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This part had to be THE most tedious part. I love costume making but I really have no love for props and armour making. This may change in time but at this moment in time, I could think of a million different things that I could do.

Where to start.
The wrist armour is just made out of normal craft foam hence why it's VERY rough around the edges.

The pauldron/arm bits were made from worbla. This is the first time I've ever used this stuff and to be honest, it's great but I need a LOT of practice with it and you can see ^-^'

The necklace was some simple air dry clay. The gaunlets were made from leather/leatherette.

The blitzball took an entire day to make which was frustrating but I'm VERY happy with how it turned out.
I took a cheap float a way football and 10 pingpong sized polystyrene balls. I then cut the polystrene balls in half and glued them on with some super super glue (medium viscosity Cyanoacrylate). Be careful because this stuff is HELLA strong and will stick you to whatever you're gluing and it's near on impossible to get off! I was worried that the glue would melt the polystyrene but all was well. :)

We then smoothed the joins with caulk, sprayed with a couple of layers primer, then a layer of white spray acrylic. Finally the detailing. The blitzball was handpainted and took about 3-4 hours. It was painted with your standard cheap ass acrylics and then sealed with watered down PVA.

Ok. I was SUPER scared of making these but thanks to tutorial by Animus Panthera ( I managed to do a pretty ok(ish) job of them. I am really loving the projects that I am taking on at the moment because I am learning new things each time! :)

If you have any questions about the spat making process the tutorial could tell you way more than I could. It's best if you have someone to help you with the pattern making process because doing it alone is tricky!

I did it. I finally did it. Jane's dress is finished! Aside from a little bit of taking in which I'll fix closer to expo, I am really happy with it. God bless dress patterns! <3

The original fabric was WAY too light so I machine dyed it with Dylon which worked perfectly and is a much richer colour :3 The polonaise was a bit of a pain as I'm still trying to work out how to let it hang better but overall, I'm happy with how this has turned out :)

So I made a quick mock up of Misato's dress last night just to test whether Jersey would look ok/be ok to work with for the dress.. I'm still having a few issues, mainly because I'm just crap at planning stuff and just jump in head first without consequence ^-^'

My main concerns/issues are how the zipper will sit on the jersey and that hideous collar. I really hope I can fix that -____-

So I've decided to try and give stenciling and sponging the design onto some fabric so which me luck. I am currently trying to seek out other possible ways to get that scarf perfect but this seems the best way at the moment.

Courtesy of Poppytalk:

I am planning on trying to follow a Jane Porter tutorial by the amazing Sarah and will be using the same pattern as I used for my Idris costume. I may need to make a new Bustle however >< Bleugh

So after almost writing this entire costume off for LFCC. My wonderful bodice fabric turned up on my day off work (of all days! =__=)

I used a Butterick B5662 patern for the bodice which was perfect to use! Fabric is a specialist printed fabric from (Be warned that it can take around 3 weeks to get to you if you're in the UK. I found that out the hard way!)

The pattern was pretty simple to follow and I sought help with the boning and channels from this amazing instructables page. I used 26 x 30cm long ringed steel bones (A lot I know but the pattern had so many panels and channels. but at 34p each I can't complain really!)

I'm not sure what else to see here but I hope this is helpful :D

I'm going to run out of things soon :'D Sooo ruffling started on the skirt after last weekends bustle adventure! This badboy has been so easy to make so far thanks to the awesome laughing moon pattern I got (which helped me so much with my bustle too!)

I haven't finished the ruffles yet but I HAD to put up something because I need to convince myself that I can get this done in time for LFCC XD

I found some 2 tone taffeta online and prayed that it would come out an ok colour. and I think it did. I still need to weather, etc a lot. (And ad a back panel to the skirt :'D

Soooo not even an hour had passed after my exam and I found myself fabric shopping for skirt stuffs XD

My aim for this week was get started on the bustle and asside from a little bit of stuffing and tidying up. I'd say it's practically done :D

I have some basic fabric for the skirt and need to dye the lace which I've bought. But now that the bustle is essentially made, I can make a start on the skirts :D

So excited for this :D

So.. Shiva happened at MCM Expo this weekend and everyone was so lovely to me and I'm so glad that people liked her.

However, there is SO much that I wasn't happy with at all, which kinda put a downer on everythiing. I plan to wear Shiva again, don't get me wrong BUT there is SO much i want to change such as;

- Make a new body suit using a different material because to be frank, the fabric I used for Expo SUCKED.

- Do a make up test against the actual body suit before investing in the body paint. (This couldn't really have been helped because Alouette and I didn't get time to do a proper pre expo makeup test.

- Buy different make up. Because the stuff I used was awful and my skin hated it. I would NOT recommend it.

