A majority of my costumes ARE female, but that's only because I prefer the design of female characters to male ones. Sometimes it does depend on my mood. But don't let the crossdressing fool you. I can assure you I can be quite manly. *flexes*

My biggest catagory is Assassin's creed. But recently I've taken a HUGE liking to the Dragon age series and I since I've started practice to do better grade Cosplay armour The costumes from Dragon age will be an excellent training ground if you will. That, followed by a bit of star wars and then whatever else. (they're not on here as I have no photos, but I've also done 'Darth Revan' and 'Jango Fett')

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HAHAH! I have the wig now!

All I need to do now is...s-style it...good lord. Help me.

I finally have some plimsolls!

I shall begin/continue working on Thana either today or tommorrow :3

Awwww yes!

I've finally figured out HOW to do the chainmail for Merrill's armour.
'Mesh fabric'
It's just a case of finding some now. This might be an online thing...I don't think anywhere local would sell it the shade I need.

after careful consideration, and votes from fellow fans. I've decided to cosplay her regular outfit over her romanced one.

I've decided how to do the boots now! So when I return to the project I shall begin construction of them! :D

Just need to find my other plimsoll.

The costume is now half way complete. It's all done and dusted..well..maybe a few tweaks here and there but what you see is essentially the final piece.

However now I find myself wondering what direction to take next. I have three options to choose from.


Most likely the gloves or boots. The arms require a few bits I don't have on me at the moment.

While researching different materials for cosplay armour for another planned cosplay I found out about 'foam' armour. Not very useful for my other costume...but good enough for this one!

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