I have been cosplaying for around 7 years. In that time I have won 8 awards including, best costume MCM London 2013, best performance MCM Brum 2014, Runner up Solo rep Ecg 2014 and Best Performance at Camcon 2014. Solo winner Hyper Japan xmas 2014 and ECG UK Solo rep 2016 :), 3ARD Place at ECG 2016, Judges award MCM oct. 2016.
I am overjoyed to finally achieve my dream of representing the UK in an international event. I cannot wait to perform at Japan expo and also make the costume.
I want to keep learning and improving and I want to simply enjoy the animes/ musicals/ games I love. I do not consider myself good at cosplay or a pro.. because I am not.
I believe anyone can do what they love and there is no correct one way to do things <3
Be what you love and do what makes you smile.
I will keep cosplaying as long as I keep on smiling.

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One of the hardest parts on this cosplay...also one of the bits that has given me nightmares. I have failed currently 4 times on this...and now I may have finally gotten the final wig base sorted. Below in the image you can see the front fringe pinned up. This is showing how much neater this is compared to what attempt 4 looked like at the end.
I need to do ALOT more work to make this work and also make it ECG worthy. Izzys wig is so iconic and its also something you notice first...its literally at head height.
The wefts are from Arda <3 and I am in love with them...even though its white....you can see there are subtle tones in the wefts. The wefts you see are sewn at the base and will be glued on the bottom layer and built up with alot of hair spray. I am hoping to also sew in some support stitches at the top, this will all be under the crystal band. Also with the main bee hive... after the last attempt. I will be adding the wefts in two sides. Creating a hair line which looks realistic, making the wefts easier to work with. But deducting some accuracy as the all in one look she has is not working in reality.
So onwards... I really want this to succeed, just so any other wig I do now on will be considerably easier than this.

I had so much work work this month so progress is slow, the chalice made progress the body is now together. I have cast 13/13 gems but there is so much sanding down and polishing to do. I have sewn all the crinoline cage sections together, I just need to add in the bones then I can dismantle to make it open fronted.I have also made research progress this month and have future sections planned out. I am a little low on funds so I am making the most of planning so when I have funds next year I can surf through without hinderance :) onwards.

Progress has been steady this month, mainly focused on getting the fabric sections planned and patterned up. The bodice I hope to have finished by the end of the month, cape at least with the seams sewn. The fangs and pants where completed this month which is a great start. Skirt wise that will be the main focus of December.The mocks for the crin cage were informative and I hope to have the crin cage finished my mid December, the skirt itself will take longer as im adding in horsehair braid to the ends and I am still but a handstitcher. The inside of the skirt will take a very long time as I need to hand dye and add in all the crystals to the layers. My aim overall is to create the feeling this character was once a very wealthy noble with money and beauty. But age everything down showing how even over time money and beauty both fade away. By the end of the year I would love most of the fabric work to be finished. As the armor, weapon and wig portion of this project will take even longer.
I hit a few issues so far mainly on the issue of sleeve cap ease. This caused sleeves to not sit right, so I altered the sleeves to allow for a natural sit. Most modern patterns make the mistake of thinking armpits are centered. However they sit forward slightly.
Other issues discovered on the cage mock was the need to switch herringbone tape for grosgrain and plastic boning for steel. Fingers crossed December continues to be full of progress.

April was a month where everything that could go wrong just did. I had hardly anytime to work on the project. I got things moving and did finish a few bits. However theres not much time and theres still a lot outstanding.
May will hopefully see the completion of the sash/ breast plate/skirt and maybe at a push the jacket top. I hope to work also on the robe tail section/ staff/ feathers and final belt. Leaving for June hopefully to fix the bad issues with the pauldrons and the head. And than June/ July for props and neatening everything. Its huge and theres a chance those aims won't be met. But I am trying the best I can to do as much as I can around work.