- Make my ice shard gauntlet and the cape because capes are cool!

Thank you to EVERYONE who said such lovely things to me and took photos/had photos with me. It was really great! :)

So I spent roughly 10 hours tidying this cosplay up ready for next week's MCM. The annoying thing was that it was all silly little jobs that I had to force myself to do :( such as;

cut, shape, paint and glue nails
add more feathers to feather wreath
tighen sleeves
finish ribboning and tidying up the end of the wig
paint leg panels and boot detail
etc etc
NOTHING Particularly fun. I was considering attempting the ice shard thing tomorrow but I think that that may have to wait for another con. (Maybe when I have a better suit too!)

On a more exciting note, currently chatting with Alouette who will be being an absolute angel and doing my Shiva makeup for me :)

It's a pretty mundane journal entry today so apologies. :(

So.. BMO is finished! :D There were are few bits that I am feeling a lil crud about such as the appliquing, the fact that I couldn't get BJD tights in time and of course.. my skins intolarence to snazzroo.

I swear, it's such a snob when it comes to body paint =__=

I have got some tiny speakers and sewn them into my wig but they are super heavy and stick out a lil but thanks to the wonderful invention called bobby pins, the speaker magnets attract to the pins so that will stop them from sticking out like silly things :')

Science can be fun!

I just need to sort out my secret tapes and other accessories now, but they aren't essential :) Looking forward to wearing this now :D

So I spent most of my weekend making up the bodysuit which was going to be a big milestone for this costume. The colour match of the fabric was perfect.. However, the quality was horrific. It was so thin that I might as well have just body painted ¬___¬ .Luckily I had ordered more than enough to double layer the whole suit. (It's times like this, I am glad I usually order too much ^-^; )

So the suit is now double layered which is a pain in itself but the only way I could get a decent thickness in the suit without buying more fabric :(

Spider-boy CALLAMON knows spandex suits better than I do so he agreed to help through this ordeal. I'm still trying to work out how to make the leg panels (Probaby more shimmer and sequins) and also the boots are causing me a little headache, mainly because of the toes and the swirl detail at the top..

Next episode could be interesting folks! ;__;

After well over 10 meters of sequins. My base top is finally one its way to being finished. I spent a LOT of time trying to work out how to actually make Shiva's ice boob thing and considered so many things like resin casting, fabric, mould clear perspex, etc. But I decided to go with this route after seeing Frost G's take on it :)

I have also started thinking about accessories and such and have some beaded ribbon which I might use for a choker but I'm really not sure on it yet.

Geeez I'm really writing a lot about this huh o___o' I'll hopefully have some updates on the bodysuit with CALLAMON sometime soon too! :D

Over and out *click*

Working my way through the ribbon stage now.. *____* I've decied to go with wired ribbon as it will keep shape better and hopefully be less liable to slide and shift on the wig =___=...

20mts later and I've ran out and still have 4 dreads to do. I'm totally going to do a tally up of how much material this bitch has used up :'D

I finally got my ass down to the lovely Alyx's house to recruit her help with the mammoth task of make Shiva's dreadlocks.

I've carried on using the tutorial which I've linked before and used 5m of quilt batting/wadding material rolled up into long sausages, wrapped in wool yarn to keep in place. they were then sewn one by one into the wig base. (Front first then bottom upwards like in the tutorial.

As I cleverly forgot to bring hairspray, we had to make do with wrapping the hair tightly round to sausages and steaming it to fuse it temporarily until I got home :) The best way to sew in extra hair was in short wefts sew horizontally into/around the sausage. We found that we spent more time trying to cover the weft tops instead of the actual wadding! >__<

Overall this took about 10 hours on one quiet Saturday near Canterbury ^-^

I'm using Got2b and hairspray to seal/tidy the dreads up because that stuff works wonders. :D I'll be finishing the tidying up this week, adding wig clips to help keep it on my poor head (using, adding wired gold ribbon and hopefully start on the rings and.. SHE WILL BE DONE.. The wig at least :D

I finally made it. One full wefted wig! (Before I have to make the dreadlocks that is!) I managed to make myself a little Pouf from a tutorial by Demode which was surprising nice to do :D I kind of wish that I had a curved needle to sew the mesh into the wig however >__< My fingers would have appreciated that I think!

Anyways, wig is now full of 12 wefts of fake ass weave and now I have to go back to make yet more wefts in order to make the dreadlocks with Alyx next weekend! :D SO EXCITED!

