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Everything is pretty much complete. Except the last hair item, the thing that slides into her ponytail.

I have the material for it, a king of translucent salmon pink ribbon, but sadly have misplaced my last remaining clear slide. So I'm going to be buying another of those tomorrow and doing the last bit tomorrow.

Aside from that, I can pretty much say this is finished. Hurrah!

I could say this dress is done, but its kind of not because for weeks I've been questioning the dress, and thinking it was too plain. Then last night I figured out what to do.

So today I constructed some lace corsage flowers by bunching the lace together in 'petal' shapes, and gluing them to the centre. Then adding silver sequins to the petals to make it a bit shiny. The middle will undoubtedly have something too; I have boxes of beads so I'll probably find something suitable. Then following that all I have to do is figure out a suitable set of shoes.

So; progress.

Well, the shoes are pretty much done. They had a second coat of gold paint on the front of them today which has dried now. I don't think they need another, so that is something out of the way!

I dyed the top of the cape today its somewhat yellow/orange. So the decorative bits are done, now all that needs doing is attaching the clasp. I'm actually thinking of making it a little off one shoulder. It won't be 100% accurate, but it would stop it from falling back the whole time.

Yay - shoes arrived in the post this morning. I've already cut the fringing off and cut down to make the triangle shape in the front. Going to paint them today I hope, and also get some gold bias for the decor around the edges.

So my purple leg warmers are made. i still need to get some fabric, or craft foam for the blue segments on the shoes and also the sleeves.
I'm going to get the purple sleeves done tomorrow, I am determined and then I just have some hand sewing and gluing and waiting for the wig to do! EEK

Oh - and finishing Lloyd. >___>

Sleeves are finished, hemmed and taken in etc.
Need to make the remaining hair decoration and also edit/customise the shoes when they arrive!

So I started my shoes, after having a lol at a thread about me. :D

The shoes are basically a pair of cheap slippers (YAY, comfy!) that have been covered with black lycra, same material used for the leggings and sleeves. The ... purple chap, I guess, that Sheena has on both legs is polycotton and will be attached have elastic sewn to it so it says up and also on the underside of the shoes. I need to buy some white bias binding for the edge detailing, and also find some craft foam to make faux buckles and the caps etc. on the end of the shoe.

Then I will get onto the upper sleeves.

Made the white under shirt today out of some left over elastaine lycra fabric. Its nice and stretchy, need to take it in a little at the sides so its more clingy.
Uhm, hemmed the bottom of the kimono and also added cap sleeves. Added snap fasteners, front and back to the bow and the obi belt. Need to do the snap fasteners that'll do up the obi belt, should only need two one at the top, one at the bottom. I have a maroon dressing gown cord for the belt around the middle.

I want to try and get started on the black segments tomorrow; or this week at least.

I decided, while I was messing around with beads and my glue gun to get the bead belt done. This is basically a length of clear elasticated ... rubber thread threaded with beads.

Because the thread doesn't knot, it was another job for the hot glue, so at the ends of the belt there are big blobs of hot glue to stop the beads fall off. The beads are an assortment of ones I bought today and previously. Its impossible to see exactly the colours of the belt on any ref art, and even when looking at the character in the game museum you can't zoom in that close so I had to wing it.

Each bead is threaded on and then a blob of hot glue is placed on one side making a gap, then the next bead. In the gaps there is small, individual strands of gold fringing, as you can see, just about, there is dangling stuff between the beads in game and artwork.

These are the side clips that Terra wears in her hair just in front of her ponytail on either side.

They are clear slides with the same gold fringing on all the clothing hot glued onto the slide. The beads were then carefully and painstakingly threaded onto the fringing, and to stop them sliding off, the ends of the strands were hot glued so there was a block there.

The 'pearls' on the top part of the clip are just hot glued into place. I think they look sweet.

When the clips are in hair, the clear side is obviously covered by the hair, so it does just look like gold fringe and beads, like in ref artwork.

Okay, all for sashes have been made, dyed and trimmed with the same gold fringe as the dress.

The purple and orange sashes have flowers on them, which I have painted on. Orange on the purple sash, and pink flowers on the orange sash. They are currently drying in my doorway.

I've done a second coat of paint on the flowers on the sleeves so they're pretty much done, just need hemming and taking in. UHM... need to find suitable boots too.

I have beads to make the little belt she has and also the 'chain' that goes on the cape. I have bought a couple of slide in clips too for the hair decor.

Additionally, I found a large purple stone that I'm going to use as the clasp on the sashes. It needs to be varnished, and it needs a brooch pin on it.

I have two of the four sashes complete, the pink one and the orange one.

Both are made of georgette, and hand dyed using watered down dylon paint. I have the third in progress, which is the yellow one, but its not dry yet and probably won't be until I can put it outside in the morning to dry completely.

I have enough georgette to make the forth sash, the purple one and once that's done I'll get the yellow and purple hemmed and then sew on fringing to both ends of the sashes for a textured look.

I will probably also paint on some flowers, with heavily watered down dylon paint, if it works.

Most of the painting on the dress is finished, one of the flowers needs their middle, and the yellow needs some touches up. I'll be ironing the dress so that the paint gets secured on and won't peel etc.

The sleeves are painted, but need their extra coat. I'm going to take in the sleeves before I paint the second coat though cause the bagginess is bothering me a bit.

The wig was one I luckily already had, so no last minute wig buying for me! :D

Its the wig I originally used for my Rydia cosplays. The colour is pretty much perfect, and its easily styled into a ponytail. Admittedly, its a mid-ponytail, not the higher one that Terra has. But it'll do. It has some fringe at the sides, so that works too.

Originally I was going to use my Feena wig, which would have been wildlly inaccurate, so I'm glad I remembered I owned this one! :D

Sleeves have had their first coat of paint on the flower pattern, they're currently drying by the window. I have noted that the top hem of the sleeves is gold lined, like the dress.
Having thought about this, this will be painted on. If I use gold bias, as with the dress, I will not be able to get the sleeves up onto my upper arm without struggling or at all/risking cutting off blood supply.

Painting is quite fun and fairly easy.

I'm using the character museum on the Dissidia game as a constant reference and keep looking back at it, because you can zoom in on details. Its been more helpful than most things I can find on line. But there we go.

As I mention in the photo, most of the colours are custom mixed.
I started with several pots of red, white, one of blue and two pots of yellow. The red and blue were used for the purple, and then white was added to create the lilac.
Blue and yellow for the green, with white to make it lighter.
Red and yellow for the orange.
And red and white for the pink! Fun times!

I've mixed them all on plates, so I should have enough to do more coats and the sleeves.

Cape is georgette, which is like a slightly heavier chiffon fabric. Is semi-see through, and because its a man made fiber its not really possible to dye the traditional way with dylon. So I went and did what I did with my Padme dress; only because I don't have a garden any more to do the dying it, I had to fill a bowl with watered down red and white Dylon paint and dip the end of the cape in so it took to the paint. I then set it outside the window to dry (and nearly lost it in the wind).

I will be dying the belts the same way.

Dress is a really simple pattern. A KwikSew, same pattern I used for Celine. It has two side seams, so its really easy to make.
its made out of cotton lycra mix, so its soft and stretchy, but not shiny. I had to take it in a bit to create the figure hugging appearance the dress has but that was easy enough.

The top hem lining is butterscotch ribbon (because there was no gold bias binding) and that is folded over the top hem and really carefully sewn into place.

The fringe on the bottom is just cotton, and sewn on the bottom of the dress which was already hemmed.

The sleeves are just two tubes of the cotton lycra folded, sewn and then at the hand section, cut into shape and hemmed. The top still needs hemming and obviously they need painting.
Probably going to take the gloves in a bit to make them more snug as at the wrist at the moment they are a little on the loose side.

