Ryan at Frontier Costuming (It helps that Ryan is my boyfriend lol) I've seen the printed suit and it's looking good ^_^ He got inspired from the Arkham city game and went for a pattern on the grey, so it would look less flat and more impressive, especially close up!
I've been working on the mask myself, and will hopefully make some gloves and boot covers too, so i'm not getting away with doing nothing lol

And I have lots to do! I've been busy with any spare time i have making Tifa. I've had fun unpicking and resewing various parts of my old costume, and I'm hoping ti'll eventually all come together.
I've been working hard on her boots, as they bugged me for ages, i didn't purchase any of the ones i originally planned as my budget was very tight. I decided to paint on the details of converse boots onto some military style canvas boots instead.
I'd best be off to sew a new skirt and pouch, here's hoping i finish in time for mcm expo!

I normally spend hours on end fighting with a wig to style it in some weird and wacky way, but thankfully Tifa has a nice straight forward style and cut. All i had to do was part the hair to side properly and trim a few wig strands :) I didn't want to risk cutting the fringe about so i'm going to leave it quite thick for now.

Well re-starting this costume has been on my mind for some time, as it was my very first and my skills were extremely simple back in the day. I'd like to make this more accurate and when wearing it get in character more.
Firstly I bought a wig, and its a pretty nice one, all i need to do is cut the fringe a little.
I'm in the middle of altering my old bodyjacket, I'm re-shaping the collar and arm holes and fitting the zip in properly too (originally i sneakily hid the extra bit of zip lol)
I'm going to get a new white top to alter (as i'm lazy and haven't much time to make one from scratch) and then i can get on with altering the trousers and skirt piece.
Last thing is to sort out the boots....yes, those evil things that are converse lookie-likes with chunky soles of doom. I've narrowed my search down to two choices, its proving hard to choose:



Minus the knitted tops, which i'm hoping i can remove...I'm thinking the first ones are the safest option.

I had a fantastic weekend, with a mini photoshoot around the city of Brighton!
I'd made a few more improvements to this costume, including a new wig, interfaced bows, and altered the skirt and boots.
Had so much fun doing this shoot although i wasn't the best of models, I did manage to get some good shots ^_^
Unfortunately I've already picked out more faults to be fixed, further adjustment of the skirt are needed (as i rushed it on the morning of the shoot) and I'd like to get some new boots...so might try and sell these if anyone is interested.

I spent the whole day working on my skirt today, its been rather time consuming but its finally coming together. I'm working on hemming the skirt and adding bias to my petticoat, but I also still need to add some velcro and poppers to the halter top.

Ohhh and my shoes turned up today! They're really cute, proper dancing shoes, and the same as the ones in my reference picture just without the glitter (not a fan of glitter really lol) Bought them second hand off ebay so they were a real bargain!

Once i've done all that...i may well be able to say I'm done!!
I must get back to work! only 1 more day til expo....eeek

I doesn't surprise me that i'm still working on this til the last week before Expo, I always work on a costume right up until an event begins lol

SO far I've attached the star to the hat, and just thought i'd practice attaching it to my head with hairpins. Its difficult to get the angle just right, so i'll have to practice some more.

Next I've been busy working on the large waist cincher and the lapel. Both have turned out okay, but not as good as they could be, I'm terrible with sewing awkward shapes but they're passable. I've made the cincher do up at the back with velcro and the lapel attaches to the top with poppers.

I've got a few more bits of sewing on the top but I've also go the skirt to make, which will be a challenge as its red and white panels that'll need to be sewn together....think I'll be spending the whole day tomorrow at my machine haha
Anyway, off to bed so i can get up bright and early to get this costume on the road to completion!

The hat was a new challenge for me, I've never made anything like it before, but i've been lucky enough to join the Uso Girl Costume Construction group on Facebook, that has lots and lots of resources, and tutorials for making these costumes. I used the tutorial as a rough guide, and made a slightly lazier version, without any wire or lining inside haha
I made a frame with some buckram fabric first, I used the tutorial pattern for the correct shaped pieces and then sewed and glued the parts together. I used masking tape to hold the buckram in place while it dried.

