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Well as stated in the photo, I've finally got around to working on this thing! I've got all the pattern pieces cut out and some of them have been pinned together into something half resembling a shirt. I'll need a bit of help from my mum to sort out the cuffs, the collar and two other parts of it and then it can get sewn.
The other problem I have is with the buttonholes. I was discussing this with my mother when we were trying to make a pattern and I've decided not to actually sew the holes (because they're little so and so's, and I have tried before and go with a Velcro idea. I'll plonk buttons on the front part to make it look like they're buttons on there, but really the shirt will be put together with Velcro instead.
I think it would work on the cuffs as well, but I'll have to see. :3

Honestly, it wasn't my best expo ever. I'm not sure if many people can tell from the photos, some parts of the costume broke over the course of the day. Some parts are move obvious than others. The horn broke from the mask, I ended up not wearing the heels because they were killing my feet and had killed the bottom of the legs, there was a gaping hole in the knee as well as in the seem between the shorts and the purple legs.
Anyway, this costume is retired. There is little to no change of me bringing it out again unless I do some MAJOR changes to it. Many parts need redoing and I'm only happy with a two or three parts anyway. xD Even then I'm not sure if I'd bring her out again since possibly after next May or LFCC, I might stop cosplaying.

Though it was rather fun meeting some other aeons. c:

I'm unsure whether or not to include this. On some of the dolls, I saw that she's wearing yellow socks or tights. I'm not sure whether this because of the doll itself or because in some versions she actually wears them. However I've found that in the video and in a reference photos that she doesn't wear them. .-. So I'm unsure as to whether or not she does.

It's taken a week and a half to get up to this point. So far I've managed to paper all over the front and inside of the mask, which still needs patching up as well as started making the four corners thicken up a bit. The horns are still in progress which is why they haven't been attached and there aren't any down the middle. Still need to get some white paint as well as make the eye holes, any other detailing and find some way of attaching it to my head.

Finished Paper Macheing the buckles for her costume which means after they've dried tonight I can paint them and somehow attach them onto the costume.

So I finally started the wings today. I've got the base wing cut out which means I can pin it to the fabric and cut round it three times. It'll then be pinned and sewn together, stuffed lightly and then sewn to the arms and body. c: Oh and the purple part will be added to the bottom too.

I've thought about the big red ribbon she wears and what material I should make it out of. Unfortunately, I haven't found any matieral with the right pattern on it like in the games and I don't think I'm skilled enough to paint it on. However, I've looked at other people's cosplays of this costume and have decided to go with just a plain red bow. I found a couple of materials that would work quite well for me to make it and I should be able to get it within the next two or so weeks.
Just need to find the right type of socks and shoes. Should be fun to try and find. c:

Right, so the whole of the legs are basically finished. Of course the tail needs a bit of moving about, but I'll figure it out. The spikes took a while to sew on and I have no idea how many there are on there anyway. I didn't keep count and I think I still have some spare just in case something happens. Those damn heels are going to hurt my feet. So yeah. Basically the whole bottom part has finished, done and basically dusted. Now I just need to work on the top half.

Managed to get my hands on the red fur today. Which means this costume can progress that little bit further.
Now this red fur is obviously going to be used for the legs, part of the tail and the head. The legs are going to be spiked like in the actual game while the head will be all fur. Doing the head in spikes will be a little awkward and will create unnecessary hassle not to mention it'll take a while to figure out how to get it onto my head. But yeah. If the spikes don't work then I'll just go for the full on fur for each leg.

Righty ho, I've been pondering this for a while. If by some chance I do get a spot in the Performance catergory at Expo, I'll need to choose which track to have. There's two I need to choose from, both are the same song (Discotheque). However one is more of a remix (which can be found in the 'Video' section of this page) while the other one is just the normal opening soundtrack with no alterations. Or possibly an English dubbed version, which is pretty good, if people want to listen to it, I'll give them the link.
What do people think?

I've hand sewn all the white parts on both the armwarmers and all in all, it's taken me about a week and a half to do both of them. All I've got to do now is get some more white material or try and use some from what I've got to do the detailing on the shoes. Hopefully it should work! *fingers crossed*
Oh. And I also need to sort out the white belt.

It May not look like I'm actually doing anything on this costume, but I am. xD I've found a really nice pair of boots that I'll probably get for her and I've found a pair of shorts that would go well too.
I'm debating whether or not to use the remains of the top I have from the Abe player costume to make the yellow tassles on her skirt. The arms are still in progress as I yet need to finish sewing them together. After that I'll add the top bit on and then any other detail I can manage.

Right Basically, I've added the black parts and the zip, which are both attached to each other. There are slits round the side so I can fit the blue 'belt' around it (which is a piece of blue material) which I'm going to attach after sewing the whole thing together tonight. I know it's short, I didn't realize until after I put it on, but it's not as short as my first attempt. It's still pinned, hence why it doesn't look as good, but it should look better after I've sewn it together on the sewing machine.

