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I made the eyes out of Black and White felt, used a cup as the outline for the circle, cut it out then added a smaller circle in black to the centre. Then stuck together using sticky glue spots.

I found a artificial flower at Wilkinson's, as well as a headband with devil horns which i removed, I then sewed the flower with stem to the headband which can be worn underneath the suit. As the stem was green not red, I used some red fabric to cover the stem. I then used a piece of green fabric for the top of the stem. I then use some yellow fabric for the middle of the flower.

So I bought the red bodysuit/morpsuit from a UK seller so shouldn't take too long to arrive, I'm going to need to wear something underneath to make the nose straighter and longer than my own, so need to think of a way of doing that. The bodysuit is XL as I'm quite tall so will need to make sure it fits. Once I've made the stem and leaf I can then attach it to the head somehow, so at the moment it working progess, I only have a month until Expo! :)

Well do far the structure is done, the side parts are cut out just need to add the netting and then spray paint the whole lot :D as for the bottom part of the costume, the material arrived, and has been cut to shape as well as pinned just need to sew it together, I'm getting some fake blood just before expo to stain on as well as stain to my hands and half way up my arms and then the costume shall be done, alot to do within the next week or so but It will be done in time, as I've dropped making the giant knife due to expo rules and regulations as well as getting it up to expo LOL
I'm so looking foward to cosplaying Pyramid Head as I've done it all myself with no help from anyone, which I'm so proud :D
Hope it looks good when its done!! :)

Well so far I've made all the panel's, stuck them togther using parcel tape, althhough I need to make the back bigger and down to the top of my back and stick them omn and then started to paper mache them, once all layers are dry, it will go hard and much stronger, also it will be so much easier painting on white.

So went round my Nan's again today and done some work on the top. Followed the pattern and cut everything out which she did for me and I cut straight with Sissors. After which we tacked the fabric together, and then sewed it which I did.
I'm very happy that i did it myself as it turned out quite well. I still need to sort out the collar and add the zip which won't take too long. Also I need to do the sleeved as well and finally add the white detailing.

Okay been round my nans after college today, and started the cosplay. So far al I've done is cut the pleather to shreads, well not shreads, in bite sizes as I have so much of it! I love it. I've also made the belts which I did all myself, I'm so happy I can use a sewing machine, so easy to use. I'm starting the main costume tomorrow and my nans going to help me which is good! ^_^

Well I went to town today and found a broom handle for £1.10, so will be cutting it down, sanding it then spray painting it, and then adding black paint for the grips, I also have the handle grip peice thing to add on which I purchased from a camera shop a few weeks ago. I also bought some black goggles from Sport World, they arn't totally accurate but with a bit of paint they should look fine, these were £2.99. A few days ago I also bought a new jacket for Reno from a charity Shop for £5.99. I'm going to alter it a bit but it should look good! ^_^

Wig arrived and its a good length and good colour. Need to style it a bit which I may do myself rather than comissioning as it doesn't need much styling tbh.

The buttons arrived today, I need to spray paint them silver as there white, and then once dry I'll start sewing them on by myself LOL as i know how!

The wig and armband arrived today. The wigs a bit long, but I might trim it or pull it futher back on my head, its already straightend which is good and the fringe is perfect. I'm gonna give it my own touches to make it as good as possible. The armband is great, so colzy I has your armband! ^_^

I bought a toy gun from a local shop and also bought some silver spray paint. I firstly masking taped the handle up as it was brown already and then sprayed the rest of it. I added a few coats to amek it look as real as possible. I next will be adding the logo and bloody rose italic writing to the side of the gun, once the paint it dry

Found some studs for the cosplay, well i say me, misscolzychan found them for us as she is doing Yuuki and I'm doing Zero, but will be ordering these soon. You get 100 in a pack and I only need about 30 so will be sharing xD

Done alot of work to the blazer today. Its all done, just need to make the inside neater. I'm really glad how it is turning out. I bought 5m of the the white detail (white cotton bias tape) and it wasn't enough so need some more. But I attached it with pin and its coming to shape. Once I had pined it all on in the right place, my nan is kindly going to machine it on for me, and help me make it look good.

Its about half done so far. The sleves are coming out really well, I've made the sleves a little shorter than my actual arms as I want the white sleves from the shirt to stick out like in the reference pictures. I need to remember to make a slit in the back going up a few inches. I also need to make sure the inside is as neat as possible. But altgother is coming along very nicely. Once completed its time to move onto the bias tape(white detail)

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