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Of course I went down with the lurgy in the only 3 weeks I had free to work on cosplay before Hibanacon. Of course I did. Thank you compromised immune system... If I don't have this finished by March 2020, Angelphie officially has permission to publicly shame me for my many failures. I literally just need to sew the skirt and jacket together now. it's not hard, but apparently I hate sewing now. Brain, why?

Met my goal for today, cut out all the pattern pieces for the jacket and lining. ... [Image: Navy cotton drill pattern pieces for a cropped military jacket laid out on a beige carpet.]

Hand-sewed the bow pieces together and then stitched on a brooch back pin. My fingers are a bit sore because a) I still have a lot of problems with fine dexterity and motor control, b) chronic joint pain that's worst in my weird banana-fingers; and c) I'm allergic to nickel, in a world where most hand sewing needles/dressmaking pins are still nickel-plated. Took me a couple of episodes of House after tea tonight to get done. ... [Image: Yellow cotton bow tie lying on a beige carpet.]

I need to actually sew this together and see if it works. I know the knickers will be fine, as I've worked from Kwiksew K3881 before several times, but I'm self-drafting the bralet using some cup inserts as a base, it proved more complicated to work out than expected, which is why I ended up wearing my Katz dancewear crop-top and shorts to Viencon because I'd rather wait until I'm less cog-foggy and more motivated to get it right. I had to alter the strap pattern because halter-necks put too much pressure on my spine and back and can sometimes cause quite painful subluxations due to my hypermobility. And, hard mode, it had to be front-fastening because I really can't do garments that fasten at the back anymore because of damage to my shoulder from repeated disloactions. Also, when making swimwear and dance bras over the last few years, I've encountered the eternal problem of: XS back/band not fitting well with XL front in commercial bikini patterns no matter how you try and Heath Robinson them together. So I'm hoping this works so I can make it in other colours (including orange, ohoho!). ... [Image: Royal blue cotton stretch fabric laid out on a beige carpet with a sewing pattern sitting on top of it and outlines drawing in yellow tailor's chalk.]

I just YOLO'd the pattern freehand out of some leftover scrap fabric and interfacing and extra elastic from the Bug Catcher Hat. Ironed it all on, sewed it together, then painted the design on, easy-peasy. ... [Image: A white bunny-ears scrunchie sitting on a blue, paint-splattered towel, next to a paper towel with red, Tulip fabric paint and a paintbrush.]

Links to photos and videos of our MCM Scotland Comic Con 2019 - Saturday Masquerade "500km" Pokemon Skit: * PhotoGoku -

... [Image: Photo by Photogoku. Raine as Pokemon Breeder in red apron and red glasses and Billie as Bug Catcher wearing blue glasses on the MCM Main Stage performing their Pokemon "500km" Skit. Raine stands on the left, smiling, fist pumping and holding a yellow bucket with paper 5k and 10k eggs in it. Billie slouches, making a whiny tantrum face, on the right holding a blue walking stick and net in one hand and a Magikarp plush in the other, wrists curled in front of body, backs of hands almost touching.]

Raine and I decided to do our first Masquerade together since 2013, just for practice and for a bit of fun. We went full "Here's One I Made Earlier" Aesthetic for our props and mostly tried to use recycled materials. ... [Image: Shoeboxes painted to look like blue road signs and outlined in black Sharpie (several sharpies sat next to boxes); all sat on a blue, paint-spattered towel on a pine farmhouse kitchen table. Text Reading, from left to right - "Glasgow Central 2km", "Braehead Arena, 5km" and "Glasgow Airport, 10km". Which are the approximate distances from the SECC]

Because I am smol and fit Children's shoes, I decided to be accurate and actually buy Startrite PE uniform plimsoles to paint because I am medically banned from wearing supermarket-chic fashion shoes and I figured they'd give me the best arch support. It took 2 layers of paint and because my hands are shaky, I had to use acetone and then shoe cleaning erasers to tidy up and remove the paint I manged to get onto the white rubber soles ... [Image: White and blue painted velcro-strap plimsoles surrounded by paint brushes in a khaki green brush roll and open fabric paint jars; sitting on a paint-splattered blue towel on a pine, farmhouse kitchen table, next to a blue chair.]

I started off with a base kid's net cos it was like £3 instead of £30 for a proper butterfly net. Then I cut the net off, hacked some off-white-green-ish dress net out of the petticoat of a dress I was given for free for a different project, cut it into a connical shape and then hand-sewed it closed and over the hoop. I used the blue cotton ribbon I'd rejected from the hat and wrapped some extra tape around the top of the handle to make sure I wasn't going to be grabbing any random chrome-base-metal when I grabbed the handle. ... [Image: A telescoping children's fishing net with blue netting and handle; sat on grey geometric print bedding.]

I started out with an old straw hat I got for less than £5 on ebay, I was going to use one I already had, but the bow was so well glued on, I couldn't get it off (oh well, bonus hat for another project!). I was originally going to make the ribbon blue, but I changed my mind and ended up going Team Red instead. I glues then sewed the ribbon round the hat and also sewed a length of elastic to it to stop it from blowing off ... [Image: Natural straw hat with green leopard print bow next to blue cotton ribbon on a Bertie's Bows card reel, blue thread and velcro, a hexagon floral needle case and turquoise sewing scissors; all sat on grey geometric print bedding.]

I need some comfy, low-effort Cosplays for "T-shirt Cosplay Days"; just a bit of fun with no stress or pressure to have great make-up, or even wear a wig in some cases. The chronic pain is too real sometimes and now that I realistically need to use a wheelchair for larger events like MCM's, I also need to be able to sit in it without trailing bits of Cosplay into the wheels at least one day of a Con. Plus I love Pokemon and it gives me an excuse to buy plushies as props. *shrugs*

Costober Progress Goal for Week 3-5: October 31st, this is going to take the most time and work and I will not be mad if I don't actually 100% finish it during Costober around other stuff I need to work on; I have several emergency back-up plans. Ideally, I want to be done by Hibanacon, but if it's not ready until Minamicon 2020, I'll count that as a win! ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. A doodled on mock jacket in white cotton, missing 1 sleeve.]

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Sunday 13th, I want to get the Binding on the skirt done and jacket cuffs and shoulder panels at least started. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Other Materials, from left to right - several types of glue (Bostik all-purpose, some Fabric Glue and Aleene's Leather Glue), glass headed pins and a bag of quilting clips above the WIP shoulder panels (silver HTV on grey cotton drill), many packets of silver faux leather bias binding and 4 SeeD Crest Patches.]

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Friday 11th, I want to get the skirt base cut and sewn so I can move onto the binding. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Materials for the jacket and skirt, from left to right - 2 navy/silver zips (short and long), folded navy fabric and Guterman navy/silver thread and glass head pins, pattern info printout and folded silver viscose lining fabric, wide, navy elastic.]

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Tuesday 8th, I've done a mock and altered the commercial pattern to actually fit me, so now I just need to cut out the real thing. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Altered and doodled on paper Pattern.]

Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Monday 7th, all I need to do is hand sew it together and add a brooch back. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. The pieces of a bright yellow cotton bow surrounded by, clockwise from top to bottom left - plastic bags of silver brooch backs, blue/white snips, a floral and white, vintage, patchwork needle case, 2 spool of yellow Guterman cotton thread (1 nearly empty, one full), glass-headed pins.]

So, I worked on this really hard and consistently for about 3-4 months at the end of last year/start of this year, realised my time-frame was unrealistic as it was far more work than it looked like it was... and then I rage quit when I got to the "easy bit". So, after a break to stop hating it so much, I'm picking it up again as my main Costober 2019 Project - about a year on from when I decided to make it in the first place!

... My Goals for Week 1 are: 1. Find & sort out all the materials so I can order anything that's still missing with enough time for it to arrive for when I plan to work on each stage. 2. Update this Journal with a representation of Progress to date (I plan to make a full Progress Book once the project is completed, which I'll link somewhere on the journal or description).

... [Image: A chaotic pile of cosplay supplies, pattern pieces and a Jacket mock spilling out of a cardboard box on a beige carpet.]

So I FINALLY got around to making a start of replacing the hairband I've worn with the various iterations of this Cosplay since 2014! Just because I had all the interfacing and ironing paraphernalia out I though I might as well just cut the patterns for it out at the same time. I also mainly recycled offcuts from Minnie Mouse for the structure so that was good. I adapted the Minted Strawberry Bunny Ears Bow Tutorial Pattern to be bigger and more extra because Final Fantasy: // [Image: Gold/blue shot raw silk taffeta sitting on a raspberry and dragonfly print ironing board next to a paper sewing pattern, white satin hairband, white elastic and a bag of gold beaded trim.]

I was cutting up offcuts of fabric to make a variety of matching bags today just because I felt like it. I also cut out the pattern for Mickey's shorts which I adapted and resized from Simplicity 7568. But I couldn't get the 2nd part cut because apparently past me forgot that corduroy has an obvious striped grain so 1m, if I want it to go up and down the trews, was not gonna cut it - so I had to order more fabric and go onto a different part of the project. Then, I started to interface Minnie's Shirt, Skirt and bloomers, but realised halfway through that despite ordering 10m, the seller had only sent me 6m so I managed to get the bloomers and sleeves interfaced, but nothing else. I did realise I needed to order more interfacing anyway because I forgot how narrow it is and didn't actually take into account how wide the skirt pieces are - oops! So, I've still got loads to work on until the rest of my interfacing arrives, but it was a bit silly on both mine and the shop's parts that there just was not enough interfacing! It really made me wish I had a heat press all day while my shoulders were aching making do with a damp towel and a regular steam iron! // [Image: white bloomers, red and red/white polkadot sleeve facing patterns laid out ready for cutting on lightweight iron-on interfacing.]

I revisited the bloomers pattern I used for Kiki's Delivery Service, but adapted it a little because I want them to be reversible and also because I will have black leggings on underneath, I didn't want them to be see-through so cut two lots of the patterns so they will be lined and once the interfacing arrives, because I want them to be extra pouffy, interfaced as well. I also cut out and used heavyweight interfacing on the 3 interchangeable belts I want to make for this Flipside Fashion. // [Image: White cotton sateen fabric laid out on a beige floor next to a bed covered in a pink/cream floral quilt. pattern pieces are laid, weighted and chalked out on top of the fabric ready for cutting.]