Rather than using wire as the tutorial suggested, I just reinforced the bottom edge and the inside of the hat with more buckram to give it a more solid shape.

Next I covered the frame in felt(which the tutorial suggested, I would've used white but i had some black lying around lol) I glued this in place before cutting out my blue satin.

Finally I pinned and sewed my satin in two pieces, the top, and then the side. And last but not least, I pinned the star onto the hat, a little off center from the front, all i need to do is sew/glue it on, then it'll be complete!

With only 10 days left for me to work on this costume, i've finally got my butt in gear! The halter top is mostly sewn, and took alot of faffing and shaping...unfortunately the shape isn't an screen accurate as i'd like but its my own fault for leaving this til the last minute. I need to hem all the edges and add a zip before its complete, but at least its in the making!

Wow I'm soo pleased with my shop today, as I more or less have everything for my Uso girl costume, except the shoes (but i've found a pair on ebay!!)
I went for a reasonbly cheap satin in the end, I would've like to have used better stuff but the colour selection was limited. The blue I've bought is slightly too light, but I'm not too fussed now, considering i have less than a month to complete this!
Also purchased some Buckram fabric to give the pillbox hat a go, a metal silver belt, some fishnet tights and some lovely motif stars!

I'm also using a tutu that i bought, and never used, but have finally got a use for it ^_^ I plan to make it longer by adding more netting fabric (luckily i had some of that lying around too)

So far, so good! The resource hunt has gone well, so now onto construction.....oh dear lol

With only a week or so until Kitacon, I find myself in a bit of a rush as usual with my cosplays. However I have only painting left to do for Terra!

Just today i have completed the boots, I've not got for the 'exact'boot design, just something similar due to the style of boots I used. Anyways the boots involved lots of shoe dying, both spray dye and by brush. Then I cut the cuff and added matching red fabric to cover the non-leather part that was hidden under the cuff (wish i hadn't cut the cuffs really haha)with gold ribbon for imitation lace effect.
The gloves are also complete, now with flowers painted at the tops, they just need a little fix with the iron. The cape is almost complete too, I have been painting flowers on the bottom but not sure how many, so i might add more.

I've also been painting more flowers....onto my tights...painting of all these flowers has seemed never ending lol

Fingers crossed i complete the costume within the week ^__^

One word.....Wig! Basically I've spent the last few weeks researching and practising how to tie up my wig into a decent ponytail, and i have come to the conclusion that its still no easier no matter how many times i do it (I've done the same thing for Judith and for Jupiter too) I eventually just threw it back and have settled on a messy look, but thankfully Terra's hair has a bit of a wild look so i recon it'll work fine. I had to add a few extra wefts, that i created from the clip in ponytail i was originally going to use, so i spend a few days sewing wefts here and there too, trying not to restrict the stretch of the wig too much.
My next issue was curling the wig, I defeinately wanted to emphasise Terra's curly locks as I have curls of my own (this is one for the curly girls) Her hair is particularly curly in some of the amano drawings so i thought it would suit the design well.
I tried various different methods of curling and none of them gave me lasting results, until i decided to risk using s styling tong and.....voila! the curls are bouncier than i could've hoped for! All thanks to a cheap (£3.79) styling tong my problem is solved.
Lastly I have added extra wefts to the ponytail (but i failed to photograph that) and have been spraying lots of hairspray at the front bangs to give them more shape and hopefully keep the crazy curls out of my eyes!

I've yet to try the wig on properly with all the new curls in place but i shall do a makeup test soon and give it a whirl then.

Yes I am still making progress on Terra, Very slowly but something nonetheless. As I've said before money is causing me an issue so its taking me some time to get all the materials together. I've made work on her Earrings, though they may just be the prototype for the real things.
Also just thought i'd post a picture of one of her scarfs, I have been painting the black stripes on by hand, day by day and i've finally used up all of the black fabric paint i had left, so now i need more to finish it haha
I will get paid next week so hopefullt i can purchase the final few pieces of fabric i need and can really get in gear to finish this for Kitacon!

