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So for you guys who are joining in on the Soul Eater group, then here are the time and locations for each day. ^^


Location: Just inside the entrance of the building
Time: 1p.m. (until 2p.m.)
Look out for: FailedCosplayer as Blair who'll be holding a sign


Location: At the steps below the black statue outside the building
Time: 2:30p.m.
Look out for: Stein who'll be holding a sign

^__^ See you there~!

So mandi-taichou, Monochrome Angel, timcanpy55, and I decided to form a Saiyuki cosplay group for the October 2011 expo since we were all planning on doing a Saiyuki cosplay. ^^ We hadn't decided on an event for it but after discussing how long making the outfits would take and knowing that we all already had plans for the May 2011 expo, we decided on the October 2011 expo since we didn't have any plans for that yet and it gave us a lot of time to make the outfits. X3

And right now, I'm searching for a wig (since it can also be used for other cosplays like Tamaki from Ouran Host Club > <) and looking for some good material to make cosplay outfits. :3

We've joined groups with another Soul Eater cosplay group, here's a link to the thread there:;t=14658

and here's a link to the thread on this site:;c=showthread&amp;ThreadID=2960&amp;page=1

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