I managed to get a start on most of the sections during March. I finished her bag and managed to start putting the robe top together. The sword is nearly done but it needs paint and aging etc.
Hoping this Friday to have the beaks painted up and then finally get the head underway, I got the base all set up. Going to do Balaclava method + some canvas material. I used some of my fosshape to make a cap, this means I won't have to worry about the heads final fit.
Pauldrons are almost there, I need to sort out how they will sit on me and once thats all done yay!. I am redoing the breastplate now in Critter clay and then just using worbla to get a cast... fingers crossed I can remove the clay after.
Staff has been planned out and the belts planned. Everythings ready to go but I am stuck waiting for materials and things to get sorted out.
By the end of April sword - pauldrons - possibly skirt - dangles and belt may all be done... if I am lucky. I am not on target and will not be attending May with this costume. I see no point in rushing.
I am planning to take her to Hyper and Manchester to have some stage fun and try my luck with qualifying for something... but I am not confident.
I am simply looking forward to having fun in this costume =D

Argh today was the scary task of demoulding ... it was my first ever time doing this method so I was nervous. I was also convinced the bottom print layer would look horrid. So I didn't have high hopes....
So I started by dislodging the frame wires and taking the beak of the head.
That went ok I started crumbling some of the clay to make it easier. But as I got a few inches in I noticed the print layer was looking oddly clean.
So I used the demould spray down the edges. I had to take the thin layer of mod rock of because tbh... it was making things so hard. Once gone I took a scalpel and cut down the outside of the beak length.
That went ok and cut easier than I predicted, I stopped at the key so I didn't wreck the beak tip.
I was able to lift the clay out easy as pie.
And boom... I was left with a clean smooth printed negative of the beak. I am so dam proud of myself for keeping at this. All I have to do now is resilicone the seam. The add a duct tape mini mother mold and then add in the resin.
Resin is ordered <3 and the entire resin method I have ensured is committed to memory. The lower beaks sculpted so that goes through the same silicone process.
Fingers crossed.

Oh man, time is going so fast. I have fallen miles behind which sucks, but it just means I need to put more hours in.
The sword is all in one piece, its a good weight, it needs neatening etc and filling blah blah. But its all there.
The beak is in the mould, I need to reconsider how to demould and then go full on with the mother mould. I am slush casting the beak. So once I have the mould I can knock the beak of and make up the lower beak and repeat the cycle. This decision has added a lot to the budget.
All the fabric is bought and in now, bar the silk for the ombre.
The wave patterns is embroidered but it needs outline that took a total of two weeks.
Everything is hand stitched so things take a great deal more time. I am hoping by the end of March the sword will be finished, the beaks cast maybe. And I want to begin on the robe tops. The Pauldrons will be next when it comes to big section concentration.
The breast plate is now gray zoned as its pretty much beyond repair... so I need to rethink that, but I am a bit upset about it. So thats on the back burner till more of the project is done.
So yay onward and I hope in a month I can tick of the aims I set here.

Argh! that scary time is upon me... I went from looking at a foam method to throwing myself in at the deep end and adding to the casting pile.
So the beak was built up over a wire frame, this was easier for me to monitor shape and scale. It also saves on clay. I used the odd stuff my parents bought me for xmas when I actually asked for my usual stuff. But it impressed me, It dried nicely but was a bit annoying to work with. I found most of the nice details occured once it hit leather hard.
After it was dry to stop it breaking and becoming brittle, It was coated in wood adhesive, best decision ever. Its rock solid, smooth with nice brush stroke textures where needed.
I have ordered in a two part silicone as the stuff I really wanted does not deliver to the Uk.Booo hiss.
I have also bought a thickener as I need to mould a upright item.
I am opting for a slush casting and the resin I have ordered in is <3 the stuff I have wanted for ages. I splashed out and it hopefully will not disappoint. I have devised a timed method to get the actual casting correct. Fingers crossed this goes to plan.
The breast plate is fully dried, I did encounter the nightmare drying traits WED clay is renowned for in the end. I patched up in polyfilla. The next step is to neaten and coat. I will be using a slightly different method in casting the breastplate itself.
I am nervous but excited.
I am still behind time but hopefully once this is all out of the way I may be back on target.
I also have decided how the two plate sections will connect and have opted for a beautiful corset lacing method as I will be able to drill holes in the plates.
I have made my own braid and will be wood burning some wooden beads which I will make from scratch. I was thinking of adding this design to them. * Tzeentch chaos symbol*
The braids will also have feathers on the ends to top the look.