I'm very excited to be starting this costume, as although i have yet to play Ico, I know alot about it and the game is just so darn beautiful!
My funds are currently a bit low, but this wig was ever so kindly donated to me by picklesofdoom; who is to be my Ico, and its turned out to be a rather nice wig.
But as usual, myself and wigs just don't seem to get on, so i've been fighting with it over the past few days, but have finally given up...i mean finished to a relatively decent standard. I don't think i'll ever be happy with a wig i've styled haha doesn't help that my face looks terrible in the photos lol I shall be doing a makeup test soon, making myself more pale and ghostly looking.

Anyway, hopefully i'll be on the hunt for fabrics soon too, thankfully this costume only consists of a dress but I fear there shall be finicky parts involved. Also having to stick to a low budget will be a challenge as well, but so far, so good ^_^

Right well, this entry is more of a rant than anything! I've had a day struggling over the dress, all because of my own idiocy (I stupidly didn't cut the pattern pieces out on the direction of the stretch of the fabric >_<)
I finally have it pinned together, but i've now noticed that the fabric is a little bit transparent which will be a pain when i wear it..but nevermind. Stretchy fabric is one of my enemies and yet i insisted on using it so the dress would match the gloves lol
I also had a change of heart for the cape fabrics, and after a lovely shopping trip in London I found some gorgeously light fabrics that are also two-toned. I've decided not to go for the gradient dye look and seems like i'm going for darker tones than i orginally planned.....but i like it ^_^

Wig finally arrived and I've been working on curlying the fringe, next will be the horrible task of styling it so it looks like it in a ponytail >_<

I'm moaning so much and yet I'm really excitied about this project hahaha

I haven't had a lot of time on my hands lately but have managed to make a start even if its just with small pieces of this costume. I have had a slight obsession with bows lately so it hasn't taken me long to get a hair bow made up with a scrap of lilac fabric i had, to add some sparkle I've trimmed the ends with some lilac beading fringing and will be investing or making a brooch to sit in the center.

I originally bought the lilac fringing for my cape, which i think it will make a pretty touch to it when its complete, I've currently just pinned it to the hemmed fabric (seen under the photos tab), I need to attempt dip dying the cape fabric first though which i have yet to brave doing.

I have been trying to save the pennies where possible with this costume as I can see it could easily get out of hand so I've decided to recycle my pale blonde clip in ponytail that i used for Rikku. This means i've settled on blonde for Terra's hair colour as i couldn't find a decent wig in an appropriate green and style. Of course although recycling a ponytail is cost free, i've given myself extra work in styling it. Terra's has lovely curly/wavy locks so i've been trying out different methods of curling the synthetic fibres. I think the best method for myself is simply using straighteners (at their lowest setting) on small bunches of fibres, and then quickly rolling them in foam curlers. I leave the curlers in for at least a few hours to to be sure, and i seem to achieve a nice subtle curl as a result.

I've been really keen to start this cosplay as soon as possible, but with low funds its not easy to get going. However I decided to go for a rummage in my fabric basket and low and behold, I found two pieces of fabric that are ideal for Terra. A little scrap of lilac fabric for her hair bow, and a long floaty number for her cape! The cape fabric is just what i had in mind, its quite transparent, so it'll give a magical look to the costume. I'm going to attempt some gradient dying to get the gorgeous 'watercolour' effect of the amano drawings too, which will be a first for me.
My next issue has been struggling to find any boots that resembled the pointed toe, cuff and lace up combination of Terra's but i knew i had a pair of lovely pointy leather boots hiding in my cupboard. After some thought, i've decided to make some boot covers for these boots to save money, and another positive is that they will match the dress fabric ^_^
Finally I purchased some fabric flowers off ebay to see what they were like, and I'm thinking with an added splash of colour to them they'll make an interesting alternative to painting on the floral design on Terra's dress.

