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... literally >.< so I got the swords from lotrwofr, who made them for me, yesterday and started painting them today! I've started on the shoulder spikes and intend to start the jacket tomorrow. Urgh... everything is so last minute, I'm such a fool haha! Always a last minute rush for me but its good, always good ^___^ I'll get there 'cept I realised I forgot to get the silver spray paint for the blades AND I don't have enough fimo for the accessories I need to make T_T I need to work hard now lol... wish me luck!!

So it has eventually arrive :D the ebay seller had their reasons & it was understandable so all is ok now ^__^ and still scheduled for my birthday :)

And now lotrwofr is talking about doing Sandplay Kaito which will be great :D

So Fran's back in progress... there is reason for this!!

My Gakupo cosplay has fallen through and Fran was my original idea for Minamicon anyways... So I'm redoing it!

Only this time, Raisel (my BJD) is going to be taking on the roll of Fran's box weapon (Bel) so we're back in progress until I've completed it :D

So Gakupo is back to being 'planned'. The reason for this? Well I was purchasing the cosplay from a seller on ebay since I wanted it for my birthday and don't have the time to make it.

Unfortunately I'm having problems with the seller, which is sad 'cause they're not just some seller from China, it's a fellow UK cosplayer.

So a dispute has been opened but there's no way I'll have it (if I get it at all) for Minamicon and I really don't feel like wearing it for my Birthday anymore... so much hassle.

Assuming I eventually get it, I will be wearing it some when this year... I just don't know when :S

SO I've eventually finished compiling all I need to complete this for Minami :D

Test shots WILL be coming soon (cause I want advice on which sunies) but at the moment... I can't find my precious bowtie DX

So yeah... Shizu-chan is COMPLETE!! Yay!

Yay!! I finished all of the sewing on the ears and tail today :D PLUS I cut out the skull from felt and sewed it onto the t-shirt! Now everything is complete... apart from dynamite...

But that depends on how my other cosplays go so we'll see... Leaving it in 'in progress' until I'm sure!

Sooo.... I roped in my mum to help me with the jacket >.< 'cause I've still got bits for were-cat Gokudera & Fran to do...

Buutttt.... I've finished Pierre! Just gotta work out how to attach him XD But hey ho!

So I've cut and pinned the ears and tail this morning ^^ buuttt they're now queuing for the sewing machine which is currently being used for France's jacket... fingers crossed that'll be finished tonight and I can get on and get these sewn!

Oh, and I've decided no dynamite... saving that for 'proper' Gokudera cosplay >.<

So... I eventually got around to making my fish prop! It's made out of grey felt, the eyes and gills were drawn on with a fabric pen and the fins were sewn on before I stuffed it with some stuffing-type stuff that I found lying around the house XD

I sewed it all together with a nice blanket stitch and I'm stupidly pleased with how it turned out XD

Next job... ears and tail O.o

Soo.... I eventually got around to trimming the wig tonight ^^ I waxed it too so (fingers crossed) it'll be fine ^^; you really can't see the colour in the pic but it's all good hehe!

All that's left to do to complete this is to sew those damned Varia badged onto the uniform... they came with safety pins on the back but I think they'd look a bit pants just pinned on so I want to sew them on...

Glutton for punishment much?! XD

Well I've finished my box weapons :D The first, the closed box, was easy and looks great! The second, which opens to reveal Fran's box... animal? If you can call 'it' that, sort of worked... the spring isn't brilliant but he still pops out so I'm not too unhappy with it.

I may redo it if I have time before expo!

All I have to do now is trim up the wig and glue the Varia patches onto the jacket then Fran is complete :D

So I arrived back from Tokyo on Wednesday to find my Varia Uniform had arrived from cosplay house! I know some people have had problems with them, but I found the outfit to be perfect size & material so I am very happy with it! Pictures to come!

All I've got left to do now is finish off the box weapon, trim the wig and get my contacts :D Yays!

Well I've got my flag :D Just need a flag pole now XD

And I found my trousers in a charity shop so I don't have to make them ^^

I had all intention of buying by boots but lack of funds has prohibited that but then I found a pair of old boots I thought I'd lost and they're perfect so I'm very happy with that!

When I get back from Tokyo, I'll cut out the pattern and go get the material to make France's jacket with! Good times :)

Erm... Probably don't read this entry or any box weapon related bits if you don't know about Fran's box weapon!! (*Spoilers alert!*)

Well hat's finished (pics to come once I've trimmed & styled my wig!) and this evening I ordered the uniform!! I would have made it if I wasn't going to Japan next week and I've still got my France & Were-Cat Gokudera cosplays to start for October!

As for box weapon... I found a pattern to make a chibi paper craft TYL Bel on deviantart ( <- makes lots of cute KHR chibis!) and made it up to see it it would work... which it will :D desurabbit also had a layout for Varia box Weapons so I used that as a base and made a few adjustments to get it how I wanted it to look! I wasn't sure if Chibi!Bel would fit in it but it fits in the prototype perfectly!

Only problem is the prototype! I bought some thick card deliberately since it's got to be sturdy but, it turns out, it's hard to mould and stick together :S not to mention I accidently cut one side too short and now I can't glue it shut (ha!)

On the plus side, I had some gold card left over from making Sanzo's crown which is a bit thiner than the new stuff I bought so I've attached a template to that and, at this second in time, it's drying.

Tomorrow I will glue it and *fingers crossed* it'll be better :D

Well, as of about 10 minutes ago, I completed the hat :D !! Now all I have to wait for is the glue, which I used to glaze/varnish and waterproof it, to dry and then I can take some test shots!! Yays!! I'm really pleased with how it turned out!! I wasn't expecting it to look as good as it does, especially since I've never worked with wire before! But it's great and heavy enough to stay on my head but light enough to avoid being a pain!!

