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I started cosplay when I was 10/11, when a friend told me about it and since it involves dressing up I had to get involved! That year I saved up my christmas money for a Mew Mint Cosplay which I'm too big for now (I did this thing called growing).

Years down the line things have changed such as the fact I make most of my costumes from scratch and I tend to prefer fursuit cosplay as I find Fursuits fun to wear as well as human cosplays as they tend to be cheeper and great for small events and also its nice to know there is a lesser chance of whacking someone with a peice of costume. Although some things have changed one thing remains the same, most of my funds are from Christmas money :3

I cosplay as a way to escape and to give me something to do, yes it costs me a arm and a leg but hey, its not going towards drugs. It give me something to do and in honesty I dont know where I would be without coplay

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After two years of wanting to make this costume but not doing so due to money (A lack of) I've managed to start progress on this costume c:

I've started with the foam padding of the legs and feet as this will give me a good idea of what sizes I go for with the Head, Tail ect... All pieces required are cut out and ready to be glued with some pieces shaped too. I was hoping last weekend I could have glued the foam onto the leggins however I kinda ran out of glue sticks and need to buy more online :/ (My local Homebase had a fire and havn't re-opened yet...)

Next weekend I hope to glue everything together as well as get a bit of carving done, (however I doubt it will be a lot due to exams :c)

As for now, I'll leave you with a photo of the current state of the feet (they didn't need a lot of glue so I could stick them together c:)


Yup, he's only got some small bits that need doing before he's done, I'm hoping to do em all today c:

So this is what I gotta do...

Glue various materal to the foam as well as teeth
Paint the rest of the costume
sew last few things

I've also got the electronics to do too but I'll do them in the week.

Yup, I doubt I can get photo's before the expo but I may try to get one without the head on just to see the body suit

He's close to being finnished c:, Each part has now had a bit of sewing with the wings and tail only needing their bases to be sewn, the body suit nearly done and the head almost fully cut out with some peices aleaddy sewn.

I'm hoping to get him done this week with painting being done this weekend, after which I can work on other cosplays to be done before MCM

I would love to get photo's before the event however for once I think it could be possible XD as I have a friend comming round so they may be comming soon

So work on this cosplay has been made

Various items have been bought such as dyes and resin moulds. I've also contacted Maplin about my order and my switches should be with me soon. I'm hoping this weekend I can dye some fleece and cast the LED's.

Right now I'm sewing the wings (although my cats aren't helping)and hopefully they should be done this week which means I'll be on track to finishing this cosplay around april however knowing me I wont XD

All I need to buy now is more ducktape and some glow in the dark paint

Okay so progress has gone on with this costume :D

Firstly the head is nearly finished with only some carving to do. The jaw works well and is nearly ready to be taped and fabricated however that cant be done for a while for vairious reasons.

The body padding is mostly done with only the wings and tail to be sorted. once they are done the patterns will be cut out for them and sewn hopefully within the next week c:

Electronic componants have been bought, they will be ariving this week! The circuits will be made at some point (most likely the weekend) then cast as i still need to buy some moulds for various parts.

The fleece i need will hopefully be dyed soon, I need to test some dye to see if I can get a dark enough tone for the cosplay. Hopefully this will work as trying to find the right fleece is a pain in the *bleep*

Have a WIP of the chest padding by the way c:

All parts of the cosplay have had some construction done. The tail is nearly done with a few more sections to be added then shaped. The head only has the mussle, eyebrows and stuff to be added before it's done with construction as well as sorting out the movement. I've also got to add the neck.

The feet I'll be working on today as i recived the shoes I'm using yeaterday, these are based from highheals so I dont know how well it will end up at expo ^^;

So far only the foam has been bought, I am still looking for a source from the UK to buy the right sort of fleece, i have one more place to try and get samples from before I buy the fleece to be used for the cosplay.

Today I visited my local Maplins store to get some infromation on the wires I will need to use as I diddn't learn too much at electronics class in school. Hopefully by next week I would have purchased the wire needed for this cosplay so i can work on the circuits.

I am currently on the hunt for wire coat hangers to use to create a base for the head and help with the moving jaw. I have found some on ebay which I will buy later when i get money in the bank.

during this week I am hoping to complete most of the body padding (bar tail) if homework and stuff dont get in the way it should be done!

The foam needed for the cosplay was bought yesterday, I hope after Christmas and During my break from school I can get most of the padding done and maybe the wings too (I may need more PVC). I've started on Various parts (Neck, Abdomen) however I have stuff to do before I can start properly on this cosplay.

I have other things to buy such as wire coat hangers and the fabric however what I have is a good start for what I need

Yeah the title is random...