I'm soo pleased that i can actually make a start on this costume despite my money problems. Cosplay will always win! haha

Still making progress on this! With only just over a week to go, i really need jupiter's thunder powers to get me into gear with this. I had a whole day of pinning and then another of sewing to get the main pieces underway. My bodysuit is almost complete, I'm waiting on finishing my skirt before attaching the hip roll to the suit (which i'm hoping wont be too difficult to manage/figure out) My gloves are done and dusted, and i've made a start on the collar at last! Its been very usesful having made this costume before as i used various pieces as templates for the newer versions (saved soo much faffing around)
Lastly I've been restyling my Jupiter wig! and i swore I said never to style an updo wig ever again after judith and kushi but nevermind, it had to be done as the ponytail wasn't placed properly before. I've reinforced the ponytail with adhesive glue this time which should make it stronger and hopefully stand up higher more like Jupiters ponytail does ^_^

Soo can't wait to finish this cosplay! Sailor Scouts have so much fun at Expo <3

These past few days I've been sewing like a demon and am finally nearing completion of this costume. However i don't have many full days left to work propery so this will end up being a race to the finish as usual haha

I finally found some swivel/trigger clips for the holsters to attach to the belt; they were soo difficult to find but ebay saved me!
I'm still awaiting the arrival of my fabulous Belt buckle that I commissioned from Frederica La Noir (do check out her CI page, its extremely amazing!!!) and I also had a go at making my first ever backpack,as i just couldn't settle on buying one that looked nothing like laras haha Not that my redition will actually look very accurate but its quite satisfying to be making it at least ^_^
Oh and my guns are all painted and ready for action! I just hope they don't get confiscated on route to expo or anything haha

I'm in love with the colour of my new fabric choice, gorgeous dark green looks way more like the original jupiter colours! Last night i spent the whole evening figuring out the skirt....which i didn't expect to take that long >_< but i've finally cut enough fabric so the skirt can be nicely pleated (more like badly pleated with me) and i quickly realised i needed to get more fabric O_o
Besides that, I've been re-vamping my tiara, got me a smaller stone and decided to raise the middle rather than bevel/score it as i'm terrible at that and thought this way would make the tiara more sturdy....however using the old tiara for the back wasn't the best idea as after re-painting it turned out all lumpy but nevermind, it looks okay from a distance haha
Lastly my re-painted boots! these poor things have suffered many layers of paint...which will no doubt crack and look hideous by the end of expo but until i can afford new boots, these will have to do. Its ashame i didn't just keep them in their original colour as they probably would've gone well with my new fabric >_<
Anyways, over and out for now, I have glove rolls to sew!

I've been looking forward to remaking this costume sooo much! and this time I'm determined to use more accurate colours and sensible fabric (god knows what i was thinking orginally)
I've also decided to demote Jupiter from Super to Original as since i wanted to start from scratch i just felt the original needed to be done! So yes I'm more or less starting over again, only reusing my bodysuit and repainting my boots. I've been working on all the rolls and am repainting my boots to match my new dark hunter green fabric!
I've got alot to go yet, and not much time so i've got to get my butt in gear, think like jupiter and battle my way through this cosplay again! Really can't wait to wear this one again <3

First off, this costume was not as 'simple' as i originally thought, although lara's outfit is more or less two simple garments; getting hold of accurate looking garments like these was not easy. However I'm finally getting things together, I started out looking for boots online but wasn't happy with what i could find so settled for a pair i already own, along with some long white socks.
I wasn't prepared to make shorts from scratch so I searched the web (mainly old ebay) for the most accurate shorts i could find...but in the end I've settled for a pair that keeps in my budget and have modified them by removing the pockets,studs and re-hemming. The top was a suprising find while I was out and about shopping in the highstreet and just came across a vest in the perfect rib knit fabric in duck egg green! However the vest wasn't the correct shape/style for lara so I bought the largest size and used the material to make it from scratch myself.

So far so good, but now it'll be onto the accessories, of which one I'm having commissioned; the belt buckle! as I fail with making such things in a short amount of time. I'm looking forward to getting hold of some pistols though, which i'm obivously going to buy and modify (wouldn't know where to start on making guns haha) Can't believe expo is the end of this month! Time catches up way to fast for my liking!

