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My first cosplay was Saki Hanajima from Fruits Baskets, at my 13th birthday party (27.06.08). Since then, I've not actually made that many costumes, but am hoping to start making a lot more! I've only been to three conventions, Midlands MCM 2009 and 2 D-Cons in the Mays of 2010 and 2011, but I hope to do a lot more...

My proudest moment? Organising three summer meet-ups (2008 and 2009, and 2010) with all my cosplaying friends! Loads of fun! Either that or making the tail and ears for my gijinka Eevee cosplay for D-Con/the gijinka Umbreon costume I made for a friend for the school's sponsered walk.

I'm going to start my 'costumes' list at the point I think my costumes got reasonably okay, ie. 2009 summer meet-up.

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So, expo's been over for a while now. Think I've finally recovered XD Loads of people took my photo, and everyone seemed generally impressed by my outfit (even if a few people did call me Moxxi)!

The costume held together quite well, I mean, it could've been worse. The velcro on the underbust refused to stick, I was literally sticking it the night before. I sat down in the hotel at the end of Saturday, and it all just fell off. The straps for the underbust hated me, I ended up with brown armpits where the paint wore off... Plus, I had little sores where I had to use stuff to stick the foam to my skin, cause it refused to stay attached otherwise. What else? Oh, I didn't wear the new contacts (the really comfortable ones ripped) because I couldn't see and they were hella sore. My feet were so swollen (4 inch heels are not fun for a heel virgin) and I was tired from all the walking, but that's to be expected.

If I wear the costume again, I need to change a few things:
1. The straps need to be some form of elasticated so they don't pop off every time I stretch
2. I need to repaint all the belts, I thought the brown paint I used was acrylic but it totally wasn't (see if I can find a brown spray paint).
3. I need to find a better way of keeping the leg belts up, the sticky pads I used hurted like hell to take off and left little cuts and sores. Not fun.
4. And, I need to get a better way of holding my wig on. Said wig also needs a jolly good brush XD

Other than that, it should all be good (providing the paint on the dress doesn't wash off)! I'm already thinking about next year's costume, but got DojCon to prepare for first!

Stuck the scopes to the hat
Started on the belts
Finished the boots (pictured)
Got the dress pattern cut and pinned

(Photo of the hat)
So far, I've managed to make the main part of the hat, bought the gun, bought the contacts, ordered the boots and found a wig. All the armbands have been made, I just have to add the cog on the left top armband. Oh, and I've bought the gloves.

All I have left to do (I say 'all' ):
Stick the scopes to the hat
Make the dress and neck ruff
Make the two belts
And the leg bands
Spray the boots
Get the gun painted (I have found someone willing to paint it for me)

PS. tried on one of the contacts, took me an AGE to get it in... don't look particularly purple on me tbh...

The wig arrived today :) But I'm not going to take it out of the hairnet until I have a styling head because it's probably easily messed up :(

After weeks of drawing designs of how to make every *single* part, I finally started to make the first bit.

Obviously, I can't say what it is, but I'm happy with it, and I need to get more craft foam if I'm to continue. The second half of it will be made tomorrow.

I already have a pair of black shorts (and a pair of baggy trousers) which are mostly like the ones in the game. I also have two tank top things, one black and one kahki, but I think I'll use the kahki one...

I don't have long hair anymore, but I'm just going to leave my hair as it is, unless I find a super SUPER cheap wig. I also have a backpack I can use, so all I need are some Airsoft guns, holsters and something to wear on my feet.

This year my cosplays seem to be doubling. I mean, aside from the obvious using my Miku wig a lot, I'm going to be a Hallowe'en Miku and hopefully use the outfit for an OC later in the year/next year. As well as that, a costume I'm making for the show I'm in later this week is being used for my Apothecary...

I suppose I'm just being cost effient!

So... Mistic came over today to help me make my tail and neck ruff. We managed to finish the tail (plus another for her fox-Naruto cosplay) and start on the ruff. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it, but I'll figure it out!

I've not got as much of it done as I'd hoped, 'cause I've been making an Hetalia t-shirt for a friend of mine (it's his birthday next Friday). Now that's finished, I can move back to my Eevee (I ONLY HAS A WEEK TIL D-CON! *panics*) All I need is to finish the ruff and take in my trousers (they're too wide for me *sadface*)

See you all at D-Con (if you're going)! I'll be the Eevee with no ears ^^; (they're too floppy to stay up properly)


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