I spammed through so much pattern cutting today. All of the plain red cotton and red/white polkadot fabric got cut out using my adapted and redrafted Butterick 6342 pattern. I learned a lot more about why commercial sewing patterns and ready to wear garments never fit me from working on redrafting this pattern. I have a tiny back, but huge boobs, so when patterns are graded up they tend to do so at the sides of both back and front... which means that the back of a garment is always too loose on me and the front of a garment is usually a bit too tight. The pattern happened to have been cut out in a 32" bust size and when I went to redraft the back, I realised that, once you added a little extra seam allowance, actually, that fitted me, so I just enlarged the front of the bodice both in the middle and at the sides to make up the 4-5" bust difference. // [Image: a length of red/white polkadot cotton fabric laid out across a beige carpet with sewing pattern pieces chalked out on top of it ready for cutting.]

I worked on adapting and drafting various patterns including for the ear covers and resizing the blouse and skirt pattern from a Vintage Butterick 6342 Victorian/Bathing Suit/Bo Peep Costume Sewing Pattern. Whilst I didn't follow the tutorial, I did nab the wikihow Mickey Ears Template to give me a starting point: // [Image: Pieces of mouse ears laid out on a beige carpet. Black velvet hairband and figure 8 shaped fabric ear covers, black craft foam and worbla ear bases; plus cotton quilt batting circles.]

The SeeD Cadet Uniform has been on my Dream Cosplays list since before I knew what Cosplay even was. Sadly a full military style school uniform was beyond 10-year-old me's limited sewing skills for a Halloween costume, but 30-year-old me is fully planning on embracing that dream. I have this weird thing where my favourite character in a given media source or series always ends up being some sort of random NPC or a background character that's only in one scene of a film for 10 seconds. I don't do it on purpose, I just find the side quests and the easter eggs and the throwaway jokes far more hilarious and/or interesting than the main plotline most of the time. I'm gonna to own it - and at least for big groups I won't be fighting over who gets to be the main Player Characters because I will usually want to be the "Monster of the Day" that nobody else remembers, but I love it and that's what cosplay is supposed to be about. Crafting and wearing something for the joy of it all. When I went on my quest to cosplay at least one thing from every FF game from I to X (everything after that is dead to me, sorry not sorry), I really struggled to find a character that I wanted to actually Cosplay that wasn't a recurring monster that I'd already assigned to a different game; I knew I wanted to be a SeeD Cadet and I was fully prepared to be background NPC #75 in order to do it (and when I can't be bothered to wear a wig or take off my glasses, I will 100% do that), but then I remembered the Zell Romance Side Quest and I was sold!

Backdated Progress probably covers about 2 or 3 days of work, so technically this is day 3 or 4 of Progress, but as I didn't keep a proper record back in 2016, I'm resetting for 2018 progress. I got most of the pattern cutting on the accessories done, unless I was missing a specific material (like felt and craft foam for the ears), plus a few other bits and bobs. The gloves are fully cut out and just need sewn together, the bows are 50% cut out (I forgot to order upholstery weight interfacing, oops!) as I didn't want to cut the red/polkadot bows until I'd cut the tops/skirts/belts to see what offcuts I can squeeze the facings onto to keep the textile waste to a minimum. I managed to cut and pin the pyjamas, so they are ready to sew when I next go to work on it. And I got the batting and cover cut for the tail and the batting layer cut for the ears. I also got the small button brooches glued together. All the materials that needed prepped/pre-washing that I hadn't already done, I did the previous week as well (except for the wig and ear base felt as I didn't have them yet). For the gloves, I drafted my own pattern as I needed them to fit my tiny hands, but I bought Momo Kurumi's Glam Bow pattern from etsy for the bows: [Image: Glove materials (white brushed cotton, cotton batting, orange scissors, tailor's chalk, pins, pattern weights) and self-drafted patterns laid out on a beige carpet.]

So, I'm finding the to do list on CI quite time consuming and difficult to use, so I'm going to use my own systems (which include physical notebooks/planners and reward stickers) instead. I'm also in the process of testing various productivity apps for use in CosPlanning. For Minnie Mouse I'm testing both Cosflowy and Cosplanner, so will be reviewing those. So far, I dislike Cosplanner because it's largely unreadable for people with Neurological/Cognitive Issues and some Dyslexic folks and some of its features are the same level of time consuming to update as the CI to do list (but at least CI is black text on white which is relatively readable and convertible with screen covers or lighting change apps, even if some of the fonts are not ideal, especially this one on the journal input which muddles my brain and is the main reason I hate using CI for Cosplay journalling, but I'm trying to force myself to share stuff more and I want to use CI more, it's just not terribly accessible for Disabilities, much like the Con scene as a whole and the world we currently live in). Cosflowy has real potential, however it just crashes atm and is super buggy on Android, so will need a LOT of patches and fixes/updates before I'd consider upgrading to a paid version or recommending it seriously to others. So, the To Do Lists on CI will just be general element headings for the most part (like the Cosplanner Elements or Cosflowy Parts Lists) but the more detailed Itemised Shopping and To Do Lists will be linked to in the Journals or Descriptions on my Cosplays once I have a completed Process Book (which I will put up on my own cosplay blog/website) as it's too much of a struggle to itemise each thing I need to buy individually on the To Do Lists. Most people will find CI's systems time consuming, but may find it worthwhile, for me, it's wasting too many spoons which could instead be used on actually making the Cosplay or creating a workable Process Book and Cosplay Tutorial Blog.

When I started work on this in 2016, I managed to make the skeleton of the tail and the main base for the ears as well as order most of the materials and patterns that I needed. Any outstanding materials were largely ordered in the last week of September or first week of October 2018 and all planning was done on what tasks and things that I needed to do at the same time. Progress I had already made mainly accounted for patterning the tail and ears. I studied x-rays of mice which I found on google and them made myself a skeleton out of Formcard (a similar effect could be achieved with Friendly Plastic Beads like Polymorph or Coolmorph); then wrapped it in tinfoil and sellotape/parcel tape, cut up the side and flattened them out. Then I traced the shapes onto scrap paper, cut those out and transferred them onto an old polywallet before cutting them out of craft foam and hot gluing them together around a length of aluminium armature wire. Then I wrapped the tail in black electrical tape to simulate muscle and also to hold the skeleton in place. With the ears, I used the lid of a plastic tub to cut round shapes out of black worbla and also to shape the worbla over. And then I was struck down with a debilitating Functional Dystonia flare and had to put the bag of supplies to the side for a while until i was recovered enough to start working on it again.

[Image: A green Cutting Mat covered in the various stages of tail pattern drafting. (right) Yellow Formcard 3D sculpted skeleton pieces, (top middle) paper pattern, (bottom middle) tinfoil and parcel tape flattened patterns, (left) polywallet pattern pieces.]

One of the first costumes I ever made which was not a generic Witch/Devil/Vampire or Fairy or other basic dressing up box adventure, when I was about 3-years old was Minnie Mouse. Complete with ribbon tail and painted egg-box/string combo nose… I had all these great plans in 2016, to Celebrate reaching a landmark 10 years as a Cosplayer, which included remaking a bunch of my favourite old Cosplays. I got really excited about making Minnie, I saved up for and bought 90% of the materials and supplies I needed for it; I prepped everything and even made progress on the bases for the ears and tail… And then I had the worst Dystonia Flare in my life to date. I became mostly housebound, sometimes bedbound and I could barely walk: let’s be totally open and honest here, what I was doing was not walking, it was dragging myself around by crossing my legs and swinging them through my crutches, balancing for a few moments then swinging onto the next checkpoint until I could throw myself into a seat then pull myself back upright by my crutches and start again after a short break. If I’d had a supportive and competent GP, realistically with hindsight, I should have been in a wheelchair at that point. I lost all the dexterity in my hands and couldn’t really pick stuff up successfully, let alone thread a needle; and there was absolutely no way for me to safely pattern cut or use a sewing machine! It took most of 2017 to retrain my brain and my body to do even very basic sewing again. And I’m still relearning things now; luckily this also means I’m training myself out of bad habits I’d picked up over the years through having taught myself to sew without ever reading any instruction manuals in the first place, and my sewing game is now much stronger for it; but it completely scuppered any life plans, let alone major Cosplay ones for a couple of years – and just when I was getting back into Cosplay too after a bit of a hiatus. I was not best pleased. But now I’m slowly learning my limitations in life and with how much time it takes for me to make a costume from desire to make the thing through saving up enough pennies to pay for supplies to make the thing, to making the thing and finally being able to wear the thing. I keep picking overambitious projects for too short timeframes based on what I used to be able to do and then having to re-evaluate my life choices and pick something else to do instead when I reach a certain point. Minnie is both something I’ve wanted to make for several years and a replacement project for something bigger that is just taking longer than I’d expected and planned for. But, you know what, I’m OK with that; it’s CosPLAY, not CosSERIOUS after all and I’ll just work my way slowly through everything at my own pace. Right now, the Universe wants me to work on Minnie Mouse...

[Image: A scan of a blurry analogue photo of Billie aged 3 or 4 with a bob haircut being led around by an adult wearing a red skirt dressed as Minnie Mouse in a pink/orange striped official Disney dress with a picture of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck surrounded by flowers on the chest. She has on Plastic Minnie Mouse ears with a red polkadot bow, white lacy socks, pink Mary Jane shoes, a lace/ribbon tail, black painted egg-box nose and is carrying a straw handbag with a pink gingham lining.]

I originally made my Tank Girl cosplay in 2014 and it was super comfortable. A few weeks before Nineworlds I looked at my Cosplay progress and just decided that I wasn't excited about anything I was working on. And when I lose the spark, that's when I know I need a break and to go and make something quick, easy and fun that involves cardboard, craft foam and/or glitter glue. So I dug through my old cosplays to see what I could rewear or repair and I found the hatbox that TG lived in on top of my wardrobe and I got really excited about wearing it again... but Nineworlds 2018 was a 3.5 day con, what was I going to wear for the other 2? I had another dig around and found a box with random vests and leggings in it marked "Tank Girl" and realised I'd at some point intended to make more versions... or at least some extra vests so I could wear TG for a whole con without getting stinky; I poked around in my Cosplay hardrive and found a bunch of references I'd already saved for inspiration. Turns out I got a bit overexcited because I love TG so much and I made most of 3 versions, having forgotten I already had the base layers from 2014... But that's OK, because I didn't have time to complete one version due to mishaps with dye so it all worked out and I ended up with 3 complete TG's, a spare vest and plenty of leftover enthusiasm to finish the 4th variant and small props as and when I have more time.

