Well, basically it started with wanting to make a costume of my OC Taelea and wore that to my first (in cosplay terms) convention. I got into it because of my friends, with being asked to cosplay some characters. I had enjoyed thinking through the possibilities of how to make props/armour or other parts of a costume.
However I am usually no good at getting photos taken of my costume to be able to show on here, which I think I also need a lesson in posing and facial expressions.

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So I have bought the majority of items I need for this cosplay, with the arrival of the black leotard and dance tights today. I've tried them on and they fit, except for the fact that the turtle neck is a bit tight, so I plan to edit it for a more comfortable fit. The leotard fabric does thin a bit around the chest, but considering I'll be adding the red section & yellow symbol to it and wear a suitable bra, it shouldn't be a problem.
I'm still waiting for the red leotard and black gloves to arrive, then I'll look for a matching red fabric for the scarf. I'm also still looking for the base shoes to use to make the "boots".

Well I'm almost done with the shirt, with just sorting out the button related parts. I'll upload photos of the making progress once it's done. Though the lab coat sewing pattern has still not arrived. However, with Tokonatsu's status of delaying the event to later this month, I will have more time to work on the lab coats (if the pattern arrives at all -_-).
I still need to paint the belt buckle, but of course there's plenty of time for that, also more time for me to look for some cheap green garden shoes, as they would be more durable than getting actual slippers.

So, currently I have made the tie and added the belt loops to the shorts. I'm going to start making the shirt next. Though I am still waiting for the sewing pattern for the lab coat to arrive, I really hope it arrives by Saturday at the latest so I can get started on making the lab coats for Kurisu and Okabe. I still need to get some tights and shoes, as well as style the wig and paint the belt buckle gold.

So this was still not finished, leaving me dissapointed and annoyed with myself. I tried to get as much done before london expo but I still had bits to do due to less time than i thought I had, problems occuring and having to get more ribbons. I've put up a photo of the majority of what I got done up to and the last bits I had to do at expo.
I still need to do the gloves, improve on the sleeves, sort out the belts on the corset, FIX the hair pieces which keep breaking on me, sew down edging of boots, paint parts of the boots again, make better hair drill curls (need someone who can attach them in properly as I don't trust myself with that part) and hopefully sometime in the future make the rifle.

So far I have the top which I need to add the ruffle look to the sides of the centre and tighten it, as bought online but is a big, loose size 12 probably due to the fashion at the time.
I have the ribbon to make the neck tie.
I've got the boots; I love the look of them but they are going to kill me as they are high heeled, good for giving me height, but even the gel pads cant stop the fact that my feet have never been good with high heels.
Got the wig, which is the perfect colour and great length, but not the best quality as its small/tight on the head and has messy fibres around the fringe =/
All that is left to buy is the material for the skirt, which is being difficult to find in store, so I have to resort to buying from the internet and at least getting the right type of fabric but probably not the exact shade of blue.

Well I've made a bit of a start on Mami, though it's only really been the boots and shaping some wire for her soul gem hair piece form, with researching into how I can make my normal wig be able to have a back parting. There's still bits I need to buy for the costume, but I've got the main materials sorted, I just need to set myself some proper time to sort it out aka when I've gotten my Uni work on a good roll and mainly after the group exhibition is done in March.
The boots have been cut to shape and the sole has been painted white, though I realise I should have left that until I have spray painted the creamy/beige part, so I'll just have to cover parts as best I can and make as little mess possible.

Forgot to put this up sooner so the date was roughly when it happened, but basically as these are boots I can wear daily, the sole eventually broke, I found out when I realised my foot was soaking wet.
So I need to go to a cobblers to hopefully get it fixed, though if it can't be/costs more than just getting a new pair, then I'll just buy some new ones. Would be sad if they can't be fixed as they are really nice.

Sorry that there hasn't been any photos, I really should put some up >.<
Well all that's left is for me to finish the shoulder pads, Dad will be working on the rocket launcher when he can though he's not been well DX
Still not sure about what to do for the box pouch on her belt, since i can't find anything that shape and I'm not 100% certain on how to make it.

Well it's time for Steiner to get his (rusty) armour in for repairs. The sides are going to be made out of wonderflex now since the craft foam, well, just plain sucked.
Also upon unleashing him from the suitcase noticed one of the pauldrons had bent out of shape, the craft foam part, so that will also be remade and replaced with wonderflex.
I will also be sorting out the coif as the silver netting needs lengthening so it doesn't keep coming over the top of the armour when it shouldn't, also sorting out some more connections for the large arm chainmail to hopefully make it hold up better.
Also hoping to get the elbow guards made as my arms feel so bare without them.
Lastly is if there's time for it since it's not that important, is moving the feather holder on the hat/helmet forward as its technically too far back.
Of course there will be paint touch ups as well, but that should be all that will be improved on for now, unless anyone would like to point anything else out.

As usual, finding the right colour of material was being annoying again but with this cosplay, though with there being various interpretations of cyndaquil with its colour I decided I really wanted to make this with some fleece, because its soft n.n; so found the cheapest fleece I can and it had a reasonable teal colour though still not 100% sure about it.

I reallly don't know how i could have missed it, but basically the first lot of boots that already had a delivery issue were the wrong size... And I do mean wrong @_@
I'm questioning why we even have kids shoes sizes and adult shoe sizes able to have the same size number; in the sense of kids size 6 and adult size 6.
But luckily they could be returned and found another pair which I MADE SURE were the right size.

With a mistake as expected. I was helping dad with sawing out the main base/form of the katana, but as we both dreaded something did go wrong when that was almost done: my dad had cut it in half by accident. I realised it first then he noticed why I was laughing to see how he had cut into the wrong side. This was why getting a long board of wood is handy, as with the second attempt it was even cut better.
Got the design sorted for the Tsuba now as well so its just cutting, sanding and glueing left for the main making of it.
Then I will be left to paint and decorate it ^_^

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