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Fairly new to it. My first cosplay was at Amecon 2010, so hoping to keep improving at my cosplay skills. I'm a little shy, so please come talk to me if you see me at a con!

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So been doing some work on the cape and the brooches/ tiara. Hopefully should have this done for Miamicon in March. Friends are working on the should pads for me in the meantime!

So the weft arrived and the wig is now done! Full costest with top, coat, trousers and boots but no make up done. Pretty happy with how its looking. Just a couple of details to add.

So be working on my coat for Simon. Stitched together the outside layer and now making newspaper patterns for the details.

Working on my wig for Jolyne. This wig has been an absolute nightmare. Started with a base wig in dark blue from coscraft and a matching weft. Glued the weft around plastic cups to make her buns and glued a green wig to the front. The bit that is driving me mad is the braid she has, so I've ordered a green weft to try and do that with.

Also added the patterns to top and pants and pattern on the back of the coat.

Grabbed these cheap on ebay. They're a good colour match with rest of the outfit. Will probably remove the tassels.

Chose the prince in dark blue from coscraft plus a matching weft to do her buns with. Ordered another green wig from this listing: to make the front part and the braids. This wig is going to be work! Fortunately found a suitable tutorial to follow.

To be modified. Going to add the spiderweb patterns with silver fabric paint.

From coscraft. Fringe needs cutting.

So I have actually been working on this. The blouse is almost done, just needs hemming and loose thread snipping.

Actually nearly finished this now. I need to take some more time over the weekend to get proper pictures with my makeup and contacts.

Now that this is for Kita thought I'd make a start on him. All I've really done so far is cut out the fabric. I still need to cut the lining. I'm using a Mccall's trenchcoat pattern, which I'm modifying by lengthening and changing the front to look more like his. Main fabric is a black cotton drill, lining will be black satin. I'm adding the details with some greyish silver bias binding and bits of silver bridal satin. I might get some shiny buttons too.

For the under layer I've bought a wrap shirt. I want to make a jabot too, which I've found an online tutorial for. I'm going to cut down my old lust wig and maybe add some wefts to it to try and make it suitably seaweed- head like.

Finally got started on this so I can feel less guilty about it. Progress thus far:

* Tunic cut out a started to sew together.
* Fringe hem cut and started to sew together.
* Neck thing cut and sewn together.
* Wings cut out and sewn together.
* Feathers cut and started to be stuck down.

This really is pink though and I'm not really a "pink" sort of person. I have pink felt, pink foam, pink fabric and pink feathers everywhere. Plus the wig and the facepaint... yeah, also pink. Maybe if I get the time I'll buy some contacts to complete the look- I think they'll look nicely inhuman.

The scrolls are made with white cotton. I used a gold "so soft" fabric paint for the calligraphy and the crosses. The cross bits I outlined first but the writing was done freehand because I wanted it to look like calligraphy. The drape is red bridal satin. Still need to add some trim to the scrolls but other than that nearly there.

My Kamui, who has been making our swords has started on papier mache and they're looking pretty good!

I haven't updated this in ages but I have started making both blazers. The lining is black satin. For the outer layer I've used black cotton drill. I'm adding the detail to the front with red bias before stitching the lining and outside together. The whole thing will be edged with red bias too! Kamui's blazer, which I'm also working on, looks more or less the same.

Reports from my Kamui is that the swords are coming along well too.

Not much to report, just cut out my fabric. Using the same pattern as Fuuma and Kamui's blazers. Outside is white cotton drill and lining is orange satin.

So after a planning session with my Kamuii the pattern for both jackets has been cut out and she has made a template for the hand guards on the swords.

So I'm starting of with a cheap black dress and adding the stripes to the shoulders and down the middle. Part of the reason for doing this costume is to get some practice doing things with my new sewing machine. I have a shoulder length wig bought that needs painting.

So this is going to be my big project for 2012. If she turns out well I might even enter her in to the masquerade for Amecon. I've got the right jacket now, although I need to alter the hem and add the gold features to the front. I want to try making the trousers myself and have a pattern thus far, although if that fails I may just buy some.

I can't really explain why but I seem to have fallen in love with this character after watching the series and now I really want to cosplay him next year. Thus far I've only gotten hold of the patches for the front of the jacket. Trickiest part is going to be the design to go on the back. I haven't made up my mind whether to try embroidering it, making it from fabric or doing the easy option of getting it printed on to some fabric.

Been gradually sewing the diamond design on to the front of the jacket by hand and edging it with gold trim. Still to do are the ridiculous shoulder pads, which I'm planning to make with card and wire and cover with fabric then edged with gold fringe.

Sewn together the vest top, so moving him over to in progress.

Been helping my friend assemble her Japan to go along with this. Took some photos, so looks like mostly done.

Okay, I figured since I've now ordered his jacket, wig and hat I ought to move him over to in progress. Pictures maybe when the various bits and pieces arrive.

Collected the rest of my commission. Needs a shirt to go underneath and the spell cards made and then I think that will be pretty much everything.

Collected the first part of my robes today. Bottom half done.

Got the wig, gloves and sandals. Robes have been comissioned, so hoping they will be ready soon. Still need to get makeup for hand symbols, make spell casting cards and buy some white socks.

Wig arrived today, which I'm pretty happy with. Now just need to take some photos.

Got most of the costume, save the wig, which I'm waiting to arrive. Not 100% sure about the jacket I've bought though, may have to replace that at a later date.

This was my first attempt at cosplay. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out in the end, although there are a couple of things I would have done different in reterospect. The wig isn't quite right, a little too curly I think. Also the fingernails could have done with being more securely attached. They were a nightmare during the disco/ cosplay ball for keep coming loose. But overall she was quite fun to play and I did get a fair few positive comments.

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