I finished making my first 4 wefts for the back of my wig tonight! (⌒▽⌒)☆ *proudface*
Personally, they feel a bit thick but if that's the case I can just use 2 or 3 and use the rest for the front/dreads if need be :)

The tutorial I referenced in my last post is incredible, it is soo easy to make these wefts. The only problem I have is gauging how many highlights to put in. but for flat colours it would be lemon squeezy ^-^

It had only taken me about 10 mins per weft from start to finish so this weekend should be a doddle.. if I don't run out of royal blue that is... ( ;´Д`)

I'm using a combination of two tutorials to attack this monster of a wig. A wefting tutorial by Kukkii-san and a wig tutorial by Gerodere

It is still VERY early days in this but I attempted my first weft last night and it seemed to go ok :) The only problem I had is with the highlights, I need to make sure that I don't put TOO many in that it draws attention away from the royal blue that the wig is actually meant to be :(

I have to make 12 wefts to sew into the actual wig then whatever is left to sort out the bottom of the dreads :) I'll be ordering my quilt batting at the end of this month and recruiting Alyx's help in making the dreads. I thought it best to make the wefts in good time so that we can just hammer through it as quickly and painlessly as possible :)

Ok, because there isn't exactly much to Shiva's top, I've tackled it one cup at a time. Let me just say now... hand sewing sequins is awful. ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ It is so tedious but I am sooo happy with how it has turned out. So much glittery fabulousness :)

I covered some standard bra cups with some polycotton and then began the long drawn out task of sewing on the sequins. Luckily the sequins came in the form of sequin thread so it was a lot easier to sew. I considered buying a ribbon/sequin foot for my machine but soon realised that wouldn't work on a bra cup very well. >///<

I'm still undecided on whether or not to sew the cups to the body suit that I will be wearing or to make a back strap to keep it secure.

I'll update more on this exciting endeavour another time. :')

OMG! A costume I have wanted to do for years and never had the guts or ability to make it! I love this costume I just hope I love my figure enough to wear it! >< There are still a few odds and ends to tidy up on her but she's done :D eeeee so happy! Now just gotta fix my Spike up to make sure he looks dapper as always XD <3

Bar shedding a couple of pounds and adding my red shirt and yellow headband I'm pretty chuffed with this :)

I have to add my buttons(if I can find 'em >< ) Sort out the elastic bits (I need little plastic triangles for the harness thing she has so one I find those I should be set.

Buying a teflon foot for machine was the best thing I could have done. It helped me transform my cosplay from a shoddy WIP to something I'm actually quite happy with :)


So.. after crippling my fingers peeling the vinyl away from itself and looking like I had developed Arthritis in both hands. o.o I finally started work on the base for FayeFaye.

For two hours work.. it's not alot >< I can only do a couple of hours at a time at my house cos of other people in the house. Lousy loud sewing machine! D:

I got the base for the shorts done and just need to adjust to fit better and hem :) I did a quick mock of the top but needs a fuckton of ammending to make it look remotely like its meant to.

So for the record... yes.. it looks naff, but for 2 hours work, I don't think I did too bad (considering how impatient I am)
Most of it is still pinned because I ran out of thread too. ><

Ok... I am NOT looking forward to this :(
The fabric I ordered based on the sample I got.. wasn't the same and instead of a deeper yellow colour, it's BRIGHT yellow. Which I didn't want. BUT... considering I have NO other option that I can think of. I will have to make due.

D: Prepare for grumpy progress pics in the near future D:<

Ok.. so my original vinyl plan went out the window as soon as Spandexworld wanted to charge me $45 for shipping for 2 metres of fabric D: Sad times.

After getting a sample from an ebay seller, recommended by a fellow C.I'er :) I have ordered some cheaper vinyl but it looks a pretty decent shade. Not perfect but without spending through the nose for it.. it's the best I'm going to get I think ><

Ok.. this has been finished for a LONG time minus the wig but that will be a last minute job. I just thought I would try it all on together to see how it all looked =)

The wig is still a lil flat but its looking ok =) The polystyrene balls havent really worked so I might just have to put in small hair ties in to make it puff out.. everso slightly >< Fail balls!! xD

Soooo... Whips been out again and FINALLY got moved into my new house and been able to organise my cosplays =D

Got the sleeves, trims and lace sewn on all dandy.. just need to add the various ornaments that she has hanging from her outfit now ¬¬ This is the first time that sleeves have actually worked for me and been comfortable yay! =D

I need to restick the gold detail onto the cloak as it hasnt kept.. which is annoying >.< meh! I need to make a choker for the caps too cos the one I used for the prog pic is Paine's xD

I need to make sure that everything is just so with this cosplay (much against my lack of skill) because it's mine and .neverbell's con wedding this Kita <3 I need to look my best and that! <3

After a up and down weekend at Sarah's I FINALLY got started on this dress. Things have been a bit crappy and rollercoastery these past few weeks so I am trying to throw myself into progress to get myself through it... plus! I'll be moving house next week so the more I can get done the better =)

I finish my old job tomorrow and have a week to pack and try get cosplay bits done and see people where I can =)

I'm happy with the dress just NOT looking forward to making the sleeves.. I need to buy yet MORE white cotton for the sleeves >.< LOL I added interfacing to the dress for stiffness but am beginning to think that I should have just lined it with something.. I don't want to boil D:

Need to buy more bias tape too for the sleeves.