Started mah kimono. :)

Its just polycotton so its nice and light the bow is the same material too. I used Lynleighs sailor bow tutorial to make the bow shape. I need to attach it properly to the belt, at the moment its just attached with velcro.
The belt I have yet to fasten.

The kimono is pretty much done. I need to hem the bottom and add some bits to the sleeves. Need to get a cord for the middle and make the undershirt.

I'm going to wear a pair of leggings for the black pants, and will make the sleeves from black lycra... uhmm... that'll be on the agenda for tomorrow and probably fterwards when I've moved.

I have pretty much everything I need to make this and will get started tonight of cutting out patterns and cutting etc.

I have black lycra for the leggings and the sleeves, liliac poly cotton for the kimono, pink poly for the bow and white cotton elastine for the undershirt.

Wig will be interesting.

I think this should be fairly easy and comfortable.

So after picking up a zip at fabricland today, some lace and some correctly coloured thread I managed to get the dress all sewn together when I got home from town and also made a start on my tail.

The dress needed some taking in, but that's done now and it fits snuggly. I have some left over lace that I'm thinking of attaching to the dress so that it has a halterneck look and also so it breaks up my shoulders a bit. The dress needs taking up about two inches as its a bit long at the moment, but I'll do that and hem it tomorrow.

The tail is really lovely, I love how it turned out and its not too heavy. I still need to sew up the top of the tail (where I turned it right side out), but that'll take a few minutes. Then I'll be sewing the top into pleats so its gathered and so it flares out from the middle of my lower back. I would like to have it sewn to the dress, but because I don't want to risk the dress ripping, it will probably be attached with velcro... maybe. I am still undecided.

I'm really liking the dress, but I think its a little plain and want to add some detail to the dress, so may investigate doing some beading or something. Its fun to be working to my own ideas and not reference art.

I was clearing out my sewing box, which is a perfectly sensible thing to do at gone midnight and came across the material I had already bought for my Blue Jay. I forgot I had bought so much, so kept it out. I managed to find a pattern already in my possession which was easily altered for the dress, though I think I may have made it a little large.

I need to get a zip so I can actually get in and out of the dress, but at the moment the back and front are pinned, they'll be sewn tomorrow, and then sewn to each other once I have a zip.

The dress is this gorgeous silver/lilac silk I found. Its so floaty and really soft to the touch. The other material which will be used for the 'tail' is a textured silk in dark blue and white. The white will be on the inside, while the blue on the outside.
I adore the colour of the blue because when it catches the light it flashes really vibrant cobalt and steely blues. :3

I'll be getting some silk dupion for the tail moasic pattern which I'll be doing once the dress and tail are completed.

So I decided to go to the Asahi Anime Festival in Brighton on May day. I live in Brighton, so it seemed stupid to not go to an event being held in my own home town. I was considering wearing Warrior Rikku, but when I ran around my mum's house collecting everything for it, I realised on the train I had forgotten my boots.

I'm awesome.

So Sheryl gets her first outing today. Admittedly the wig is the wrong blonde (its too blonde, and Sheryl is white/pinky blonde), the boots are also wrong and the necklace. But this is a primary outing to see how it goes. I will have the correct necklace, boots and wig for May, but for the moment, making do with what I hae to hand. :3

I already owned a perfectly good pair of shorts for this costume, so yay! :D

Whoo - won my boots on ebay - so I'm happy. :D

Thats pretty much all the bits I need together. :3

GunstarVixen is going to get some airdough to me so I can make my necklace cause its pretty impossible to find an exact replica!

Bandana is done. Nice and easy. :3

As I said, wig ordered... and socks ordered too. I hope the wig will get here and the volcano won't cause any issues. >.>
Still looking for more suitable boots than my cowboy boots. Found a good pair on ebay that I'm keeping an eye on.

Whooo - Liiike five hours of work (pattern cutting, pattern pieces cutting, material cutting, pining and hand sewing) and I have a completed SHeryl Nome top, entirely hand sewn made of lovely poly cotton. Mhmmm... inexpensive and works very nicely. ^^

I've ordered 3 pairs of over the knee navy socks like the ones Sheryl wears (three pairs so that if one pair gets damaged I have spares, and also cause I like long socks anyway).
Also bought a ready-to-wear Sheryl wig off ebay (blonde with the pinky highlights in it).
I have a pair of black shorts that I use be able to use for this, but I'm going to double check and may buy a more suitable pair if the pair I already own aren't okay.

Additionally, my necklace might not be identical to Sheryl's... but I'm going to try my best on that!
Shoes I'm going to use, if I can't find any pairs more suitable are my grey cowboy boots. They have a heel, so they're not perfectly accurate, but they're grey, so will work in colour respect.

I maaaay also get a microphone to pose with. :B

Still - easiest costume eeevvvvverrrrr~! <3

I started my shirt today. I don't have a sewing machine at my dad's house, so I'm hand sewing the entire sirt. .__.
Anyway, the shirt is polycotton, and the dark top hem is elasticated to keep it up on the shoulders.

Going to sew the bottom dark hem on with elastic so to create the draping effect.

So now in progress. :3

I went out to town today, found some pretty perfect sunglasses and some pretty wooden bangles in Accessorise. They're not spot on, bu I'm taking some liberties with this as I'm only wearing it for comfort, and not going to enter it in anything.

I've been looking at wigs and think I've found one I'll be getting in the next few days.

I went to the only fabric shop here in Worthing, found some poly cotton in the near enough right shades. The choice is really minimal (lame) so if this top doesn't work I'm going to make a stop off at the Brighton Fabricland to get some other fabric.

Pretty much!
The wig needs touching up, and I need to glue the belt buckle to the belt, but aside from that - SHE'S DONE. OMG. SO HAPPY.

This was a labour of love and I cannot wait to wear her out! <3

Got up today to find some bits and pieces had arrived for me in the post.

Firstly - another two pairs of the stockings, in case the one pair I already have get laddered or anything. Spares!

Secondly - my gloves. They're made of lycra and come all the way up to about my shoulder give or take about three inches. So yay!

Thirdly - my second wig for this costume. Its a less platinum blonde and suits a bit better. However, needs shit loads of styling so will be getting on with that after Kita.

Also - I got started on my little back pouch thing. Thats now painted blue, I need to start doing all the detailing to it and then attach it to my belt. Haven't got any craft foam for the buckle yet. I need to go into town and stock up on things all in one go.

So I have about a month left to get this finished for Minamicon, so I decided to actually get some work done on it today.

I've hemmed the shorts at long last and I've started painting the white rim around the base. So far one coat on the front of either leg which I have to wait for to dry before adding anohter coat, drying, turning over and painting the back.

As they're drying near a radiator, they should dry fairly quickly, so hopefully I'll be able to do the criss-cross white pattern on the side of the leg tomorrow.

I have two wigs on the way now for this costume, that will hopefully be much better than my original wig. I really need to clear out my wig collection!

I've also started making the back pouch out of a spun paper ball and that's been painted dark blue. I'll be adding the details as I go along, and gluing in some embroidery string, so it sits nicely on the belt.

Will be making my way into town tomorrow to pick up some supplies for Kitacon, and some craft foam to get started on the belt buckle. I'm hoping to make it the way it appear in game - 3D.

Well, I decided to try Falsetto on today mainly because I've been loosing a lot of weight lately, and I wanted to see if there was anything that would need taking in.

That's okay, nothing much to take in, though one of the sleeves some repair work already. Haha.

Putting everything together made me realise what I have left to get finished on this costume:
- Belt buckle
- Wig
- Gloves
- Gaunlets
- Frills
- Belt pouch

Which doesn't seem like a lot, but its all the fiddly bits that no one likes doing. Y'know?

I tried working the wig I have at the moment, which is a Scruffy wig from cosworx in platinum blonde (because Falsetto's hair is so hard to find the right colour for, because depending on the artwork or game area, her hair changes colour!) anyway, the wig I have, I coloured with a marker to make it darker, but it didn't really work, and the wig just didn't sit right, so I've ordered another one from a UK seller on ebay so work with. Its less platinum, so might not be 100% colour accurate.

