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Wanted to post a bit about the wig.

Other than dreadlocking for my Lenore wig, and some cutting on my Katherine wig, this is the most adventurous I've got wig with construction and I think it came out really well.

How to do Benten's epic hair was always going to be the biggest part of this costume. So I decided the best approach was to get a short spikey wig and sew in really long straight wefts, to acheive that beautiful bulging mullet.

Bit of final cutting and styling and I'm very pleased with the result.

Sewing in wefts takes so much longer than you think it will...

A little while back I sadly had to make the tough decision to drop this costume for this year. I'd been having far too much trouble finding the fabric I needed - and still didn't have it - and the delays it had caused were just too great for this to be feasible for Aya this year.

BUT I will try to get it done for next year :) I definately want to finish making this dress and I'm not going to abandon it. (even though it means working with 5m of chiffon x__x lol)

Thought I'd pop up an update. Made the top from scratch and opted to do the pinstripes via fabric paint. Debated on best way to map out the lines then and there seemed only one logical choice; cellotape! Works like a charm.

Got the shoes, gonna order the wig soon, top is practically finished. Bought blue nail polish.

All that's left then is to buy the trousers and make the chain belt.

Dress is underway but sadly not as fast as I would have liked. Trouble finding the fabrics I've needed has put me behind schedule, but I'm soldiering on! Working on the underdress and then I have THE EVIL of chiffon to work with for the overdress, with all the patterning details. Fun times ahead?

Meanwhile, here's an image of the toile I made so I could map out the measurements before beginning the actual dress.

Not going to really be able to start buying material for this until after xmas, so at the moment I'm in screencap and reference overload. And always never getting the angle that I need! D: Typical.

So, parts of this dress' construction is actually really hard to make out! I can determine mostly that it's not quite a one peice cloak, but is actually split into two sections that also make the sleeves. Hoo boy this is gonna be some fun construction...

Planning, sketching and deconstruction ahoy!

I bought some printable tattoo paper as an alternative to hours of painting on a convention morning, and ran a quick test for Revy's tattoo. Obviously not the entire tattoo is shown in the photo, just a section to test. The tattoo itself also needs the lines neatening up, but I wasn't going to spend time doing that till I knew it worked :P

I'm pleased with the results, though it was shiny and crinkled when my arm moved lol. For a dry run test it went well. I hope it survives ok when wearing a lot of it and it being on my neck. I might take mastix or something to fight against any peeling >_>

It does feel kind of like wearing a sheet of plastic fused to your arm tho xD I must admit. (And a bugger to get off)

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere now as I've found a spray to colour the leatherette and also I finally have skulls! OMG they were really hard to find o_O oddly. I thought finding 9 small skulls was going to be the easy part...I was wrong. So I've got the green body of the dress done and I'm feeling achievment!I've also done most of the hat and about 50% of both the neck collar and the big drapey shoulder collar.

Also not long to go and still so much to do! Need more time~~

Though I'd post some WIP's :)

Recently I was finally able to get some material in the colours I need so sewing was able to start! I'm so relieved. Not long left now to go to make this costume in, after all.

The hat is 2/3's done and I've begun work on the dress. I'm still lacking the leatherette I need though..Might have to paint some.

I might even post some WIP's soon :)

I've finally begund buying bits of things I need for this costume (trims, lace, cord, clay etc). Much later than I would like! and not for lack of trying either! It has proven harder than I originally thought to find the materials I need in the colours I need - which is still an ongoing process... So for now I'll start on casting and making all buckles and skulls, I guess; do what I can while I can.

I'm very much itching to begin sewing on this though...! (Especially seeing as Aya Con is creeping closer very fast >_>; eep!)

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