[Images: Billie leans over a metal security gate dressed as TG wearing black shorts and a vest with a black felt bowler hat covered in flowers, badges and belts with a towel loincloth. She has on odd striped purple/teal socks and brown gloves as well as micropore tape on her face and ripped grey tights with grey biker boots.]

I need some stealth cosplays that aren't strictly speaking cosplays (but also they totally are still cosplays). Going to cons out of cosplay is something I need to do sometimes if my skin is too sore to deal with makeup and wigs or if I'm too tired and in too much pain to wear anything that isn't fundamentally a tshirt or tunic and leggings. But it makes me unhappy when I'm forced to not cosplay because I'm too ill to. One of my BFF's, Zomboi, used to wear a Nightvale Intern cosplay when we were still doing stalls at cons with Blood/Sugar Cosplay and I've sort of nicked that idea a few times by wearing a nerdy t-shirt and calling myself a "Capsule Corp. Intern" or worn a Red Room Academy t-shirt with black leggings and a ginger wig and called myself a "Trainee Black Widow". So, it's about making a tshirt cosplay that requires no wigs or makeup and basically, unless you know I'm cosplaying because I've explained myself in person, or you recognise my stupid in-joke from my social media pages or because you've bumped into me in one of my Intern cosplays before, I'd pass for being in my street clothes. Sometimes I need to be comfortable and out of full cosplay to practice good self care when my health isn't as good; but that doesn't mean I can't low-key cosplay in a Stark Industries Tee or an Arkham Asylum Lab Coat and knock up an Intern pass card for any imaginary corporation I wish to pretend to work for on photoshop. It also plays big time into my constant, burning need to cosplay as obscure NPC's and background characters that often aren't even actually named in the credits of their media of origin; second only to my love of cosplaying as inanimate objects.

I test wore the cosplay at Kupocon PMP 2018 and really enjoyed it. It definitely needs more glitter and a bit of extra TLC. I want to restyle the wig and make a new hairband as well. [Image: Billie wearing a blue glittery dress, ginger curly wig, gold hairband, gold bangles, blue legwarmers, blue mary jane shoes, gold necklace and silver 80's science goggle glasses. She stands feet crossed in front of eachother, one arm extended outward and ther arm blancing herself on her rollator which is covered with a patterned scarf which looks very Amano inspired. She is standing in a hotel elevator lobby in front of a mirror and a shiny black plant pot with fake ferns in it.]

I cog-fogged and muddled up the instructions for the glue and the dye. Dye = washable after 24hrs. Glue = washable after 7days. I managed to wash off about a quarter of the rhinestones and spent 2hrs reattatching them once the dress dried out. C'est last vie! This is why I don't con-crunch anymore.

[Image: Royal blue chiffon dress over a pillow with a plastoc bag over it covered in blue spary shimmer dye and rhinestones. Some rhinestones are missing.]

Today I sprayed the dress and leotard with shimmer. They need a layer of glitter to add a 3rd texture of sparkle just to make it pop. But unless the other glitter spray arrives tomorrow, that's going to have to wait until rewears. I like it so far but it just needs that little bit extra from another type of glitter to be done. Once they are dry they'll need heat fixed with a quick iron and possibly hand washed just to get rid of any excess paint on the rhinestones so I don't transfer blue onto other people and surfaces by accident.

[Image: Blue chiffon dress stretched over an old pillow in a plastic bag. Ditto a blue leotard. Both are hanging from a washing line I front if a blue sky and a blue shed. Both are sprayed with Marabu shimmer spray in a lighter blue shade. The dress is also covered in hand placed assorted blue rhinestones.]

So I did the front frills on both sides of the dress and that took about 2hrs in total with plenty of breaks throughout the day. I'm not sure if I want to rhinestone the back frills or if I want to glitter spray them so I'm making that decision in the morning when I'm less tired and leaving it at about 8 hours of rhinestoning and about 300 individually placed rhinestones or thereabouts over 3 days. It may go up to 350 or 400 tomorrow or that may be enough rhinestones if I decide to glitter the back frills instead. I'll figure it out.

[Image: Royal blue chiffon dress over a pillow in a plastic bag. Assorted blue hand placed rhinestones added to frills.]

I spent maybe 2 hours actually rhinestoning the bodice and back collar over a 4 hour period. I did better at taking regular breaks and got only marginally less work done; though part of that was due to deliberate design choices like rhinestones not being the most comfortable thing to sit on and wanting to add glitter in certain areas for a different texture of sparkle.

[Image: Blue chiffon dress bodice stretched over an old pillow in a plastic bag to stop the layers sticking together - covered in assorted blue rhinestones hand placed.]

Bedazzling begins. I spent around 4 hours rhinestoning both sides of the skirt at around 2 hours each side. I popped on a Kdrama and just kept sticking until I'd watched 4 or 5 episodes and my arms ached too much to continue. I know I should have taken more breaks (and I did take several in that time), but I find rhinestoning theraputic and I tend to turn my brain off while I'm doing it and don't really notice the time. I do need to get better at balancing regular breaks with working on things though to avoid exhaustion and injury.

I also cleaned and polished my shoes because I failed at being a good House Elf and apparently I'd been on the beach in them and put them away covered in sand at some point last summer... I REALLY need to work on my organising systems so that I'm not always in the position of scrambling to repair, clean and dry everything the week before I need to pack it for the next event or con. 2018 Lifestyle Design Goals.

[Image: A royal blue chiffon dress covered in individually placed assorted blue rhinestones while resting over an old pillow wrapped in a plastic bag to stop me from sticking the dress together accidentally with fabric glue and spangles.]

Thursday 25th Jan 2018:

I cut the shoulders of the dress open, hand hemmed them then hand sewed ribbons to them.

[Image: Portrait of Billie's torso wear in a blue chiffon dress with ruffle detail down the sides both front and back. With ribbons ties at shoulders. Underneath she wears a navy tank top and black leggings. One arm bent at the elbow and hand on hip, the other arm extended to take the selfie of the altered base dress. This is an old Warehouse dress in royal blue chiffon with an elasticated waist. For some reason this image has uploaded sideways.]


1. Locate Pig Mask
2. Locate bag with Jewellery/Accessories in it
3. Find Shoes
- M.N. Use your blue Hotter Shake Mary Janes as you hurt your hip yesterday, so heels are a bad plan atm.
- + Polish shoes if necessary, but may not have to if I put them away clean like a good House Elf. (26th/Fri)
4. Find Wig
5. Find Tights

Whenever they show up in the post (HOPEFULLY) before the 30th/Tues:

6. Wash: Bra & Legwarmers

Due to a number of setbacks with Krile, including severely underestimating how long it would take to make it, I decided to just repair and update my Dancing Girl from 2014 using stuff I already had lying around the weekend before Kupocon: Pomingham Palace 2018. I would have just worn the 2014 version... except that I rewore it to death/tore the dress beyond repair (but not beyond recycling the fabric for something else). After I took my break to re-evaluate what I wanted out of cosplay, I 100% gave up con-crunching (not least because I am physically no longer capable of doing it). If a cosplay isn't finished by the end of the week before an event (and I can usually tell by the Wednesday if that's going to be the case), I am just going to make it be for the next event I go to and finish it for then; and repair and rewear something I already have or make a silly quick project out of cardboard and duct tape if I'm going to find that gets me more motivated and excited to keep cosplaying and for the event. Overall though, Dancing Girls are my favourite villains in the FF series and it's on my Dream Cosplay To Do List that I want to cosplay as pretty much most Dancer Job Class versions of all the Characters I want to Cosplay and as all the colourways of the FFIV Dancing Girls, plus Arylon from FFI. I wanted to do the FFIII NES Sprite version anyway, which is why I had kept the accessories from my 2014 version and the old dress I'm using to adapt for Kupocon - I just wan't going to do it until next year. But, plans change and clearly the Universe wants me to be a Dancing Girl again right now. Honestly, they are my favourite and my 2014 version made me feel so powerful and just, right - the most myself I've ever felt... which is why I wore it to disintegration point. It's one of 3 things that decided me that IRL, part of my professional life had to be some sort of Dance or Performance Art because I feel alive when I dance. And I feel alive when I cosplay as Final Fantasy Dancers and Dancing Girls. [Image: Billie wearing a red silk sleeveless dress, gold necklace, gold bangles, gold hairband, pink bob wig, gold/silver flat shoes and holding a pig mask in one hand. One arm is down in front of her and bent at the elbow. The other arm is bent above her head. One leg is pointed to the side, toes pointed. She stands in front of dead ferns and some trees. The Photo was taken at Auchinawa 2014 by Alasdair Watson Photography and is watermarked: ]

So, I want to do Hyrule Warriors Great Fairy, but it's quite a heavily involved cosplay, so I think that it's actually going to take me longer than I'd originally planned for. I'm aiming to have the wig done at least in time for Amecon 2018. I'm going to give myself until June to see how much progress I've made on the actual costume parts as I also have other plans I want to complete for Amecon 2018 and then I will initiate standby Power mode if I know for a fact at that point there's no way to get Fountain Fairy done in time, as making a set of boot covers and sewing some ivy leaves to a bodysuit will only take me a month; even if I procrastinate massively (which I am not going to do!). It's also a bravery/body confidence thing because the reason I've not done Great Fairy before, even though I desperately wanted to, was lack of confidence that I'd look good as her... So, screw it, regardless of whether or not I get Hyrule Warriors/Fountain Fairy done by Amecon 2018, I'm going to make Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask/Power version as well and get multiple uses out of the wig. As well as being a bee at some point, of course...

I've wanted to cosplay Great Fairy for about as long as I've been cosplaying, but until Hyrule Warriors came out, I wasn't inspired and excited enough by any of her designs to actually do it. I've been saving diligently and amassing materials slowly over a 2-year period to do the Fountain version of the costume (and then I can do Forest when I have enough money to make upgraded Bee parts because I can't not be a Bee). I'm making the dream come true in 2018.

1. December 2017:

1. 4th -10th
2. 11th - 17th
3. 18th - 24th (?)