Additionally ordered a few extra pairs of stockings in case the one pair I have get damaged or anything.

I will get my arse in gear and make sure this is finished for Minamicon. I'm going to wait until Kitacon is out of the way first.

Wig arrived today. Glad I have it. Can't really style it until I put it on for good to make sure it all fits under the hat. But yay - wig!

Well, I've done the hat, bar the white chord that goes down either side.

The hat is buckram (stuck with buckram in the end. Decided to use felt to cover it, made the base cover and sewed it together inside out. Then put the buckram base inside the felt base and sewed up the back and in inside circle. Made the cylinder section, covered that with the same felt, and the top of the hat, glued into the cylinder and the cylinder glued into the head part of the hat.

It fits okay, should hopefully be okay when I put the wig on with it. :]

I did a mock up on the hat out of buckram, but the buckram I think was too heavy and so the hat was a flop. So I'm going to get some cardboard boxes and give it another try and cover it with fleece so its extra soft and fluffy!

I've ordered some tan gloves which should arrive tomorrow. In the mean time I'm waiting on my wig to arrive and my Palmon plushie too.

After seeing a brilliant little Digimon group at Midlands Expo, by friend Emily and I were really inspired to make cstumes for the characters from Digimon. A favourite show of ur when we were younger, and the show that introduced us to each other!

Not being one to cosplay, I opted to cosplay Mimi. I get to run around being a girly girl! XD And crying: 'EW' at anything.

The shrug is a Kwiksew pattern 3219, made smaller and smaller around the arms, because it started off being thigh height! Now it sits just at the right place.

The dress is a McCalls 9172. One of their '1 hour dress' patterns that works really perfectly. No zipers, two side seams and a back seam, and a button at the top to do it up! All made out of pink jersey fabric.

I need to buy some more buckram to make a hat base, and I'm going to seek out a suitable belt and suitable gloves.

The boots I will be editting from a pair of pixie boots I already own. ^^ Fun!

Well I have an early shift today, so hopefully if I ignore my desire to sleep I will get my material for my belt and get that started. I'll probably make it the same way I made Celine' cape rail. I just have to hope Fabric Land has its power back so I can go in.

If not, its to the dreaded C&H Fabrics.

I'll try and get a polystyrene ball too to do the pouch... thing on the back of Falsetto's belt. I have no idea what else to call it. Pouch. Honestly, it looks like a grenade.

Somehow I think colouring the wig will be one of the last jobs I do.

But I'm really happy with the progress I've been making on this costume.

Well - I got my Wig in the post this morning.

And boy do I not suit a platinum blonde look.

The wig is actually too bright for Falsetto, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to colour it to get some depth and change to the colour to something more suitable. This is what I mean about Falsetto's hair colour being annoying.


Anyway... I also got my stockings. Which have rubbery bits on the inside to keep them up. Its handy.

The next bits that I need to do is all the frilly detailling on the collar and the sleeves. I'm thinking of re-doing the front of the white section with hooks and eyes and sewing the buttons on for decoration... I think it'll look better.

Bought my whisk. Costume is done and dusted.

So I finished the jacket today. Whoo - two pieces of this costume done! Finishing it just required sewing the velcro into the inside of the jacket to keep it in place and also sewing the other crossing ribbons on the back. Nice and easy.

I've started painting the detail on the front of the suit section of the costume.

I ended up using the concept art for the basic shape and I took bits (basically the dots) from the in game renders cause I think they're a really nice touch. I'm waiting for them to dry at the moment.

It was actually hard to do, I sketched them out first on the material with dress makers pencil (which was sucky) and couldn't figure out the pattern very well because its quite fiddly. But I like the way it looks. :]

So I decided to get my least favourite job out of the way and make the shoe covers.

Drew very roughly around the shoe and made a front seam, kept taking this in until it sat snuggly around the shoe itself. Glued the shoe cover into place above where the platform sole it is.

Then for the section that folds over the top I glued some buckram there to keep it sturdy. And I cut the straps that actually do up the shoe as it stays on fine just as a slip on.

I need to make the ribbon that ties up the shoe, attach ribbon and do the frontal decoration but the worst bit is done!

Well I had 2 options open to me. Either steal myself against my own problems and the cold and go into town to buy shoes. Or buy them off ebay, be charged twice as much and wait 3 weeks for shoes possibly the wrong size.

I went with the former.

The shoes I found weren't perfect. The best ones didn't have a heel, they were just one big platform. So I'm improvising. Bought a pair of patent red and white sweet lolita shoes that have now been sprayed white. Once that's dry I'll be moving on to the construction of the shoe cover (I hate making shoe covers). And then anything that needs painting by hand will be painted and detailed.

Started painting the back of the jacket tonight. Sadly ran out of paint so I'll need to stock up for over the weekend.

Anyway, basically marked out where I needed to paint with masking tape to keep the edges (relatively) straight. Painted and then stripped the tape of. Voila, nice lines.

I need to paint the bottom hem next, then turn over the jacket and paint the edges of the inside. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow night after work. That's the plan at least.

I'm finding Shugo Chara a very good thing to watch/listen to while I'm painting.

So far the seams on the sleeves have been painted and the seam between the white and blue sections of the body suit. I'm going to get onto painting the back tomorrow. After buying some ribbon to make the other crossing sections on the back of the jacket.

I've done the first bit, with the straps fitted with hooks and eyes so it keeps the jacket up better. I'll also be fitting a large snap fastener to the back for safety!

UHM... Once the back is done I'll be chalking out the pattern on the front and painting it

So I've started detailing. I'm starting on the sleeves, painting on the seams of the different colours to mark them out and all y'know.

I'm going to do the sleeves first and then the front of the suit. I'll have to mark out the pattern with dress chalk first for that, because the suit pattern is waaaay more detailed.
I do need to make a move on getting the white criss-cross pattern on the shorts and also the white hem on the shorts.

I'm going to make a start on the belt next week probably.

I also changed the way the shite section does up. I didn't like the zip. It didn't look or feel right, so I unpicked it and sewed in some buttons and button holes.

That was fun. My machine doesn't like doing button holes, so I improvised.

It worked though!

Well I've ordered a wig I think will be suitable from Cosworx. Is a Lesley wig in 613A (platinum blonde).
I was at odds about what colour to go for as in artwork Falsetto's hair is blonde and sometimes in game it appears dirty blonde and sometimes grey. But I'm using the artwork as ref mostly, so I'm sticking with the artwork.

So I'll get that styled when it gets here.

I've also got some butterscotchy-embroidery thread to do the goldy strans between the different colours on the puff sleeves. So I'm going to try and get started on that tomorrow.

The patterns on the bodice and jacket I'm going to paint on. I'm going to draw the patterns on first with dressmakers chalk and then paint them on with some gold dylon fabric paint.
I did consider using ribbon, but as the material for the suit is stretchy and ribbon is not, they wouldn't compliment each other. Plus the ribbon is shiny and the pattern isn't SUPER shiny in game.

Well the jacket is well on the way to completion! :D

The bottom sections are lined with vilene. And I've put some wires in the bottom. the vilene helps keep the shape of the jacket and the wire also keeps it grounded and allows me to change the shape to the nice curve. :]

I've yet to sew the top shut. I was lining up snap fasteners first. I have the fasteners attached to the jacket, I need to realign the ones on the suit though to keep them in place to get the hugging look. I'm still considering how to keep he jacket attached to suit down to the hips where it flares.

I think its going to velcro through...

Anyway. I'm going to add another fastener to the centre back; and then add the straps to the back, with a hook and eye on either shoulder and either strap to keep them up!

