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I first cosplayed in September 2010 (Cissnei- FF7 Crisis Core and Lorelai - Suikoden II) and I love it!
I'm currently teaching myself to sew and hope to see an improvement as time goes by.

I also may be a bit obsessed with the Suikoden series and hope to cosplay quite a few characters from it. At the moment I'll make a more reasonable plan of at least one cosplay for each game (as of writing this - 1st August 2012 I've done 2 Suikoden 2 cosplays, 1 from the 3rd game and plan to do one from the 5th game as a big project for next year with a friend). So yeah, a warning, as my sewing improves there may be quite a few characters from this series listed on my account.

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Ordered a pattern that should hopefully work for this :) and planning on fabric shopping soon, then I can get this started.

Been working on the coat, got the front, the back and one sleeve done. Just need the other sleeve, the sides, the collar and the whit part at the bottom. Been using a simplicity pattern that is actually for a sherlock style coat but am making it shorter and without the caplet.

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