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If anyone has Neo Magazine Issue 33 for sale I would like it to buy it please! :)

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Saturday at the Expo was a lot of fun!

We woke up at about 8.00am to get ready, our hotel was only 5 minutes on the DLR away from Excel so we had plenty of time which was good because my cosplay wasn't really ready in any shape or form!

I went as Serah and my friend went as Ciel from Black Butler, who was very excited to have her photo taken twice! (Though one was a sympathy photo) I didn't have my photo taken at all (cos I sucked :D)

As I came down from the hotel, there was a Snow sitting and waiting for me in the reception. It was scary so I ran away.

I met my friend off the internet for the first time after talking to them for about 4 years, which proved she wasn't imaginary. We also met up with two of our other friends.

After Expo we went to Wagamama's in Leicester Square for dinner. I have chicken ramen, fruit juce and shared a Wasabi chocolate cake (I really hate Japanese food!!!)

We were walking back through Leicester Square and happened to come across a theatre showing Much Ado About nothing...with David Tennant and Catherine Tate in...and we walked past as they were coming out! So we went and attacked them for photos :D

Epic times.

I wore this for Sunday Expo.

My alarm clock failed to go off <_< So we were up 1 1/2 hours late but we still managed to get to Expo in time. The costume was pretty simple. My friend created the black arm sleves and I wore them under some black gloves with buckles on. Then I just wore a plain black dress, black socks and black converse (This helped to make me and my friend the same size, she was wearing HUGE high heels!) Under my dress I wore black shorts (as it is quite short) and we cliped a lace jacket to these to act as the flowy bit at the back of the dress.

I wore clip on hair extensions, but really they didn't make my hair much longer than it already is. The ears were stuck onto a head band so they were very easy to wear. For the hair ties, I was having a lot of trouble getting them to stick, so I ending up attaching them to my hair using carpet tape. Not a good idea! I ended up having to cut some of my hair out afterwards.

I put on some black eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes stand out!

It was a lot of fun having a final look around, watching the Futurama panel, winning free pocky and getting our photo taken 62 times! (We counted, we are so cool ;) If you have any photos of us please tell me!)

These are the ears I made for Freya. I took the pattern from this site ---> and it works really well.

I bought some pink and white foam to create it and stuck it together using carpet tape. It came unstuck occasionally over the weekend, probably due to the heat in our hotel room, but they stayed together perfectly well on the day.

Photo to come soooon :)

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