I love working on this costume. It really is a labour of love. I've been agonising over it so much and planning it for so long, actually making it is unbelievably enjoyable!

Today has been a good sewing day.

I did some more work on the sleeves by adding the cuffs. Made out of white elastine, I need to take them in a little, but aside from that they're alll good.

I made a start on the jacket too, which is teo lengths of the cotton jersey sewn together. I also cut a section out of the back and sewed in the same section but in light blue!
I'm going to fit the bottom of the jacket with some wire and some vilene to help it keep its shape. :]

I'm hoping to get the rest of the main bits of the costume done so I can start on the detailing!

I've started the puff sleeves today.

Originally I had no idea how I was going to get the sleeves right because her sleeves are striped. Y'know?

Then I was looking at my material and was hit by an idea.

To cut lots of strips of material and sew them together in a big rectangle/square and then cut the pattern piece out of my own constructed material!

So I started with 6 strips of light blue and 6 strips of dark blue, pinned them together. Sewn together and now I'm going to cut the sleeve section. Adjusting the pattern to make it puffy!

Sleeves have been attaced, sewn on and gathered to get the puff puff.
I need to make the cuff, and also the sleeve/gloves.

I am hoping to make a start or try the jacket tomorrow.

I'm officially going to Midlands Expo and staying with my friend Emily so I need to get off my bum and get Suu finished!

I need to buy some more material for the hat, collar and to make my clover amulet. I may buy a whisk to edit. Or I might just wait until Kitacon!

In the mean time I've bought my wig from professional only and I plan to get the last bits of sewing done this weekend!

After talking to Amy-Lou today I got some inspiration to actually start sewing. It felt good to sit down at my sewing machine and run something through. I had missed it a bit.

It took me a long time to figure out how to do the bodysuit. I had to alter three different patterns to make it look suitable and similar to Falsetto's in game costume. See, her bodysuit has no frontal seam. So I couldn't use a pattern that had a front seam.

I ended up using a KwikSew 2932 (ice skating costume) for the main blue section as it has side seams. The left seam is fitted with a zip to help with shape and getting it on etc.
The white section is the top segment of another Kwiksew pattern 3052 (a unitard with a frontal seam). I decided to use this for the white section so I could pull the suit on over my hips. I'm going to add another panel over the front to cover a white zip and that will then be covered with frills galore to hide that. :D

The shorts are yet amother Kwiksew (I love Kwiksew!) pattern 3239. I lengthened the shorts so they weren't hot pants and have a bit more length. They're pretty much the right length for Falsetto. Need hemming etc. Eventually the belt will hide the seam between the suit and the shorts.

The blue sections are made out of blue cotton jersey, and the white section is a cotton/elastine mix. Nice and comfortable!

Watching Shugo Chara on Crunchyroll I watched the ending sequence and noticed something... Suu... wears... pantaloons/bloomers under her dress.

How cute is that? They're like, pale green. So I'm going to get some material tomorrow during my lunch break and get those started over the next week. I need to get back into the sewing swing of things so I can get Suu finished and get my ass into gear for Falsetto, Jaina and Lilith.

Well, I hemmed my dress today. So the sleeves and skirt are all nicely hemmed. I am thinking of getting some lace to add around the bottom and the sleeves to mimic the scalloped shape... but I'll think about it.

The apron is also hemmed, and now just needs a back bow, and the two additional side pieces to tie it together at the back!

I did a test run on my hat the other night, which I have figured out. I just need to make it bigger to fit around my head plus wig! But that shouldn't be too problematic. All-in-all, well on the way to completion.

While wandering around town today I was able to take a quick trip into the massive Aladdin's Cave of fabric.

As much as I love Fabricland, nothing beats this fabric store. Its piled floor to ceiling with alll types of faric you could think of. Every kind of fabric from under the sun! So many different types of trim and everything. I love it.

I wandered around a bit. I didn't intend to buy any fabric but I saw some lovely fabrics that tempted me. I saw a gorgeous two tone taffetta which shimmered silver and green. And I found a a beautiful silver silk.

I decided to buy two metres of the silver silk. I know a Blue Jay is actually white chested; but I the silver will make it strike a bit more, I think. :]

Re-sketch, shows the basic idea from the front and the back, with a kind of fairy wing design in the top corner and my scribblings around it. That's what most of my ideas tend to look like.

Even when its a costume already in existance. I break it down and tell myself what to use and how to do it. Keeps my mind at ease I guess. Usually its on a much smaller scale (postit notes).

I'm still in two minds about certain fabrics to use. I think I'm decided on taffetta and satin backed dupion for the back skirt. I love the way taffeta looks and feels, its got some gorgeous colours in it when its photograhed. And the dupion has the lovely weave to give it a pattern.

The dress I'm not sure about yet. I would love to use silk dupion, but its hella expensive, and also very stiff. I'm going to go on the hunt for other possible fabrics tomorrw in another shop in Brighton. If I find nothing there, then I may go with the satin backed dupion, or maybe the crepe back satin (I don't want anything too shiny though. ): )

The moasic (thank you Amy) pattern the wings make when they're folded I'm keeping on the back of the dress. Originally it was going to be a bustle, and its still a similar idea. I'm going to use black, white and blue silk dupion (<33) for the mosaic pattern. Each strip will be folded, hemmed and sewn to the back of the dress, and layered under each other in a 'random' way.

As mentioned earlier, sleeves will be chiffon. Starting with white then dyed to blue with the tips being black.

Also decided I'm going to do a mask for this too. Something to reflect the facial markings of the Blue Jay.

I haven't been this excited or inspired by a project in a while! FUN!

I, in true me style, inspired and fired up to do something new, I went to investigate possible fabrics for this project.

I want to move away from the fabrics I always use, like jersey and poly cotton and try something different. I wandered around Fabricland for a bit, and picked up some samples in suitable colours that I think would work quite nicely.
I've sketched up a design which I'm going to upload a bit later after its scanned when I get home from work.

The basic design is a halter-neck dress, with a large back skirt (about fingertip-to-fingertip length, so it can be held out to make a wing span-esque look). And with chiffon sleeves. I was going to do a bustle, but instead, to get in in the pattern that the wings make when they're folded, I'm going to do something a bit different. And hope it works.

So, originally I considered using silk dupion, because I didn't want something plain, but I didn't want anything garish. And the dupion has a really lovely weave pattern throughout which is pretty.
However, after talking to Scarlett, my friend in Fabricland she thinks the silk dupion might be took stiff to use to achieve the flowiness I'm after.
I might be able to get away with satin backed dupion, which still has the pretty weave pattern, but has a more movement too it.

For the pattern on the back, I'm going to use the silk dupion, because the sections are small and don't require movement.

The back skirt I'm still debating. I would love to use taffetta, but it still quite a stiff material and I might not be able to achieve the flowiness. But as an alternate option there's the possibility of using crepe back satin.
Now I generally hate satin after using it for Sailor fukus and for my Rydia costumes. But I can kind of see it working.
It has a really lovely feel too it, cause it moves. Its not ridgid. And because its shiny is catches more than one colour.

I'm going to do some thinking. I won't be buying the fabric until Suu is finished and I've started on Falsetto. Hopefully that will be this week-ish.

I'm mainly typing this up so I don't forget.

I have 4 metres of navy jersey fabric.
3 metres of ocean blue jersey and
2 metres of white cotton/elastaine mix.

I'm going to make the costume in 2 parts.
A catsuit with the ocean blue fabric and then a jacket. I'll be using the elastaine mix for the top segment of the cat suit. As the ocean blue is a bit too light I'm going to dye it before sewing the white section on.

The white section will be open at the front and do up with hooks and eyes. And there will be a zip going up the side of the catsuit so I can step in and pull the rest on over my head (the usefulness of jersey - it is STRETCHY!).

The giant puff sleeves I have a part of a pattern which is perfect actually for their size and puffiness so that's good.
I hope to start on this this month, but with the fact my house is currently over-run, it doesn't look likely unless I can steal this weekend to get started.