Soo.... after my eyelet thing died on me.. I have had to use a different one and this put me off a lil if I'm honest. But I want this done asap for RinoaHeartlily's friend so they can try it out before kita =)

Finally got the eyelets done for the arm bands kindly models by the bf. He is my model for this (bless him) cos he is practically the same measurements as Rinoa's friend, which is handy hehe.

I am in search of ringlets for Yuna's belt and any belt buckles/fasteners to finish the belt then all will be practically finished.

I am working on a solution for the shorts as ther shorts I ordered, arent quite right so I am hoping to edit those =)

Just a quick update for everyone. Things have been VERY busy recently with new job and planning the move to london just before Kita.. stressful times are and are continuing to be stressful >.< grrrrr

Soooooo happy!! She looks fab and I love her so hehe!

The sleeves are a lil tight due to my shitty measuring and have come away at the seams in a couple of places but I can fix that no biggy =)

Now I have the sleeves. I can buy and add the gems to the outfit =) will be buying these...

If anyone knows any shops that would sell these... [url] [/url]

PLEASE let me know as it would be a hell of alot easier! LOL

I can FINALLY try this thing on without getting stabbed a million times over due to the pins >.<

I really thought that this stitching business was going to be a horrible task but it seems to have been ok. I just straight stitched it as it seems to hold well and I stitched it with an allowance for stretching anyways =)

Next job is the sleeves... which I SUCK at >.< Gonna work on those next weekend I think. Gonna have to schedule my time a lil better these next few weeks as I have Kita to prepare for and now moving away which is gonna be a 8e372982636r42987times more stressy for me =D

Sarah started work on my wig the other week, which I got a sneaky peek of when I was down this week and the colour looks great! Cant wait to see more and get that badboy on ma noggin! xD

EDIT: I've decided that me.. in my pedantic ways, I don't like the back panels. Looked up some references straight from the OVA series and they are longer and more... wing like? so will probs do the sleeves next week and then redo the back if I still really hate it... which I probably will =/

Soooooooo, finally got the pattern work on the go. Started by drawing out a rough sketch of the design from my hours of researching on Saturday morning.

After I spent about 30mins of drawing it up, with scalings and such, I started Drawing out each section in tracing/pattern paper, pinning the fabric to the pattern, cutting out with my shiny rotary cutter xD and then painting with diluted gold paint to make sure it doesnt stiffen too much.

Once I got a few patterns done, I attached to the cloak with wonderweb and will be adding the other sections to it hopefully this week (as I ran out of paint and paper and had to buy more today :p )

I have also decided that the first cloak I made... is too short (I dont feel that it hands off the shoulders very well, so I will be making another after I have made a start on the hat and dress... That way.. If I run out of time and can use the old cloak as a back up! ^-^

Looking forward to carrying on with this actually hehe

I bought 3 meters of white fabric to start the pattern for the cloak and possibly the hat and some other bits... however... the shade of white is off! It looks more like cream when I got it home D: gutted!

However, in order to not have completely waste money and fabric. I will just have to use it for the pattern making for the cloak. The shade wont matter because it is going to be dyed or painted gold anyways =)

Silver lining kids! There's always one! xD

So! I hav spent the past two hours, searching through reference pictures, other cosplays and watching several episodes again (oh no xD) Including the funny "its not filled with sexual innuendo at all honest" episode! <3 And I think I have got the basic gist of how the pattern is gonna look. The extra circle bits I have left out cos I havent found strong enough reference pictures to make it look decent if I put them on (if anyone finds any.. drop us a bell!) ;)

This is a pretty long journal for practically nack all xD ah well! =D

Right... I decided that I need to update this seeing as I have somewhat abandoned her since getting my lycra due to intense fear of cutting the lycra panels ><

I recut the original front panels with my shiny new rotary cutter which to be completely fair... is an AMAZING lil gadget hehe. It is so much easier to cut the awkward curved shapes than scissors! I'm so glad I bought one hehe!

I have only pinned on the front panels and need to go in hunt of the rest of my fabric because... as I said... I havent touched this since wayyyyy before christmas >.< *dons hunting helmet and sniffer dog*

I have also added the balls onto the feet of the suit (again as one got all squashed and that :/

I'm gonna be ordering a few glass gems to glue onto the suit from ebay (they only cheapy so why not hehe. I may also cut the gap in the chest of the suit to... is fearful of this costume muchly!