Right from the start, I noticed the hilt of a second weapon behind my character. This is out of character for a Lord of Change, most are spell users and only have the giant ornate staffs. So I was puzzled with how to proceed. My original sword choice was from a similar model drawn by the same artist. However in the making process things didn't seem to click I love the work I did on the hilt... but that was about it.
So I hit the lore books again and studied around. I was looking for a chaos unit who used both swords and the giant staffs, similar to what the image suggests my LOC does.
When boom I hit the jack pot with a chaos unit. The same artist had worked on this solider Tcharzanek, the length of the hilt makes it possible to change the chaos symbol for the one seen in the image easily. It would make sense for her to use a blade similar to this, for one the design is more Tzeentch by miles. The prototype was too neat.... yay difficulty slowly increasing.
Again however I stand by my earlier theory that this blade would be used in last resorts and for more ceremonial uses. Because the LOC are such highly competent sorcerers and due to their large size, having the second weapon as an offensive weapon makes no sense.
So I did some work on scaling this sword up and making the template minus the hilt section.
I will use the same methods for the hilt as I was 100% happy with the prototype results, however blade wise because of how fiddly and unstable this could turn out. I have decided to use sintra and wood core, the concave and rounded sections will be EVA. And thus lastly I may coat the entire thing in worbla depending on how it looks prior. I have spare resin gems I can use for the eyeball.
It reminds me of when I was making soul edge, so hopefully this will put some of that experience to good use.
The hands are nearing completion with just paint work and finish left to be done. I ran the talons through 280/400/800/1000/1200 grit papers, and also worked the gesso in between to gain a really nice smooth canvas for the paint to go down on.
Some of the recesses are more rougher and textured which I like because it looks more realistic.
Fingers crossed the next stages go smoother.

I fell behind last month, so this month I want to work more productively around my job. I have sculpted the breast plate and I am now in the nail biting process of slow drying it. I will do the back plate once the first plate is dry.
I want to get the hands done by the end of the month, I have begun work on the second hand and need to dremel the second talon set like the first.
Also note to myself, continue finishing the first set of talons as they look a tad messy.
Sash wise I will hopefully have the turquoise and pattern section sorted by the end of the month and maybe more there.
I want to start mocking up the head and also belt buckle pieces.
I am really behind and now dislike the sword progress so may rework if time at the end, the original idea of having a ceremonial dagger suits her better.
So far not bad, not fully happy but I will try and up my game.
Attached image of one of the talons from the first set, contours have been dremeled in so now they need to have a date with my sandpaper collection.

I fell behind schedule in places, but I made the most of what time I had. Because of monthly pay, unlike previous projects where everything was bought at once. I am setting goals for each month and only buying stuff for the those goals.
So this month I didn't finish a section. But the fabric painting on the skirts sorted and I am really pleased.
I have sorted my sash pattern, so that now means everything, minus a couple of sections is fully planned out and ready to go! I made a start on the hands and have gotten to the point where without buying anything more I am at a halt. I have the right hand base coated and all ten talon bases made up.
I found dremeling helped get the contours, but sanding and a little heat helped neaten and get the final shapes sorted.
I am now waiting for pay day where I can buy in some adhesives such as spray and more e6000. I was contemplating using my worbla scraps to help adhere the talons to the muscle bases. But I am not a fan of the stuff so may see if I can get away with some good adhesives and build up the muscles.
I hit some problems with the initial plan to heat transfer the designs for the sash. But after tons of research I am now proceeding with a half altered plan. I will heat transfer the gold sections, however will use a white fabric coat base to pop the metallic blue section and add in the finer detailing.
GAHHHH so much to do, every section is so complex I am really nervous now as to whether I can get the whole thing finished and uniform.
I will write up Febs review in a week'ish.

As I have not a great deal which I can actively proceed with. I took tonight as a chance to experiment. I have my audio all mixed and the performance plan blocked. However to pull it off I have a few stage props I will be trying to make.
But those are secret for now, however before I buy the expensive material which I will use for the proper things. I found a cheaper material which is similar. The oasis green block often used in flower deco. Its not great for final items and its very very crumbly, unlike what I will eventually use. But this has given me some cool results and also interesting experience. I have attached a mock tudor building wall haha, as this was the first thing to pop into my head when messing around.

Project so far is of to a smoothish start. I focused mainly on getting the base sections done in December. So I have the undershirt all done, leggings are done, glove bases all sorted and patterns for numerous sections all mocked up.
The feet are completed for now. I wanted those out of the way as they are not fully on my main reference, however they are a trait the species all have.
They look nice and I am 70 percent happy, If I wish to redo them it will have to happen once I know I have time to do so.
So Jans plan hopefully should be this.
- Breastplate sculpting and resin casting
- fabric painting the flames onto the stone colour section of the skirt.
- Attaching the celtic trim to the bottom of skirt
- Order in fabric for the jacket and locate the gold for the sash
- And if time this month finish the sword

My research is going well, but I have a small problem list forming.
- Notes to self - Please research into circuits more and also consider Pileruds advice. Even though I know worry that advice won't work if I alter my head method.
Oh also..... DONT PANIC

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