2. January 2018:

4. 1st - 7th (?)
5. 8th - 14th
6. 15th - 21st
7. 22nd - 28th

Either - 7 Weeks (49 Days)
OR - 5 Weeks (35 Days)

I need approximately 17 to 20 days to make this costume; 30 days to be safe in case of any mishaps or miscalculations of how long it will take to do a task (like me thinking it will take a day and it actually takes 2). Obviously, I will have days in that timescale where I have hospital/dr's appointments and other obligations that mean I can't work on it every day and I'm not sure which days I'm taking off for Christmas and New Years' yet so it might change a bit but provisionally, provided I knuckle down and just get on with it and I don't do something foolish like fully dislocate my shoulder again (which has already delayed construction by a month) then this should be doable in 1 to 2 months. There was a time when I would con-crunch something like this out in a week before the con, but I'm trying my best not to fall into that behaviour pattern again.


I should be able to do:

1. Prep-Work and Wig
2. Pattern Drafting and Cutting
3. Accessories
4. Shoes
5. Cosplay Testing and Any Adjustments

Over about 5 weeks if I concentrate and work on it a little bit every day, but still take a few days off each week.

1. Pre-Wash Wig (forgot to add to original list)
2. Curl/Style wig and cut fringe
1. Make-up test with current kit (Do this at start of project and at end of project)
2. Acquire any additional make-up as required (unlikely to be needed unless something needs replaced)

1. Paint Cabochons*
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x3)
4. Glue or Hand Sew Together

1. Paint Cabochons*
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x2)
4. Glue or Hand Sew Together

1. Paint Cabochons*
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x2)
4. Cut out Cuffs
5. Glue or Hand Sew Together
1. Pre-Wash Fabric
2. Cut out Pattern
3. Make/Sew Crop-Top

1. Adapt Commercial Sewing Pattern (Child's - Draft Adult Size)
2. Draft/Cut out Pattern
3. Make/Sew Skirt
1. Acquire or make appropriate Cosplay Underwear

I may be able to get away with not wearing a bra depending on how structured I make the crop-top. Which option I choose will be subject to availability of an appropriate bra and how much each option would cost.
Option 1:
1. Buy Bra
2. Dye Bra Orange (if necessary or go with a beige bra)
Option 2:
1. Buy Base Bra
2. Cover Bra in Orange Viscose/Cotton (I would order an extra meter and more thread if choosing this option)
Option 3:
1. Choose and then order a commercial sewing pattern or self-draft from an old bra
2. Order Materials
a. Sewing Pattern (if necessary)
b. Orange Cotton Thread
c. Orange Viscose or Cotton Stretch Fabric (2m approx. – check pattern)
d. Wide Elastic for Band (ideally orange, but cream or white would work too)
e. Fasteners
3. Draft/Cut out Pattern
4. Make/Sew Bra

1. Buy knickers (probably the Boody seamless ones in beige or white are ideal for this)
2. Buy socks (the Sock Shop ones you got for Kiki would be great, just buy more of them)
3. OR: Buy tights (Mondor Bamboo Ice Skating Tights in the paler shade unless you can find better ones)
1. Order Materials
a. Nickel Free Snap Fasteners or Buckles (I might have done this when I ordered the ones for the wrist cuffs, but not sure if they are quite right for the job until I test them)
b. Worbla (Forgot to add this to the original list)
2. Paint Cabochons*
3. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
4. Cut out Daisies (x2)
5. Cut/Edit Base Shoes into the right shape
6. Draft Shoe Cover Pattern
7. Cut out Shoe Covers
8. Cut & Shape Worbla Base
10. Glue or Hand Sew Shoe Covers together
11. Glue or Hand Sew Daisies together
12. Attach Shoe Covers
13. Attach Daisies
1. Make or Buy colourful Ribbons to decorate mobility aids with

1. Decide on what method of adding the designs to use
2. Order Materials for designs
a. Fray Stop (?)
b. Puff Paint (?)
c. Silk or Viscose Thread in appropriate colours (?)
d. Fabric Paint (?)
e. Embroidery Thread (?)
3. Dye 1 ribbon orange
4. Trim and hem Ribbons
5. Figure out and draft designs
6. Paint, Print or Stitch Designs onto Ribbons
7. OPTIONAL: Buy or Make Ribbon Dance Staves
a. Sticks
b. Clips
c. Ribbon to Cover

Krile Mayer Baldesion:

Krile Mayer Baldesion GALLERY:

Dancer (Final Fantasy V):

Can Be Equipped By Dancers:

Weapons = Knives & Ribbons




(Dancing Dagger is the one I'm interested in, but others can be equipped too...)

Armour & Accessories = Rainbow Robes, Lamia's Tiara & Red Slippers





1. Acquire base wig (blonde ponytail) and wefts or additional ponytail clip if necessary
2. Curl/Style wig and cut fringe


1. Make-up test with current kit
2. Acquire any additional make-up as required (unlikely to be needed unless something needs replaced)


1. Order Materials
a. Base Hair-Clip
b. Orange Leather or Craft Foam
c. Blue Buttons or Cabochons
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x3)
4. Glue or Hand Sew Together

1. Order Materials
a. Nickel Free Earring Backs (I may already have some – go have a look first)
b. Orange Leather or Craft Foam
c. Blue Buttons or Cabochons
d. May need to get more special jewellery glue (?)
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x2)
4. Glue or Hand Sew Together

1. Order Materials
a. Nickel Free Snap Fasteners or Buckles
b. Orange Leather or Craft Foam
c. Cream Leather or Craft Foam
d. Yellow Buttons or Cabochons
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x2)
4. Cut out Cuffs
5. Glue or Hand Sew Together


1. Choose and then order a commercial sewing pattern or self-draft from an old bra
2. Order Materials
a. Sewing Pattern (if necessary)
b. Orange Cotton Thread
c. Orange Viscose or Cotton Stretch Fabric (2m approx. – check pattern)
d. Wide Elastic for Band (ideally orange, but cream or white would work too)
3. Draft/Cut out Pattern
4. Make/Sew Crop-Top


1. Choose and then order a commercial sewing pattern or self-draft
2. Order Materials
a. Sewing Pattern (if necessary)
b. Sky Blue Cotton Thread
c. Sky Blue Viscose or Cotton Stretch Fabric (2m approx. – check pattern)
d. Wide Elastic for Waistband (ideally sky blue, but cream or white would work too)
e. Snap Fasteners or similar
3. Draft/Cut out Pattern
4. Make/Sew Skirt


1. Acquire or make appropriate Cosplay Underwear

I may be able to get away with not wearing a bra depending on how structured I make the crop-top. Which option I choose will be subject to availability of an appropriate bra and how much each option would cost.

Option 1:
1. Buy Bra
2. Dye Bra Orange (if necessary or go with a beige bra)

Option 2:
1. Buy Base Bra
2. Cover Bra in Orange Viscose/Cotton (I would order an extra meter and more thread if choosing this option)

Option 3:
1. Choose and then order a commercial sewing pattern or self-draft from an old bra
2. Order Materials
a. Sewing Pattern (if necessary)
b. Orange Cotton Thread
c. Orange Viscose or Cotton Stretch Fabric (2m approx. – check pattern)
d. Wide Elastic for Band (ideally orange, but cream or white would work too)
e. Fasteners
3. Draft/Cut out Pattern
4. Make/Sew Bra

1. Buy knickers (probably the Boody seamless ones in beige or white are ideal for this)
2. Buy socks (the Sock Shop ones you got for Kiki would be great, just buy more of them)
3. OR: Buy tights (Mondor bamboo Ice Skating Tights in the paler shade unless you can find better ones)

Much like the bra, this is going to be very dependent on availability and budget.

Option 1:
1. Buy Sky-Blue Gym Knickers or similar

Option 2:
1. Choose and then order a commercial sewing pattern or self-draft from some old gym knickers
2. Order Materials
a. Sewing Pattern (if necessary)
b. Sky Blue Cotton Thread
c. Sky Blue Viscose or Cotton Stretch Fabric (2m approx. – check pattern)
d. Wide Elastic for Waistband (ideally sky blue, but cream or white would work too)
3. Draft/Cut out Pattern
4. Make/Sew Gym Knickers


1. Order Materials
a. Nickel Free Snap Fasteners or Buckles
b. Orange Leather or Craft Foam
c. Cream Leather or Craft Foam
d. Yellow Buttons or Cabochons
e. Base Shoes
2. Draft Daisy Petals Pattern*
3. Cut out Daisies (x2)
4. Cut/Edit Base Shoes into the right shape
5. Draft Shoe Cover Pattern
6. Cut out Shoe Covers
7. Glue or Hand Sew Shoe Covers together
8. Glue or Hand Sew Daisies together
9. Attach Shoe Covers
10. Attach Daisies


1. Make or Buy colourful Ribbons to decorate mobility aids with

1. Decide on a colour (or make 1 blue, 1 orange)
2. Order Materials
a. Silk or Viscose Fabric (1m each colour approx.)
b. Fray Stop (?)
c. Silk or Viscose Thread in appropriate colours (?)
d. Fabric Paint
e. Embroidery Thread (?)
3. Cut out Ribbons
4. Sew together/hem Ribbons
5. Figure out and draft designs
6. Paint, Print or Stitch Designs onto Ribbons
7. OPTIONAL: Buy or Make Ribbon Dance Staves
a. Sticks
b. Clips
c. Ribbon to Cover

Dates are the first time I wore them to a convention and do not include rewears and repairs; though notes may be left beside cosplays where the date of first wearing may be ambiguous. This also doesn’t count commissions, things I made for friends or any student/semi-professional theatrical costuming work that I did between 2008 and 2014; just cosplays I made or bought for myself to wear.


1. Nursery School Costume Contest, 1991 or 1992:
Minnie Mouse (Disney’s House of Mouse). This is the first non-generic character costume I did and that I made anything for myself – an egg-box nose and ribbon tail. I would have been about 3 maybe?
2. General Dressing Up & School No Uniform Days/World Book Days/Halloween Parties, 1995-2000:
Hikari “Kari” Kamiya (Digimon), Holly (Monster Rancher), Minnie the Minx (The Beano), Polyester (Samurai Pizza Cats), I’m pretty sure I was a Power Ranger and a Ninja Turtle at some point too, also a roller-skating Dalek. There’s probably more, this is just what I can remember wearing and “making” that wasn’t a generic Fairy/Demon/Nativity Costume/Witch/Vampire, etc.
3. Pokémon “Shows”, 1998-2000:
Pretty Much Every Generation 1 Female Character, plus some Pokémon (Pokémon). This was a thing my cousins, brother and I did which mainly consisted of singing along to the Team Rocket Song and making our adult relatives listen to it.
4. Halloween, 2004 or 2005: Link, Kid Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and I did some sort of OC Sailor Scout, Sailor Sun (Sailor Moon) for something during this time period, or maybe 2003?