I hope I find my fabric soon cos I've really got my game face on for this =) Will HOPEFULLY... be cutting panels and pinning then stitching next weekend *fingers crossed*

Sooooo. Decided to get another move on with this as I want it finished for Rinoa's friend in February =)

Started work on the pouch and belt (help from a tutorial - =)Its not a great tutorial but it did the job for me =) hehe

I have also completed the top after adding the hood thanks to Sarahsaiyan for letting me steal frabrinz for it =) woop! <3

The bag is not 100% yet as you can tell, I still need to add the studs to the front and start work on the belt detail.

I will be leaving this for a while until I come back from London next Sunday as I have a hectic couple of weeks ahead of me and want to concentrate 100% on those things =) February is a pretty quiet month for me, so I will have plenty of time (and hopefully money) to power through this and some of my other cosplays I have on =)

Ok... this... genuinely scares me but I thought I best start it now so it's ready in time xD

I have cut the bases for my 2 cloaks and hemmed the shorter one (I will be adding clasps or some form of fastening at the shoulders as the short cloak will be a wrap around cloak =] )

I painted some offcuts of the cotton I used, cut out the cross shape and painted the gold outline. (hard with unsteady hands like mine xD)

Overally I'm quite happy. The long main cloak still has to be hemmed and the EPIC task of the gold pattern at the bottom. I plan on getting the cloaks finished 100% first the work on the dress next month *gulp*


Top is FINALLY almost done =) Just need to find my fabric for the hood (stoopid moving and missing things >.< )

The Jecht symbol from foam is actually better than the one I did for my original gunner cosplay xD haha! It has been hot glued to the nylon panel and should stay pretty well. It's stayed after the number of times I have put it on and taken it off my mannequin.

I had a bit of problem with the fabric strecthing cos of it being on the mannequin for too long but a bit of adjustment and it'd fine hehe =)...

My eyelet tool thing is being bent and not cutting through the arm bands properly so will have to rething that :/ blah!

The plait needs another piece of cord to wrap round and attach so will get another piece and do that soon hopefully =)

Started on the belt too but not much to say on that at the mo =/ lol

I have been racking my brains about how to make the bracelet as mine failed when I cosplayed yuna xD I decided to try run flower wire (not sure of the official name xD ) along the length of the braclet. There is a clasp to clip it around the wrist and then the wire starts after there to the end of the leatherette (is crap at explaining >.< )I felt that the wire would help keep the braclet's shape better. It looks pretty rough with one wire in so I may remake and put two pieces in so there isnt as much pressure on the middle of the fabric :/ It looks ok atm but gonna keep playing with it.. any other suggestions would be appreicated if you think I could do it a better way =)

Ok.. I this a while ago. making the back/tail part of the skirt. I have made each of the sections (back and front panels, middle part and main coat/skirt panel. I have stitched a black hem around the panels cos I felt it looked better than brown leatherette :/

I will be racking my brains to think of the best way to attach the panels so its easy enough to get on and off (always been an afterthought with me o.o )

Once I've done that I will add the black straps using the rest of my black fabric I have left :)

Pictures to follow.. have lost a few things during the move o.o

Skirt is done! Its all lacey and lovely :D Will upload pics when I can find my camera >.< Stoopid moving!

I have now bought a vest top as a base and will be working on that shortly after Christmas :) Over Christmas I will be working on one arm band.. things xD and the bracelet :)

Started cutting the panels out to applique onto the zentai... *note to self* buy sharper/better scissors >.<

I have roughly pinned the panels to the front of the suit and will hopefully be cutting the rest at weekend including sleeves.

Thanks to Chibi <3 I have found somewhere to get the ears from.

I have also painted the balls/pompoms to glue onto the feet of the suit. Will be trying to find 3 glass beads to use for the gems... (hoping they wont be too heavy for the suit! >.<

I actually thought I was going to fail TERRIBLY at making this... but I'm actually quite impressed with myself. Althought now I look at it... I may have put a BIT too much interfacing in it xD We will see I guess! I havent thought of an ingenious way of attatching the bow to the rest yet but I will brainstorm at a later date :p

I willbe making the extra parts for the gauntlets and the bandages for my ankles next and then apart from le wiggywig! She's almost done! I knew she would be one of the easier kita cosplays but I didnt think it would be THIS easy... (hopes I haven't just jynxed myself! o.o)

I found the tutorial for making MAKKA bow on which is AMAZING for tutorials :) (although I wanted it bigger >.<) Thanks to phantomthief for providing the tutorial. If anyone needs the link for it just message me if you cant find it =)

I'm considering making the ribbon parts a bit longer so they dangle more. Or I may just add another section as I have extra fabric hehehe =)

I have finally decided on a way to fix Paine's "functionality" issues. After playing the game on and off, I finally got to a part of the game I could use! Start of Chapter 4 with the chat with Paine about her past. I realised how her top is made and how she can move so freely in it! I am noting this down in my journal so I CANNOT forget about it.