So... while playing Eternal Sonata today I was trying to concentrate on Falsetto's costume to really get a good view of the details. I'm getting quite good at having her do the finishing moves etc, so she's the one in the victory shot so I can get a good look.
It only occoured to me after playing for about 5 hours I could take a photo.

I don't know how you can take a clear screenshot by hooking up your TV to your camera or whatever, so I went with what I had on hand. I left Falsetto standing in a victory shot - as it ws more a decent back view I was looking for and snapped away.

Its helped a lot because its uncovered a lot of detail on her costume I didn't notice before like the darker blue diamond pattern on her top/jacket. And the same pattern in white down the side of her shorts.
Also means I have a fairly decent view of her ball thing she keeps on the back of her belt.

I'm planning on getting my material tomorrow so I can start on this while I'm off work over the Christmas period. I know this costume is going to take me a lot of time. Maybe not the base of it, but all the detailing will.

Well, about hour or so and we have what is starting to look like a pinafore. Though I'm thinking I shouldn't have gathered it and just left is as two long strips, so it didn't have the gaps up the side of the apron section. Its not meant to so I'll likely get some more poly cotton to close up the gaps.

I need to do a waist band and make a large, very obvious bow. Which I'll probably do using my Sailor fuku bow technique, or something similar.

Anyway - that'll be tomorrow or over the weekend.

Well the dress is finished. Took about 3 hours in total. Has a zip up the back so I can actually get it on and off. Its still a little loose at the back, so I think I'll do some darts at the back so it fits a bit better and isn't so baggy.

I'm likely to so a tulle skirt to puff out the underneath as my hoop skirt is a bit longer than my dress. We'll see.

I'm now working on the apron.

Started the dress today. The pattern I used is a Dorothy pattern from the Wizard of Oz, so has required a lot of gathering of the skirt into the top part of the dress.
But its gathered, and needs sewing into place. It actually puffs out a fair bit, so I may not need to use my hoop skirt.

Anyway - will hopefully get that sewn tomorrow, along with the zip sewn in the back. Then I'll get started on the apron. This costume shouldn't be too difficult, I hope.

I think I've figured out my hair dilemma. Trying to mimic the original hair style is nearly impossible with hair the same length as mine. BUT I've looked at other versions of the costumes by people and may have found an alternative.
Its going to involve a collapsable hair band and craploads of small flowers!

Bought my material today. 4 metres of pea gren poly cotton for the dress.
And 2 metres of lemon yellow poly for the apron and the hat (its YELLOW DAMMIT) not white.

Anyhow. I've ordered a McCalls pattern which has a night neckline, puffy sleeves and apron. Its from the costume section. I have to wait for it to come in as they didn't have it in adult sizes. Not too bad though.

I've had a trial run with the hair. Unfortunately I don't have enough hair to do it accurately, so unless I find a hair piece in the next week that I can use, I'll have a similar style to Padme - it just won't be exactly the same.

I had some advice from Kelldar from, who was really, really helpful with the hair (even did me a small diagram on paint!). I will need to have wet hair, and then moose (yes, I know. I don't know how to spell the actual product!) the crap out of it to get it slick. I then have to twist my hair to get it tight and bobby pin it to hell to keep it twisted and up in the mini conch shape.

I am going to look for a hair band that I can cover or manipulate for the purple hair band. Failing that - foam curlers and ribbon.

Well, this costume is now totally complete aside from one tiny detail which will take about 5 minutes.
The sleeves have been hemmed had now have elastic inside them to hold them up comfortably. So I won't be cutting off the blood supply to my arms.
The necklace/neck piece is done too. I haven't varnished it, its shiny enough not to need it. And I used the chord of an old necklace I had to keep it together.
I need to get myself some body tape to keep the dress on my front (I really don't feel like flashing everyone). I'm going to get a stick on bra, also.

Bought my shoes.
They're a silver pair of ballet pumps from New Look. They have a diamente bow on the front, but I'm going to cut it off.

After staring at referance pictures today at work I came home and made myself five stencils for the different layers of the necklace. It should sit at the base of my neck, as in the images.
Each piece is buckram re-inforcing craft foam glued to each other and then glued in a staggered style.
I'm painting them with acrylic paint.
I'll be getting a chain (or chord) to attach to it to keep it around my neck. :]

I'm having a short break tonight from sewing to chill out and get an early night. I've been working on this costume flat out for the last 2 weeks; so I think a break is deserved.

I need to add some elastic into the top of the sleeves so they stay up. And I need to hem the sleeves and attach them to the back of the dress. But its all right! I have time. I'm doing pretty well with this. :D

More material for my sleeves and also bought some buckram for the necklace. I have plenty of craft foam at home, but the buckram will re-inforce it to keep it nice and safe when its on and in transit.

I showed the progress pictures to a couple of the girls in Fabricland, Scarlett and Jess - they were very impressed.
I hope to have my sleeves done tonight.

Well - all eighteen metres of the three skirts have been hemmed! That took a lot of time. >__<
But the dress is done. So I have an outfit for the ball at least!!! Gonna get some more material tomorrow to make the sleeves. Hopefully will have them done tomorrow after work. And then I have to paint/dye them!

Going to get some buckram for the neck piece too.

Well, the top layer (the layuer with the gradient) is dry and finished. I had to make a new top to it, because the original got a little bit of blue dye on it that wouldn't come out with Vanish. Wasn't hard though. I have a template for the shirt part of it which only takes about ten minutes to cut out and sew on.

The top layer needs sewing to the actual dress now, so I'll be doing that today as well as shortening the dress somewhat. At the moment its so long I have to really hoik it up to walk. So I'll shorten it a bit so it just covers my feet. I'll still have to pick up the dress to walk - but it will be easier that it is now.

I love how my gradient dying came out. The method was fantastic (thank you Laura~ <3) and i will be doing it on the sleeves too. I'm going to buy some more yellow chiffon (there's currently 12 metres in the dress. It'll probably go up to 16 metres over all with the sleeves included).

I made the third dress today~ Its the final dress, my top dress. :D Made out of the lemon yellow chiffon and its pretty~
I'm started on the gradient dying too. I'm using a technique Laura (Sandss) suggested which is watered down fabric paint.

So far it works like a treat. It dylon fabric paint and water in a spray bottle that you'd get for like, spraying water on plants. I'm just doing a scrap piece right now; so I'm going to wait and see how that looks when its dry before doing the actual dress.

But its looking promising!

Early shifts mean I'm up at the arsecrack of dawn, but they mean I have the afternoon to work on things.
That's why this dress is coming together fairly simply.
I did another dress layer today using my ivory colour georgette. Originally I was planning on using white jersey, but the georgette was a much better choice. Its a similar consistancy to the chiffon, so it covers me up, so I'm not naked totally naked under the chiffon, without loosing any flow and drape.
Slight downside is that the georgette is fairly heavy. Bit its okay.

I will be doing another layer of lemon yellow chiffon to go over the current layer. Provided this is enough, that top layer will then start being painted.

Will (HOPEFULLY) have enough material left over to do the sleeves.

I just spent £50 on material for this dress.
I had to buy another 6 metres of lemon chiffon as the original 6 metres weren't enough to do more that 1 layer. In the time of waiting for my fabric to be cut I found a new material I've never used but has a similar feel to chiffon called Georgette.
Its got a similar look and feel, but its thicker without weighing me down, so I biought 6 metres to do a middle layer of Georgette in the dress so I'm not quite so naked. I will hopefully get that layer done tonight!

