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I have been really motivated on this costume and making good progress. Went on a shopping trip for material for Yuffie and Zhen Ji at the weekend I found a pair of shorts that matched the colour exactly so to save time I am using them but they are the only bought part of my costume. A cheap way of getting the jersey material was butchering tshirts I had one the perfect blue and got a black one to go underneath. I have cropped them and removed the straps taken in the sides to make them tighter. JUst need to add the straps and stitch the bottom of the blue one. I have hand sewn everything so far as the sewing machine is at the other house, it made a nice change actually. I had a good pair of sports shoes that I used to wear to Judo that have been sacrificed in the name of cosplay and turned yellow. I have begun construction on the weapon but need some more material before I can make her straps and belts. So far this has been a nice straight forward cosplay it's fairly simple compared to some of my other creations (except for the weapon) but hopefully it will be an effect costume for the Dirge group. Apologies for the quality of the images so far the batteries for my camera were at the other house as well so I used my phone.

Just need to do some finishing off. The black needs some stitching to the yellow and the black stripes from the gloves to the collar need adding in. Other than that I am done!

After having the fabric for almost 6months I need to get cracking on this one again. I have been toning up especially for this costume (having a desk job totally sucks in that respect) as it is skin tight. I will start on the bottom half of this costume thursday night.

I want this to be perfect so I am taking my time with this one, started last night making the back panel with the yin yang on. I have made it out of card and plan to tape it and paper mache it to make it sturdier (good old cardboard ^_^ eh KK ^_-) then paint the detailing. I was going to make it out of fimo but fiddly bits in past experience it is prone to breaking just at the wrong moment >.< plus it would get very heavy. I'll post up some progress shots when I get back to my house.

There is going to be a tight deadline on this one >.< if I get it done at all might need to bring along one of my many Lara costumes just incase. Though as I have missed out on the Ball Saturday night I have all that time to sew as well ;)
I managed to find an awesome catsuit pattern online yesterday which I can adapt to give me all the bits and pieces I need to make this costume! I am so excited about doing this one. If I have a base pattern to work from I can usually produce things pretty quickly so now i just have to keep my fingerscrossed it arrives in the next few days.
I have given up my wig search momentaritly for this costume as I haven't found the one that is spot on. My hair is very similar anyway except I lack a fringe but as I am not entering this into any masquerades yet I am not too worried.

No I am not trying to be rude but I forgot how much pin pricks hurt >.< I was trying to make the trousers I am working on extra tight (I always cut my patterns out bigger than I need lol) Whilst taking in the bum I stuck a pin through my little finger and then jerked away leaving a nice 3 inch tear in the flesh and a nice gush of blood, fingers always bleed so much >.< thankfull the trousers are black pleather so I wasn't too worried about spillages -_^ hopping to finish the tightening up tonight and sew them tomorrow afternoon along with my corset which has been tacked.

The first time I have ever seen myself blonde (I have never dyed my hair ever so this was quite a shock, glad I never have blonde doesn't suit me but I guess that is the beauty of wigs!)
I am pretty pleased with this wig it's lovely and thick and doesn't tangle (unlike the Pocahontas tragedy of last week don't ask.. I think I may have fixed it though fingers crossed) It shouldn't be too hard to style. Now I just have to perfect the Trish glare ^_^

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