I will be restitching the elastic straps to the bandau/tube top, which is ANYTHING BUT ideal but it will make it so much easier to move in. Plus it will be a nice quick job. Then I can concentrate on a wig to use and eventually I MAY be 100% happy with her at some point hahahaha!

I finished my second go at this earlier in the week but my memory card got corrupted and lost my pictures, then I couldnt find my cable to upload different pics.. Soooo yeh! xD I'm not sure about the "sleeves" (if you can call them that) Cos they sit a bit funny on my shoulders but I might just have dodgy unmatching shoulders :s

I have also made to shorts but just need to decide on what waistline to do (drawstring or elastic) *shrugs* the shorts are quite baggy on me like Misaos but they dont look it in the photo... sorry >.< I have also made the arm things for the start of the gauntlets I just need to make the other bits for it but I'm gonna chill with that for a while :)

Next on my agenda..... the.... er.... *gulp* Bow for the obi CHARLOTTTTEEEEEEE!!! xD <3

Started work on my gi for Misao and thought I would be cleave and use a bedsheet mwahahahahaa..... Good in theory... but my fail eyes didnt tell me the colour wasnt exactly right >.<

So... me being me... I made the Gi as a mock up and gave myself a day's thought to decide what I was going to do... I plodded to Hobbycraft with Ant and found a better colour. Which he lovingly paid for <3 bless him! So I have done another version of it and just need to adjust the "sleeves" then it is completely finished.

I will be working on the shorts tonight as they are pretty simple. I just need to work out whether to make a drawstring or elasticated waistband o.o Decisions! grrrr!

I will post photos up as soon as poss hehe =)

Right.... now expo chaos is over I have finally started on the main parts of Yuna.. first things first... skirt! I cut out the panels from an old wite gypsy skirt and dip dyed them in the bath... poor bath.. took ages to clean :/ Not that they are dry, I just have to add the white lace trims, stitch the panels together and make the wrap/tie for the top of the skirt =)

(I forgot to take into account the tassly bits on yuna's skirt in my cosplay so I am making sure that I dont forget this time xD) Doesn't loo much at the moment but cant wait to get the skirt done. I love making these hehehe =D

*fail* >.< It will do! I will be bringing a normal handgun too if I can find one! as a backup *shrugs*

Hiiiiiiii! =D
So most of Major is done now apart from some wig styling that I'll probs do at expo and the shitty leotard thing that I cant work out so I will just be pinning D:

Me and my dad have teamed up again to start work on the arsenal! 8D The base has been made out of packing foam as was cut and sanded into shape then giving a **** loada filler to give it a proper shape!

I still need to lightly sand again to smoothe it even more then I can start painting! Dunno how the HELL I'm gonna manage this in 3 nights o.o

More fixings for Paine.. Just glued the belts to the shorts cos they just fell off at Ame >.< haaha! Everything just falls to bits on me! nuuuuuuuuu! haha! My hair has also grown a hella lot since Ame so I may need a cut before expo to make it easier to style on the day... refuse to use a wig >.< unless absolutely necessary.

I have fixed the studs on the glove and due to putting the ame weight I lost, back on o.0 I need to adjust the belts to make sure they aren't too tight! I might redo them to be honest as I now have silver eyelets instead of crappy painted ones hehe!

I am planning on adding another panel to the top of the shorts as they are awful low rise and I dunno how I got away with it (if I even did!) at ame! So thats one my ever growing to-do list for Expo prep too ;) xD

I felt awesome wearing Trunks it made me so happy! and I got many cuddles wand photos with lovely people hehe :) I had to come back home from hyper japan to fix things due to my failness again D: I also.... HATE the contacts I had.. they were meant to be mid blue but they came the brightest lightest blue ever and I hated them.. The guys from Nico Nico were right with the Dracula comment cos they were hideously horrible! Really ruined it for me :( I'm hoping to find some replacements for Expo.. if I can't, Trunk may not come out.. yes... I hate them that much! I also need to lighten my eyebrows too cos of lilacness of Trunks' >.< dammit xD

Ultra Hyper Japan fail! D:
Hated wearing her at this event. was not comfortable at all and I think it really showed!