Soo... I've done the first layer of chiffon for the dress. Its fairly naked at the moment, so I'm going to get some more material tomorrow.
I'll be getting about 12 metres to do another 2 layers on the dress (yeah. there are 6 metres of material in the top and skirt.
The skirt segment is about... oh... 4 metres itself. I think this'll be quite heavy by the end of the making process, but the chiffon is gorgeous. Its flows beautifully. <3

I have a pattern, McCalls M5136 which is going to need some serious editting dueing the making process to get it marginally like the actual dress and I have 6 metres of yellow chiffon which will be use to make the draping effect.
I'm going to see if I have any white jersey or cotton/elastine mix at home that I can use to make an under dress (so I'm not totally naked underneath it). Failing that I'll by some more.

Necklace is made from 1 layer of buckram with a layer of craft foam over the top and fimo underneath to keep it nice and sturdy.

The gem is from a pack of beads I bought (just for that 1 bead!!)
The necklace does up with a couple of spots of velcro~! :D

Well - I received my boots this morning. They are like whore boots. Patent and everything - but I really like them. They're pretty comfy actually and there's some support on my ankles. I like them~

Well - I made the little arrows that go on the front of the circlet today. Buckram, craft foam all covered in gold fabric. They're not attached to the circlet yet - gonna do that tomorrow I think.

But yis. Finished. :D

Going to sew in some additional crocodile hair clips to keep it sturdy.

After oooo.... a month, maybe two of trying to figure out this circlet section around the hat - it has been solved. :D

My sister and I took a trip to B&Q looking for possibilities. We got a really long bendy tube and a small brass one. I decided to try the smal brass one first, cause its thinner than the plastic.

So I heat it up over the hob at home and slowly bent it into the correct shape then I found the mid-point on the circlet and started gluing the bejeezus out of it. There are about four layers of buckram glued to the back of the tube, all re-enforced with more glue and then glued to the inside of my hat. That was then re-enforced with more glue.

The bar which attaches the circlet to the hat needs coating in gold fabric and I have to make the arrow points at the front too. But YAY. CIRCLET.

Yay~ I have anklets and bangles.
The bangles are four polystyrene rings/wreathes which are about 12 cm in width. They were sealed with PVA glue and then painted with gold acrylic and varnished.
The anklets had a few false starts. First rings were too small, next ones were WAY to big. Next ones I ordered were find. Cut them in half and then painted them the same way as the gold ones.
To get them back together, there's a couple of bits of stick-on velcro so they go back together nicely. :B

Ideally this costume is nearly finished now. There's just the bastard of a hat to complete... and also a few beads and such.

I tried making book covers, but they really refused to work, so I ended up buying some whore boots from ebay. I'm still waiting for them to arrive. They're white thigh high boots with 4 inch heels. Watching me walk will be fucking laughable.

I received my new wig about half a week ago, but I lost my wig head at Ayacon (I know, HOW?! I have no idea) so I had to order a new one and wait for that to arrive before I attempted to style it.

Managed to do that this evening in about 1 hour. The bangs aren't exactly like the referance picture, but Celine's bangs are huge, and really impossible - kind of. So I've done them as you see in the picture. Hehe.
I think its okay, considering its my first attempt at bangs on a wig.

I've made a hat and it sits on my head. I AM UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!!

Considering after 3 or 4 attempts I had been petrified of trying to make it again and effing it up!
But it came together okay this time!
The bottom rim is buckram with gold material covering it. The cone is the same. And the strip of lycra is glued to the inside of the rim, and the inside of the cone. And there's a little crocodile hair clip on the inside just in front of the cone that keeps it up and on the crown of my head.


Well, both are now finished.

The dress has the gold bar across the front, which is securely on between the cape. It doesn't expose my chest as much as hers in the referance image, but frankly - I'm grateful for that.

The cape has little button tops glued onto it, so that's now finished.
I'm going to get some spray paint for the tubes, as that'll give a more even finish than acrylic paint. I'll have to varnish them though.

Never up are the boots and the hat. I might make a start on the hat today - I'm not sure though. I've found a cheap pair of shoes that are perfect for customising, so I'll be buying those on Monday.

Went to Dockerils. I was looking at copper piping put uh, yeah, can't bend that!

So I went and bought some clear plastic tubing which I'll thread elastic through for the bangles and anklet and then paint.

It might work for the hat if I have a strong enough wire. Think I'll need to experiment! *-*
I also for got to mention I'd made the buckle for my waist belt. Nice and easy. Love for craft foam. :B

Bought the cord for the little maroon belty thing. I need to go to the bead shop to get some suitable beads for it.
Having to rethink my idea fo bangles as C&H doesn't supply polystyrene circles anymore.
Will probably have to take a trip to Dockerills or B&Q to get a thin pipe and soem fishing wire to make them.

Belts were nice and easy. Blue poly hemmed on all sides, with some vilene ironed in to make it stiff. And a couple of hooks and eyes to keep them together. nice and simple. :)

I like how one afternoon of no interruptions leads an almost doomed costume to be a not quite so doomed one. Going to make the gloves tomorrow. The boots are going to be... interesting.

The plans for the anklets and bracelets are polystrene circles with paint. And the necklace, craft foam. The Hat is still... uhm... yeah. I'll get to the hat.

The dress is now finished. Its been hemmed all the way around the top. The bottom has been hemmed, as have the edges of the slits. Its all lycra, so its quite form fitting.
The cape, cause of the buckram, is a bit weighty, so it pulls the dress downwards a bit. I'll have to keep it up with some industial strength boob-tape. ^^U There's a section of gold decoration on the front of the dress which I'll do when I have the gold fabric to cover more buckram and get that sewn or stuck to the front of the dress.

The cape is pretty much all finished. Just another snap fasterner to sew on t even out how it is at the back. And I have to add some stubs like in the referance image. Not too hard. Get some buttons from Fabricland, and cover them with the silve spandex. Then I'll get them sewn on.

The cape has given me so much trouble. The final cape here was the forth attempt.

The reaosn it kept going wrong is because spandex is fucking EVIL.

The cape is a length of buckram cut in a strip. Then the silver spandex was glued to it both sides. The actual cape section is 1 layer of white chiffon, and 1 layer of white twinkle creapeon to give the cape some depth to it.
It will be snap fastened to the dress once I'm all finished with it. Two at the front, on either side. And then 1 more at the back to keep the cape up. :D


I started the new dress today, made of lycra so its a much nicer fit. It has two seams down the sides, with a gaps down the sides for the slits.
It needs to be hemmed around the bottom and the sides, I would have done that tonight, but my machine decided it didn't want to play.

I'm going to get some blue poly tomorrow and get started on the belts.

Also, I have ideas for the hat, which include buckrum and gold material... I hope it'll work. But I'm going to stick to the cape for the time being, get that done.

I bought new material for my dress. The drill cotton wasn't working how |I wanted and I wasn't happy with it, so I decided to change the fabric to lycra. I now have a nice dark mauve coloured lycra, and a new pattern which is perfect for Celine's dress as there are no central seams, just two seams on either side. I don't know if I'll line this, I doubt it.

But I'll be putting elastic in the top hem to keep the dress up.

I've been looking through my 2 artbooks for Grandia 2 looking for additional references.
I've found a couple fo the back of the costume and the corset, advising it does up with buckles on the back, not with string as is traditional. I'm commissioning the corset from Sephirayne as I have no idea where to start with it.

Its handy to know that my books actually have guides in how Millenia puts her outfit on you get the layers right. They're cute. And she has an adorably annoyed expression throughout.

I've decided that when it comes to the tabbard I'm going to use the appliqué technique to make it as neat as possible, and I'm going to look into the beading too.

Right, 5 days on and I'm starting to paint the sword. I should hopefully have all the painting and detailing done by Tuesday. Then I have the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday to concentrate on finishing the rest of this costume.

UGH. I have NEVER cut it this close before. And i don't like it! >__<

At first it was a pole, a box and some masking tape.
Now its a mummifed sword. That is about an inch TALLER THAN ME.

