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Progress shot of the antlers and headband~

This costume is already finished, but I can't get any decent pictures right now so this is just a bit of progress until I can get some next weekend!

Using a coscraft wig, I blunt cut the bangs to fit just above my eyebrows, and chose to work with the same idea behind my Eliza cosplay/wig and delicately start to glue on small 3mm flatback pearls for that added shazam~

Working out the dimension of the wings and an idea I had with some gems to attach onto them, but we'll see with that! I've already started covering them over over these past two days, so I'll post some progress when they're completed.

Boring processes of working out the front apron and bodice sections.

Making a mock pattern for the skirt so I didn't have to go through the aching kaffuffle of maths when directly working with the material.
I always like to make mock patterns anyway before starting onto the real thing-- It may take twice as long, but I feel like its worth it.
Love dat floral print

So I chose to use my hoopskirt from my Red Queen cosplay, since it'll mean I dont have to spent another stupid amount of money on a new one.
I shortened the hoops around the skirt, and removed the bottom most one, folding up the excess material to the length I need it.

The same process as the forearm guards applied to these, after the priming, painting and slight weathering.

Pictured without the finger-less gloves because I was a dolt and forgot them.

Both sides of the process being shown here!
I made up some faux belts which are attached to the underneath of the guards, placing one side directly onto the brown pleather, and sewing them straight to it, insuring that it wont slip or fall or look out of place when worn, though this is the only thing which is directly attached, making sure I can still get the actual things on and off again.

Once sewn down, I placed some strong velcro on that side, and the underside of the other belt, so when it's fashioned into place, nobody can tell that it's not an actual belt!

Working in foam, I made up the layers of the forearm and shin guards, following the pattern straight from the in-game pauses that I had saved up.
There are subtle things in this design that I really loved, but for the pains that it put me through I wish that some of them where more noticable!

Even though the design doesn't have it, I realized that I would need some extra support in keeping the holsters up in place on my thighs. So I made up some belt loops which attach to the trouser belt, and added on some long pull clips which hold onto a D ring belt that is added onto either holster at the sides.

The two pockets on either end of the center have loops at the back so they can be easily slid on and off-- One also has a hidden hole in the side which holds the switch for the LED lights and battery pack.

This one I particularly loved. After working out a net based on the size and shape of my microphone speaker system, I was able to put together a nicely sized series of three. The only one which is stationary is the middle, as this needed to be sewn straight onto the belt to help support the weight of the speaker.

Some boring progress of the shoulder holster being made, along with the ammo pouch~ I don't have any of the holster in progress since that was a little boring.

Due to not being able to find any knee high brown brogues in the colour that I wanted, I had to make-do with some ankle high ones in the shade of my material, and adding the covers on top of that. Turns out it worked a lot better than I hoped~! Especially when it came to attaching the shin guards.

The completed section all put together before applying the armor!

The guards are going to be placed into two separate sections so I can attach the armor sections to these, and pull them on easily, and have a pair of fingerless gloves on underneath which'll enable both better movement, and easy removal should anything happen like me over-heating!
The material is a thick pleather, top stitches luckily done by hand, but it was all a case of pinning, trying on, pinning again, stay stitching, and then when I had a final design I could start decorating with those small golden rivets and lining.
Although nobody can really see the rivets, I at least know they're there ^_^

Thanks to a close friend of mine for helping me work out just how many and what wiring I needed, I managed to solder together a pretty fine set of illuminations!
In the finished helmet, there's about four LED's to each eye, wired into an extra long series of cables which run through the back of the helmet, and when I wear it, the battery pack and switch are located in the thigh pockets of my holster.

Beneath, I also wear a headset microphone, which enables me to be heard even through the helmet, as the wire and speaker system are also located in one of the thigh pockets.

I really don't have all that many photos of this process, namely because I was so focused on trying to get it all completely done.
Due to my facial shape being completely different to that of lady liberty, I took a paper mache mold of my entire face and head, and strengthened that over and over again until it was ready for a clay over-base.