Back to the drawing board. I have redone the boots completly with new panels and repainted and sealed. I have also relined the dress as it was seethrough in parts >.<

Due to the gloves being VERY last minute, they kept sliding down because I didnt get chance to stitch them. So I will be working on the rest of the lining, the extra sleeves (if I can work them out) and sort the gloves out properly and it should be SEMI decent for Cosplay Fever Launch... I'm not holding up much hope for it though D:

My first made dress with sleeves xD.... yeh it's not perfect But I'm so proud of it for my first attempt. It was complete guess work with no patterns or anything.. which is probably why it took so many go's and alterations to get it right! Im happy with it though so will just need to add the extra sleeves and wait for the wig hehe =)

I'm not v. keen on the blue but the shops in town didnt have the colour fabric I wanted so I might redo this again if I still love it as much xD

Yeh.... I have been daudling ALOT if I'm honest. My update does seem like I have done alot since last month but It's mainly been alot of tidying up. I have lined the leotard so its not see-through now and adjusted it for a better fit. I ahve added velcro panels to the jacket for a fastening..

I have also recoloured the wig to a purpley blue colour like I wanted.. so I'm happy. =) Thanks goes out to Aaron for that hehe =D

So yeh... not really alot to report tbh. Just need to source some gloves, etc to finish off

Got some more bits and bobs and Finally have a wig.... but it came... and was completely the wrong colour so will need to recolour it D:

I need to lose a fair bitta weight before expo >.< Then focus on the leotard after Trunks is finished as this is the main thing o.0 LOL

First handmade piece of clothing! Still some finishing bits to do to tidy it up but Im so happy with it =)

Just gotta order the patch to sew on now! hehe. Gotta stiffen the collar too but *sigh* Yeh! ^^

Many thanks to .neverbell for helping me out with the initial shapes and cutting =) Couldn't have done this without you! =D lovelovelove! <3

P.S. Excuse the attractice face and pose Im pulling o.0 LOOOOL

SPARKLES IS... AMAZING! Bargain buys for modding times for Miss Motoko =D I cut the jacket into shape and hemmed and did the same with the leotard although alot more work needs to be done to that!

I still need to sort the fastening out for the jacket but I only started this as something to do whilst waiting for Ame! Too organised ¬¬.
The gloves, I already had for Videl and the belt is Skip's old Saiyaman belt =) I bought the jeans (even though I used to have some and chucked them in the charity >.<)

Will probs carry on doing this after payday at the end of this month.


Finally... after a couple of after work bonding sessions with my Pa. This lil beauty was created!! xD

Made from an old wardrobe door. We stripped it down, cut and sanded the shape and added primer and silver Hammerite paint.

The skulls were made from the excess wood and shaped by my poppa =) The rest of the detail was made from underlay foam (leftover from decorating xD ) I also rubbed boot polish into the blade and skull bits for extra detail.

Its hella big! Props need to be though! xD Hella Hella BIG! =D

I have finally finished the shorts I remade for Paine and replaced the straps with elastic to make more comfortable and it has made me feel so much better about this!

This journal is mainly to thank everyone for all their kind words about this cosplay while I have been in a stinking mood about it. I actually hated it but all this extra work has paid off and the reassurance and kind words of everyone who has bothered with me has been the main contributor to this.

So thanks everyone, you have helped so so much! I couldn't have done it without you! =D

Thanks to a lil creative and practical thinking from my parents. I managed to make this badboy up to replace the nerf fail I experienced 2 weeks ago ¬_¬

However, I may have spent £10 on a Maverick I wont be using for Harley (I'm sure Ill find some other use for it) The replacement cos me nothing! Sustainable prop makings for me xD

The gun was made from half a 3 litre dr pepper bottle, carpet underlay/furniture foam, and some styrofoam that my dad picked up from work for me =) The base was made in one of my usual visits to the momma and poppa's to finish Skippypedia's Great Saiyaman outfit. So was a nice quick build =)

The gun is just painted with your standard acrylics but will be adding a clear coat to make sure it is a lil protected from knocks and bumps etc!

Love this so much and its comically big for a reason! =D

Ok so... I decided that due to severe lack of funds cos of stupid car >.<, with the assistance of Josh, I went to make use of my excess leatherette by making some gloves/gauntlet type things for Harley.

I painted them the same way I did with the boots and covers (which are now done!) May need to sand a wee bit more and reapply paint in some places but is cool.

I am quite happy with them, they are a lil baggy (even with the zips added) but that will be fixed once I get my bracelets to tuck in any baggy/hanging bits that the zips haven't held in.

