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I got started by cosplaying with my friend to October Expo 2007 as Byakuya Kuchiki which was my first ever cosplay. From then on I have done many other cosplays.

What I enjoy the most about cosplay is doing it with my friends. I have formed many friendships because of cosplay and it gives me a reason to go out on a Saturday XD. I've also assembled many cosplay groups with my friends and we've had many laughs

My proudest achievement was coming 3rd plce in the masquerade at the Japanese Arts Festival with my Espada Group. Another proud moment is also making my first ever cosplay which is Albel Nox ^__^

May Expo 2013
Friday/Sunday - Kan'u Unchou - Ikki Tousen
Saturday - Arnett McMillan - Freezing

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Yep, as the title suggests the making of my most adventurous cosplay has now officially begun

I have planned pretty much everything out now, the body, wings and head, and have found something to use for my Gravity Ball, also needing to find a Magic Lamp still

Going to be buying a Zentai suit for the body and should be buying that soon-ish and also my friend has the stuf for the wings as she bought it all for me, so will be giving her the money for that and will then crack on with this cosplay...I CAN'T WAIT!! =D

As the title suggests more progress has been made.

One of the 2 belts I need has been bought and has now been painted, got t ad a few more little details and then it will be complete

The boots have been bought and are currently being made at this moment in time, so they should be done soon

The wig will be styled in the near future

This means I now just have to go fabric shopping and bead shopping to get the rest of what I need. The prop isn;t beingthought of yet cos I wanna get the costume done first

Would post pictures...but it is a secret cosplay XD...and it's staying that way

Till the next update =D

YES!!! There has actually been progress on this.

The boots are being bought, which I'm happy about

Also have managed to get something to make some of the costume with, it's more like an accessory, but still, it's something. Just gotta paint it and then add the details onto it

I would show progress....but it is secret for a reason XD

This is the only way I can update you all with this cosplay without spoiling it

'til next time peeps =D

Guess this is the only way I can update you all on this cosplay without giving it away XD

I have started with progress on it. Bought some fabric for it and have also bought the wig for it now

Gonna be getting more fabric for it soon, I couldn't find the right fabric when I went out the other day, but will find it

More progress to come soon, but I won't be posting pics cos I actually want to keep it secret, the people who already know...don't say anything...XD

So yeah, keep your eyes out for progress journals

See ya \m/

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