1. Keroberos/Kero (Cardcaptor Sakura) *This was my First OFFICIAL Cosplay the year I began considering myself a Cosplayer!*
2. Ariel, “Shipwrecked” (Disney’s The Little Mermaid)
3. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, 1950’s Party Style (Sailor Moon)
4. Alice, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat/EGA/Neo-Victorian Style (Alice: Through the Looking Glass)
5. Minx, Episode 55: The Stingers Hit the Town Part 2 (Jem & the Holograms)


1. Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless)
2. Momiji Souma, Manga/Blue Bunny Hoodie (Fruits Basket)
3. Ariel, Mermaid (Disney’s The Little Mermaid) – Started in 2006, but not completed until 2007
4. James, Team Rocket Uniform (Pokémon)
5. Shuichi Shindo, Manga/Artbook Casual Striped Shirt (Gravitation)
6. Nymphadora Tonks, Book/Weird Sisters Tee (Harry Potter)
7. Princess Ai, Manga (Princess Ai)


1. The Brave Little Toaster (Disney’s The Brave Little Toaster)
2. Bob Fossil, No Trousers Version/The Book of Boosh Promo Image (The Mighty Boosh: Zooniverse)
3. Mr. Rabbit, Neo Victorian/Steampunk Style (Alice in Wonderland)
4. Tohru Honda, Pink Sweater (Fruits Basket)
5. Pumpkin Pai & Miss Estelle, Lolita/All Hallows’ High Uniform (OC)
6. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, Black Lace Artbook (Sailor Moon)
7. Lisa Garland (Silent Hill 3)


1. Hagumi Hanamoto, Manga/Artbook (Honey & Clover)
2. Peter Pan (Disney’s Peter Pan)
3. Shin, Dungarees/Human Disguise (Pretear)
4. Rhodopis, Steampunk Automaton/A Gentleman’s Adventures (OC)
5. Wanda Venus Fairywinkle (Fairly Odd Parents)
6. Marik Ishtar (Yu-gi-oh!)
7. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler)
8. Lisa Garland, Dying (Silent Hill 3)
9. Luna Lovegood, Bill & Fleur’s Wedding/Yellow Robes/Book (Harry Potter)
10. Draco Malfoy, Book (Harry Potter)
11. Lightning Lass/Light Lass/Spark, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds (DC’s Legion of Superheroes)
12. Poison Ivy, TAS/Bruce Timm (DC’s Batman/Gotham Girls)
13. Shiki (Togainu No Chi)


1. Blink, X-Force/Earth 616 (Marvel’s X-Men)
2. Robin, Teen Titans (DC’s Batman/Teen Titans)
3. Witch (Left 4 Dead 2)
4. Mytho, Practice Uniform (Princess Tutu)
5. Mytho, “Pantsless Prince” (Princess Tutu)
6. Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, House of M Cover (Marvel’s X-Men: House of M)
7. Hana (Hana is Not a Boy’s Name)
8. Noodle, Cyborg (The Gorrillaz)
9. Ivan, The Apprentice (Oglaf)


1. Erik Lensherr/Magneto, X-Suit (X-Men: First Class)
2. Lady Devimon (Digimon)
3. Scanty, Uniform (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
4. Rin, Matryoshka (Vocaloid)
5. Rin, Halloween Meltic Dream (Vocaloid)
6. Rin, Love Coloured Ward (Vocaloid)


1. Team Rocket Grunt (Pokémon)
2. Shizuka Marikawa (Highschool of the Dead)
3. John Egbert (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
4. John Egbert, White Suit (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
5. Jake English (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
6. Neophite Redglare (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
7. Sollux Captor (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
8. Marcline The Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)
9. Lady Loki, Inspired by MCU/Avengers Assemble (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor)
10. Lady Loki, Hipster (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor)
11. Ivan, Rubbish Tiger (Oglaf)


1. Tomoyo Daidoujou/Madison, Gym/PE Uniform (Cardcaptor Sakura)
2. Beauty Yu/Yu Meiren, Fury Form (Dynasty Warriors: Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2)
3. Rose Lalonde, Black Squid (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
4. Roxy Lalonde (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
5. John Egbert, Fem! Trickster (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
6. Mrs. Hudson, A Scandal in Belgravia (BBC’s Sherlock)
7. Pepper Potts, Casual Stark Employee (Marvels’ Avengers/Iron Man)
8. Drizella Tremaine, Goon (Skirtzzz’s Disney Dress-Spheres Fanart)
9. Puppet Nurse, Green/Brunette (Silent Hill)
10. Briefs, Fem! (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)
11. Briefs, Fem! PE/Gym Uniform (Gainax’s Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)
12. Kiki, Witch/Movie (Studio Ghibli/Kiki’s Delivery Service)


1. Rose Lalonde (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck)
2. Her Imperious Condescension/Condesce (MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck) – Begun in 2012, but not completed until 2014
3. Uinen Lady of the Sea (Tolkien’s The Silmarillion)
4. Pepper Potts, MCU/Avengers Assemble (Marvels’ Avengers/Iron Man)
5. Polaris, Green Power (Marvel’s X-men)
6. Lum Invader, PE/Gym Uniform (Urusei Yatsura)
7. Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, 90’s Goth Casual (Sailor Moon)
8. Tank Girl (Tank Girl)
9. Dancing Girl, Red/FFIV (Final Fantasy)


1. Darcy Lewis, MCU/Thor (Marvel’s Avengers/Thor) – Made in 2014, but Unworn until 2015
2. Natasha Romanoff/Natalia Romanov, Miami Fanart by Sairobi (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
3. Nina Ninotchka, Black Widow (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
4. J.A.R.V.I.S, Human (Marvel’s Iron Man/Avengers)
5. Video Killed the Radio Star, Cardboard TV Head (Just Dance 3)
6. Zatanna Zatara (DC’s Zatanna/Gotham Girls)


1. Natasha Romanoff/Natalia Romanov, Red Room Academy Ballet Practice Uniform (Marvel’s Black Widow/Avengers)
2. James/Kojiro, Beauty & The Beach Bikini (Pokémon)
3. Chel (Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado)
4. Harley Quinn, Mad Love (DC’s Batman/Gotham Girls)


1. DeeCon (4th April 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

2. Planet Folkestone’s Geekfest (10th May 2014)
[With Tolkien Cosplayers as Charity Fundraising Helper Elves]
- The Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, England, UK

This was fun and really more of an excuse to go on holiday to somewhere we'd never been before, and for Zomboi to meet people from Red Dwarf. I liked being an in character helper and would happily do more of this sort of thing in the future.

3. LFCC: London Film & Comic Con (5th-7th July 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Earls Court 2, London, England, UK

It was fine. Showmasters events just aren't for me. Raine and I did a couple after this, but it's just not my thing.

6. MCM Scotland Comic Con (6th-7th September 2014)
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Basically, just went because everyone else was and it was an excuse to hang out with friends in cosplay.

7. Auchinawa (14th-16th November 2014)
- Glasgow Marriott Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Another end of an era.

8. The Big Glasgow Comic Mart: A Series of Fortunate Comic Events Part 1 (6th December 2014)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Walkabout, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

BGCP Marts are not well-run events and this one was a ghost-town. After this and LFCC, it was really the nail in the coffin for doing events as a stallholder for me. It wasn't a good fit as a career and this was the deadline I'd set myself to end test trading and make a decision as to whether it was going to become my full-time job or if I was going to pack it in. I was also doing a very similar thing with my textile design/art work alongside this and just overall it wasn't right for me and wasn't making me either happy or profit. I made myself really ill trying to be self-employed as a trader and it just wasn't worth it. I tried it, I couldn't do it and that's OK; now it was time to move on to something new.



1. VideoGames LIVE Tour (27th March 2015)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

In mirror to the first VGL Glasgow, I went up onstage for the cosplay contest (as a FF Dancing Girl) and really enjoyed the experience even without winning anything, especially as I had given up masquerading for a while due to my deteriorating health; I think I maybe did 3 or 4 between 2010 and 2014?

2. DeeCon (4th April 2015)
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

The first DeeCon I did as an attendee. It was really odd not to be behind a stall.

3. Edinburgh Comic Con (11th-12th April 2015)
- Potterow, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

It was fun, but not really my thing. I went to it to see what it was like and to hang out with Angelphie.

4. Fife Lolita Tea Society Meet (27th April 2015)
- Discovery Point & RRS Discovery, Dundee, Scotland, UK

I'd been into Lolita and J-fashion and K-fashion as a teenager and after years of living in bland tees and jeans, thought I'd quite like to revisit it. I'm definitely an Event Lolita and not a Lifestyle one though, but it was nice to go to this and a few other events and see how the scene had changed since I dropped out and meet some lovely people.

5. BHP’s Comic & Toy Fair (14th March 2015)
- Renfield Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It wasn't really an event, just a nerdy craft fair, which is what I expected. Mainly went because a friend had a stall and I wanted to hang out with them that weekend.

6. KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque (15th May 2015)
[Performer & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- Cult Rock Club, The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Blood/Sugar were given the option of a stall and we thought it would be a good way to sell some leftover stock. I was also given the opportunity to perform as someone else pulled out at the last minute and I'd applied, but been rejected. I'm not going to talk too much about it here though because I'm very aware that the Burlesque stuff is 18+ and this site is 13+ and you can't age-lock specific posts or costumes, so I'll keep the non-cosplay related stuff to a minimum and won't be listing my burlesque costumes on here (although some of my cosplays may be rigged for burlesque or another performance artform). I did realise from this though that I missed performing and being on stage (having not done any amateur dramatics since I graduated Uni) and went back to college to do Acting and Theatre Performance as an experiment.

7. MARVELESQUE Burlesque & Cabaret Show (30th May 2015)
[Sound Tech & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- Kage Nightclub, Dundee, Scotland, UK

This was also just a clearance stall to get rid of deadstock and old cosplays. I ended up Teching the show as a favour for a friend. Again, only mentioned because we did have a stall of sorts.