I will be making the bracelets or attempting to make them rather.The bf has let me take the studs from his own studded belt to make the two bracelets and make further use of yet more leatherette. (Should hopefully save a lil bit more money =) I will probably use my spare Velcro for fastenings for this =)

Boots are about 80% complete now I think =) I just need to attach them to the actually base boot then we are go! xD

Again... HEAVY mod job on these bad boys! So happy with them though. I'm having problems thinking of a suitable fastening which wont look odd against the zip of the base boot... the covers will only be covering the top of the boot not the whole thing... should have thought this through maybe :/ lol oh well. I'll guess I'll just have to wait and see =)

Finally finished it! So much work has gone into this to make it look as much like the original as I could. and considering it initially looked like this..... I'm pretty impressed with my lil self xD

The only detail I need to add is on the straps at the back but that can be a last minute detail while I focus on the boots.

Sand paper ad shoe polish helped me weather it and I added the purple panel and belt detail this week. This has been an on off project for about a month and was one of the more time consuming parts of the costume... I knew from the beginning that the corset and boots would be the most customised and need the most work!

Overall I think I have done a good job even if it is a mod job =)

P.S. Excuse the tummy box xD haha

Go loads done today and have finally got the base of the costumer done =) There are still a few adjustments I need to make like strengthening some stitches, etc but I'll get round to that another time =)

I am not going to focus on the accessories such as the belts and skull detail.

I am still looking into the detail for the top and am debating whether to try sprayed foam or aluminim sheets which has been recommened to me also.. Also going to see what Sora has to offer for stud times =)

I have also decided that I will try not use a wig for this as I feel that I can style it well enough and will just be able to put a grey toner onto my hair for it =) I just hope that my hair doesnt grow much longer! >.<

Alot of the hand made work I am doing, I am doing in stages if it is a major part. The skirt is a big part of the outfit but was reasonably quick to do!

I have NEVER made anything clothing wise like this before. I found an old table cloth and then my scissor hand went a bit crazy and this magical thing happened.

I was so scared about doing this cos I was dreading it was going to go wrong! >.< I guess I need to have a tiny bit more faith in myself! The belt WILL be changing colour thanks to my trusty pal Sharpie and co <3 I was just too excited to do the belt after I had do the skirt.

It is still a work in progress as I need to add the belt, which I wont be doing until July as I am planning on losing a bit of weight before LFCC so do not want to finish it now and it not fit right at LFCC =/ lol and adding a zip is easy peasy =) I also need to mucky it up a bit as we know Harley aint the squeakiest clean un around xD haha

I also pinned together a hat for Harley with some leftover table cloth and a bit of elastic to hold it on my head =) but I don't think that is worth a seperate journal do you? =p

Aaaaaanyway.... I got a tad bored last night and thought it would a good idea to plaster my face with Harley makeup times =D It was fun but soon dried and cracked so I need to think about whether I will use the same stuff of try something different! The only things I will need to change for this will be to add some purple into the makeup around the eyes, buy some red lipstick as ink tastes yak =p and also need to find some less conspicuous plugs for my ears as they just look daft!

Oh! I will also make sure I get my roots done soon before LFCC as we dont want manky dark roots now do we =)

Seeing as this corset top is about as custom as you can get for someone like me! I'm planning on making it from scratch. Over the weekend, I cut the panels and loosely tacked into the shape of a corset. I wont be putting bones into the corset as I dont feel it is within what little ability I have at the moment! I have pinned in a zip fastening to the back for a better fit to compensate for this.

However. The clinch in the waist of the corset has caused the top/underbust of the corset to now be too big! (A major miscalculation on my part!) >.< But I am leaving this mock up for a while so I can focus on obtain other aspects of the costume which will be bought and modded e.g. gloves, shirt, etc.

So! After boycotting the top for a while. I have gone south to work on the shorts, boots and hold ups. I bought some wet look leggings as I felt these would be perfect for them... however stupid me realised that upon cutting the LYCRA leggings (Keyword... Lycra lol!) they would no longer stretch right. especially when i put the fastenings on to hold the shorts and hold ups together at the sides. So I believe its back to the drawing board for that. Based on my blatant stupidity.... I'll say it so you can just think it instead! ^-^

I found these perfect boots on eBay however for £10 and just need to add the studded strip across the front of each and they will be done. =)

A couple of weeks ago I started work on Paine's top (Or what little there is of it!) =p

I have used black pleather for this and have stitched two seperate panels together. One to form the panel for the studs to go and one for the actual top.

Due to my sewing machine hating pleather and my lack of appropriate instruments and equipments. I have had to hand stitch this! Which had taken me the whole weekend. so probably about 6-8 hours of hand stitching over that weekend! (Good job the bf was working all of it haha!)

I have left work on this top to work on Harley Quinn for LFCC but once that comes close to being finished. I will start work on Paine again =)

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