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Been busy making my pascal shorts, bags and belt. It's all turning out good, need to make the harness over the chest then it's pretty much done.
All this is made from a yellow cotton material, sewn on my sewing machine.

I finally brought my Pascal wig, just got to wait for it to come, then I can colour the back of it red. I sure hope it comes in time, for Expo.. :O

Ok so today I bought my blue fabric to start making my Blazblue - Noel dress. I need to buy some white, and maybe black and red too. I'm planing on wearing this at London Expo October 2012. So I ain't got long to make it.

First thing, Brought for my Noel cosplay, this really nice Blonde Wig, Which i got from Ebay, at a great buy it now price. I'm going to cut it a bit so it's a bit shorter.

I finally nearly Finished my Wings. Taken ages lol then I need to Figure out how to attached them to my bk.
They are made from, ALUMINIUM ARMATURE CRAFT WIRE and Turquoise Blue Organza fabric, bent into shape with my cardboard cut out patterns, and then I used the glue gun to glue the fabric to the wire.

Ok so I brought more fabric to Carry on this cosplay, and guess what, the fabric which was the same fabric as before came today and the colour is different. its a darker navy, so I'm just gonna Start over again. Pain in the Arse... >_>

I have Fabric for Wings, I may get a different colour, it may be too light. need to wait for Wire to come to build them.

C.c is almost complete!!! the dress is nearly all near just need to put on a hook and eye for the collar part, and then Finish the Arm bands and Belts. Then shes all complete. As for the boots. I'm gonna be wearing long socks over my shoes.. Need to add a bit of Gold on them.

Hey, I finally brought my C.C wig the Other day. woo, I'm getting so fussy with wigs these days. I have added a pic of the wig I brought, Just gotta finish cosplay now. ^^

Have started to remake the Dress for Estelle, I wasn't happy with the other one, It needed to be more Puffy.
I used to different pink for the main part of the dress and the same bright pink fabric for the middle, it just needs its Collar and hemming up, then it should be done, I might put sleeves on it too.

Got my pants for Rita come today, there a white pair of Leggings I brought of ebay, for £3.99, not bad. so I need to cut of one leg, so it's only got a Long leg and a short leg like Rita has them. Next thing to get is my Rita Wig. Looking forward to being Rita. =D

I finally made a start on my Rita cosplay, which i plan to wear at Kita-Con III and London Expo May 2011. So far I have made the Red top/dress, out of Red Cotton and put on a Yellow Collar, and the white line down the back. I Still need to add on the black Sleeves and Pockets, and other details.

Brought Wig, i need a better Skirt, which im finiding hard to get, since the one i made looks Really Rubbish.

I may get a bigger Shirt to, and the blazer is also Tight. DAM CLOTHES !!!! -___-

Got my Wig, and my Boots, just need to get zips sewn on to the cosplay.

just started on my Saya Cosplay, sewn together the basic jacket/dress part, need to finish it ^__^

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