Had to measure myself and the top to make sure that I'd get the right length to cut the top at. So far it's around 15/16cm, including the neck. It should be alright for the zip to be attached onto. Had to be very careful with the link down the middle that it was straight. Might cut the bottom again to make sure it's in line together.
Any questions Just as.

I've had to take the original sleeves off the top. I was going to use them for the collar, but that didn't work out. I've folded the edges over to get a nicer finish and for them too look smaller and seeing as in the references show that the Player doesn't really have sleeves, I'm trying to get them as hidden as possible so that it's accurate.

Basically I used some of the yellow material I had left over from trying to make the first one and I used that for the collar. It's two rectangular pieces of material, pinned around the collar and then together. I've had to find the top down so that I can get a nice edge and that it's not too tall. Can't fit my head through it when it's zipped up, but it just needs to be loose around my neck, but not that loose or too tight. It's currently pinned there and I'm only going to sew it when I have the zip and detailing pinned on to.

Righty ho. Costumes pretty much done. Apart from the boots and the necklace. I might have enough material left to use as some sort of boot covers for a pair of black boots because it'll probably be hard to find a pair of boots that are the same colour blue as the rest of the costume. I really need to paint that necklace too! I'll see if I can do this weekend.
Another thing I need to consider is the wig. I would want to try and stick with the one I have the colour is off quite a bit on it. It would mean buying another one that costs like £10, unless someone else has a wig I can buy? Other then that I might end up buying one. Shall I buy one or use the one I have? >.<

I've basically finished that part. Which means all I need to do is make the top, get a suitable zip for it and then attach it all together. It should be finished after that! I just need to find some material for it that won't cost too much.
Getting the material for the boots tomorrow! Should go well. Then I need to find some lacey type stuff to thread through it.

Jesus Christ I HATE this top. =.= First time I made it too small, this time I've got fabric...which is kind of Orange. I bloody hope this works otherwise I'm stuffed. It's gone well so far, but I've still got quite a bit to do. Which is annoying me. Though I've had a brain wave. If I do a mock up with the orange material and get that perfect, buy some yellow material and then make it out of that it should be fine! Hopefully I'll get the material for the Boot Covers on Tuesday. I just have to remind my friend to bring it in.

This costumes been coming together rather quickly from when I first started it. I still need to make the top, even though I mucked it up the first time, I need to buy the material and the zip to finish it. My friends giving me some type of Leatherette so that I can make the covers for the boots. I just hope I can get it done in time.

This costumes really coming together quite quickly.
Armwarmers: Base ones are done. I just need to add things onto the like the belts, the silver edging and stuff.
Trousers: Now ordered, just waiting for them to arrive and then I can edit them when they do.
Wig: Plaits are done. Just need to try and get the buns done sometime.

Oh yeah. Goggles are done. Swimming ones always work don't they? Just need to find them.

I already had most of the stuff for this. I just had to remake the jacket because when me and my mum made it the first time round, we made it the wrong colour. So I've used some spare material and made it again. It might not be the exact colour as the reference pictures, but it's the closest colour I could get.
The shoes are just black pumps with elastic sewn on the so that I can get my feet inside them easily enough. The top is a turtle neck with the sleeves cut off so they don't get in the way of the jacket and the skirt is just one I had lying around. The wig I ordered off ebay and the socks I bought somewhere in town. I still need to get a pair of glasses, but that can be done later on.

It has been completed. I would take some outside shots but considering how cold it is and how thin my costume is, I don't want to risk freezing myself.
The wig is amazing quality and fits like a dream. I can't wait for the group in May. :3 And to see other peoples costumes!

I had a little thought pop up today that might work with the costume. Since the original outfit Mulan has on (seen in the pic) has long green sleeves, and the fairy has short ones, I might be a bit cold. So what I thought I could do was get some green material similar to the green shirt I have and make some tattered armwarmers that look like they're part of the shirt.
Would this be any good? What do people think?

The reason I haven't been updating any of my costumes recently (which includes parts of this one) is because of the fact that I'm working on the wings for this costume. So far I've spent roughly 5-7 hours sewing these stupid beads onto them and I haven't even finished the rockets yet! I still have one more to do. I'll try and plonk some photos of them on here when I find the connector for my phone and have finished the last rocket.

90%...Kind of. Around about.
I have three/four things to do.
1. Finish editing the wings. I need to do some serious work on them sometime soon.
2. Buy the wig. I won't be doing this until after October Expo since I'm tight on money at the moment so I'm kind of limited on what I buy for now.
3. Make the yellow top. It's in progress at the moment, working on where it's going and how I'm going to attach it to places.
4. Find the shoes I'm using. I know I have a pair of pumps somewhere because I used them for a different costume. I just don't know where they are at the moment. But they definitely are completed.

Thats about it, I'll keep it updated as much as possible!

