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The work is don and the costume has had it first outing to Scifi Scarborough but in the rush to finish it I forgot to up date the journal, so what will follow is a couple of retrospective entrees to fill the gap.
First off the paint, I did the white first, let it dry then masked off and then put on the mustard yellow. Had a couple of bleeds but nothing to major. Would have liked to put some more detail in, such as darkening the lower sections of the yellow and adding a bit of a soft purple to give more shape to the white sections, but time was not my fried. May go back and do this before next time.

Tanks to my mother-in-law lending use a sewing machine and me doing a bit of hand sewing, they are done, tail will be pined to the back of the body sock, it is stuffed with teddy fluff :)

All the bits are done, the 3 lower body plats are held in place by Velcro and they swing for ease of movement. Have started to seal ready to paint.

Shoulders done now for the Thigh and crouch guards. Think I will be doing a crab impersonation when going throw doors :)

Back section compleat and the side fastening is in. Quite happy that it is almost inposibey to see the joine when don up :)

Pectoral plats don, next I will do the back.

Shaped the dividing section and the lower plates and fixed them.

With the sewing machine in for a much needed serves I have shifted my attention to the armour. This is the dividing section between the panels at the front. I plan to make this armour in 3 bits front, back and shoulders.

But I have managed to get the first one don sort of (the hard bit at least). I have spotted that the pleather is pulling a bit at the valley of the fingers, hope it holds :/

Have finished gluing the hair to the bace. This made such a mess and have the feeling I'll be finding bits of wig for months, once the glue has dried I will beabel to test fit and add the side burns.

Bot me the room and thankfully also the wig bace. This is a very new proses for me and sum what out of my comfort zone but I think I'm geting the hang of it and quite enjoying it :)

Fits well but will have to go back to the droning bored for the best way to keep the scouter in place as the wig will not accommodate the Alice band

This is the compleat spike skeleton that will next be covered in hair to give the massive hair do of a true saiyan.

A quick pic of the spikes so far

I received my two long black wigs in the post yesterday, I have finalised my glove pattern after approximately 6 test runs, and have made myself a polystyrene head that is modelled from my own head (using this tutorial ) I have done this because my own head is significantly larger than the model head I own and as this wig will be massively altered I thought it would be easier to have it on something the right size to start with.

This is the first time I have ever tried to make gloves or pattern, and my sewing skill is somewhat weak. So I hope to learn a lot from this process. Wish me luck

Pleather arrived today. Will be using this for gloves and boot covers, I am also toying withe the idea of covering the armour with it .

Scouter V2.0 is don, I am much happyer with it. The joint line is almost invisible and have used a car body paint insed of the craft enamel wich was cracking

Just looking at random cosplay on the home page and noticed a vocoloid costume with a head set which had a alice band on it. So I have added one to the scouter and it works a treat :) .

The one thing that I won't be making or heavily modding arrived today.

Finished the scouter but to be honest I'm not to happy with it
There is a joine line all the way round it and the enamel gloss has already started to chip
Also will need to use a bit of spiret gum to holed it up.

All the components for the scouter are now ready to be assembled once the paint has dried. I used a grey primer underneath and a white high glosson top,if you look carefully you can see that the vent area I masked has leaked under so will have to be painted again with the brush.

The lens is plastic from a WH smith ring binder

Made a start on the scouter, eva left over from the tech priest

Really haven't bean using the journal to its full potential, so am posting a bunch of retrospective posts to show the proses I went throw. Plan to keep up to date in the future
First the hand and arms :)
Using 2mm eva and a hot glue gun I made the fingers, 3 sections for each. The back of the hand is much softer 6mm eva (camping mat density). The studs are cut down upholstery tacks.
I then tapped the whole thing together using double sided Sellotape I found I had to cut down many of the finger pieces to allow for ease of movement. I then removed them and sealed with PVA glue and sprayed using automotive paint. The ageing was done using black acrylic paint.
Finally the whole thing was assembled onto a gardening glove using a hot glue gun, thanks to a suggestion by madmazda86 I also added exposed wiring made from coloured EVA in to the gap between the back of the hand and fingers

Sum better photos of my first attempt. + today I got new material to do new hood, cape and "skirt" and am well on the way with right arm and both shoulders progress pics to follow :)

Was thinking that as I have now decided to make the compleat armour of the tech priest the original cloak will hide to much. So back to the fabric shop for me.

Was asked to make all stages of the Audrey 2 for wetherby musical theater group
Loved making and operating them. I was so pleased with them, and thay are now being hired out to other am dram groups which is a real thrill to know my work is " better than professional props that we have hired in the past" according to the director who has directed the play severel times.
To be given a complement like that really tells me I am getting better, but with all things I learnt a lot from making them and would do a couple of things different if I did them again.

Hi all who reed this, my name is cy and I'm planing to resurrect a cosplay from sum time ago.
The first time I tried to do this I had never cosplayed before and was never happy with the costume. So i have decided to try again.
Have a bit of a head start by taking the good pieces from the old costume. The plan is to build the armour and servo-arm from EVA foam. The cloak is from the old one but will need further work to bring it up to the standard I want.
Don't think it is realistic to have the how thing don in the short time I have, so it may end up being first worn later in the year, thought bubble is more likely that GW's Games Day.
The pic is of the first attempt included for later comparison.

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