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My first expo was Manchester MCM expo 2012 as Heihachi MIshima. I attended Midlands 2013 and Birmingham 2013. This has been a blast and would like to thank everyone. I see myself doing this in the years to come. This is ONE HELL OF A GOOD ADVENTURE!

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I had this custom made. This is for a con in Hong Kong, since I'm here I can't make my cosplays, can't wait to try it on and take pictures, no boots yet though.

Been getting a lot of credit for this but the thing is I've wrecked everything up. I originally going to do a clay model but that didn't work out. I the bought a tiger mask and stuffed tissue on it, wait for it to dry and remove the mask, giving it a shape. The snout broke. With time running low. I painted the mask I bout and attached it onto that leather cutting I cut, gives a nice effect.

I pulled of one of Matsuda's character experssion one day and my fiend told me to cosplay him. Didn't know who he was so I didn't want to. My friend then put on her facebook. 30 likes and I go as Matsuda for expo. I looked up the character and then started to get into Death Note. I found that the character reminds me of myself. Soon my friends started Nicknaming me Matsu and joke about it as Matsu is a girls name and my surname is Chan, which is how you would address a girl in Japanese.

I cut the sofa up, hope I have the right amount

The couch is going to be thrown out, i'm going to recycle the leather. It's thin leather, makea stitching easier. Got some cheap brown belts which I can convert into straps. Practicing my stunts have been a massive pain. Found loads of tekken colayers doing their colay on sat, I may as well do this on sat

Spent £9 on Wellies which will be painted over, £19 on a red morph suit, need to find a way to remove the head but allow the zip to function, I have an idea how to do this ;-p . Found some unused latex glove, turned it inside out for the colour white. Just need to fix the helmet. Need to but a fake goatee beated and colour that red along with red paint and white paint. Considering getting rid of the visors they look bad

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