I forgot how bad i am at wig styling, there i was thinking Tifa's wig would be simple but boy was i wrong. Fringes are the worst thing for me, i end up cutting them too short....which was exactly what i did with this one and made a bit of a mess but somehow i saved it a little. If i get time i'll add some extra wefts to the end of the ponytail but when i wear this i'll also make sure its all securely pinned to my head (in the photo it was quickly thrown on haha) I'm just relieved i finished faffing with it today as i have another wig for a different costume to do next...god i'm dreading it now lol

My stupid 'wig' face always makes me laugh lol

I'm quite proud at my pace for this costume, its gone relatively smoothly but i must admit a few things aren't accurate here and there (the sleeves shape for one thing...they're sooo wrong and look like a straightjacket lol) Anyway, I've more or less finished the kimono now, so i'm pretty happy! The red trim is complete, and the red part for the top of the kimono is also done (may need a little more interfacing in the shoulders though.

I've also gathered up some accessories, my shoes,socks, headband that will hold up my sake barrels and started on the fans for the headdress!

Just need to paint the 'barley/maize' pattern on the sleeves and then it'll be onto the wig!

I've made more progress, attached my long sleeves, just need to add the red trim and hem some bits here and there. My skirt and obi look like one here but the lighting is a bit naff here. Red skirt needs a few amendments, so basically still alot of work.
I'm still working on the red for the top of the kimono too, then it'll be onto the devil of wig!

Can't believe how laid back i've been about this costume, and yet I have under a month to get this finished O_O
Since I'm an idiot i wont be able to purchase the wig i really want for this, I've left it too late for long haul shipping so i'm going to buy the same wig again (as the old one is too floopy)
On the positive, I've completed her top, made it from scratch with some lovely t-shirt fabric, its so soft and scretchy! I tweeked my gloves a little more and am now working on the skirt again by adjusting the length and tidying the hem.

Really can't wait to finish this costume! I love cosplaying Tifa, i just pray i get my wig and find a pair of chunky boots in time.

P.S I had red eyes in this photo, and when i cleaned them up it made them browny. Haha reminds me I also need to get contact lenses.

At last! I finally got going with this cosplay, and so far its going pretty well. Normally I take forever and struggle with cutting out pattern pieces, but for some reason I was on a roll today and have made some good progress.
I've cut out the base kimono in my creamy cotton fabric, I'm not bothering to make the skirt on this one as long as its suppose to be as from her hips to the ground its all red(basically trying to save on money as this pants fabric isn't cheap >_<) Then I've started on the sleeves, unfortunately the fabric i'm using is terribly thin so i need to fork out more money for some fabric to line them with ¬_¬
I like how i said everything was going well, when all i can do is moan haha
Besides that I've started with the red kimono parts and have bought some tabi socks for me to wear with her shoes (I have no idea what her shoes are like but i image they would be traditional geta-like sandals....i'll probably just cheat and use flip-flops though)

I really can't wait to get this kimono all wrapped up so i can move on to the menacing wig...O_O

Went to my first LFCC event last Sunday and it had a blast! I wore this costume even though it was in a bit of a state but it was still fun to wear. I'm calling this costume a work in progress as i really badly want to improve it (Reminds me of my Fran costume) as by the end of the day it was falling apart hahaha I did most of the work Saturday evening, I suprised myself and stayed up til 2am slaving away haha
I'm not decided yet when i'll remake this for, Possibly for Ayacon but more likely for October Expo. I've got to wrack my brains to figure out how to light it up ^_^

Well this costume looks like it might be a bit of a fail but I'm still determined to see what it'll look like in the end. Even though i'm making this costume a bit half-heartedly I decided to try and get some accuracy with the materials. However I could not find any hexagon print fabric that was 'tron' enough so I came up with a crazy plan that involved t-shirt transfer paper. Basically I printed the hexagon pattern out and transfered it to some fabric. Unfortunately the process is costly and time consuming so I've decided to only transfer the pattern where its needed rather than the whole fabric.

