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Finished staff. 3D-printed pieces slotted and glued onto a PVC pipe, spray painted with a hammered bronze base. Finished with hand painted details/weathering, gauze bandage and canvas fabric handle, and webbing strap with suede detailing. Has a rubber stopper attached to the bottom end to protect the main body when it's resting on the ground.

Making the pixel art logo for the shirt from scratch, since all official shirts have the logo in the wrong position to cut, and there are no versions of the logo high enough quality to print.

Wig arrived today, so I threw it on with some lipstick for a test.

Few days before expo; most things are close to getting done. Cape is getting there... I resisted for as long as I could, but in the end I really did buy two metres of dark red velvet for it. Sigh. (Looks great so far though)

Had the shades for a few months now, but I finally got around to getting my wig. Needs styling properly + sideburns, but voila!

Just having a go at slicking back my hair and making myself look like a sleep-deprived, neurotic 30-year old man. Needs work and better makeup.

Got the main pieces together now! This was just a quick test with my hair tied back, and I'm very happy that I can pass as Chell.

Very nearly done with the Auditore Cape! (Which is the final cape you unlock in ACII after collecting all 100 feathers)

Well, the cape and the emblem themselves are made, I just need to stitch the latter onto the former. The cape is black velvet (which looked better than leather in the end) as apposed to the plain cape's brown leather. Sorry for how messy the photo is, the emblem is just pinned into position. :P

Closeup of the progress so far. (Ignore my jeans/shirt xD)

Jacket almost done! Just needs the black line added on the upper section. Light blue hoodie with cuffs, top and hood added from a darker blue hoodie. White trim and zip added on after.

The laces aren't noticable at all when they're tied up and being worn. Plain black trainers, with the red sections sewn on.

Words cannot explain how tricky this was to do, mostly because I didn't want to use any paint or glue. Plain white cap, with red fabric added to the front and dark grey fabric added to the brim, logo and top.

Vectored the image of Mio's badge to the correct colours. Printed, and attached to an existing pin badge.

Just got back from LFCC; the convention itself wasn't as good as i'd hoped but I managed to wear Ezio after I'd made adjustments after Expo! Hood was so much better, cape was better, glove was better and my hair decided not to mess up! Very happy with this costume now, look forward to some new photos soon.

Managed to get some photos by Cosplay Fever too, let's hope I make it into their next book!

Remade the glove for LFCC; if anybody remembers the glove I had for MCM in May was real leather and the dye actually seeped into my skin for some god awful reason and my hand was stained black for weeks. As well as having a mangled hand, I had a mangled glove I didn't want to be near. Alas, I had to make a new one! This time I made it with pleather, so we'll not come to the problem of it staining my hand again.

It's more accurate now, too!

Wings sewn into the sleeves, everything else pinned on for now.

The main costume is done now! This is the first scar I tried painting on my lips, I now know how to perfect the skill of making it look like I was hit in the face with a rock like dear old Ezio!

Most things done now, finished off the belts and done the left bracer.

Trying out the nearly finished belts on some red fabric, to see how they'll look when they're done. :D

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