Using the clay I molded a new face over mine, giving the lady her straight nose and much more pronounced jawline than mine, insuring that when I put the helmet on after layers of car body filler and resin it would still be formed to my face, and only needed the smallest amount of padding inside for easy slide on and off.

Finishing up with all of the gold trimming, tucking, and applying the gold rope for the neck tye and cape. I also managed to find some large brassy coloured military buttons! It was a bit of an ache to find them, but they have small eagle designs on them which are absolutely perfect for the costume.

Using the pattern, I finally put together the entire jacket, adjusting the collar a little from what I had imagined since it had been far too big to look realistic. The cape was tricky, since it needed to be cut and sit in a way that drapes over the shoulders, but not covering up the front, so that took a little working out around the neck.

Using a simple drainpipe cut for my trousers, I made them up using a few layers of the material with some comfortable dress lining on the inside so it reduces the chance of me overheating-- Which was very likely!
The same gold pattern is used down the sides as on the jacket~

Adding on the hemming for both the cape and collar work, using self made tape from some gold PVC! It took me a while to figure out just what shade I really wanted to set off the off-white military colouring, as some shades came too dark or not gold enough, or the material was just too heavy to stick. Luckily I found this during my search of the marketplace.

Although I completed this costume some time ago, I really wanted to update it all here!
The jacket was a particular annoyance thanks to that awkwardly shaped lapel that needed to be folded over correctly at the top, but not so much the bottom, and also be connected at the middle with little cross over.

Made with a series of LED's and frosted plastic, set on the center of the chest! I wanted to make it light up for the extra awesome factor.

Fixed with craft foam with raised segments to be layered with glue and painted~

My wig for her! I wanted something short but still quite feminine and fitting to her male counterpart.

Top section almost complete and put all together, apologies again for not having that many photos!

Putting together the red and white torso segment, unfortunately I don't have too many progress pictures after this.

Even though I completed this costume last year, I never put up any progress or anything from this!
So this is based off of the Avengers version of Captain A.

Even though I completed this costume last year, I never put up any progress or anything from this!
So this is based off of the Avengers version of Captain A.

Even though I completed this costume last year, I never put up any progress or anything from this!
So this is based off of the Avengers version of Captain A.

Even though I completed this costume last year, I never put up any progress or anything from this!
So this is based off of the Avengers version of Captain A.

"No matter how hard you push an envelope, it'll still be stationary."
"What is that...?"
"Its a joke book! No pun intended, volume two, by Will Livingston."

My very own! Hand painted in watercolours and full of all the jokes from the game, and then some!

My torch! Previously camogreen, it's been re-painted black and worn in. Stuck down to the strap with matching silver tape to keep it in place when hunting down those Clickers...

Unfortunately the sunlight washes out most of the effort I put into weathering this! It took a few days of sheer beating the heck out of it, grinding it against walls and painting it through different colors of browns, grays and smudges~ Though I really hope I can gain some pictures at Aya!
Complete with little demon purple toggle!

I also did a complete revamp of how the structure of the bag is to make it more slimmer for my back and in-game right. Even though I know the zipper direction and position of the green is completely off, it's a start!

The bag pre-weathered and before I've edited it to suit me more! This thing was huuuuuuge~! Though with a few clever tweaks, I've slimmed it down without loosing much structure, just adjusting into the shape that I need which I'll get pictures of as soon as I've finished weathering and making her monster attachment.

A right angled torch, t-shirt transfer sent over by my partner and my eagle pin for my backpack! Here it's all pre-weathered and aged

Collar progress! Had a bit of a battle and almost gave up with this cosplay entirely with this little thing... But, I stuck to my guns and kept with it haha~ Just pinned so far but you get the placement idea.
I'm kinda sad the pleats sort of die out at the edges, but without them doing so the shape would be nigh-on impossible right now.
It started off as about 2.3 meters of material which was box pleated and carefully ironed as best as humanly possible without creating more disasters ^_^;

With attached "tails" onto the back, still having to attach the sleeves though!