8. Edinburgh Summer ILD (6th June 2015)
- The Howard, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

9. BHP’s Glasgow Comic Con (3rd-5th July 2015)
- CCA & Renfield Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I didn't really enjoy it, but someone had recommended the event to me, so I thought it was worth at least trying it. I did a lot of smaller events in Scotland in 2015 since there was no big summer convention as Ayacon had just finished and Amecon ended up cancelled as another event (which failed and was ultimately cancelled anyway) poached the venue and dates; so instead of having to save money for one or two big events, I was able to attend lots of smaller ones. Especially as I was mainly going to cons where I didn't have to pay for accommodation as I could crash at friends' places. I could also afford to do more events because I really wasn't making any cosplays for a while and was mainly re-wearing things I'd made in 2012-2014.

10. Dundee Big Geek Meet (1st August 2015)
- Dundee, Scotland, UK

I went to this because a friend said they were going and I could do it as a day trip and would get to see them. That friend didn't turn up and I was on my own with a load of strangers; I really did not have fun and this sort of poorly planned "let's wander about and hang out in a park or something" meet-up was fine when I was a teenager and had relatively good mobility, but in my mid-20's and needing crutches and there by myself it was really not OK anymore. I went, I saw what it was about, I was not comfortable with the atmosphere (and later found out it was associated with Anime League, which is not something I want to support). It was a mistake, I did the thing, I will not do the thing again.

11. Lolitas: Louise Anne Kennedy Photography Exhibition (10th August – 19th September 2015)
- Fife FOTOSPACE, The Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Scotland, UK

12. Film & Comic Con Glasgow (22nd-23rd August 2015)
- Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It was a Showmasters event, I have learnt through trail and error that, that is not really my thing. I went because I'd never been to a Collectormania and felt I should go at least once. It was fine and it was good fun to hang out with friends there, but I wasn't excited about it.

13. MCM Scotland Comic Con (26th-27th September 2015)
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

14. Comic Mart & KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque (3rd October 2015)
[Performer & Stallholder with Blood/Sugar Cosplay]
- The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

We did the stall at Comic Mart because it was to fundraise for the Panopticon, we were going anyway because I was accepted to perform at Kapow!!! again and it was back to being a sort of bring-and-buy that we do occasionally if we need to have a collective cosplay clear-out.

15. MEGAbytes Cosplay School: Sewing for the terrified! (16th December 2015)
[Co-Host & Workshop Facilitator]
- MEGAbytes, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I really enjoyed co-hosting this with Madmazda86 (who organised it) and Megabytes is an ace place to hang out when you're in Glasgow. It made me realise that I love teaching people about cosplay and motivated me to start making tutorials and planning to do more panels and workshops at cons once I'm well enough.



1. Raicon (12th March 2016)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was the first ever Raicon and we went on a kind of whim and none of us went in cosplay; but we're super glad that we went in the end because Raicon has proven to have the potential to grow into an excellent event with a bit of time and practice at running them. Honestly, it's one that I will always try and make time to attend.

2. DeeCon (9th April 2016)
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

So, this was the con that made me realise that crutches weren't cutting it anymore and I was forced to admit that I needed a rollator as my mobility was deteriorating rapidly again, after having levelled out for a short while.

4. KAPOW!!! – Cosplay Burlesque Presents (20th May 2016)
- The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I'm only mentioning the Kapow!!! events because they are cosplay related, but not going to go into detail with them on here.

5. Cos-Con & Remnant Kings Cosplay Meet-Up (17th July 2016)
- Remnant Kings, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

It was a cute thing that the Cos-Con team did in advance of their Glasgow event where you got a decent discount on supplies at Remy King's if you went to their meet up. It was also supposed to let people get to know each other before the event; a bit like Cosplay Scotland and Glasgow Anime weree for Auchinawa way back in the day.

6. Amecon (29th-31st July 2016)
- Warkwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

This was the only event I made costumes for in 2016 and only 1 of 2 where I even wore a cosplay. I was really ill again after pushing myself to do self-employment and go back to college to re-train when that didn't work out; I decided not to return to college as it wasn't right for me and I wasn't well enough to do it. I don't feel like I shouldn't have done Amecon 2016 in the same way that I shouldn't have done Amecon 2012; but it made me take a good, hard look at my priorities re: cosplay and what sorts of events I was attending and the motivation behind going to and making certain things.

7. Cos-Con (13th-14th August 2016)
- Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I didn't really go with anyone, but I did know people there so I had friends to hang out with; unfortunately due to it being so close to Amecon, most people couldn't afford it too. The only reason I was able to go at all was because the money that normally would have covered my cosplay budget for the year was not used up because I just didn't make very much (and had spent very little of it in 2015 too) and really, apart from Amecon, everything I went to was reasonably cheap to go to because it was mostly day or weekend trips and I could stay with friends and family for them. This was a really fun event and it made me realise that I really enjoy panels and learning about how other people create cosplay.

8. Film & Comic Con Glasgow (20th-21st August 2016)
[With Unicorns & Queens – Stall Staff]
- Braehead Area, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Raine wanted to start up her own shop and I agreed to help out with her first couple of events as an investment as a friend.

9. MCM Scotland Comic Con (24th-25th September 2016)
[Cosplay Contest Judge: Announced as Pudding]
- SECC, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I was drafted into Glasgow MCM as a last minute replacement judge the week before the event due to an emergency and as a favour to Angelpie and Granny Gertrude. I really enjoyed judging and it made me realise, talking to all the cosplayers who had entered the contest, that I really missed cosplaying and I wanted to get back into it again. I didn't realise how unhappy I'd made myself by not cosplaying, but at the same time, I desperately needed a break for a while to sort out my mental health. I only cosplayed to this at all because I was judging, I had planned to go not in cosplay originally.

10. Raicon Winter (15th October 2016)
[With Unicorns & Queens/Jennifairyw Illustration – Stall Staff]
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was the second part of my agreement to invest some time, logo design and a bit of spare cash for business cards in my friends' businesses to support them. I did realise though that I absolutely cannot sit behind a stall or work retail for events anymore; which was hard for me to deal with as although I don't feel passionate about it, it was something I could do to be useful and I just can't anymore. This was the last event I did before I spent 6-months housebound by my FND and had to really re-think how I cosplay, attend events and manage my health effectively.


1. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. D-Con (6th-7th March 2010)
[As Cakepirates - Artist]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

3. Minamicon (16th-18th April 2010)
- Novotel Hotel, Southampton, England, UK

Ah, the year of the volcano, when our flights were cancelled the day of travel and we had to get the train instead! I enjoyed Minamicon and would have gone again if this wasn't the year that I sort-of, almost died a little bit maybe over the summer holidays and cons had to take a back seat to Uni and health concerns for a while...

5. London MCM Expo: May (29th-30th May 2010)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

6. London MCM Expo: October (29th-31st October 2010)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

I should not have gone to this convention. It was really, really dangerous of me to go to it, but I didn't know any better and it had already been paid for. I was so ill at this I really don't remember that much of it. I'm pretty sure this is the MCM where I was sad because I sat on a steak pie and we mainly filmed (and then lost because we are bad at cameras) footage of us complaining about the bad queuing system.

7. Auchinawa (19th-21st November 2010)
- Hilton Edinburgh Grosvener, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

By this point I was wearing a spray painting/dust mask in order to be allowed to leave the house, I was seriously ill and absolutely should not have attended this event. Hindsight is 20:20 and I wear glasses though.



1. Ayacon (19th-21st August 2011)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

The only convention I went to in 2011. I was hallucinating on extremely high dosages of steroids and I have no idea how I even managed to be at this. Blood/Sugar Cosplay attempted to take up blogging at this Ayacon and the footage was unusable as a result of it starring me repeating the same story about how the Dirty Duck fed me pasta and chicken off menu; Raine's boob making not one, but several accidental appearances, Zomboi insisting on spinning around in a chair wearing a onesie and proclaiming "I'm a tiger!" and X'amd rolling about the floor laughing at the rest of us. Because it was the only thing Blood/Sugar was doing together in 2011, we went overboard and made like 7 or 8 cosplays each, most of them Vocaloid; for a 3 day event and we spent more time getting changed in/put of costume than actually enjoying the con and we vowed never again to do so many cosplays at once. We also tricked several people into believing that Raine was cosplaying from a legit magical girl anime (she was not) that we had actually made up on the fly. I really should not have gone to this Amecon, but I clearly can't be trusted to make good decisions about my own safety when it comes to the choice: "go to some cons and be much more ill as a result" or "go to no cons at all and be slightly less ill".



1. Dee-Con (7th April 2012)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

We mainly did Dee-con this year to do a sort of bring-and-buy stall to find new homes for a lot of our old manga and cosplays as I was still a student at DoJ at this point and had previously doing Dee-con to sell art and crafts I did partly as a hobby and partly as Uni work as I still thought I was going to follow a career path laid out by my degree course, post graduation back then.

2. Nanashi Dansu (11th February 2012)
- The Classic Grand, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

My first attempt at going to a cosplay club-night. It was not for me. I don't like clubbing out of cosplay, so idk why I thought clubbing in cosplay at 14+ event would be better somehow. Nope. I'm going to blame the medication for this poor life choice.

3. Kitacon (13th-15th April 2012)
- Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham, England, UK

We had an OK time, but, as Kitacon is a party-con, it really wasn't for us. We gave it a go, but collectively, Blood/Sugar Cosplay is not really that into going to another one. We know lots of people who love Kita, it's their favourite con, but we just aren't party con people. You're lucky if we make it to an hour of a party at any con, so a whole con centred around drinking and partying just was never going to be our cup of tea. Also, I probably still shouldn't have been going to cons at all at this point tbh.

4. Amecon (10th-12th August 2012)
- Keele University, Keele, England, UK

I was really still too sick to go to this, but as prior evidence suggests, that wasn't going to stop me doing it anyway and just living with the consequences. I did learn a valuable lesson about wearing seasonally appropriate cosplays from ending up with heat stroke from my full-pleather Lady Loki cosplay in summer and missing all of Saturday evening and part of Sunday as a result of that and a severe allergic reaction... Which I got into trouble from the Dr for not going to hospital with when I got home and admitted to it. Oops... I do know better what to do to manage these issues now thankfully and practice much better self-care these days.



1. Sunnycon 2 (23rd-24th March 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Seaburn Centre, Sunderland, England, UK

Yeah, Sunnycon was not a well-run event, we decided not to go back. This was the year after I graduated from Uni and had been declared unemployable by the Jobcentre, so, desperate for a career of any sort, I started test-trading to see if becoming a self-employed cosplay commissioner was a viable way to support myself (the rest of Blood/Sugar was still using the stalls as part-bring-and-buy and partly doing commissions as a hobby for friends rather than as a job). Unfortunately, it turned out that it was not something I enjoyed doing longer-term, but it was worth trying it and I learned a lot from it.