So far it looks a bit odd to say the least but hopefully my crazy brain's plan will come together at some point. I've also completed the gloves i made, so that's one thing to tick off the list.....How i'm going to finish this in a week...i don't know.

This costume is working out to be a last minute rush, but that's always the case for me. I received my boots today and they're pretty cool! Not the most comfortable of boots but hopefully i can wear them in!

I've still got alot to do but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this costume will somehow come together for LFCC at the last moment. If not, then I'll have to wear this another time but for now I'm gonna pray its ready for the sunday of LFCC.

I decided to hack at my wig today and i'm surprised that I haven't managed to completely screw it up (I love wigs but they're not my best friend) I was scared to cut it at first and Quorra has to have a quirky cut to make it difficult. I'm quite happy with the outcome but i think i've flicked out the side a bit too much >_<

Also did another makeup test and i'm happier with this one, I used different eyemakeup and tried to add a bit of glow to my face with some white eyeshadow(I'm thinking i should invest in something better though) All in all today has been quite productive but as always never completely satisfied.

Soo excited that my wiggy arrived today, and as everyone does, i had to try it on right away! This is my first short wig and i must say its gonna take me a while to adjust to the look, i've never had hair this short. I'm not 100% convinced at how it looks but its growing on me. Just need to get out my scissors and style it more like Quorra, lets hope i don't screw it up, i've not got much wig to work with lol

I still haven't gathered all the materials for this costume yet but I've already managed to make base gloves from a nice lycra/spandex material. It was a bit of a mission as i find sewing with stretch fabric generally hell to work with and then on top of that gloves are a pain to make too.
I should have really tried to make them properly fitted, but i find it difficult without a pattern to fall back on so i just drew around an exsisting pair of gloves i had. I was even too lazy to make the thumbs seperate >_< but surprisely they look better than i imagined they would (considering this is my first pair of gloves made from scratch!)
I really need to get a move on now. Next I think will be to make the top that will go under the 'dress' (which i will probably attach these gloves to). But I'm attempting to stencil the 'hexagon' pattern on the material first (because i'm insane) Wish me luck!

Right, i've finally got some sort of progress going, but its not been much more than clicking a 'buy' button and waiting for the post. Since I've not much time I decided to buy some leggings, they're a leather-look fabric and I'm really happy with their appearance. All i need to do is add the light design to one of the legs.
I also got some reflective tape as i really dont have the time,paitence or money to make this suit light up with el wire at the moment (maybe at a later date i will) But its not too bad, and gives a nice white light when using a camera flash. I shouldn't really insist on making this without doing it 'properly' but hey ho I'm insane like that.

Right, I'm clearly too excited about making this costume, I haven't got any materials yet but felt i had to something towards the costume. Costume makeup is always fun to play around with, so i've spent the afternoon studying and trying to imitate the look for myself. As usual its easier said than done, but i've managed the basic idea, i'd like to get a hint of blue eyeshadow around the eyes and a better white that stands out a bit more. I also need to work on the eyeliner shape, perhaps a little less too.

I thought it was about time I revived my original Tifa cosplay! She's one of my all time favourite FF characters and her outfit is reasonbly comfty to prat around in soo i shall be wearing this at Ayacon 2011. (My first Aya and probably will wear this on the friday)
Anyways, I've been working on her gloves and arm warmer thingys for the past week or so, pulling apart the old ones and replacing bits and pieces...also i finally switched the gloves around as i'd made them wrong before and god it bugged me when i saw photos O_O but now, its all better ^^

I also spent a little time adding some small buckles to my braces, for a little more accuracy, can't believe how easy it was to attach them actually. Next up I need to get a new top as the old one just isn't right...i'll try and make one from scratch this time (as its a really simple top, clearly i was just lazy before) and I'm also on the hunt for some new boots (with more eyelets...3 eyelets look lame) and a new wig as the old one has lost its elasticity...so its basically died....sad times.