So this hasn't really been too much of a headache for me, the pattern was quite simple in comparison to the actual jacket and the sleeves. ¬_¬
I have all the basic things done, I just need to fix the bust hemline and the zippers, not to mention the mid-section cut out.

From the other night. =3=
There's a horrible waterfall pattern that has decided to rear it's ugly head at the base underneath the triangular hip segment.
At the moment I'm trying to rectify it as best I can, even though it might still look alright if I left it, I just can't get over the accuracy of her outfit. If I'm going to stay true to all of the seams then I should in theory continue that in the shape of her jacket

The front pattern! This one is STILL causing me hassle even though I'm taking a break to post these up. The triangle at the top of the pattern was a rough indication as to where I wanted the one on the bottom to go!
I drew out the back pattern first before doing a rough shape of what I needed as the front.

Okay I know a lot of these really wont make sense now, but these are the mock patterns I've been working out before moving over onto the actual pleather.
These are the two sort of 'tails' as I've dubbed them that go down from the back of her jacket.

Today I managed to find near enough a lot of the materials that I needed for her jacket and dress, although I didn't get as much pleather as I had wanted, it's still a start to what is going to a rather hard project to undertake.

The horns are made from rolls of newspaper, caked over in masking tape and then cellotape, all the while bending it into place and curling it over, before applying layers of glue and tiny ripped up segments of newspaper.

Two of them put together to show where I want the bottom of the belt to sit, without the rectangles attached or the side slats cut into it of course, or being lined with the red hemming.

This is one shot that I managed to get of me pleating one side of the hakama edge, it took forever! I don't have any images put up of the trouble that I had to undergo to get it all sitting nicely with all the different cuts put into it after and rectangular panels attached.

This, what I thought was going to be intitially the easiest part of the bloody thing, but of course, it turns out that it wasn't the case this time. I had some thick white cotton which acted well on it's own, but I have to wear a sort of nude or white vest underneath to keep my modesty. I pictured it with an old belt that I had made from another project, to try and aim for the height I wanted the hakama to be.

I decided to make the actual patterned part of the sleeve de-tatchable away from the main part of the blouse, so I used elastic in the ends of the sleeves to fix them down in place.

Finally with everything painted on,fashioned and secure and weighting my body down like a hippo, I could move on with the task of constructing a blouse that was just to the game, but could also have some practical functions. Also here, I think is when I made my bloomers to wear underneath this all~

Matching the stripes up right was just, hell almost! Though through sheer patients and the knowing of what might be he end result kept me going.

I had the front of the skirt brought up into a slight arch, so trying to fit the different levels of heart and twirled pattern rightly, was a problem. Though with a little fiddling here and there I managed to get it to a place where it looked presentable.

That corner hated me.... And I dreaded making my way around to the other side!

Freezer paper stenciling makes this project alive today! The only thing I had, was only being able to do small segments at time to make sure I painted it all equally.

Hoisted up on my mannequin in the place where I could see the entire bottom and turn the piece around so I could focus on the hems of all areas, before I started the paint work.

The space I needed for these things was HUGE, just trying to fit out half of one almost swalloed my living room whole.

Sooooooo much white.....

Underneath is a long section of black skirt and then the dark maroon coloured over skirt that goes all the way around, rather than just a single panel at the front. I know this made it a little heavier, but I felt better for it, knowing that I didn't flop out on any details.

The body of the actual dress depended on the span of the bottom skirt, so I brought in a HUGE 6 hoop skirt, and over this what I put together was some stiff gathered netting petticoats, and to add an extra poof up to the top segment, was a shorter gathered layer of nets that goes between the over-white one that ends toward the middle.

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