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I'm finally almost done! I just shortened the dress to the right length and tested everything out that I have so far :3 Next step is to finish the dress by adding the black lining around the top and then getting some red contacts! X3

Okay so I was lazy and found a better dress so I bought that and will be buying the pink top today hopefully! I've had it bookmarked for so long but I just never got round to buying it :3

Okay, so I just ordered yet another Seras costume. I'll be getting a refund for the other one soon hopefully. And hopefully this one will come in time for SunnyCon. I may or may not wear this costume at SunnyCon, it just depends :) At least I know it will arrive in time for Manchester Comicon :3

I ordered the main uniform for this cosplay at the start of April (I think it was the 6th). It was supposed to come at the end of the month/start of May but still no sign :( Unfortunately, the seller does not respond to any emails so I have no idea if they have even started it.
Doesn't look like it will be here in time for SunnyCon 2014 :(

The dress came today and it was way too big!!!! It's supposed to be a size 8 but I can't put it on without it falling down!!! :s Apart from that, I am pleased with the style of the dress, however, it's really sparkly for some reason :s I hope it'll look okay when I'm done!

Hopefully, I will be able to take it into school and take the sides in using a sewing machine. After that, I'll need to add the black straps and lining round the top and it will be complete!

I feel like I'm almost done with this cosplay finally :) I finished the socks X3 !!!!! I still have to finish the bloodlust arm which is definitely the hardest part :s Apart from that, though, I just need to wait the main part of Seras' outfit to come, buy some red contacts and I'm done :)

I already have most of the outfit including the wig, horns, ribbon, the socks and the shoes. I'll be buying the same contacts for my Seras cosplay too so all I need to worry about is the dress and the pink top.
I found a good dress on eBay that's completely grey - I'll just need to sew on the black straps and black rim around the top and I'll be done :)

My wig came yesterday and it's ^amazing^!!!! I've started making the holes in the socks and glueing around the edge to stop fraying (I'm not smart enough to come up with that idea by myself!!!) I still need to finish them...

I also need to cut the wig because it's really long at the sides. Hope I don't mess it up!

I bought the socks and boots today while out rather than online. The boots were more expensive than I would have liked and they're not exactly like Seras' either. It almost sounds like it was a waste of money buying them... but I found it tough finding any boots that looked even a little bit similar. I just hope these boots will look alright!

As for the socks, I think they're pretty good :) ... don't know how I'm going to cut the holes in effectively though. I don't want to make them fray or anything :(

My wig hasn't arrived yet but hopefully it will be soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I've ordered the wig and the uniform. The wig should arrive next week and the uniform in roughly a month. I should start to make the bloodlust arm soon or else I'll never get it done :/
Can't wait for my wig and uniform to come though X)

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