I completed this costume just in time for Kita! Boy that was close, and of course i quickly found a few faults in my work. Firstly the top was too loose (so kept sliding down...I didn't throw my shoulders back and bust forward enough hehehe) And my wig annoyed me, as I didn't get time to add any extra wefts to the sides to cover my hairline and ear joins.
Basically I have lots to improve on but I really enjoyed wearing this costume, and the Vesperia photoshoot we had was great fun (even if i did get stung by nasty nettles)
More photos to come soon!

With 10 days left until Kitacon, I've given myself a kick up the butt and so far this week has got off to a good start. Boots are finally done and dusted; they're probably the worst shoes I've ever worked on but at least they're complete with only slight damage to my fingers.
I also had some Milliput lying around and got the urge to use it to make Judith's dagger, though i cheated and had a plastic toy dagger as the base to buld upon. I also used the left overs to moulded the two beads on the gold chord belt, so i've got some painting fun ahead of me.

I have reached the point where i can't keep putting off the back skirt piece and her antennae/hair extensions; i have 'cleverly' left the most difficult things til last. I will be really happy if i can get the skirt done this week..but we'll have to wait and see. So I need to get into super speed mode, concentrate and win this cosplay battle in the spirit of Brave Vesperia!!

A quick photo of Judith's top, which i'm pleased to have finished...but i';m not too happy with the outcome. I struggled so much with that pattern, the thin fabric really didn't help and i've got a nasty join here and there on the pattern. I don't know why i managed to make the pattern take up so much of the top, as it really shouldn't. I might alter it slightly at the front.
Unfortunately unlike Judith, I'm not blessed with a big bust to distract from my awful work and fill the top out properly lol To be honest I think i'm going to look like judith, post reduction sugery lol

I never thought i'd say that my wig is finally taking shape! The bun has been made and is now attached, even though its a bit messy and needs a bit of extra wig wefts here and there. Thank god i had Kukkii-san's high ponytail tutorial to somewhat follow. Though I very rarely follow tuts exactly, so i've ended up with a few mistakes here and there. Overall i'm pretty pleased with this being my first stub and bun combo.
The rest of the costume is still going, but i've had problems with her top and jacket but i'm just praying it'll all work out in the end. I do also now have some boots to customise, which i'm excited about (I just love shoes) but i'm being good and getting the major pieces done first for once.
Anyways, slowly but surely getting there...and with only under 3 weeks left....O__O

Good news for my Malon costume, it will once again get to see the light of day! This costume is in pretty good condition in comparison to many of my others so I have decided to bring it along to Kitacon III.
This costume is actually quite old now so there are a few improvements to make, and i have already restyled my wig and bought some new boots (no more ugly, cheap ugg-wannabe boots) These ones are a skinnier fit, and perhaps not as accurate but they look more like riding boots than the others; so more suitable for Malon.
Next I need to take in the skirt, as it actually needs to sit higher up on my waist..i just hope i can work around the pattern. Then i'll remake the belt, i've move on from cardboard buckles hehe

Wigs are a bit of an issue for me, I always choose characters with either ridiculously long hair, or ones with awkward updos....Judith is no exception, and been nothing but trouble.
A little while a go, I stubbed my beautiful purple wig, only to find i had stubbed it way too high....so i decided to try and save it....somehow after hours of gentle teasing the wig in water, I managed to make it look....awful. But i was not going to be beaten, so picked up my trusty wig brush and managed to restyle the whole thing into a stub again. I am a bit happier with the stub placement but i am just going to have to put up with it now, no matter what it looks like.
I have also sewn in a light purple weft into the fringe (unfortunately its pretty pants quality, hence the shine) I still need the style the front a bit more but more importantly i need to make the bun and pray that it actually looks somewhat like a bun.
Anyways, big rant over with, I decided to try the wig on with my jacket (which is now trimmed with gold, but still needs a few finishing touches) and i cannot wait to get working on her big head wing/antennae thingys...no doubt they will cause me trouble as well.
Wish me luck!