So I've gotten to a point I can say I have almost finished him C: right now I am cutting out the body suit and I'll be hand sewing it then machine sewing it tomorow (although it may go into the week due to homework ^^;)! I have to finnish cutting out the fingers and sewing them together... I am also ordering resin for the eyes on Monday and they should be here on Wednesday for me to make the eyes, I think I can get this all done by sunday so all I have left is the air brushing!

I'm also entering this cosplay into the masqurade on the Saturday of MCM London!

Also got tie fabric to make the tie c: I might have to edit the pattern I made to fit the fabric... but it should be fine!

I ran out of fleece :L I still have four and a half fingers to cut out plus the chest... I went to my fabric store yesterday to see if they had more in however they didn't :c.. I think I have found the same stuff online so I can get some of the really cheep stuff and some red fabric too c: Although my money wont be in my bank till Thursday :L so fingers crossed I can figure out somthing to do on the costume while I wait for the fabric :L

The costume is on a slight hatus for a minute due to this thing called illness T__T
I've worked on the stilts and I have nearly finnished one (gotta sort out the hand) and I have a feeling they wont fit in my suitcase... This shall travel to expo a little harder :L
I've added glue in the mouth so it can be painted, when I'm well enough to go and buy some acrylics...

Also I might have a few problems at the london MCM expo, I lack a handler :L I can figure somthing out probabbly... I mean I have a few months to persuade someone....

Here have a pic of the hand so far, the fingers are pinned on BTW

I've just about finnished the head! The feet are also done! I'll get pictures up once I've taken them! I'm going to try and get the stilts started tomrow, also I hope to finnish the body padding (re-glung the arms and back ect...) Fur also came! it's soo floofy! I hope that I do have some spare for a cosplay I wanna do!

I havent updated for a bit :L

So I still haven't finnished the body padding due to somthing really annoying called homework :L

So *fingers crossed* I hope to get that done this weekend aswell as installing a zip to the shirt that is the top half of the base of the body padding (I have to because the foam will come off if I put it on like a T-shirt). I'm also hoping to get the fur and fleece this weekend too and the ducktape next weekend.

I've nearly got the feet shaped, just gotta finnish the second one.
I've still got a bit to do on the head, the "mouth part thingie" is done and only has a bit of carving to do before I can glue and paint that part.
I've Nearly got the leg padding done, a bit shaping left to do on them
I've done the chest padding
I've glued the arm padding (with doesrnt let me use my elbows in the costume :L damm...)
I am yet to padd the stilts.

Will update here once I got more done.

I've nearly done the body padding!!!

I'm still shaping the legs and are yet to attach the arm padding, but i'll be on it today! Also got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to start the head today too! gonna post some pictures later...

So I have got a few more bit's bought for donkey kong and decided on a few things! I know I dont speak for myself when I say I cant wait to see this thing come to life! (mainly friends ^^;). I have a really good feeling that I will have everything sorted out before christmas so I can get started ASAP (hopefully after christmas, maybe earlier!)

Things I have bhought:
Stilts, still gotta sort one out
Underlayer for duct tape dummy, dont wanna dystroy nice cloths
Leggings for padding
balaclava base, gonna attach elastic to it soon!
Fur samples!

Things I have planned to do before I get fur and other stuff like that...

Duct tape dummy! (still gotta get duct tape...)

Also decided on my fleece and also hoping to do a video diary of the making of this thing! Might start soon if I can find a way to film it...

And I have problems with the group... It's a long story but If you really want me to explain PM me.

However Donkey kong has ofically been started! I've got one of the stilts, gonna go to town later to pick up the other one then at some point I'm gonna put wood on the bottom maybe (depending on how well I walk without it) to spread my weight.

The next thing I'm looking to do is get the rest of the supplyies witch I wont be able to get unless it's really cheep until christmas but I'm looking for them at this minute.

The main thing I'm looking for is the fur, I'm hoping to use some AC356 but need to find the right colour... yay...

probablly the next update will be when I get all the supplyies (or on their way) and maybe have started too.


So about DK, He'll be making his debue appearance at the mcm expo in may 2012 as part of a (hopefull) mario and sonic at the london 2012 olymipc games group (hint first debue at london and in 2012 XP)although that plan may change into a mario group or donkey kong country depening on happens with the other group members do and if they can make it.

Currently I'm planning out a timetable to help make my cosplay, I need one to be fair because of a few other thing's I'll be doing along with making this costume, witch are

Possibly helping my friend with her cosplay

so currently my plan is to give myself time to make/ do x part so for those who wanna know this is the order I'll be doing em

1st january-15th jan Body padding
16th january-29th jan head foaming
30th january-12th febuary arms and feet padding
13th febuary-26th feb body sewing
27th febuary-11th march head sewing
12th march-25th march hand and feet sewing

these are just gidelines for myself and I know that it wont be as simple to do it like that, may gain time may loose it but all the time lost I have about two months to re-gain it so please dont rant about how it wwont work out like that!

next update will be sometime

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