On another note, I've started work on Fran's box weapon! I'm going to make two boxes, one that opens and a solid one!! Images etc will come soon ^^

Well yesterday I started on the eyes... and today I finished them :D Gah! I'm so pleased hehe!

I mixed some black with 'ultramarine' paint to make the pupil & outline a slightly different colour to the main hat since the pupil & the black structure touch and I was worried that they'd blend together if I did just pure black.

I painted the blue twice to give it a good covering and then touched up the white (painted out my mistakes).

I also painted in the indenty things on the side in grey and I'm hoping to just touch up the black body tonight and then it is 95% complete :D

Just have to 'varnish' it to make it shiny :) Happy days!

Well on Thursday (whilst watching the Beckii Cruel program) I managed to do the final layer of papier mache on the hat, including the circular indents on either side...

I kind of cheated there... I should have built up the layers around them so they were actually indented, instead I just created a circle with rolled up papier mache and then used flat bits of paper to plane out from it and make it look like it is indented!! (Does that make any sense?!)

And this evening I painted the first coat of black on the main body of it :D Makes me soo happy that it's coming together so well!! Although the paint has covered really well, I'm going to do a second coat to be on the safe side! Tomorrow, I will paint the underside and start work on the eyes :D

If all goes well, it may well be finished by tomorrow evening!!!

On another note, I bought the bits I need for Fran's box today too!! I'm going to make two... a solid one that doesn't open and a second one that opens to reveal his box weapon ^__^ (I'm not going to mention it here for those who don't know yet, spoilers and all that!) I'm excited about this and have found a great way to make it (I think!)

Ahh, this is coming together so darn well, I'm a happy bunny--I mean--froggy ^__^

I'm very happy! I made a lot of progress this afternoon!! :D I didn't think that I'd get as far as I did so yay :D!!!

Well, I managed to attach and do the final trimming to the wire casing of the main frame! Now it fits quite nicely and is pretty much shaped to perfection!

That was my target for today... so I was very pleased when I got a LOT further!

Next I worked the wire to make the 'mouth' shape and attached it only stabbing myself twice (blimming wire XD). When I was happy with that shape I started to shape the eyes and, now happy with them, they're attached!!! Gah I'm so pleased!!

I've papiermached the lower half of it and, once dry enough to turn up the other way, I'll start papiermache-ing the rest of it!

All in all, progress is good! If the weather stays warm and things keep going this well, it may be complete before I go to Tokyo :D !

Well today I've drunk at least one cup of every type of tea that I own (which is quite a few) which means I've been working extremely hard!! Whenever I work hard I drink a LOT of green tea and today was no exception!

Now my papiermache base has dried, it was time to start work on the wire frame. I cut and shaped the wire to make the outside, or the main frame, of the hat. It took a pretty good shape quite quickly but then I had a slight dilema of working out how to attach the main hat to the premade base.

A few cups of tea later and I found my method! I had a length of chicken wire that I had cut too small which I shaped to the papiermache base I made previously. I trimmed up the base + then fitted it inside the wire. The wire I left deliberately longer than the original base.
I papiermached the base to the fitted wire and have now left it to dry! I'm hoping that it will stick together okay! (Fingers crossed)

With the main framing, I cut out the front and sides in preparation for fitting in the base. Soo... As soon as its all dry, I'm hoping that it'll all fit together okay :D

Let's hope it dries soon eh?

Well I had some time today so I nipped into town to get some things for this (since Zoe's birthday is this Saturday XD). I decided to try fancy dress shops for braces and beret but they were minimun £5 each!!

So no go there.... if I did that it'd have cost me well over £20 since I'd have to find a tee and they can cost anything!!

So I bought a 'mon dieu' outfit from the shop - a french man's outfit which happen to have a black & white striped shirt, waistcoat and beret for £20! So I bought it!! I'm sure I have so black trousers at home somewhere so this is now more or less done :D yays!!

Well this afternoon I eventually started work on Fran's hat ^^ !! It's been a long delay and I've spent a lot of time planning and working the process out (with some help from my mum :D).

Thus I found myself sat in the conservatory wearing my wig, covered in clingfilm and topped with papiermache!!
Although it may not look much at the moment, this will form the basis for the hat, so that it will securely stay on my head during the expo!! Neither mum or I had used papiermache since I was in junior school (which was a long time ago!) So it was interesting to say the least!!

Once it had dried a little, we moved it onto my wig stand for it to dry. The wig moved a bit and therefore doesn't look quite right in the picture but that's it so far ^^; !!

Once it has dried, we're going to start work on the main shape of the hat which we're going to use chicken wire to make ^^!!

Ganbatte ne? :D

Argh... I set myself the target to start on the hat on 1st July... only I completely forgot that I had two incredibly important exams on th 8th (yes it was this evening) and the 13th not to mention I'm going to see Gackt on tht 16th (are you jealous :P)

Anyhoos, that said, my wig has arrived ^^ so I at least know that I can start as soon as I have time ^^

I know a lot of people make Fran's hat out of material but I'm going the less tradtional route of *attempting* to make it out of chicken wire/mesh stuff and paparmachie (I don't know how you spell it DX) because I think it will look better in the long run that way! I've seen various Fran cosplays done both ways and, in my humble opinion and generalising, the ones made out of somthing hard looked better.
I haven't decided whether I am going to paint it or put material over the top of the papiermache yet... I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

On another note, I've been looking at contacts.... around southampton area they have some ok ones but does anyone know where to get some decent contacts from?? I've never worn them before so I want some that are like 3months so I can try them first XD


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