2. DoJ-Con (13th April 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

3. MCM London Comic Con: May (24th-26th May 2013)
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

It was really weird to go to an MCM and not help, it was also really overwhelming how much it had grown in the years I'd not gone to one. This was the con that decided it for me that my mobility was deteriorating very rapidly and on the way home I had to buy a walking stick/folding cane as I had collapsed with temporary paralysis at the train station and walking unaided after that was agony. To be fair, I'd probably needed a cane for at least a month before this, I was just being stubborn about admitting that I needed help and not having accepted my disabilities yet. I decided that MCM London wasn't really something I was interested in going to anymore because I felt I'd kind of outgrown that sort of event anyway; it's a lot of money to essentially go to a big shop because I've never been interested in meeting guests, so there's not really anything for me there.

4. Ayacon: Apocalypse (16th-18th August 2013)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

Best con. End of an era. Much sads.

5. DokiDoki Festival (9th November 2013)
[With Blood/Sugar Cosplay - Stallholder]
- Sugden Sports Centre, Manchester, England, UK

We really enjoyed DokiDoki and if we'd taken Blood/Sugar forward as a commissioning business/service, we'd definitely have gone again as traders. We mainly did this as an excuse to do Manchester and go to Affleck's though anyway.


1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was a monthly meet-up for geeks in Glasgow and was run by some of the people who became Auchinawa's committee, I didn't go every month as I lived several hours away and couldn't afford the travel or days off from part-time jobs. I think I only went to 1 in 2006 which was a sort of pre-Auchinawa: "Hey come meet people in advance so you know at least a few people at Scotland's first anime con." I didn't go to loads of these because I was more focused on going to Cosplay Scotland, but I went to at least 1 or 2 a year between 2006 and 2008.

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Monthly cosplay meet-up in Edinburgh, originally run by Yuka and Nickel. I went to the 2nd ever one which was also a: "hey, get to know some nerds before Auchi so you're not alone at your first con!" thing. I can't remember if I went to more than that in 2006 or not. I went to loads of them over the years as and when I had a weekend free and enough cash saved from babysitting, etc. to pay for public transport; which was not every month, but maybe every 2nd or 3rd month. This is where I originally met most of the people who are now my best friends over a decade on.

3. Auchinawa (30th November – 3rd December 2006)
- Quality Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Auchinawa was Scotland's first anime con and ran between 2006 and 2014, roughly every 2 years (except in 2012, where they just had a party). Although, technically, I went to a few nerdy events before this (see earlier journal), because this is the first con I went to as a cosplayer, I consider it my first "proper convention". It's certainly the first one where I was trusted to go to it on my own with friends and the first one with a con-badge instead of wristband or hand stamp that I went to. I also somehow got roped into doing the Omake at the last minute, I didn't even know what it was tbh but I ended up in a skit in it.



1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

3. Amecon (10th-12th August 2007)
- University of Leicester, Leicester, England, UK

Amecon has a special place in my heart because it's the first convention that the core Blood/Sugar Cosplay crew (and chums) went to that we arranged to meet up at and deliberately and specifically planned cosplay groups for (other than Cosplay Scotland meet-ups and accidentally co-ordinating some things for Auchinawa). We did a big Kingdom Hearts group with a lot of other people and a smaller Loveless group with just us because we were terrible teenage Yaoi anime trash at that stage. This was also our first Masquerade which we did as Kingdom Hearts. This was also my first Overs' badge at a con.



1. Glasgow Anime (2006-2008)
- Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

3. VideoGames LIVE Tour (26th June 2008)
- Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

I got up onstage as James from Team Rocket/Pokemon at this. Didn't win anything, but felt very special anyway.

4. Japan Expo (3rd-6th July 2008)
- Paris-Nord Villepinte, Paris, France, Europe

This was my first time going to a convention outside of the UK. I enjoyed it a lot and we did touristy things and went to Disneyland as well which was great.

5. London MCM Expo: October (25th-26th October 2008)
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK

This was my first MCM event, Angelphie and Ashe got me to perform as part of a Mighty Boosh group and neglected to tell me it was judged (having only done one, non-competitive, masquerade and 2 omakes before this, I had no idea that competitive cosplay was even a thing you could do)... I was very confused by all the questions about my socks. We won Best Performance for my "accurate" IC Bob Fossil dancing. Accidentally entering contests became a bit of a theme for me over the next few years. I also started helping out at the Cosplay Desk every MCM I went to after this until 2010.

6. Auchinawa (14th-16th November 2008)
- Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

So, that whole accidentally competing thing I mentioned above? Yeah, Blood/Sugar Cosplay won a prize for the first (of many) Silent Hill group in the Masquerade. I also started gophering unofficially/officially at all Auchi's from then until 2014; I didn't always bother to sign up and get a gophers' badge, but I still went and helped guard rooms or set up tables, etc. anyway.



1. Cosplay Scotland + Nickelcon 1 & 2 (2006-2010)
- Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland, UK

2. D-con (28th February 2009)
[As Cakepirates//Artist]
- DUSA, Dundee, Scotland, UK

This was the first D/Dee/DoJ/Dee-con and my first foray outside of craft fairs of being a stallholder/artist at events. I did every year either by myself or with Blood/Sugar Cosplay between 2009 and 2013 (except 2011 when I was too ill) as an artist/crafter/stallholder.

3. AX: Anime Expo (3rd-6th July)
- Los Angeles Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California, USA

AX was the first time I'd ever been to the USA and it was a real culture shock with how huge an event it was! We did lots of touristy things around Los Angeles and did Disneyland California. We were at the Staples centre days before Michael Jackson's funeral as well which led to a lot of very weird experiences, especially trying to get to the airport on the day of the funeral and part of our group getting a police escort to navigate the crowds.

4. Ayacon: Revolution (14th-16th August 2009)
- Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, England, UK

Ayacon was my favourite convention ever and I'm sad it had to come to an end. We had a lot of good times at Ayacon over the years.

5. London MCM Expo: October (24th-25th October 2009)
[Totally Cosplay Volunteer Staff]
- ExCel Centre, London, England, UK


1. Star Trek: The Exhibition (4th February 1995)
- City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

My overriding memory of this is my cousins, brother and I getting Geordi La Forge rainbow visors (mine were purple and I think I still have them somewhere) and going into a room with marble walls and floors that had a glass case with a huge model of one of the ships in it (I think it may have been the Enterprise?).

2. Nintendo Pokémon Regional Championships (29th/31st July 2000)
- Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow /OR/ The Gyle Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

I genuinely don't remember which one we went to, I THINK it was the Gyle/Edinburgh/31st as I remember lots of glass like a greenhouse and the place being quite small, but I also associate it with staying at my Gran's which would suggest Glasgow... however, it may be that I'm confusing Christmas in the conservatory and Pickachu plushies with the giant Pikachu mascot in my memory. I went to one of these events though and got a Mew.

3. Gamesday & Golden Demon (14th September 2003)
- NEC, Birmingham, England, UK

This was my first ever contact with cosplay, even though it took me 2 more years to discover what it was called, and it shaped the rest of my life. If I hadn't met the LARPer elves, I'd not have realised that dressing up as a character (your own or a canon one) was something you could do outside of Halloween or charity fundraising no uniform days at school. I wish I could thank those young women for chatting to a small, shy teenager who like to paint space marines in pastels and hack angel wings onto lizardmen skinks with green stuff. I went home after that and made my own secret fairy cape out of old scarves, that nobody ever got to see.

1. Gather references
2. Make mood board
3. Breakdown costume
4. Order materials
5. Pre-wash and iron clothing and fabrics
6. Remove labels from base clothing elements of costume
7. Make/edit skirt
8. Draft patterns for appliques
9. Make felt appliques
10. Attach appliques to jumper and skirt
11. Style wig
12. Paint base shoes
13. Attach appliques to shoes and swap laces
14. Edit small props as necessary
15. Make or acquire appropriate Cosplay underwear
16. Make-up test

1. Gather character reference images
2. Make character mood board
3. Breakdown costume elements
4. Purchase closet costume parts
5. Decide on which prop to make (Space Gun or Portal Gun or Both)
6. Reference weaponry
7. Mood board weaponry
8. Breakdown prop elements
9. Purchase materials for props
10. Purchase phone cover and heart stickers
11. Stick sticker to phone case
12. Pre-wash and iron clothing
13. Remove any labels from clothing
14. Polish shoes
15. Acquire or make appropriate cosplay underwear
16. Style wig
17. Make-up test
18. Make prop(s)

1. Gather references
2. Make mood board
3. Breakdown cosplay
4. Order materials
5. Make top
6. Make skirt
7. Edit shoes
8. Make accessories/jewellery
9. Style wig
10. Acquire or make appropriate cosplay underwear
11. Make-up test

I want to keep a record of everything I did, so that I can remember the happy memories attached to events and costumes from this period without being overwhelmed by a large number of photos and costume profiles; as well as not allowing my anxiety to focus on my failures as I was very unwell during all of my teens and twenties and between about 2010 and 2015 I should not have been cosplaying or going to events or working or in education at all, but I am stubborn and I did it anyway. So it's a hard time to look back on mentally for me. I also have short-term memory loss and blank spaces in my memory due to my FND that means keeping lists and notes for myself is vital or I will forget what I want to do or have done or can't remember people's names or which event we met at or when I made a particular costume, or that I did it at all. I'm sure I'll have to go back and add to this later as people remind me of things I have already forgotten, if I've confused my months or years or I come across photos as I sort out my portable hard drive archive and snoop on various event photographer's websites. Like I said in the description - I don't want to erase or hide my first 10+ years of cosplaying, I just want to move forward with the next 10+ years as I continue to learn and grow and change as a person and as a cosplayer; and only really keep the things I'm either really proud of or the mistakes that I learned valuable lessons from. I want to be happy and mentally resilient and this is part of my self-care and self-management rehabillitation. I got told off by my Physio for not taking time to give myself kudos for doing a really good job with recovery, for not rewarding myself enough and for pushing myself too hard to get to the next milestone without stopping first to look back and see how far I had come. Not only does that apply to my rehab neuro-Physiotherapy, but it also applies to my hobbies and (on-hold) career. If I want to be happy then I have to take responsibility for how to achieve that and stop looking for external validation; the validation that matters the most in learning to be happy and enjoy things again after a long period of chronic illness and acceptance of life-long disabled status is internal, that which I give myself. So, if I keep proper records for myself (instead of just throwaway to do lists) and make assessments of what I have learned from making each new costume, figure out what my motivations for doing each project are and know what my process is then I will be able to make better life choices in the future.