Well i have been a busy bee these past few weeks, my judy wig almost died, and went from looking like a rockstar to a monster, but hopefully I have managed to save it. I basically have to start over with the stubbing, so it wont be finished for sometime yet.
Instead I have other progress, been shopping around for all sorts of bits and pieces, but my shopping is far from finished yet. Been sewing and ironing like mad, sooo much interfacing! As you can see in the photos the jacket is nearing completion while the skirt needs alot of work. At least things are starting to look a little like Judy, just wish I could go into overdrive and get it done asap!

This week has been fairly productive for me, but i'm still going at a slow pace, I can't seem to get into full speed overdrive with my costumes at the moment. Judy's jacket is still in progress and have found out I offically hate collars! ~shakes fist~ to keep me sane i moved onto to working on her bra-like top, but thats' not looking exciting as of yet. I've been swaying to and from this costume and my Seung Mina one, and I find that it keeps me going, as when i get stuck with one, i always have the other to cheer me on!
Now today I decided to take the plunge with Judith's amazing wig (I really will cry if i ruin this, as i love the colour so much haha) I'm trying to play it safe by following a tutorial by Kukkii-san on Cosplay.com. So far....the wig looks like a reject rockstar...the fact that the mannequin head i'm using is a man (dubbed Manwell by Sammykins and I) doesn't really help the look. In fact before i started styling this wig looked more like Yuri's on the manly mannequin hahaha

Right! Wish me luck with this devil of a wig! Thank god I've only got one wig to work on this time.

Right! this week i finally got into action with my cosplays and its made me realise how slow i work lol
I've more or less got all the basic materials for this costume now including a lovely purple wig, which actually comes out with a blue tint in photos..probably useful considering Judith's hair colour seems to be purple one min and blue the next lol I've got the lovely job of styling it yet but I'm awaiting a new mannequin head before i get started.
I' ve been faffing around for the past few weeks with her white jacket, but i think i've finally figured out how i'm piecing that together ~jumps in the air~
I can also jump for joy that i've actually completed my gloves and cuffs, after 2-3 days of messing with those aswell lol
I've got lots more to do and no doubt more faffing around ahead of me....wish me luck

I wore this at MCM Expo over the Halloween weekend, and had a great time. I had Feather-to-Earth as my Alice and we had a wonderful time floating around excel centre. I was very pleased that people recognised the character even though my dress design was original.

Journal Photo Taken by:Nert

Well its been a while since my last update but i've been working hard trying to figure out how on earth to attach my skirt to my leotard, and I think i've finally cracked it. The collar and bow gave be enough grief as it was, but with some paitence i managed to sew on several poppers to hold eveything in place. Once i've conquered the skirt i can move on to all the rolls for the sleeves, hip and gloves, fingers crossed i'll finish in time, with only a week til expo O__o

Today i attempted to style my wig, which i hadasked my lovely friend sam to help me with, but I was in a silly mood and decided to have a go with it myself. After a whole day of brushing, heating and spraying, i managed to start making my wig look like a neatly tidied up ponytail.Not 100% happy with it at this stage but i have still got a bit of time to experiment some more; at least i know its not impossible. I've also completed my choker, after trailing the shops for hours for an ideal star. In terms of the actual costume, i've remade my crappy collar as it was awfully uneven. I need to get a move on attaching everything to my bodysuit now.

Things are finally coming together with jupiter, i bought myself a new bodysuit (as the other one was causing me heart ache) and have finished my boots and my collar (even though that's far from perfect)I also have a wig to style....which is no doubt going to be the death of me (damn ponytail)

Well I've not been keeping track with this journal like i was suppose to so i seriously suck eggs for that. However I'm finally getting into gear with this costume. I'm currently slaving away at the skirt, with a poor attempt at pleating. I'm not good with an iron as it is, so steaming the pleats on wasn't easy.
I also recieved my base leotard (i'm too lazy to make my own) and boots through the post today so i'm beginning to feel things coming together.
Hopefully i can finish my skirt this week and crack on with the rest asap.

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