But that's okay! That's accurate. And it doesn't look quite so laughable as I first though. X__X

No oppertunity to paper maché tonight, so will have to do the first layer tomorrow after work.

Okay. Its a week and a half until Aya and I'm starting my sword now. What am I, daft?

Apparently so.

I have a broom handle which is about my height (so like, perfect in sword to height ratio) and I have cardboard. I'll be making the skeleton shape tonight and the first layer of paper maché I hope.

I'm hoping to have all the layers of paper maché done and dusted by Friday. Then use the weekend for priming and sanding. And then the days I have off before Aya to get it painted!

That's the plan. X___x

Well - more armour has been done.

I've made and painted the 5 amulets that are on the costume. These have been reinforced with buckrum and will be attached with clips to hold them in place.
The same has ben done for the leg and shoulder armour. I still need to varnish the amullets, but I'm sure sure about doing so, as they look okay as they do.

Uhm... the obi belt is nearly finished. I have to add velcro cause the stupid snap fasteners keep coming undone. UHM. Yeah... I'm nearly done. I need tog et a stick to make the sword. And make the leggings and shoes.

The summer makes paint dry quickly, so I'm making short work of the armour. I have to paint the underside of the shoulder and leg armour. Just one coat, and then sew them to the kimono... which I'm not looking forward to. =__=

The helmet is pretty much finished. It needs varnishing, and a bit of a touch up where bristles from my paint brush got left behind. >_< But yeh, almost done there. Then going to get started on the five amulets on the front of the kimono. The leggings and head band I'll get started on once I have the material, which I'll be getting on Friday. The shoes I'm just on the look out for black wedge flip flop things... which are going to be evil to wear because I HATE flipflops with a vengance.

UHm... yeah... I had more to say, but its nearly half one in the morning and i'm not feeling that coherant.

well, I started the armour yesterday and got the big bits made. That is the shoulder, leg and helmet. I will do armour for the feet and the hands, but not going to get started on that yet.

Anyway. I've painted the armour black at the moment. I'm going to get some purple paint and mix it with silver to get the kind of mauve/silver sheen on it.

The under skirt is finished, all neatly trimmed with yellow bias. Fits pretty well and is a good length, so I won't flash anyone when I sit or bend down. Though I'm going to wear hotpants with this, anyway!

I'm off to my dad's for 2 weeks as of tomorrow, so I'm taking a lot of sewing and bits with me. I'm planning to get started on the helmet and armour while I'm there. I have an idea of how to do it which involves craft foam, buckrum and glue... but we'll see how it goes.

So, the main kimono robe is complete and lined on the edges with the correct colour. I'm going to check screenshots, but I'm pretty sure that's all there is to this kimono.
The boob tube is also finished - not that it was particularly difficult to do.

The blue obi belt is half way done. I need to make it a bit skinniner as its too thick at the moment. And I'll need some yellow cotton to make the yellow belt that ties around the middle, instead of using left over yellow bias tape.

The uber skirt is also about half way. Its all sewn and elasticated to stay up; I have the slit pinned open and am going to be pinning the yellow bias tape on the edging shortly and then sewing it.
I want to get started on the helmet and armour pretty soon.

I have green bias binding and yello bias binding to start the lining on the kimono and the skirt.
I want to get the skirt elasticated tonight so I can get the lining bits done tomorrow while invading Caylithe's house. :B

So most of the main kimono is in progress. I have to buy some green binding for the edges of the kimono, and yellow binding for the skirt. The skirt also needs elastic around the waist to it stays up.
The boob tube is pretty much done, and got done in about two hours. It needs a bit of taking in around the back as its a touchy gapey at the moment, but that's not exactly a vexing task.
I'll be taking buckrum and craft foam over to my dad's in the next week to get started on all the armour and hopefully make a start on the helmet. Maybe... >.>

Today was most productive! I had the fabulous Chevi at my house and having someone around also sewing always makes me want to sew more! So I managed to get my kimono sewn together from a Simplicity pattern and the sleeves added. Also managed on the obi belt as well.

The kimono is made from poly cotton, as is the obi belt with iron in vilene. I will be adding all the different lining colours, and making the skirt very shortly! As well as getting started on the armour. :)

Finished this a couple of days ago and debuet it for a photoshoot with Cosplay Fever.
I will be getting some more photos with my darling as Fakir when she comes to visit! <3
I'm still having arguments with the wig, but we seem to have come to an arrangement that if I keep the ahoge curled over and clipped down when not in use, it is able to stand up somewhat when not clipped down.

I'm feeling a bit happier with the. I've finished the pendant, and added the cuffs to my fleecey jumper (which is the yummiest, warmest jumper ever).
I'm going to get some invisible wire to hold up the it of her hair that stands up. Once that's up, I'm going to be restyling the bangs a it, to make them more Ahiru-ish.

I cannot style wigs. Ahiru's wig is a great colour; but yeah.. my styling sucks some serious ass. So it'll have an attempt at the antenne, and I'll try to do the bangs, but it'll still be crap. =___= I'll just have to do it as well as I can. -___¬

I seem to have lost my cosplay drive lately.

I have been working on this!
The dress has been taken in and now fits more around my bust, hips and waist. Like the manga art. Itas not quite as clingy as I don't have Celine's womanly figure. I have my slightly boyish figure... with thighs and hips.

Ordered my wig. Decided to treat myself to a nice wig from CosWorx as I had a rebate recently. Its an Alicia wig in the purple because the purple they show on the site is perfect Celine colour. The bangs will just need some styling.

So I have to make the sword within 3 weeks.
I've started with a hollow pole down the middle of two lengths of cardboard. The cardboard has been masking taped together to keep it nice and tight. The first layer of paper mache will be going on tonight, followed by a second covering tomorrow night.

Planning on doing 4 layers. Then it'll be varnish, sand, paint, varnish.
I'm going to use a curtain pully type... thing for the blue bobble on the end. And gold trim for the gold decoration on the handle.

I started the dress. Yes, I know this is for October, and I'm starting out rageously early, but this is ME we are talking about. I like to start early and I have some bigger projects coming up, so I want to get bits of Celine done so its not hanging overhead.

Anyway. The dress was fairly easy. I used a Simplicity pattern 5591(I THINK) which is a straight up and down evening dress pattern. I just shortened it to get the right length, and left the seams open 3/4s the way down on the side so I can hem them with the slit.

The additional plus is I have enough material for the hat and also for Millenia's corset. :)

So. I now have:

2 metres of dark mauve drill poly cotton
1.5 metres of dark royal blue poly cotton
2 metres of white chiffon fabric

I'm going to aim to get the dress done first before I start work on the rest of it.

But I've been considering how to make the cape rail, and I'm thinking either a length of camping map or craft foam. I'm veering slightly more towards camping map as its wider than craft foam, and I don't think I could find a piece of foam big enough length ways to go around me like her cape does.
But we'll see.

I'm currently compiling material and patterns for Millenia.

I had a lovely surprise of my stretch velvet turning up last night. Its gorgeous. Its really scarlet, and oh-so-soft. I'm really looking forward to using it.
I have a pattern for the jacket which needs a lot of editting to work. And a pattern for Millenia's white shirt. I know on the art it looks strapless, but I'm going to add some small straps so it stays up.
I have to get the rest of my material, but I'm going to wait until after May Expo (and until I'bve made a dent in Celine) before I begin Millenia seriously. At the moment its just getting all the needed bits together, so I'm not running into fabricland every five minutes.

So. Now all the painting is done, it comes to the easy parts.

I have to order a wig and make their band once the wig has arrived. ^^ I'm looking forward to doing the final part of this costume. I'm also really looking forward to wearing it and weilding the sword being made for me by Ikkaku-kun! ^^

You can't see on the picture (cause its not from the back) but the back of the shirt is painted with the exact same pattern as the one on the front. HOURS of playing Soul Calibur enlightened me to this detail.