Chiefly I want to make Rainbow robes and then wear them as pretty much every Final Fantasy character that I want to cosplay as regardless of whether it's accurate for them to equip them or not. There's also lots of small Weapons, Accessories, Armour and Amulets, etc. that I want to make that can be carried by a variety of characters. In an effort to keep this account relatively manageable, I'm going to try and keep them all in here (until I run out of space) unless I can easily attach them to a specific character.

[Image: From top to bottom - Mercury star wand top surrounded by a broken banner on either side, gold with cyan blue outline with "Inner Senshi" in tattoo style text, also cyan blue. Below that is a circular shaped area surrounded halfway down by bluebell-blue campanulas entwined with a gold laurel wreath which surrounds the rest of this area. The circle is filled by a blue-tone planetary-space surface with a gold Mercury Harp overlaid and, dead centre a gold Mercury Symbol outlined in cyan blue. At the centre bottom of the gold laurel wreath surround is a bluebell-blue rose and below the main patch section are 4 gold stars, 2 on either side, with an unbroken banner which matches the ones at the top of the design, but larger and with "Mercury" written in it.]

[Image: A series of annotated black and white pen doodles of costume elements, including early patch concepts with "Fight Like a Magical Girl" and themed motifs, landscape oriented page with "Biker Mercury Concept Doodles" in cyan-sky blue up the right side of the page next to Mercury Ice blues and gold star-shaped colour chips. Bottom right corner is Billie signature logo in blue/red/gold with the anchor design. The page background is white.]

[Image:This board has a drawing of Billie's face with blue-coloured hairline and pale face with pink-peach and gold highlighted cheeks and eyes surrounded by a messy blue and gold smokey halo; or somewhere between 90's goth and 70's glam-rock style. There is also a blue swatch card next to it with 3 tones of pale flesh and peach-pink blush swatches with "Make-Up" in black text under it. There are also colour chips shaped like stars in Sailor Mercury's Ice Blue, white and gold colourways and titles in gold text on a baby blue rectangle background which read (from top to bottom) - 'Ami "Mercury" Mizuno, Bosozoku no Senshi, // Sailor Moon Girl Gang'. In the bottom right corner there is a signature which reads 'Billie Blouse' in red/blue/gold with a small anchor and rope logo.]

1. Acquire Base Wig (Arda Wigs: Magnum, Classic, Midnight Blue)
2. Cut & Style Wig

1. Acquire Base Jacket (Next, but from a Charity Shop)
2. Acquire Dye
3. Acquire Materials for Embellishments & Patches, etc.
4. Acquire Fabric to Line Jacket
5. Pre-Wash Jacket
6. Pre-Wash Lining Fabric
7. Gradient Dye Jacket
8. Tie-Dye Lining Fabric
9. Re-Wash Jacket
10. Re-Wash Lining Fabric
11. Iron Jacket
12. Iron Lining Fabric
13. Remove Sleeves from Jacket
14. Iron Hearts & Stars Transfers to Jacket
15. Design Patches & Optimise for Printing (300dpi, pdf file in this case)
16. Iron Pre-Washed White Fabric to Freezer Paper & Cut to A4 Size
17. Print Patches on Regular Printer
18. Remove Freezer Paper
19. Puff Paint Patches
20. Cut-Out Patches
21. Embroider Patches
22. Sew Patches to Jacket
23. Paint Mercury Bubbles
24. Glue Mercury Bubbles to Buttons
25. Embellish Jacket Further with Hot-Fix Studs, Rhinestones, Beads, Safety-Pins, etc.
26. Pattern Lining Fabric to Fit Jacket
27. Sew Lining Together
28. Attach Lining to Jacket
29. Make Zipper Charm & Attach

1. Acquire T-shirt (Second-Hand Gap Tee from Ebay)
2. Pre-Wash & Prep T-shirt
3. Iron T-shirt
4. Remove Labels & Unravelled Sleeve Stitching
5. Re-Roll & Stitch Sleeves
6. Cut Down Neckline & Re-Hem
7. Iron-On Transfer “Pasties”

1. Acquire Pleather/Leatherette Trousers (Vintage, Ebay)
2. Acquire Lining Fabric
3. Acquire Embellishments
4. Cut Down Legs & Re-Hem
5. Alter Waistline to Fit
6. Pattern Lining to Fit Shorts
7. Sew Lining Together
8. Attach Lining to Shorts
9. Embellish Shorts

1. Acquire Suitable Boots
2. Acquire Necessary Materials for “Boot Cuffs”
3. Make Boot Cuffs
4. Embellish Boot Cuffs

1. Acquire Appropriate Bra (One I already own/OR/look at BAM sale)
2. Acquire Suitable Socks
3. Whatever Knickers Are Fine

1. Design Make-up Look
2. Acquire Appropriate Make-up
3. Practice Applying Make-up


1. Decide on which Earrings to wear
a. Ami Mizuno (Classic) – Buy
b. Sailor Mercury – Commission (Jodie Pope Jewellery or Alchemia Jewellery)
c. Ami Mizuno (Crystal Promo Art) – Make/Laser-Cut Commission (Cherry Loco Jewellery or Sorenzo Props or Similar)

1. Acquire Blue Glasses (Glasses Direct [N.B. Not specifically for this cosplay, I just really want a blue pair of specs])
2. Acquire Materials to Make Glasses Chain
3. Make Glasses Chain

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. String Beads
3. Make Shoulder Embellishment/Pauldron/Armour

1. Acquire Materials
2. Pre-Wash Fabric
3. Iron Fabric
4. Make Bandanna

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. Make Pendant

1. Acquire Base Gloves
2. Acquire Embellishments & Other Materials
3. Embellish Gloves

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. String Beads
3. Make Waist Chains/Belt

1. Acquire Bag (my old Pull & Bear Bag)
2. Acquire Appropriate Materials to Embellish Bag
3. Acquire Gashapon to Make Zipper Pull
4. Make Zipper Pull
5. String Beads
6. Alter Existing Straps & Make New Straps
7. Embellish Bag

1. Raid Own Collection for Appropriate Badges & Pins
2. Buy Supplementary Badges & Pins
3. Make “Cosplay Is Not Consent” & Other Badges
a. Design
b. Get Printed/OR/Get Badge-Making Kit/OR/Cannibalise Old Badges & Embellish


1. Acquire Pre-made Visor (Originally from unknown source on Etsy)
2. Acquire Materials for Phone Cover & Earpiece/Mic
3. Acquire Materials for 3DS Cover
4. Alter 3DS Cover
5. Make Phone Cover
6. Make Earpiece/Mic

1. Acquire Gashapon
2. Acquire Joke/Toy Knife
3. Acquire Other Necessary Materials
4. Make Transformation Wand Knife

1. Acquire Gashapon

1. Gather references
2. Make inspiration and mood boards
3. Design costume (based on Bab's Tarr's AU, but not an exact copy)
4. Breakdown cosplay

// Muggle Notes (M.N.) // See: Breakdown for full To Do List as I actually started this in a word doc and have completed some of it.

Originally for Asylumstar's Sailor Moon!Girl Gang group at Raicon Spring 2017. I am also a big fan of Babs Tarr's work, this was just the excuse to make this cosplay. I didn't get it 100% finished in time, but wore it anyway and had a great time, so I am motivated to finish it completely when I have the time around other plans.

I wanted to do some fun b-movie horror Cosplay and decided to do Night of the Comet as it fits the bill and I enjoy it. Sam's Rebels uniform is fairly iconic and I though it would be comfortable and warm enough for wearing in autumn/winter and doable on a relatively small budget.

I've liked Rick and Morty for a while, but wasn't sure who I wanted to cosplay from it (if anyone) until near the end of season 2 - start of season 3 when Summer really came into her own as a strong character. I might do a couple of variants and/or add new props with rewears, but I'm going to start with basic/classic Summer for now. If I love cosplaying her then I'll put more time/money/effort/love into one of her more complicated designs and if I don't then I can easily wear the clothes irl and repurpose the wig for something else.

FFV is one of my favourite Final Fantasy games and Krile is my favourite character from it. I want to eventually cosplay pretty much all the main Player Characters from FF5, but I'm going to start with Krile. I also want to cosplay a number of different varations of Krile which I will probably add onto this costume listing as and when I make them in an effort to keep things tidy and together; Dancer class is my favourite class and I'm an aspiring dancer/performer/circus artist irl, so it's as good a place to start as any. I may or may not have plans to cosplay pretty much every Dancer and Dancing Girl variant in the Final Fantasy Universe....

The bulk of this cosplay was completed throughout July and August 2017, only props like the broom were not done in time. I learned a lot from making this and had to relearn a lot of things that appear simple or that someone with 10+ years of cosplay making experience should have known, but due to my FND flare, I hand to retrain my mucle memory and spent a lot of time having to figure out how to work with the cog-fog.

[Image: Photo by Donald Manning Photography at LSCC 2017. Billie is wearing a navy cotton drill/corduroy tunic dress over a white linen slip which is visible on one shoulder. She has on a brown bob wig and a red silk hairbow, as well as a tan cross-body waxed cotton messenger bag. There is a black cat Jiji plush perched on one wrist which she holds into her body and is stroking with the other hand. Billie looks surprised, blue eyes wide and skin pale.

Kiki's Delivery Service is my favourite Studio Ghibli film and Kiki is one of my favourite characters. I did a quick, closet Cosplay version several years ago when that was all I could afford and it's been my dream to make Kiki from scratch even before that. I also want to make the movie (purple witch dress and muggle green dress) variants at some point in the future and will deffinately add new props and different coloured hair bows and shoes with rewears. I love Kiki, I love dressing up as her and I'm really excited to make one of my dream costumes. [Image: Billie is standing in a sports hall next to a stall and in front of someone in a blue Stitch onesie wearing an oversized navy tshirt which has been darted, a brown bob wig, red cotton hairbow, beige leggings and red ballet flat shoes. She has one hand up to her face and the other curled into the opposite shoulder. She is not wearing nay makeup and her face is pasty and shiny.]

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