Both of them are completed to a certain extent. The Skirt I need to attach to the blue part when I get it. It also needs to be cut down since I had to attach two parts of the material together to get it to fit around me. That will be attached around the edge and cut. The top I'll be using the spare material from what I used for the skirt for this. That will either be attached to the blue material or the green shirt I will be using.

You have no idea how close this costume is to being finished. I just need to finish sewing the ribbon on then do the lettering type thing and then it's finished. It feels like ages since I've finished a costume! And you're getting no progress pics until I finished the costume. >3 Just too keep you people of your toes until I've finished it!
Lucky Rhianna gets to see it before October because she's coming to Broomfield next Friday. XD

I think this costume is coming along quite nicely. The gloves have been ordered, the Jacket should be ordered in the next day or so then I can edit it, the neck pattern I have started though that might be a bit complicated and then the costume should be finished soon enough. As well as that, I'm helping my friend with her Psychic Yuna as well (making her cuffs, sent her the link to the gloves I've ordered and helping her find the jacket, skirt and maybe the botos). Can't wait to wear it in October, it's going to be so much fun. ^^

As the title says, the wigs been ordered since no-one else bid on the same wig, though there were millions of the same dotted around Ebay, so it was kind of easy to get it without fighting over it. However, when I saw how long the shipping was going to take, I'm pretty glad I ordered it when I did. It will probably take around either 15-25 or 8-15 days to ship apparantly, I don't want to happen what happened to my friend when she made her Yuna 1 week before the Expo and had to pay an extra 20 odd pounds more for it to ship on time.

Might have to wait a while for it to get here, but when it does, let the styling fail!

The wig I'm going to get has been bidded on and will be hopefully start being delieved in the next two days. So when it comes, I'll start styling it too look somewhat like Paine's hair. I can't say it'll be great since it's my first time styling a wig to an extent like this but I'll try. I've got a plan formed inside my head for it anyway ^^ Let's just hope it works.

After speaking to my friend who's doing the Psychic Yuna about Visor's for this costume, we decided to use plastic see-through bottles for them. Going to be a bit difficult to actually get it into the right shape and all, but I just hope it'll work out.

After wearing her to two events, Rinoa Heartilly is now going retired. Unless there's a costume I just can't complete in time or there's a meet up sometime, this costume might just come out. This also goes to my Cissnei costume as well! If someone wants me to bring this out for a group, I will but if there's someone else that's got a costume, I would hand over the spotlight to them. There might still be a few photos in the future.

Screw the sword I'll just do her without the sword!
Nearly finished the costume. :3 I just really need to get the wig and a shorter skirt (if I can't, I'll just use the other one I've got). Finished the bow on the day I got the material for it which is useful even though it's not really going to be used for another 6 or 7 months. But I'd better get it done now before working on my Paine Psychic costume.

Since I've editing Rinoa a lot recently, I felt like this costume was getting a little excluded. Remembering that in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kadaj pulls out some sort of ID cards for two of the turks, I thought what the heck I'll make one. Sure it might be exactly the same as the others, but It'll be awesome to make. As long as I find it, all I need to really do is write on all the details that I feel relavent and then it'll be finished.

In the process of looking on ebay to find myself a wig for this cosplay. All I really need is the wig, bow and a shorter skirt. The trouble being getting a decent wig that's the right length, good quality and is around £5-£7 >.< I've been looking for the past few days or so and I've found 2 so far. However, one ends in 3 hours and I doubt my mum would be back on the computer by then since she goes to bed at 10 and the other one I'm not too sure about. Hopefully I'll be able to find one in the next few days and get it ordered!

You have no idea how annoying my capes been over the past few weeks and with Expo coming up, this is going to be my last time to show it off for a while. I've beep sewing somethings on the sewing machine to make sure that they stay on for longer, the cape being one of them. But the one thing thats been bugging me the most is the clasp on the cape. I've edited it from a tied ribbon to an actual claspy thingy. The only problem being that the bit of material isn't being as flat as I'd like it to be. So what I've had to do when I've been out in it or done some photoshoots by myself is check it every few minutes and fold it around so it doesn't look weird. I'm really worried that that's going to be the part that's going to let the costume down a little bit, so I really need to find a way to fix it before Expo.

Got my Wings today! They're not as big as I thought they were going to be, but they certainly do look a lot more wingy then my old ones! Which by the way has gone towards my collection of feathers I'll be bringing with me. :3 Now all I need to do is quickly get the clip in highlights and I'll be done. Oh and get my hair dyed again but that's quickly sorted, already got the hair dye! Photo's should be up sometime in the next week or two. Or whenever I get round to it.

I have now ordered some hopefully bigger but definately better wings from Ebay. They should arrive in the next week or two, which means I'll be able to get some shots of it before the Expo.

I know this costume was already in the completed bit, but after today, it is now 100% complete, excluding her weapon of course, but I'm far to lazy to make it. Rinoa's was too much trouble that turned out bad. I finished sewing the zip on which I got a few days ago. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a few pictures with the zip on.

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