So the back bow is complete.
I've made the front bow, but i think it looks a bit too small, so i might end up using the bow from my original Sailor Jupiter costume.
I've started on the side ... stripes, I suppose. I'm attaching them with snap fasteners, and hiding the fastens at the front with the star decoration when I get that made.
I'm hoping to get all the sewing bits done this week - so the last two weeks beofre Minami I can concentrate on the accessories, like the choker, earrings, tiara and the decorations on the boots. Which have arrived and I can pick up on Monday from the post office. :)

The fuku is looking like a proper fuku now. ^^
The collar needs attaching, and I need to bias bind the dark green skirt. I'm using the gloves from my origina Sailor Jupiter costume. I have to make the front and back bows. And also add the two green ribbon linings to to the waist of the costume.
The boots were a lucky find in Shoe Zone. They're originally black but have been painted and sprayed white. Unfortunately the paint I used is peeling really, really badly! So I have to find a different paint to use. *sigh*

No problem though. I'm making good head way, so I should be done before MinamiCon!. :3

I haven't had a lot of inspiration to work on this until a few days ago.
The fuku is starting to look more like a fuku, which is good. The skirts are trimmed to the right length and just need bias binding to stop them fraying. The man body of the fuku is done.
I've attached the start of the bubble sleeves (pale green chiffon material) and have mad a start on the cuffs to those sleeves. They just need stuffing with wading and sewing on.
The boots are REALLY slow going. I think I'm going to leave them 'til last because of various issues (money etc.)
I have a neat tutorial to make the collar the right way from and the gloves I'm using the pair from my original Sailor Jupiter.
We're getting there.

I'm really happy with how this is turning out. :) I have to finish off the details on the gloves and I have to adjust some things on the suit and get the wig. But all the big bits are nearly done, leaving the sewing on of the silver studs. ^___^

I love my sword.

Practising poses is good fun too. :D

So ew've been making plenty of progress on this lately. I'm really loving this costume!
I love my sword, even though its not perfect. Its turning out really well for my first prop (I think) and the painting is nearly complete. I have to do another few layers of silver, and the silver detailing.
The main... "outfit" is nearly finished too. I have to make the gloves, and add some details to the boots for them to be finished. Then once thats done, its the arduous sewing on of the silver button... things.
And the wig. Can't forget the wig. V. important! But yes. Progress!

So I started the sword today and have discovered two things.

1. Making props isn't as scary as I thought and just like a costume, its a lot simpler when you break everything down into chunks. And it helps when you're useing the same method your friend has used! :D
2. Paper maché is a lot of fun! Doing it make me feel like a kid again! XD

Right! So far, I have the cardboard base skeleton over a dowling rod. And I've put on the first layer of paper mache. I estimate needing to do four or five layers. :]

So like, the shorts have been finished, aside from the silver studs (which are on everything and therefore being done last!) Also the collar has been done though... I'm in two minds about it. It looks fine and fits, but the neck is really too high. And due to the length of the zip, its actually kind of hard to do anything about it. But I'll have a think.
Next is the sleeves, shoulder pads and gloves.

This now looks like a throw back from some forgotten era! Seriously, if I went out wearing this as it is now, with some rollar skates, a big wig and make up, people might think I was from Starlight Express!

Today was productive. Yellow strips have been sewn to the front of the catsuit, meaning I now have to do the sleeves and button things for the catsuit to be complete.
Sewed the white stripes onto the shorts, and have plans to make the... waist belt... thing tomorrow. :B
Leggings were also done today and are finished, complete with red triangle on either side. ^^ Boots have been spray painted black (originally tan) and need to have lots of stuff added to them.

... Have I mentioned what great clevage this cosplay gives me? 8D

So I started with crap loads of fabric. Got scared of the cosplay and looked into commissioning it.
Got as far as getting a quote before I took another look and realised it wasn't that scary.
Made the bodysuit using a Kwiksew pattern and grey parque material. Added a zip. Part one done.
Made the bikini shorts from red t-shirt material and another Kwiksew pattern (I <3 Kwiksew). Then the shorts from stretchy... god knows what in burgandy colour another kwiksew pattern.
We have something that looks like it might be wearable. XD

There was a pile of material. 3 metres of matte lycra. 3 metres of emerald satin and 3 metres of male green satin.
Folded in a fabric land bag, they sat, dejected and sad that they were not something beautiful.
They were unaware that they would be (attempted) to be mae into something beautiful very shortly...

(ooo.... cliffhanger!)
((I have too much time on my hands))

I hemmed the skirt today! *dances* All I have left to do is the bonnet and sew on a couple of snap fasteners, then we're done!

All the painting is done, they just need some ironing, which won't happen until this costume comes with me in May.
No rest for the wicked though!
Next up is the top. I have to get all the pink lining on the outside done and then paint the patterns. Fun fun!

So I've started painting the patterns on.
Started on the trousers as they're the easiest patterns to do. One side is done - three coats of paint and the white is completely white, and none of the blue shows through. So I have to do the otherside now too.
Then its time to finish the shirt and paint the white patterns on in the right places. Which... won't be too hard I think. The patterns are fairly similar on the top and trousers. I'm more concerned about the gold writing on the bottoms of the sleeves. D:

Wow. Doing the trousers was fun.
First I got confused by the pattern, but worked that out fairly swiftly. Then I had to dye them.
I ruined three tea towels and two of my t-shirts in the process, but they look... okay.
The colour isn't perfect, but the dye I wanted to use isn't actually availiable any more. Yet EVERYONE still advertises it. =__= So they're blue-r than they should be. But they look pretty good, as far as I'm concerned.

This is coming on quite nicely.
I'd say the skirt was about 70% done all that remains is the hemming of it, the making and adding of the waist band. I have to add a hook an eye and the ribbon detail. So there are a few jobs left, but its coming together.

The shirt is... getting there slowly. The shirt I'm not too worried about I have the front and back pinned, need to make and pin the sleeves and sew it all together. Then its the making of the cuffs and collar and headscarf.

Last night at God knows what time I started making a new top for Xianghua. The one I had made was made from polycotton and had very little (if any) give in it. I bought some t-shirt fabric from FabricLand a few days before to make boot covers and had a LOT left over, so decided to try making the top from that. I used the same pattern I had as before, followed my typical pattern rules and voila, a new top. Its quite stretchy so it goes on fine. Its off the correct shoulder this time too, and I can make the bottom section and scallop sleeves from left over fabric and re-enforce them with interfacing as they're quite stiff in comparison to the top itself.
I'm going to buy some bright pink t-shirting fabric or cotton for the inside and edge lining.

Y'know I am SOO tempting to get an ebay version of this outfit JUST FOR THE FUCKING GLOVES.
They have cause me so many headaches!! ><
I am THIS close to finishing the bloody thing. but the rings around one of the gloves are co-oporating and I'm being a retard and i keep sewing them too tight, so I can't pull the bastard all the way up! D<
I have all the props finished. Earrings are done and were easy. Choker is done. Made a new star out of fimo. Also made some green bobbles from fimo and varnished them.

HUH. I have to cut more wadding and satin tomorrow to make two new tubes to go around my last glove.
Stupid gloves.

Well, I started painting my shoes last night. Y'know, ten to midnight seemed like a good time.
I've done two coats on the soles of the shoes, and on the edges, and its starting to look okay. I think I'm going to have to mix up some pink and white paint to make it lighter, and it'll probably be about four coats until all the black on the rim and soles is mostly concealed.
Photos soon.

So I started making the headcones last night. Basically didn't want a load of glue making them ugly so I stapled the edges together, turned the right side out and voila, no ugly glue.
To make them sturdy I glued some interfacing inside the headcones. Not my brightest idea ever because now the cones are kind of... well... huge.
Before they were too small, before that too floppy. Now they're a bit to wide.
So going to see if there's a way to make them a little smaller again, before painting them.

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